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  1. wburger1

    Fuel sending units and gauge

    I also have a 1967 M20F. It does have 4 sending units as I opened up the inspection panels and looked. I removed the connection on the back of the gauge and it measured 30 ohms from the plug to ground for the right tank that was 1/2 full and 20 ohms on the left tank which was about a third full so the gauge must read 0 - 60 ohms. Next I will remove the cab wire from the sender and measure to ground through a 60 ohm resistor and it should read empty. I checked because my gauge does not go to empty when master is off but is does seem to read correctly when master is on.
  2. wburger1

    Top Stitch Aviation Upholstery

    Mike, I used to be based in Arcola. How much work did they do? Do you have any pictures? Can you tell me how expensive they were? You can PM if you want to. Thanks.
  3. Anyone ever used Mark Zito with Top Stitch Aviation Upholstery. Saw him on Houston Aviators Facebook page. Looking to upgrade my interior in my 67 M20F and Houston is right in my neighborhood.
  4. wburger1

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    Did you have any luck with the Rosen kit?
  5. wburger1

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    Mooney1, did you ever figure it out? I also have a 67F with the mount only on the center bar. I looked at the trim and don't see an easy way to install them. I sent Rosen an email and they said the 67 was on the STC for them. Walt 1140301 J.PDF 1140000 L.PDF
  6. wburger1

    New Panel Setup

    I could not find the electric step mod directions on Mooneyspace. How would I go about doing that on my F? Thanks.
  7. wburger1

    Stec 30 DG Heading Bug

    Thank you.
  8. I have the Stec 30 with GPSS. If I want to fly a 180 degree heading I have to set the heading bug to 170 degrees. Will an overhaul of the DG fix this or is there any adjustment that can be made to the DG or maybe the turn coordinator computer. All of the modes work correctly except for my 10 degree error on the heading bug.
  9. Hey Chris, do you still need the 05101 Drawing?



  10. wburger1

    Bad ADS-B Stratus ES

    Finally I have a working Stratus ADS-B. Problem was a bad altitude encoder RS232 port shorting out the unit.
  11. wburger1

    Houston IPC training

    I have an F but my avionics guy has been trying to fix an electrical problem causing poor transmit problems and the ADS-B stratus to be intermittent on powering up for two months.
  12. Anyone is the Houston area rent and do flight training for an IPC in a Mooney C E or F? I need to get current again.
  13. wburger1

    Bad ADS-B Stratus ES

    Update: Stratus works on the bench and using a fabricated wiring harness in the plane so must be the remote terminal bus.
  14. Just had a brand new Stratus ads-b ES with 2i installed in my Mooney and it had a blank screen when my Avionics tech tried to power it up. Plane has already been in the shop for a month waiting for the install and now this! Anyone else have problems with a new Stratus ads-b? The 2i powered up just fine.
  15. wburger1

    ST-901 GPSS needed

    Thanks for the offer Jim but I have all the parts I need. Just waiting on my avionics guy now.