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  1. That’s going to be a little tight. I upgraded a pa28 with gns430w, avidyne adsb transponder, avidyne audio panel and a single g5 hsi and that stuff ran me 15k and I did the install
  2. @Parker_Woodruffand I just had to deal with this with a MSer. Before contacting us they had received a solid quote from a company. I shopped it and that same company came back a few hundred dollars higher and the client shared their previous quote with me. Parker and I did some digging and we found out that the previous broker/agent had included 300 hours in other type Mooney’s as make and model time. Fortunately we were able to get everything explained and squared away with the client and we won the business. Love working with Parker.
  3. This is my current plan. Finish up the PPL and jump into a Mooney and get the IR and CPL
  4. Alternator would have been my guess but you beet me to the fix. Good catch. Now you need to figure out why it came out. I would pull the cowl and start checking all of your fasteners, that require it, for safety wire.
  5. @Alan Fox may have something for you or @jgarrison at GMax
  6. Thank you @Parker_Woodruff for the opportunity. I look forward helping the Mooney community and yes, a Mooney is high on the list!
  7. The op was looking at that plane and actually called to set up a prebuy yesterday only to be informed that someone already put down a deposit and scheduled a prebuy
  8. @Cody Stallings May be able to help with the prop governor
  9. If you want, I could slide on over there and poke around it for you. It’s located about an hour from me and I have to head to Fayetteville within the next week anyway. Also know if a local pilot that would possibly be able to ferry it for you if you wanted to get it to a MSC for a pre buy
  10. I guess I'm lucky. My cfi owns a P337 and he charges $40/hr for training. He's actually wanting to sell it so he can get a tail dragger to instruct in
  11. Changes to gear doors, brakes, counterweights and a few other minor things.
  12. Have you looked at the pa-46 with the continental? No need for O2, pretty efficient for what it is and really comfortable for pax
  13. Technically it’s Diamond-like carbon. It makes a surface harder, slicker and more wear resistant. The friction coefficient against polished steel, camshaft lobes, is fantastic. Been used for years on razor blades, gun parts and many other applications
  14. So I went up with the instructor today after not having loggable time in 7 months due to several conflicts and we were just doing pattern work at KSLG. ABOUT 15 minutes in we here a 172 state they were taxiing to the active. We were already abeam the numbers and since they would still need to do their run up we turned base, final, and did a touch-n-go. They took off behind us and we heard them state they were leaving the pattern to the northwest. We did a few more circuits while announcing all movements(departing, crosswind, downwind, base, final). On an approach I saw the 172 doing some lazy
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