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  1. We have a J with the same profile, minus the Rockies stuff (we're in the SE) I'm 165, wife is 135 and kids (with carseats) are about 100 in total. 64 gallons and the back full of luggage (gets bulky more than weighty). Cut it down to 40 gallons and you've got 3 hrs endursance with IFR reserves. Given you're altitude requirements, seems a K might be more in your arena though.
  2. Good point. So the Mooney has two worthless advantages
  3. I saw on a post a couple of years ago from a local school out of RYY (I believe). Air Force One flew under the CFI and a Student while it was outbound. They had the photo to prove it. How cool would that be. I was flying that day as well. On an IFR flight plan back into CNI. Announce that I had the airport in sight. Naturally, Approach told me to squawk 1200 freq change approved. I landed and taxied up to the ramp. The lineman came out on the phone. Hung up after I shut down. Said that, best I could interpret, the controller should've kept me on my assigned code. They called th
  4. The cost of defense the policy can provide is a huge component as well that is often overlooked.
  5. Agreed. But when you don't live on the coast, don't set the bar that high:) We're looking forward to when our boys get a bit older to take the Mooney down to the Bahamas to do a bareboat charter.
  6. Stephen, Sorry to hear of the sale but you'll love sailing. We've had a Hunter 260 for about 10 years now. It is waterballasted but has great cabin/cockpit room, relative to trailer sailers. We too looked at McGregors but, after getting onboard, were disappointed in the size relative to the H260. If you're interested, and do get one, and it is not hampered by Covid, there is an annual event in Pensacola around June called the B.E.E.R. Cruise. Mostly trailerables that meet up and do about a 4-5 day cruise overnighting in a few places. Feel free to PM
  7. The J is a great option. I've flown with my family at near max gross on trips often. As other's have said, if weight becomes an issue, you can leave 15-20 gallons behind and still have good range. A longer trip might evolve into a day's experience with a lunch stop. Weekend trips with 4 adults, light baggage and 40 gallons is easy. With respect to rougher strips, I'd make sure you were careful on the landings, quick to slow and taxi. Also, making sure the shock discs are in good condition as all this will help mitigate disrupting the sealant in your tanks (if it's still a we
  8. FWIW - I just pulled a UGB16 off of my J to install a JPI EDM 900. Oil Pressure transducer went bad and couldn't find a replacement so I had to STC. That said, I'd let the UGB 16, along with the probes etc that were on it, go for a very reasonable price if you're interested.
  9. I use Joey and the fellas. Good group. But, as others have said, there are other great shops out there.
  10. And on that note, my space will be empty a week from now. Family trip to Destin for a week. 2 hrs each way in the J. I'll be home in time coming back to eat lunch and mow the yard! You're going to love Mooney. Especially that Ovation.
  11. I know that there should be ramp space but not too sure on hangar space. If anything, it will be in a group hangar. Did you put your name on the list?
  12. I spoke with Joey a few weeks ago and he mentioned you. You're basing at CNI?
  13. They will also teach you the wrong answers since that is the "correct" answer on the exam. I recall that there were several questions that they advised you must answer incorrectly and that they've highlighted this long ago but no corrections have been made. Mind you this was some 12 years ago for me.
  14. Thanks everyone. Will check it out.
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