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  1. Been out of touch on MS and just pulled this thread up. Hate to hear the latest Mooney updates. Always will be a Mooniac. As I read page after page the common comment was low or reduced production of most all GA piston aircraft. Is it that the pricing has just gotten so ridiculous high for new GA piston that nobody is really buying or buying at a pace that will be economically realistic to maintain ?. Seems like the only active production is the business class turbo props and jets. Is this just the start to the end of GA piston? Maybe the writing has been on the wall for years and Mooney being in a recovery phase has just suffered the final blow before the others because they were a minority market coming out of recovery. Somebody posted Beech is down in production on singles and light twins, but business class was producing heavy. Don't know the answer and might be well off base, but one has to wonder is this just the cusp with more to follow. The thought of so few new single or twin piston in production, but it does make you wonder if we are headed down a dark path in years to come and the manufacturer with deeper pockets will last the longest. Don't know? Tom
  2. Supertow ll that was shown has the "LazySusan" concept that allows the tug to swivel. I've got one for sale $1700. She's a big beast.
  3. A few items I came across; 1. (2) POH for M20E $15 shipped each (one in good condition, the other "okay" condition) 2. Control Shafts *1 set for - Pre-J model and 1 set for J model and up. Take $135.00 a set. shipped. BOTH SOLD 3. OEM Landing light for E model $15 shipped 4. I've got a PVC fuel-tank switch rod (home-made) $15 shipped. (SOLD-Josh) 5. I'm also selling my modified center console arm-rest. Some of you have seen it in my gallery and asked about it. Comes with arm rest extension and cup-holder. Not professional level, but very functional. $115 shipped with all three pieces. (SOLD-Josh) 6. Also have a Garmin 796 Portable GPS with the GXM 40 antenna and all accessories including the home docking station. $1100 shipped. Great condition. 7. Trim wheel and chain set up. I bought this as a spare a while back thinking if the trim cogs. teeth or chain gears ever wore out I'd never find parts. Bought as a back-up. Good working condition. $125 shipped. PM me or send a regular email: Tom
  4. Just renewed my donation. 7741M is long sold and gone, but this site has provided me a wealth of information over the years and certainly gotten me out of a jam more than once. I hope to see it continue to help others. Never know when another Mooney might be parked in my hanger.. Sometimes I sure miss seeing the backward tail, or maybe tired of everyone else's tail being backward . Tom
  5. Hate to see it was purchased to be flipped. It was brokered and I never met the buyer. I was hoping it was to someone who just wanted it because they wanted a nice Mooney. I guess the key was getting it sold, but I'll admit if it sells for $135k it will hurt my financial feelings greatly. Apparently, I settled for far less than what I could have gotten for it if she goes for near the asking. Regardless, If money was no object I'd buy it back in a minute, but not at 135k..She's a great bird. I like my twin and that is what fits my mission right now for business and personal, but 41M had a lot of memories. I'd keep her as my weekend ride if I was financially able. -Tom
  6. Are they the same height as J seats or E?. There is enough room in them to fold forward and back.. You might check the Rocky Mountain site. In all honesty...they might say there are particular measurements for "correct" fitment among different planes, but when I bought the Twin Comanche it had tan sheepskin up front. I took them off to wash them and compared them to the "special order" tan Mooney ones that I had in my E..They were darn near the same in pattern and color. I put the Mooney tan on the rear seats of the Comanche and kept the tan ones that were already on the Comanche up front. I'd give a hundred dollar bill if someone that didn't know could tell what was what...When the day is over I don't think there is a big pattern difference after they are installed and strapped up. -Tom
  7. I would be interested in the sheepskin seat covers, pending a picture of them. Basic mooney seats? Headrests?

  8. Looking at flight tracking my old gal has found a new place to nest in Denver, Colorado. Wednesday 07-Nov-2018 04:40PM CST Joe Foss Field - FSD 07:03PM MST Rocky Mtn Metropolitan - BJC M20P
  9. Thought I'd toss this out there and I will get pictures up this weekend. Mooney has been sold so I have a few things left that won't do me any good in the twin. SIDEWINDER TUG asking $1030 shipped to lower 48 SOLD New Skytec Starter.. $215.00 shipped SOLD Shower of Sparks Box. 9 months old. Mooney Cabin/Engine Cover. Was from a K model, but I put it on the E and looks and works fine. Has a slit cut in the top for my boomerang antenna. Very Heavy Duty. $275 shipped SOLD Mooney Sun Shades. $50 shipped SOLD Black Sheepskin Seat Covers with headrest both pilot and co-pilot side. New $245 shipped SOLD Tempest Plugs $175 shipped Trim Wheel..bought as a spare, you know, just in case.. $95 shipped Lasar Plexi Landing Light Cover. Lens only, probably fab your own or get the little L brackets from Lasar. $50.00 shipped Ignition Switch and Cabin Door Lock. $100 SOLD Prop Covers. Never used.. $25 shipped. Cowl Plugs $75 shipped SOLD Fuel Senders Unit R/L $75 shipped -Tom
  10. I don't know who he is. The broker put the deal together. I have not met him or spoken to him. All I do know is we have a deposit and signed contract. He plans to pick it up Thursday. -Tom
  11. I still have 6 days to have seller's remorse. My feet are already kind of chilly (cold feet coming). If he finds something he does not like...well, I'd honestly be okay with it. I think I've tried every possible reason to keep it. The struggle is real -Tom
  12. Dig the sheepskins out of the closet !!! Oh wait what are you wanting for them 

    Jeff 417-437-8487 

  13. I have a black set that are brand new if someone needs a set. I came across a EBay auction and they showed two sets available. I offered to buy both sets as it was cheap enough. They did not know what model other than low back seats so I took a chance since they looked Mooney size. I already had a set and thought they looked just like what I had...Bought a tan and black set. I sold my original from Aerosheep. I had probably 4 years in them. Replaced the old Aerosheep ones with the new tan ones I got on EBay and they fit perfectly. I still have the black left over. If black will work for someone I'd let them go pretty cheap. I think they actually are Aerosheep or the other main company. If I get a PM I'll get them out of my closet and get more details. These are brand new and I think they have the headrest for pilot side. On a side note if the sale goes through on 41M this coming Thursday I'll have a Mooney Sidewinder Tug for sale also. -Tom