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  1. What is this switch

    Stealth Mode. Makes you invisible to radar, ground attacks, angry controllers and FAA big brother when cruising class Bravo when you just have to get there and don't have time to re-route. -Tom
  2. Upgrade from C to K? Should we??

    Dave, Keep us updated on this. I'm following closely. I stumbled across a K that a shop is redoing from ground up and am thinking a lot like you are. Trying to weigh the pros and cons. You have far more experience than me, but I enjoy reading the replies and am learning lots. For me it's a matter of gaining some extra room, not sure the turbo is needed in my neck of the woods, but since I don't see a long body in my future real soon this would be a nice upgrade. Keep us posted on your thoughts. -Tom
  3. Thanks for all the replies..I agree with what you all are saying. I don't think he has done one prior, not going to pay for his learning curve. He called and told me he researched it and said from what he can tell he is seeing hours all over the place from 15-25 hrs, plus the tool rental of $150. He priced the donuts at $125 each. Don't think he will be doing it for me. These guys are great with avionics and very thorough, but sometimes I think get overly thorough when it comes to mechanical. I did check with another local shop and they said they could do it, but really after looking at mine they thought mine were in very good shape and said unless I just really wanted to have them changed my current ones would be good for several more years. I like it when a shop gives opinions of what you really need and not just what you think you might need. Not to mention I've been following thread about trading from a C to a 231..There is a 231 I'm watching coming out of resurrection from the ugly to modern. I'm watching pros/cons and learning from the replies. Don't want to put un-necessary work in on my E if the 231 turns into a option for me when it's finally complete in spring.
  4. Getting close to annual and thinking of having the gear pucks replaced while it's there. I think mine are dated 96. Anybody recently had them done (replaced) and remember, or have a number of labor hours they were billed for?. Not talking about owner assisted etc.. I know the donuts are $100 +/- each. Looking for a rough labor number, or hours you were charged? Thanks, -Tom
  5. JPI EDM Rebates 10/1/17-1/31/18

    Shop took care of all of it..I had a lot of other work done so they kept the old unit and hardware and applied $ toward my bill. -Tom
  6. JPI EDM Rebates 10/1/17-1/31/18

    I had the 830 then to the 930. JPI makes a great monitor. -Tom
  7. Virginia Accident

    Glad all are okay.. I'm thinking a conversation could be, " Honey, look what I bought, but it won't fit in the garage".. Just a little Sunday humor..Remember, they are all okay. -Tom
  8. New panel 2017

  9. LED panel 2.JPG

    From the album New panel 2017

  10. New panel progress

    From the album New panel 2017

    New panel for 7741M. Came out great. Also has Garmin Remote Audio, GDL 88.
  11. Gear Doughnuts

    Interested in hearing where the best deal is now a days. If I make my normal annual time frame I might go ahead and have mine replaced. I think mine are 90s era, don't remember the stamp date of top of my head. -Tom
  12. Aeroleds Landing and Taxi Lights

    I've had the Aeroleds Pulse Taxi/Landing light for a few years. I actually did a fair amount of night flight this year and have been very pleased so far. This was a quick still picture and a video I did a while back. Video takes a minute to load, but shows well. -Tom Aeroled_Movie.MOV
  13. Organizing stuff in Plane

    This is so true..I just went on a quick 2.5 hr trip and by the time I got there I had to totally regroup for the return home. It looked like a chimp was set free in the backseat for the 2.5 hr trip. I'm not sure I was meant to be organized
  14. Nicest E ever?

    This thought holds lots of value..I often thought I would like more room, more power and newer...but the real value comes in because you know YOUR current plane, you know what feels right (and what doesn't), when you look at the gauges you know what's normal and so on, you know what you have serviced and what's coming up. No way to put a price (or trade-in) price on that. When looking at vref there will never be a box to check for that option. Back on topic..For the asking price of the E in the ad I could only imagine based on my theory of value of intimacy and knowledge of the plane..The owner must be married to it. Yes, she sure is a "purty" bird...but wow, that's a big price tag for the E. -Tom