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  1. This thing should have sold long ago @Stephen. I doubt it will be still available once I'm done building my house but if it is then we will definitely be talking. Somebody buy this great aircraft!
  2. So I work offshore in the oilfield and am currently assigned to a rig working in Trinidad. Trinidad's borders are closed to all international traffic unless you have an exemption from the government. Due to being critical for the infrastructure I am allowed in the country but the caveat is that I have to be under quarantine for 14 days before arriving in Trinidad. For this trip that location was Billund Denmark. I live in NE Oklahoma so that trip was XNA-ORD-Frankfurt_Billund. There I was chained to a hotel and able to only sparingly leave the room. Here is where it starts getting pretty
  3. I would buy it with the thought that a reseal was inevitable very soon. Maybe you luck out and it doesn't need it for a while but if it does then you're set up for it and it's not a surprise. For the PPI I would use either Maxwell or SWTA if at all possible.
  4. With that burnt connector I would imagine that the connection inside of it was definitely suspect. Most of the time I like to go ahead and flow solder into those connections. Remove the plastic insulator and use shrink tubing after soldered.
  5. As Paul, @gsxrpilot, stated "I would not allow someone else to have an annual performed on my aircraft." Last time I spoke with Don Maxwell I believe he said a prebuy was in the $1750 range and to make it an annual if the purchase went through was like another $750 or so.
  6. Another option if you are a Big G fan is to do 2 GI275 and you can eliminate your entire 6 pack setup
  7. @GeeBee yes sir. I'm right around the corner from the LEGO House
  8. Come on Paul!!!!! I know you have a crush on @Parker_Woodruff but at least give me the credit for bringing you in since @carusoamfell asleep on the job and forgot to. Looking forward to seeing your AC when you get it back. Should be like a brand new mooney
  9. @Parker_Woodrufffortunately it was described as a "quarantine" today and the person overseeing us isn't even staying in the hotel. May venture out tomorrow but yes, if you need insurance or have a question feel free to call me.
  10. Damn the luck. I think I get to leave Denmark on the 16th of this month
  11. They've been requiring roughly 10-20hrs dual before solo and an additional 5hrs solo before carrying passengers. Once you do find a plane just make sure you have a solid purchase agreement in place before sending it to PPI that was everyone knows what is expected of them when issues arise. Oh yeah, and give @Parker_Woodruff and I a call at Airspeed Insurance
  12. I'd definitely look at the 252 that's eligible for the upgrades and gather your parts and like @gsxrpilot pilot is doing right now. Took his in for annual as a 252 and will be getting it back essentially an encore. This will be my goal when I am back in the market sometime next year. My even hold out for a rocket.
  13. Well @carusoam, I'm just here for the next couple weeks in "quarantine" so the Trinidad government will allow me entry
  14. @tmo Well if you want some flight time you could come pick me up for a flight in Billund, DE...lol
  15. Well if you don't have time in a Mooney, specifically the model you end up purchasing, your insurance will require that you receive some transition training.
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