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  1. Makes you wonder if they have a boat payment that is due.
  2. If they picked the lock to get into the plane. Then that second lock won't slow them down either. But it looks intimidating.
  3. 1 pump throttle - leave all the way out mixture in fuel pump on ignition key clear prop master on start advance throttle as soon as it kicks over (this helps ensure a nice smooth start and keeps the engine from jumping/racing and keeps passengers happy) So far has worked like a charm!
  4. Missile launcher. Yup. That’s what it is. Must be. Right.
  5. If they want to and have the knowledge and tools. Can probably even get the part from Car Quest or NAPA
  6. My bad. I assumed when you said they are "in the works" that you actually meant they were actively doing something about it and not just "planning" to do something about it. Because it has said the same thing almost a year ago.
  7. umm. Where did you get that information?
  8. Well now that you say that, I have no idea. Just doesn't look like fabric I've seen and don't know what aluminized dope looks like.
  9. It's said that for a year now. I talked to someone and said they might be interested in my plane, but to contact them next year
  10. If you look back through my posts, I uploaded some photo's of when my M20A's wing was redone in 1997. Even though it is wood, it is covered in sheet metal.
  11. My dual G5’s are setup to the master. Looks like the 275’s would be as well, otherwise you won’t have the backup capability (I think). from Garmin: DUAL ADVANTAGES With dual GI 275 displays3 as your primary flight instrumentation, reversionary backup capability retains attitude and heading data4 on the remaining HSI or MFD if an outage should occur.
  12. When I had an older GPS I had to use Jep. When I upgraded to a 375 when I asked them why they cost so much more than Garmin they told me that they have to pay a fee to Garmin. And that their data is more accurate. Therefore safer. After that load of crap I switched to Garmin. I'm sure they have their purpose but I've never used their approach charts, so no loss for me there.
  13. I wouldn't count on that at all. Get a quote first. I'm at 300+ hours 150 in type with ifr and I'm at 4amu's for 69k.
  14. I picked up one of these the other day for $599.99 28 mile range and I've seen mine up to about 17-18mph. https://www.costco.com/segway-ninebot-es3-kickscooter-with-dual-battery.product.100498363.html Little bigger than I had hoped and have to take the handle bar off unless my back seat is empty to put it in. The most disappointing thing I found out is how many places have laws against them. Some of the stupid ones I've come across are can't be used in certain area of towns, no sidewalks, streets under a certain MPH such as only under roads of 35 or less. Zero al
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