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  1. For sale, altimeter, encoder and turn and bank. Just removed from  my Ovation. Will send pictures upon request all working fine prior to removing them. 

    If interested I will send model numbers etc.

    reply to:


  2. I know where the heater box is and have lubed the cable but it’s still stuck on and it’s hot, had to turn around and go home!!!!!!

  3. The heater control on my Ovation is stuck on, any one know a quick fix
  4. I have a flap problem with my 1998 Ovation. The flaps work fine on the ground, but in the air when I lower the flaps the breaker pops, only on position one not full flaps. The flaps do go down but the breaker pops. i have installed a new flap motor and breaker but the problem is still there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Flying tight formation with a P-51, is that cool or what!!!

    1. carusoam


      Yes, Very COOL!


  6. The weather on ADS B IS NOT VERY GOOD, boxy and Garmin says they can not change it, that's how they get it from FAA. Traffics is okay, I would wait until the weather production has improved.
  7. Polished spinner for 3 bladed Ovation with Macauley props. And one good blade, if interested: Lloydbabcock@aol.com
  8. I have a polished spinner that will fit a three bladed Ovation with Macauley props. And one good blade, if interested email : lloydbabcock@aol.com