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  1. I've stopped a Bay Minette a few times. I've seen some very attractive crew gals working, but when they saw an old Mooney landing and a grey headed, "older" heavy set pilot unwedging himself from the plane they always send the second squad out to help me. Usually it's a big ole' stout gal with a hairy upper lip. They keep the A squad in there for those young future TopGun guys.. -Tom
  2. Alternator Belt Part # ?

    My local shop should be wrapping things up today and hopefully 41M will be back in the air this weekend with new alternator and belt. The shop had a little (well a lot) of trouble getting the prop bolts to break loose, not a uncommon problem. So in effort to not to run the bolts, nuts and thread they suggested I take it to Cody Stallings Prop Shop. It was about an hour and half drive to their shop in Arkansas, but well worth it. I called them ahead and they were waiting for me at the door. Felt like a doctor wheeling a patient in for surgery. Immediately they took the prop in and went to work on it.. Within an hour they had all new hardware installed, ADs updated, wrapped up and ready to take back to my home shop. Just wanted to give a shout out of thanks to Cody and his team for getting me in and out. It helped that Cody is a fellow Mooniac F owner and forum member here, but I really do think these guys are a first class prop shop going over and beyond. I highly recommend them.. -Tom
  3. M20 C Engine Start problems

    As I read this post it sounded all to familiar. Glad you got it up and going and I truly believe your main issue was the SOS. Hopefully our episodes will help the next MS guy/gal when everything looks right, but just isn't. I do credit Mooney Space with a lot of my trouble shooting help that finally helped me narrow it down. With complex electronics and old airplanes sometimes it's hard to pinpoint problems. Glad your up and going, but I think next time one or the other of us tries solving the problem first. One of us might save a few bucks.. -Tom
  4. Alternator Belt Part # ?

    Shop got to it today. I have not seen it, but apparently was missing a bolt and other was loose. I'm sure all the repeated cranking starts during my SOS issues did not help. They said the adjustment bracket was worn as well from the excessive play. Went ahead and replaced all of the components. Preventative maintenance. Replacing alternator (last alternator overhaul was in 92), brackets, belts, mounting hardware and a fresh O-ring when they put the prop back on. I like the idea of attaching a spare belt behind. I purchased two belts. Overkill, but maybe this will last a while. Thanks for all the input and advice. -Tom
  5. Alternator Belt Part # ?

    E had alternator.. I was able to locate the overhaul date for the alternator in the logs 92'. Still no reference to a belt. I've poured through 2 service manuals and found nearly every part and manufacturer #. I'm sure I'm just overlooking, but thanks to Yetti progress is moving forward. Thanks for the info. -Tom
  6. Alternator Belt Part # ?

    Thank you sir!! -Tom
  7. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    Okay..Most folks are not feeling the Comanche. Got it. Just thought I'd toss it out there. Thread drift. This was "Looking for any interest in a partner in the west TN area in a Twin Comanche.". No interest and that's cool..Time to close the store. Put the sign up that says "Gone Fishin". -Tom
  8. Alternator Belt Part # ?

    Don't know, but I asked about info on the correct belt?
  9. Been a maintenance month for 7741M. Seems like lately every trip I've been scrubbed for one reason or another. I've searched some for the part number and I'm seeing various threads and not sure I'm finding the right answer. I went up last night and lost a alternator belt about 10 miles from home. I thought I would get one ordered and headed this way so my IA can get started next week, but want to make sure I'm getting the correct one. These pics are what was left of the one I had on it. I think the correct one is: 37A19773-376 LYCOMING ALTERNATOR DRIVE BELT .380 WID Part #: 08-00249 Spruce Am I looking at the correct one? Here are pics for reference I also notice some movement in the alternator when I move it my hand..about a quarter to half inch movement when pushing around near the bottom. Bottom looks tight and safety wire is still instact...normal or possible broke upper mount? Just inquiring out my own curiosity, I'm sure we will see the cause when he takes the front cowl off. You cant see it in the pictures, but the alternator is Electrosystems Inc. From what I can tell doing some cross-referencing it should be ALY-8420L S Really just checking if this is the right belt? Thanks much in advance.. -Tom
  10. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    Excellent points and I will check very carefully. Like I said nothing is etched in stone..It is just an idea and a opportunity that presented itself. Thought I would toss it out there. There is a fellow pilot here that would do a partnership in a Baron in a minute, but pricing puts them out of reach for both of us. The Comanche was just an idea as an easy way to be able to take the a folks or friends along with easy access in and out. A hanger buddy and I are scheduling our multi in Smyrna, TN. They fly and instruct in a Duchess. It is a 10 hr course. Hope to schedule next month. Regardless what happens with the Comanche I would like to get my multi. Thanks for the input and thoughts....My insurance guy did say a Comanche would be eat my lunch in rates, he preferred we consider a Seneca. As a insurance guy and instructor he said the insurance and so forth would be much more favorable w/ Seneca and it is easier to fly vs. the Comanche. -Tom
  11. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    Just reply to thread and PM if interested please. I like the idea of a twin as a second plane for family and true 4 place hauls, if this can be had for $70-75k it's a good deal. I've seen the plane, flown in it and I've see how well it has been taken care of. I'm not a buyer at 100K..w/ the right person I would consider it at $70-75k w/ a good partner. -Tom
  12. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    I get the point of the post and agree with much of it, but really brother... was the last sentence necessary? I'm tough skinned, but that was just not right.
  13. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    I hear ya..if I was in Texas and you found a Baron I'd be in also.. Not sure my pockets are deep enough for ones I've seen advertised.
  14. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    That's why I posted: He is asking 100k. Not sure my offer will be that, but at least we have a starting point. I have 70-75 in mind..
  15. Just tossing this out there..There is a retired Doctor that lives in Dyersburg (west TN) and has a 64ish? Twin Comanche he is wanting to sell ( well he and his family). The doctor is declining in health and the family has decided to sell the plane. His nephew had planned to buy it, but also a doctor will be living in California for a few years and then back to TN. It's what this man lived for and truly enjoyed..religious about maintenance and had made several upgrades over the years. He is in his 80s has not piloted in several years and usually has another doctor friend fly him around the patch once in a while. I have no intentions of selling my Mooney, but as we all occasionally have a need to haul more weight than the mighty Mooney can handle here is an opportunity to purchase the Comanche. The doc would like to see it stay local. I have an interest in purchasing this or making an offer. Since all of us Mooney owners occasionally need more room I was posting to see if anybody fairly nearby would be interested in partnership on this.. If sincere I can get you more info. The plane is mid-time engine with several speed mods. ADSB was just installed. He is asking 100k. Not sure my offer will be that, but at least we have a starting point. PM me if you are interested.. -Tom