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  1. jwilcoxon78

    Nashville Recommendations

    Wife and I did a year or so ago from JWN. I don't recall the fair amount though and it was a bit of a wait to get one there. Depending on where you're going, I'd say it could almost be a wash between fuel price and Uber fair. I'm getting more to the viewpoint that, we have an airplane for convenience so why make things inconvenient (within reason anyways). I've flown into BNA a few times. It's not bad. There's actually a flight school there.
  2. jwilcoxon78

    Best Mooney shops in sc,nc, ga

    I use Cole in Dalton, GA. He's been at it for some time.
  3. jwilcoxon78

    Any Mooney at KPDK ?

    I'm up at Cherokee (KCNI) and would be glad to help.
  4. jwilcoxon78

    Insurance woes

    I'm not sure I follow your reply. I was adding to Parker_Woodruff's comment.
  5. jwilcoxon78

    Insurance woes

    YES! Read your policy. Ask questions. With respect to the OPW, folks need to be careful here. By folks I mean those flying under the OPW. Generally, the policy will provide liability coverage to the OPW pilot. However, they may be held liable for the damage caused to the Named Insured's aircraft. This is why a Non-Owned policy is important.
  6. jwilcoxon78

    Ailerons high in trail

    My ailerons do the same on my J. MSC said they wouldn't bother with it but I'll likely have them or someone else check it out down the road. It does seem that it would take some efficiency out of the airframe.
  7. jwilcoxon78

    Best paint shop in the South?

    Take a look at Air Services in Carrollton, GA (KCTJ).
  8. jwilcoxon78

    Why doesn't anyone sell non-solo renters insurance?

    So long as you have non-owned coverage on your policy, that is correct.
  9. jwilcoxon78

    Why doesn't anyone sell non-solo renters insurance?

    What's important is that you're thinking of your non owned exposure. There are too many pilots out there that assume they can't be held liable for physical damage to another person's aircraft if they meet the open pilot warranty and/or are a named pilot. This is generally not the case, unless there's a waiver of subrogation contained in the policy as well.
  10. jwilcoxon78

    Wife’s pic

    Youngest son (6mo) while on the way back from a family vacation.
  11. jwilcoxon78


    I was "hit" by one on a flight a few years ago. I was cruising at around 8K if I recall and in the middle of no where really. So, when I realized what it was, my next thought is, how did they find me and why? I wouldn't worry too much about it being affixed to a firearm. If the laser is trained on the aircraft, they're not leading near enough.
  12. jwilcoxon78

    Financing an aircraft?

    I went with these guys to. Even refinanced so to speak on an overhaul. Very easy on both accounts.
  13. jwilcoxon78

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    I think at this point in our lives, that would be an either/or scenario. Those 930s are phenomenal machines.
  14. jwilcoxon78

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    We've just had our second son and I've mentioned to my wife that we'd have to sell out all together or get an A36 if we had a third. I really like my J!
  15. jwilcoxon78


    Plenty of room in the 201 for me and my family. I'm 5'10", wife is 5'4". We've had a carseat/carrier in the back for our infant son at the time. Have also been able to fit his larger car seat in the baggage compartment. Now we have a second son and I see no reason we won't all be able to travel together on week long trips. As other's have said, I've got to move the seat full forward to be comfortable at the controls. Leaves a fair amount of room for any PAX sitting in back. Ingress and egress are the only oddities but no more or less than any other low wing aircraft.