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  1. Thanks a lot for the advice! Looking for as much of it as I can get!
  2. I am flying out of lafayette 9A5! That is great to know that there is service center that close. I will give them a call tomorrow. I would like to take those trips often, and plan some big trips once or twice a year! Best friends are in florida and texas so plan on making that trip as well!
  3. That is the plan right now! Thats why I am going to stay strict to my budget. The plane is no good if I can not afford to maintain and actually fly it! I prefer to have manual flaps and gear for the maintenance and simplicity reasons.
  4. I am actually in N GA/Chattanooga area! Thanks though.
  5. Nice to hear! I plan to buy the first one at a good buy and fly the heck out of it and get my wanted ratings in it and then upgrade!
  6. Excuse me if this is not the right place for this post as I am new here and fairly new to the aviation world. I am a new P.P. and beginning my search for an airplane. I plan on transitioning straight into instrument training. I plan on doing 100+ mile trips quite frequently so of course mooney's make sense. I will be traveling with one passenger and bags and at the very most 2 passengers plus me. I am looking to spend around 45-55k. Is this a realistic number for an ifr equipped mooney? Basic Ifr is fine for now and I can upgrade as I go. Please let me know if there is another place on the forum where this is more appropriate! Thanks guys look forward to hopefully joining the family!
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