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  1. jwilcoxon78


    I was "hit" by one on a flight a few years ago. I was cruising at around 8K if I recall and in the middle of no where really. So, when I realized what it was, my next thought is, how did they find me and why? I wouldn't worry too much about it being affixed to a firearm. If the laser is trained on the aircraft, they're not leading near enough.
  2. jwilcoxon78

    Financing an aircraft?

    I went with these guys to. Even refinanced so to speak on an overhaul. Very easy on both accounts.
  3. jwilcoxon78

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    I think at this point in our lives, that would be an either/or scenario. Those 930s are phenomenal machines.
  4. jwilcoxon78

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    We've just had our second son and I've mentioned to my wife that we'd have to sell out all together or get an A36 if we had a third. I really like my J!
  5. jwilcoxon78


    Plenty of room in the 201 for me and my family. I'm 5'10", wife is 5'4". We've had a carseat/carrier in the back for our infant son at the time. Have also been able to fit his larger car seat in the baggage compartment. Now we have a second son and I see no reason we won't all be able to travel together on week long trips. As other's have said, I've got to move the seat full forward to be comfortable at the controls. Leaves a fair amount of room for any PAX sitting in back. Ingress and egress are the only oddities but no more or less than any other low wing aircraft.
  6. I don't know that I could stomach the thought of driving from Atlanta to the island knowing there's a Mooney that could do it in a 1/4th of the time. We did think it would be a nice place to take our sailboat to though but again, the thought of driving and towing made me cringe.
  7. We caught Ocracoke just prior to the season being over with. No crowd but still everything was open. We will certainly plan to go back, via Mooney only though.
  8. jwilcoxon78

    Got ramp checked

    Bingo. Some states require a causal connection between the reason the claim is being denied and the cause of the claim. Additionally, it's not only the policy that is considered. Your application is taken into account. The underwriters are assessing the risk based off of the information and warranty provided by the pilot on this document. If you do not have a current flight review or medical, the underwriter would not have accepted the risk.
  9. jwilcoxon78

    Got ramp checked

    On that note, your insurance policy would more that likely deny your claim as well.
  10. jwilcoxon78

    Insurance valuation

    Most companies will consider a negotiated settlement in that fashion, cash in lieu of repairs, in exchange for a policy holder's release. What this means is that this is all the policy will pay regardless of what other costs above and beyond you might incur. They have to weigh the likely salvage value of the aircraft as it sits to better understand what that settlement might look like.
  11. jwilcoxon78

    252 Cruise Speed

    Happy you made the switch too Savage!
  12. jwilcoxon78

    Nav LED lights

    Same here for my M20J. I just put a Parmetheus Plus in the nose and am happy with it. Especially since my one and only light source to the outside world decided to go out on a night flight back into home base. I'll take reliability over cost in this case.
  13. jwilcoxon78

    KT-74 install -- 16 hours?

    The time to bring it up is when you have the quote or estimate. Seems high to me but, hard to argue after the work is done and they let you know how long it was going to take.
  14. jwilcoxon78

    Introduction! Future Mooney owner!

    My wife and I have a 2 year old and a second on the way. We've had our J for about 1.5 years now. For the most part, I'm flying myself but, when it's been the whole family, it's no problem, car seat included. The previous owner of our bird had two boys that were around 8-10 and they flew all over the place. I say this to say that, unless you need the altitude now, I would stick with a J since you're contemplating a larger aircraft later down the road anyways. Plus, I could only imagine the difficulty in keeping a cannula on an infant. Good luck in your search and keep us posted.