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    A&P payment

    Interesting, My A&P has never considered asking for front money and we have been through an engine off, crate and ship for overhaul, then reinstall, a 310 HP STP upgrade along with various annuals et. As far as a test flight before payment, he just jumps in the right seat and says "Lets go" with no mention of $$$. Pretty much the same goes for my plumber, electrician and BMW mechanic. Never been asked for payment $$ before turning on the water, tipping a light sw. or a test drive after front end work is completed. In my opinion, you lost any bargaining power when you fronted the 20%. Or, as Forest Gump's mama might say , "aircraft ownership is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get". As a side note, when bill is received, I always pay same day received. Best,

    need help with Foreflight

    Foreflight customer service, 1-866-701-6529. Or Apples new pad with 128gb storage, Just an alternative suggestion, solves a lot of problems.
  3. Lowered my Ovation panel significantly by cranking seat height to max then adding a seat cushion. Big difference.
  4. If you think those Mooney reps were "Snooty" this year, at least you could understand them. Word on the street is next year they will be speaking Mandarin.
  5. Once there, you are there. Sad, sad and not sure if he could have been saved at that point. That being said he was turning to the right and any Duster will tell you the aircraft always makes left turns better due to prop rotation. Not sure if a left turn would have saved him at point, but maybe.

    Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    Not wishing to plagiarize, So, let me state this method of avoiding gear up incidents was copied some time back from another Mooney driver, (Apologize for not remembering his name), as he posted on Mooney Space in reply to a similar gear up incident. As I recall he always used some word he called GUMP before landing. Again as I recall, it went something like this: G-- Gear down U--Undercarriage down M-- That mf gear sure as hell better be down P--I am going to be so P. O. if that mf gear is not down As for myself, I now use GUMP for every landing procedure. Best

    Autopilot has me stumped

    Hang on, the Calvary is on the way. Garmin's GFC digital 500 autopilot, not yet STC'd for Mooney application, but their horses are galloping down hill. My KFC-150 has multiple issues, but instead of spending more $$ and making them worse, I am drinking coffee and calling Garmin's avionics support hotline on a monthly basis. Suggested retail $6995. ( Best guess is early 2019 availability ) Best

    Tips and Tricks

    N6018Q, Where are you located? I am at KHUM. N606WM Back to those tips: If on final approach your ground speed is higher than your airspeed, you might want to contact your CFI for a refresher tutorial.


    Are we talking Bit coins here or pesos??

    Tips and Tricks

    As per your request, Let the games begin: Tip # 1. Always pay someone else to wash and wax your plane. Tip#2. Put a SBR reminder on your pre take-off check list. (For those of you in Rio Linda, that would be speed brakes retracted) Tip# 3, Remove pitot cover and all tie down ropes before taxing. Tip#5, Activate pitot heat before entering icing, not during or after. Tip#6. In extreme turbulence, retract throttle, neutralize controls , then pray. Tip #7, To really understand how it is done, Watch Svetlana Kapanina's U-Tube videos. Many more tips, but coffee is waiting.

    Would anyone be interested?

    Sorry, but you may be too late. Mooney has already moved into the latest realm of Clorox bottle technology copied from Cirrus. Not sure why, but Boeing and Lockheed Martins F-35 Lightning || fighter are shunning Clorox and seems to be sticking with tried and true aluminum with a little titanium thrown in. Maybe, they are just getting things right. Best,

    Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    BOUNCE NO MORE : 1. No flaps. 2. Speed brakes activated. 3. Two throttle twists in the flare. 4. Continual back stick pressure . Don't panic, two out the above four will set you down softly. That tire squeak is so annoying....

    GTN 650 or IFD 440?

    Personally, I would drink a little less coffee at Starbucks and use the extra savings to purchase the GTN-750. No bifocals needed. The GTX-335 is a given.

    State Registration

    Just completed registration on my push behind Kawasaki powered lawn mower. Now must trailer unit in town for inspection sticker then over to agent for an insurance policy. If that wasn't enough , wife now upset because evidently I flushed the toilet too many times this month and our sewage bill is greatly elevated. Seems to me the swamp is getting deeper and the deep state is everywhere. Still waiting Donald ????

    LOP video

    Another video , although not as detailed as martins, but one I found helpful. Leaning the Mixture for a High Density Altitude Takeoff Rod Machado