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  1. So my Mooney was dropped off at the engine shop on Friday. Although compressions were 80/80, we pulled the cylinder and immediately discovered one of the compression rings was shattered and there was a spiral gouge on the cylinder wall. Long post short, cylinder 3 is getting replaced with a factory new assembly from Lycoming. Obviously not the cheapest outcome, but at least it will be fixed and reliable again. I truly appreciate everyone’s input as I am sure you saved me a small mint in troubleshooting costs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. This weekend was full of more troubleshooting failures. All loose baffling was secured with owner produced parts (safety wire and springs) to see if the issue would be altered. Temps were initially hovering around 400, but I was not surprised as the ambient temperature was in the 80’s and I was running it hard at low altitude. However, a new problem manifested in cylinder 3 in the form of sharply declining egt. CHT reduced with the decline in EGT. The latest log is posted below. I’m done. It is getting checked in to the engine shop tomorrow. I appreciate all of your help. In the event I don’t shoot it like a lame horse, I will post the findings.
  3. Negative. Throttle, mixture, and prop were constant during the spike.
  4. According to the IPC, a $57 spring should go here. I could see how a spring may keep the rear baffle from closing when the pressure forces the front baffle open more. Still struggling with the temperature spike though.
  5. Another Saturday...another day of testing. Today was spent looking over baffling. The top baffling looks great and there are no signs of light entering when a flashlight is dropped in the oil access. However, the baffling on the bottom is suspect. I have attached a video, but I noted that the baffling on the bottom of cylinder 3 was pulled tight against the fins. Interestingly, the bottom baffling on cylinders 1 and 3 are connected with safety wire. I loosened the safety wire to create a larger gap on cylinder 3 and took a flight. Initially, everything looked good. However, toward the end of the flight, there was a spike in temperature on cylinder 3. The spike in temperature just seems odd to me. Because it hit 435, I pulled cowl flaps half open and was able to cool the cylinder down. In the video you can see that if more air is forced through cylinder 1, cylinder 3 would be pulled closed. Could this be happening in flight? If so, then why only the one spike in temperature? More logs are also attached below. IMG_0841.MOV
  6. I feel like a knucklehead. I forgot to mention that, I swapped the probe from cylinder 1 to 3 on that flight to test the JPI sensor/harness. Cylinder 1 on the readout is actually cylinder 3...
  7. In all of the digging, I have not seen anything loose under the cowl. I assume it is possible, but, for what it is worth, the temperature issue is apparent even with the cowl off completely. I have attached another couple of logs below. The first log was a relatively short flight and you can see the temperature spike at the end. The other is a ground run without the cowl off the airplane. The only reason for the cowl off log is to note how much faster cylinder 3 temp rises than the others.
  8. After more testing, I am still in the same spot. JPI data from the last flight is below. As for now, I have 3 mechanics from 3 separate shops scratching their heads. It is never easy...
  9. Thank you. The divider is actually next on the list to open and inspect. Mine is not affected by the SB though.
  10. Not sure where my earlier reply went. In flight mag check was done yesterday and is normal.
  11. I will pull the JPI data and upload it this weekend. Good suggestion.
  12. Forgot to note that the baffling is nearly new and in extremely good condition.
  13. Also, run ups are good, but could this somehow be related to the magneto or timing? Nothing has been changed, but it is an item which has not been checked yet.
  14. The saga continues. Took it in for a second opinion. Took bonafide compressions. Cylinder 3 (the one overheating) is 80/80. However, you could see some blow by in the form of gasses from the breather tube. He pulled and cleaned the injector for good measure. I cowled it up and went for a ride. The results... the highest temperature I have seen to date on number 3. 432 in level cruise. I am stumped. A recap of what has been done to date: 1) swap cht probe 2) move cht probe with wiring intact to assure there is no issue with the JPI leads 3) change spark plugs 4) clean fuel injector/sleeve 5) clean fuel line from diverted to injector 6) soak cylinder in MMO 7) bore scope (no scratches on walls and valves look good) 8) compression test (80/80). It was 79/80 at last annual At this point, a low compression reading may have been for the best.