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  1. Thanks. How did you do that? download, rotate, then re-upload? I couldn't find anything on the website to rotate it.
  2. Here’s a few pics I received from my mechanic.
  3. * updated with model numbers and a pic for the Alcor EGT gauge
  4. Sorry. No luck on that. Just the parts that are in the pictures (and the one that isn't - but it's in the list)
  5. LOL. When it was installed I would use it to record wind direction and speed at my destination.
  6. Soon. So.... nobody has an opinion on value or where to start? Am I in the wrong section of the forum?
  7. Did some work to my panel and now I have left over parts that might be of use to someone. Any idea of what any of this is worth? Does anyone need anything? I'll update some part numbers soon. Everything was working when removed. 1. Garmin GNC 300 TSO with April 2020 card for Western USA via Jeppesen. 2. Garmin GPS Antenna *3. Narco AT50A and ACK Altitude Encoder (A-30 Encoder) *4 Sigma-tek Attitude indicator (5000B-36) *5 Sigma-tek Heading indicator (Directional Gyro: 4000B-30) 6 King KMA 200 TSO Audio Panel 7 O-360-a1a oil screen and housing *8&9 Updated photo: Alcor EGT Indicator p/n 46150 *10 Bendix/King ADF - I turned on but never actually verified if it worked. (KR 86 ADF) *11 Intercom switch- Intervox Interconnect (AA80-001) *12 Narco Nav-11 Self Contained VOR indicator 13 left panel wood with back lighting. * indicates update with model info
  8. I’ll be in Omaha sometime, Lincoln more often. But not sure you are wanting to check out the even more vintage M20A. PM me if you are.
  9. Last October got a quote from them. Earliest availability was Feb 2020 For G3x with G5 backup and engine information quote was $42k and was expected to take 2 months. I don't know who is paying their prices. But dang!
  10. Doubt this is what you are looking for. But here it is anyways. https://www.aviatorgear.com/c-2326-mooney.aspx
  11. Airworthiness date is 06/28/1963. It's in the bottom lower left corner. But yes the Certificate Issue Date is 2018.
  12. That's what I meant. Thanks!
  13. SLC is shut down! However that is from today's earthquake not COVID-19. This morning MDW (not O'Hare) was class echo because the tower has too many infected.