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  1. I plan to have Pinnacle Aircraft Engines out of Alabama rebuild my engine. I’ve spoke with them and they are real friendly, have fair prices and a great warranty. Does anyone have experience with them that can support my positive impression of them?
  2. My engine is being rebuilt and I need a new cam, bearings, rod bolts and nuts. Of course other items. So superior parts are cheaper but are the as good as Lycoming parts? Does anyone have actual experience with Superior parts or direct knowledge of someone that does?
  3. I am in the process of an engine rebuild and will be replacing the cylinders not rebuilding them. I've been looking for new Lycoming cylinder kits, 05K21120, but they seem to be out of stock pretty much everywhere. I found out today that Continental makes a cylinder kit, TIST-13-0CA, that is not only available but cheaper than Lycoming cylinders. Does anyone have experience with the Continental cylinders?
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