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  1. Lightweight Portable Generator Review

    Bought one last year.. Still have not used it, but nice knowing it's there and ready.
  2. I did it last year..Been nice having it for the Aspens and FlyQ. -Tom
  3. New paint job...what do you think?

    I just had two locker rooms done at my business..I know what that runs typically a sq ft. in this area. You BETTER hope she never finds the receipt... lol
  4. New paint job...what do you think?

    They are just getting finished with the new hangers at Jack Edwards. I was hoping to have mine done down there...Don't know the locals well enough yet, but hope to get my hanger epoxied before we bring the plane down. Looks very sharp and much easier to keep clean. Good job, looks great! -Tom
  5. Yoke upgrade

    Two ways of doing this: 1 Using your existing shaft will need to be drilled to accommodate the thicker yokes because the holes will be positioned in the wrong location. or 2 Change out the shaft to 201 or newer and you can use thicker yokes with the new shaft, but the WHOLE linkage, connecting rods and hardware under the dash will also need to be changed out to do it correctly.. A lot of money and labor. Older birds C, E, Fs all have a certain shaft drilled one way. The J started with a different shaft and had holes drilled the opposite way. They also look similar, however, the connecting tabs are at a different angle on each. It's a big expensive project, but the outcome is nice. Having Hector cover your existing would be the easiest way to upgrade, but you still have the thinner grip. I prefer the thicker grip of the new yokes. Good luck, -Tom
  6. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    This is funny and true. I just shared the observation about me seeing a lot of Mooney tails at a particular shop ( I thought that it was great to see so many Mooney's in the area). Then I thought I would share what I thought was good pricing and service. Next thing you know the thread takes a turn to, "well they must be skipping items" etc.. Is it really impossible they might be a good shop (they have been around long time) and impossible the experience was a good one, great customer service and good pricing. Sometimes I wonder if the keyboard sometimes takes some fun out of our camaraderie....If I was sharing a lunch and telling the same story about my annual and what it cost, would the person sitting across from me really say, "Wow..$1240, they can't be doing a good job, must have skipped some items, there is no way they are doing a thorough job at that price"..If so I would probably move to another table. I guess the bottle of beer is either half full or half empty depending on how you look at things. -Tom
  7. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    Not sure they are skipping. They might just have more hands involved, so maybe it evens out. My other shop did a great job and was averaging $2000, consumables and fluids were extra. At the other shop there were only two guys working with one being the primary. My other shop says he has a hard time getting a Mooney annual done in 40 hrs. Jewell had six guys keeping busy. This is also the airport that is well known for cheapest fuel in the area. Bottom line, I was pleased, price was great and timely. Never hurts to have a new set of eyes look things over. These will also be the guys doing my major when the time comes. Good work, good reputation and 45 minutes from my home..the fact I saw several Mooney tails in there made me feel good knowing this is not their first rodeo working on Mooney aircraft. We don't have a local MSC, but I do feel good about the annual they just completed. -Tom
  8. To think I just thought of it as the "Boomerang" antenna.
  9. Need recommendations for east coast trip

    Maybe a silly question, but I've only followed the news. Is Key West and Marathon up and going with business as usual (as much as it can be considering)?. We were thinking about doing something different this year for Thanksgiving and thought about Key West. Didn't know how well the recovery had gone. Anybody been to either recently? -Tom
  10. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    That one was still there, but not one of the three I was talking about. They have it in a separate hanger, and have a LONG way to go before it's ready.
  11. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    Flat rate, but you are charged for fluids, filters, etc.. By the time I was done I was all in at $1240. A few gaskets, ELT battery etc.. -Tom
  12. Picked my plane up from annual at Jewell Aviation in Kennett, MO yesterday. Wow, looked like a Mooney Service Center. Saw three Mooney birds in the shop, mine was done and parked in a separate hanger since they were done with it and waiting for pick-up. Good to see that many Mooneys in the shop. Looks like Sam and David and getting very good with our brand. I knew they were good, but surprised to see so many other backwards tails in the shop. Not sure if they belonged to MS guys, but it looked busy in there. By the way a PIREP on the annual..I was pleased with the annual. I've been going to another shop for the last 5 yrs and thought maybe this year a new set of eyes for this one might not be a bad idea. Pricing was good, work timely, no surprises and even fixed a few little items that were non-issue, but took care of them no charge. Very pleased. -Tom
  13. Thought I had a picture of the plane and bike. The car is parked in the taxi area, so close enough?. When the weather is cloudy these were option 2. This is why we love our Mooney.. It's all about the speed -Tom
  14. What is this switch

    Stealth Mode. Makes you invisible to radar, ground attacks, angry controllers and FAA big brother when cruising class Bravo when you just have to get there and don't have time to re-route. -Tom
  15. Upgrade from C to K? Should we??

    Dave, Keep us updated on this. I'm following closely. I stumbled across a K that a shop is redoing from ground up and am thinking a lot like you are. Trying to weigh the pros and cons. You have far more experience than me, but I enjoy reading the replies and am learning lots. For me it's a matter of gaining some extra room, not sure the turbo is needed in my neck of the woods, but since I don't see a long body in my future real soon this would be a nice upgrade. Keep us posted on your thoughts. -Tom