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  1. What @neilpilotsaid. Welders all know this from hooking up oxygen bottles for their cutting torches. The SDS sheet for petroleum jelly will show flammability at 21% O2. When that O2 concentration becomes 100%, or very close to it, then pretty much anything known to man will burn.
  2. As far as insurance goes there is one huge issue. A regular automotive policy does NOT cover you when driving within the fence of an airport, on taxiways, or runways so most likely the people with damaged aircraft and property will be indemnified by their policies if they had the appropriate coverage. Keep this in mind if you operate your vehicle at an airport and verify with your auto insurance that you are even covered if your vehicle is parked in your hangar. If it isn’t and you would like coverage, I might know a guy or 2 at Airspeed Insurance that can help you out. Paul
  3. Any petroleum based product used with pure oxygen is a recipe for a fire.
  4. As @Parker_Woodruff and I can attest, the insurance will want time in a K model. It may be possible for you to get a waiver for someone that has hours in another model but they have been sticklers for that lately. So much so that time in a C does not crossover to time in an E and vice versa.
  5. Spoke with the airport manager and he was very receptive and concerned. Took down all the info and I believe he’ll take care of it.
  6. No clue on the radio and it WAS NOT flagged and blended in with the grass. Black and dark green.
  7. Well I got some good practice on runway incursions today. Was just minding my business doing hood time on an approach and the instructor said “you broke out” so the glasses come off and I make my landing after making all of our radio calls. Mains touch down and the nose settles down and at mid field one of the idiot grounds crew members proceeds to drive his utv across the runway in front of us. Back in the power but before I could rotate he cleared the other side of the runway. Definitely made me need to change the shorts. Instructor looked over at me and said “we could have been rich right there” and my response is that I currently like how my body functions and he likes his aircraft
  8. @Mika Clarkim surprised someone hasn’t mentioned this but get the most well equipped, nicest example of whatever aircraft you can find within your budget and be prepared. You’re better off stretching the budget a little to get a bird that already has ifr gps and autopilot that may be 8-10k more as opposed to one with similar times and airframe condition without those items. Good luck with your search! A C model sounds like it’d fit what you’re needing
  9. @carusoamit seems as though he already owns this aircraft
  10. So it was a Twin Otter. Pretty basic panel. We were cruising along at 4,500 doing 150ish indicated. Shows the redline at 170kts
  11. And I’ll be riding this Fokker for at least an hour. Fokker 70
  12. @chrisk don't think I'll have time for the beach today but when I come back and have to "quarantine" there I will definitely spend time in the water. Hopefully the restrictions on our stay will be lifted enough that I may be able to get my scuba cert
  13. My CFI has me practice pretty consistently as soon as I reach pattern altitude. I have it down, even when he surprises me, that as soon as I think about turning crosswind I can make it back to the runway.
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