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  1. I thought I'd wrap up this post and share pics from the trip. Everything went well. Thanks for all of your tips. http://mooneyspace.com/gallery/album/13908-idaho-to-cape-cod/
  2. captd

    Idaho to Cape Cod

    I've been meaning to upload pictures from our trip last summer. My wife, 10 month old, and our dog flew in our 66' M20E from North Idaho to Provincetown, MA. In all, it took 17 hours and 4 days of travel. The whole trip was VFR and relatively low altitude. We hit low weather that grounded us for a few days. Gave us plenty of time to enjoy rural Ohio.
  3. @carusoam, My wife is from Provincetown, MA, so we're planning on spending a little time back there this summer with her family.
  4. Yeah, I think we're going to have to experiment with this Benadryl you speak of.
  5. @ @JimR, Yes, I did blog about my flights in the airplane. Back in 2004, I flew it to each of the lower 48 states and maintained a blog throughtout the trip. The blog was called AirportMainstreet.com. AOPA did a brief little writeup on the trip in one of their issues and I ended having quite a few pilots following that trip. In fact, I met my wife on that trip! I'll post some pictures of that trip and maybe it'll jog your memory a bit.
  6. Hi all, We're planning on taking the airplane, a 66' M20E, from Idaho to Cape Cod this June - me, my wife, our 6-month-old boy, and our small dog. My wife is also a pilot and up for the adventure. I've flown the airplane back to the east coast several times, though never with an infant. I could use any advice you might be willing to give. We're planning on taking a 2-3 days to do it and making the legs no longer than a few hours each. Some say flying with a baby is fine, others say you need to wait until they're older. I don't plan on flying higher than around 7,000 - 8,000 feet, s
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