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  1. SalMCFI Congrats. Details would be much appreciated. You are going to enjoy a real cross country hauler.
  2. Where have all the Ovations gone? Tradeaplane has six M20R's listed while Controller.com has four available in the states. Two in Australia, one in Germany et. Maybe the Mooney mkt, is following the housing mkt. Purchased mine 9 years ago with several to choose from and no bidding wars or multiple offers. Anyway, good luck to new Ovation buyers, it appears that time may not be on the side of the purchaser. Best,
  3. Any info out there? Read it was being installed in Pipers and perhaps Cirrus?? Mooney calendar arrival? Price? Local avionics shop said he has nothing concrete except what he has heard in the rumor mill. I thought all was finished after Microkit install, now again??
  4. In my case my disconnects turned out to be a defective servro. Garmin replaced servo, still under warranty. Labor was my expense.
  5. A little lagniappe I was not expecting. Old avionics removed and replaced with new. The unexpected lagniappe was 47.1 pounds of increase in useful load. The table was piled high with 95 era avionics and was disposed of ( Priced as a group) pretty rapidly on e-bay. Not sure of the weight, but expect the two vacuum pumps were possibly a major contributing factor.
  6. Microkit Solutions LS-100-G Landing height system. Enough said.
  7. Some of the newer 18 wheelers don't just have cup holders, they have cup warmers. Just saying, if you really want to move the bar. Now, back to Rich of peak or Lean of peak??????
  8. And where is that $35.00 digital CO monitor when you might need it??
  9. About two hours shop time per servo.
  10. The early Garmin GFC-500 autopilots Had endemic servo issues. Although I never had a porpoise issue, I had everything else. Before the saga ended, three out the four servos failed. Although the labor was on my ticket, Garmin without hesitation provided new ones. Now all is well, and the autopilot is functioning as intended. Just a suggestion, you might want to check those servos. Best
  11. Just a minor side note: Upon install, best to have some sort of an off Sw. IN my case its the circuit breaker. Today at 8000 ft. transiting through heavy cloud cover we got several six ft. call outs. That being said, wish gen. aviation would have had it sooner.
  12. I think this might be an occasion where I would not use the word "UNABLE".
  13. Actually, I used a screwdriver to remove my lenses to change over to LED bulbs, but, I have to hand it to you, I think your technique was faster. Little harm, no foul....
  14. Just keep in mind, the chances of engine failure goes up as the square. IE: Engine failure in a twin is four times more likely than in a single. A small issue from a friend on a return flight when he called Reykjavik tower and was informed the airport was closed. He was advised to fly up some foggy fjord and attempt a landing at an alternate. John had been fighting headwinds all night and was exhausted and low on fuel. When asked what the problem was he was informed disabled aircraft on runway. John adamantly told tower to remove aircraft with car, truck, tractor or a team of horses if necessary because he was landing Reykjavik. He landed without incident, no disabled aircraft in sight. Things happen, would strongly suggest taking Jerry 5TJ's advise concerning a ferry pilot.
  15. Four knots is significant, will check mine later this week. Never thought of going to Garmin, instead of Lo Presti, for a speed mod. Every day I am glad I never sent my GFC-150 in for repairs. That little GFC500 box is worth every penny. Best,
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