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    AOPA and Mooney

    No worries mate, Fords and Chevrolets get a lot more publicity than Ferraries and Aston Martins. (V12- 220 mph-1.4M) Any bias noted is a Non Sequitur.
  2. When I looked into a similar purchase some years ago I was told by a reliable source, there are no landing gear parts available. After hearing this, I kept on walking down the beach.

    Importing a plane from Canada

    As Jackson would say, "Sometimes the juice ain't worth the squeezing." Best,

    Experienced my first spin yesterday

    If anyone needs a stall, spin ,inverted loop et.confidence builder, just Google, U-Tube Svetlana Kapanina. One of her quotes, "The procedure itself is very easy, to score a 10 is the challenge". Now to settle the Ford Chevrolet argument, did you neutralize the stick or push the stick forward? The military teaches, fast forward, while most civilian CFI"s seem to neutralize. Best,

    Meet Our New Bravo (almost)!

    HELLO NEIGHBOR, (khum, Kpib, 50 Min.) Welcome to "Rapid Transit."

    Beat the sales tax

    You gotta love the " casual sale" work around. Kinda like selling a used lawn mower to a neighbor. Was not aware of this one at all. As for me I went with a Delaware corp. and all is well. Understand in some states the swamp water may make this avenue unpalatable, but worked for me, no sales tax paid. Best,
  7. Searching for Mooney nose wheel disc compression tool.

    Understand you might have one available?



    Dave, 985-860-1138

    1. Sabremech


      Hi Dave, I have one that I've borrowed from a friend. I can check to see if I can borrow it again.



    2. DAVIDWH


      Thanks for offer,

      Fellow pilot had one 45 minuets away.

      Discs in and all is well.


      Thanks for your offer.

    3. Sabremech


      Hi David,

      Glad all went well. Wondered if you had received my message.




    Puck Puck

    Again, Time to change Lord landing gear shock discs on nose wheel. Wondering if anyone on forum would have compression tool to lend, lease or sell. Plan B, ie turnbuckle compression, no joy. Lasar rents tool, but is presently in use in New Mexico. Any help would be appreciated. Pm me or (Cell) 985-860-1138
  9. If you have the nose gear puck changing compression tool, have been searching for one. Pm me or Cell: 985-860-1138 Thanks ,

    Hey All you Oshkosh People

    Oshkosh Air Venture announcements, STC Cert. for GFC-500: Cessna 210 Grumman AA-5, this is a burner with cruise speed of 122 kts. Beech Debonair--(C33, E33, F33 ,G33) Mooney...................................................................................................................................You got it, nothing.

    "Medeco" Ignition Switch

    Same problems with my Ovation. Mechanic replaced my turn and push conundrum sw. with a turn only switch, no more push and no more issues. Much more user friendly, not sure where he purchased it, but am sure you could find with a couple of inquiries. Best,
  12. For me, solved the 9.7 control panel issue by inverting the cradle. (Sporty's #7308A) Was able to keep the same base and arm as on the mini. When mounted correctly , had visual obstruction of key instruments, after inverting cradle 180 degrees, no visual issues. One minor problem with this method is that the original base clamps are now on top and the one on the right is now above the on off I pad switch. With a bit of turbulence, have had the sw. activated and Foreflight shut down. This was solved with end nippers and a box cutter to partially remove the plastic cradle clamp above the I-Pad switch. With this set-up your approach plates will now measure approx. 5 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches. Bifocals not needed.

    It might be overhaul time...

    Sorry about your bad day. Western Skyways overhauled the IO550 for my Ovation. The old engine kept the candles burning for 2250 hours before things got a bit shakey. Happy with their work, no squawks. One thing to keep in mind with the basic overhaul cost are the additional sugar wafers I had not considered. 1. New wiring harness, a must. 2. You really need those new engine mounts. 3. That aged exhaust system, got to be replaced now. 4. Fine wire plugs, don't leave home without them. 5. Engine removal and replace, mas dinero. 6. Freight in and out, my error, Western Skyways pays both ways. And so it goes. Golf carts, Mooneys and high maintenance women, where would we be without them?? Best,
  14. A few years ago there was an FAA accident report of a pilot running a tank dry then switching tanks. Engine never restarted and pilot was killed. FAA findings were blocked injectors due to bottom tank debris sucked in from dry tank. Personally, I stopped doing it after reading this report.
  15. In the past have had significant delays with credit card fuel stops flying over different states. A phone call in advance would prob. suffice.