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  1. Well, dear old dad could have gotten him an appointment to one of the academies but that was not the route he wanted to go. On top of that, his vision isn't good enough to fly in the military.
  2. I am definitely trying to push him towards the degree path. I know there are several accredited programs that give credit for FAA certificates. He's a smart kid, scored a 33 on his ACT, so getting into a decent program shouldn't be an issue. I'm going to try and get him to stay home and go to the local community college to at least get the basics while also working on his certifications.
  3. So my 17 year old high school senior has decided he wants to become a professional pilot. We live in northeastern oklahoma and yesterday he visited Riverside Flight Center for a little tour. One thing that my wife and I mandated of him was that he get his PPL via a part 61 first to ensure that he wasn't throwing money at something that he wasn't going to potentially enjoy. He's started his PPL and to help him build his credit and accelerate his training his mom and I just co-signed a signature loan to cover the cost of his private. I also started my instruction for my private and am hoping to get a m20 sometime next year. I would love for him to stay close to home and go to the local community college and then use whatever plane I ended up with to work on his IR and commercial but you know how teens can be, They know it all and are impatient. For those of you that fly for a living, what insight and suggestions would y'all give to an impatient kid?
  4. Was just perusing different ads and saw this one and it piqued my curiosity. 1000 on lower end overhaul 1950 on first run Lycoming cylinders (1950 SMOH) My preference is mid time for when i buy
  5. Sorry for the NEWB question but I haven't been able to find a direct answer yet. I have seen where ac that have had prop strikes only end up getting the bottom end of the engine OH due to money issues since the insurance the individual had only covered the cost of that part of the repair.My question is what exactly differentiates this from a major? Is it just that the cylinders were not replaced with new or OH units?
  6. @carusoam, having first and secondhand knowledge of that failure plus many other less serious ones, every indication was there for someone to call an all stop. The oilfield is very similar to aviation in that all of our safety rules are written in blood and all of our standard work instructions were preceded by shortcuts or human factors. Time is definitely money. Non productive time on some of the facilities can be $80k an hour! My facility is a combo drilling/production that was accidentally ESD’d last time I was out there and resulted in hard shut ins that took approximately 36 hours to get everything back to where it was. We produce about 80,000 barrels of oil and roughly 19 million cubic feet of gas per day. The guy that caused the shut down kept his job and the company reiterated that we’re all human and make mistakes but so long as we learn from ours and others then that’s all they can ask of us. Smart people learn from their mistakes. Brilliant people learn from the mistakes of others.
  7. A lot of good advice and personal guidelines/rules have been listed above. My instructor and I were talking about night flying and he made a remark that will stick with me forever. “In a single that has an engine out at night you have 2 options. Turn on your landing light and if you don’t like what you see then turn it off.” So a little background about me. I work offshore in the oilfield in middle management for the largest oilfield service company in the world(if you’re curious just google it. Colors are blue and white.). I’m on a facility that is owned by a big oil producer that had a big spill several years back when a rig had a blowout and caught fire. That being said, we don’t do any task without a permit to work and a task risk assessment and risk mitigation plan. My plan is to treat flying the same way. Assess the risks and mitigate what can be and if the risk is still too great then it’s no wheels up for this guy until the residual risk is acceptable.
  8. That is the most likely scenario. The oldest may be staying close to home while he progresses on towards his atp but more than likely it would end up being the Mrs, youngest and I for a few more years. I completely understand that 4 seats does not mean 4 people but with the efficiency of the mooneys, you can trade off fuel for pax and still have a solid range. And who knows, I could crawl into a Mooney and absolutely hate it. Pretty sure that won’t be the case but crazier $h!t has happened.
  9. Well I finally bit the bullet and started my ppl training. It’s always been a dream of mine to fly. My oldest son, 17, decided he wants to be a professional pilot and bought and paid for his own ground school and started taking instruction. The swmbo went and bought me the ground school from Sporty’s and I blazed through it in about a week. Well yesterday I had my first official, logged, time at the controls and I’m hoping to have everything completed within the next few months. I reside in northeastern Oklahoma and our home airport would be GMJ. After having our old house in southern Louisiana on the market we finally have a contract and should be closing within the next couple weeks. That being said I have also received a promotion, +15k a year, and a payplan restructuring, an additional 10k per year, within the last 3 months so things are definitely on the good side. Ever since I had an interest in GA i have been drawn to Mooneys. The swmbo has all but given the blessing for me to get an a/c and the first thing that came to mind was of course a Mooney. The sad part? I’ve never even seen one in person. When the time comes, I definitely won’t be rushing this, my realistic acquisition budget would be right around $100k and based on my mission I am leaning towards the F models. For a family trip it would be myself, 230#, the wife, 140#, oldest son, 200#, and youngest son, currently 120#. These are conservative numbers to err on the side of caution. Trip range would average 200-700ish nm. We would travel from NE Oklahoma to south Texas, Virginia, Florida on the regular and of course we’d find excuses to go elsewhere. I would also be plenty ok with having to make a fuel stop as we do not want to make the swmbo angry. I would love to find someone in the NE Oklahoma, NW Arkansas, SW Missouri or SE Kansas area that wouldn’t mind giving me the nickel tour or even a day or few hours in the air. Fortunately, my work schedule means I have half the year off and when I’m home My schedule is pretty flexible thanks in advance, Paul