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  1. Anyone have a picture of a fuel sending unit for 73 M20E or of one that was used in this series of Mooney. Not sure if they were all the same. I bought a set off of EBay to send in for rebuild so I would not be out of service with my OEMs. The auction indicated these were from a E model. I've never had the ones in my plane out so I'm not quite sure for comparison and these do not have a part number stamped. I can vaguely see what I think says "AC" stamped. they are 5 hole. Just want to make sure they are correct before I send them in for the rebuild. I'm 95% that they are the correct ones, I think Bob posted a picture a while back looking in the forum search. Here is a quick picture. Do these look correct for M20E? Hate to send in the wrong ones for a rebuild. Mine are okay, but looking to get more accuracy out of my JPI. Thanks in advance, -Tom
  2. A small oscillating 12v electric fan purchased at your favorite auto parts store and clipped to the clothing rack near the hat rack in the rear and then facing forward toward pilot/co-pilot works great. Use mine every summer and moves air nicely. I have a 12v power-port in my hat-rack area that my shop installed and connected to the master. Turn the master on and the fan runs. Beats the Tennessee heat in the summer for short flights when you don't feel like messing with the B-Kool cooler. You can also use any portable 12v source to power the fan.. The Gila static cling tint works great as well. I did mine a few years back and it made a big difference. I have a B-Kool and have actually never used it. The fan and tint make a huge difference. -Tom
  3. Thanks anyway..Guess I'll have to dig through the moving boxes for my service manuals. -Tom
  4. Anybody know what bulb is used the gear up window. I just had my panel redone and sold a bunch of bulbs and sockets..Imagine that I was not smart enough to save a few bulbs as extras. Go figure.. Anyway, I have service manuals deep in my closet, but in the middle if a home move so digging them out might be a challenge. My gear up transition bulb is out and I need to order one. Anyone know part # and best source? 73 M20 E. You can see in the picture the configuration. Gear Down, Gear Up, Boost etc,,Right below the gear knob. Just need the bulb reference and best source. Thanks in advance, -Tom
  5. Using the same shop mine is usually done in a week..He complains that it really takes him 40 hrs + on the Mooney, but typically annuals are done in 40. Cost is about $2000 if I walk away with a clean bill of health and no problems. -Tom
  6. I use one of these for aux power supply. Works well. Take a charge with you wherever you go. The EnergyBar 250 is a lightweight solar battery charger that packs an incredible 25 hours of portable solar power for smartphones, 3-4 hours for a laptop, or up to 10 hours for LED televisions making it the best portable power bank. -Tom
  7. Hank, If there continues to be that much activity you guys will need a tower at the field.
  8. Dyersburg Avionics did mine (actually located at Caruthersville, MO) M05 . Feel free to give them a call or fly over and let them look at your panel. They would be able to get you a more accurate price. My labor install was a mixed bag, but I'll take a look tonight and might be able to give you a ballpark. I did have the 830 installed already and went to 930, but from what I understand they still had to remove the majority of the old to install the new. I do agree 70 hrs is not accurate.
  9. KDYR (Dyersburg)...Three owners in five years. Closed last year for good. Building scheduled to be torn down..The business owner was skipping Uncle Sam's slice of the pie ( no pay sales tax). Feds shut them down. City was owed four months back rent. How the city let them go that long without paying rent, well...I guess somebody left the barn gate open. No accountability. Airport restaurants are getting sparse. -Tom
  10. Sold.. Thanks Tony. -Tom
  11. I called and bought them new. I found the actual link on the advertisement on the web last night after I listed them..I'm headed out right away. Here is the link to Powertow.. The 40 EZ is the model #s. The site I found last night showed they are $125 plus shipping. I'll look for the exact site again later, but the answer is yes..
  12. There has been lots of chatter about tow bars and homemade tow bar units etc. I remembered I had these tucked in the hanger. I bought this for a EZ-Tow unit I had, ended up going with a Sidewinder unit. These would be great to use as intended or on a homemade project. They are set-up for Mooney and have never been used. I think I paid 125-150 plus shipping. I'll let them go for $90 B/O shipped to lower 48. PP as a gift works or drop me a big deal either way. Just thought someone could use them. -Tom
  13. Just think how nice it will be when you get it back. You will get to really enjoy all the upgrades. Mine was down three months this summer..sucked, but now when I fly it's all grins. After you get her back you will forget all the down time...if you are like me you might actually get stuff done around the hacienda that I kept putting on the back burner. Best of luck!! -Tom
  14. Looks great..Very nice paint scheme. I would think two fuel stops would get it home with no problem. Good to see another Mooney in the mid-south. Looks like about 507 miles @ 32g. This is just a quick look at FF. Not taking into account all your questions. Maybe just for the heck of make a stop at Athens KAHN and Fayetteville FYM for fuel and time to stretch and admire your new bird. It would break up the trip into simple legs and no pressure on fuel stops. I always plan more stops than necessary, that way I can enjoy the flight with no worries and keep safe margins. -Tom
  15. Very nice..Good luck. -Tom