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  1. Watching to see where this goes..I'm hanging in there, but the air is thin carrying two planes. -Tom
  2. TWinter

    History Buffs Might Enjoy

    It's got me intrigued. I do plan to have my upholstery guy carefully remove them. I'm hoping to follow-up on this. If I find out more I'll keep the thread going. I enjoy following up on things like this. Keeps things interesting. Still aviation related and not as expensive as Avgas. -Tom
  3. TWinter

    History Buffs Might Enjoy

    That's kind of what I was thinking. Would be interesting to see if they had record of it. I was thinking he would be in his 80s as well. I've done some basic searches and have not found much so far..still looking. -Tom
  4. I'm having the seats recovered in my Piper Twin Comanche. Took the seats down to the upholstery shop and after my guy started tearing the old covering off we discovered this written on the seats. I posted this on the Facebook PA-30 page and there were lots of folks that enjoyed this..Thought my Mooney guys/gals might enjoy as well. Even though it's not a Mooney it is very cool aviation history. I've had several Piper folks suggest I cut these out and frame them as hanger art or just keep them for the nostalgia. I'm picturing on November 14th 1966, a few weeks before Thanksgiving and just another seat coming down the assembly line and it's close to the end of the day (it was a Monday, I checked) and some line worker on the assembly line thought...Someday someone will see this and say "Wow, how cool. wonder who this WCS guy at Piper was".. I certainly do?. You can tell in the doodle drawing of the airplane he was kind of particular..The detail in the airplane is good, now this other "bird" thing he has idea. Maybe his wife was pregnant and he had a stork on his mind.. -Tom
  5. TWinter

    10 Hrs. Dual? Really?

    This is what I did. Flew my Mooney to Memphis and picked up my instructor and flew him back to my base. He flew the twin back to Memphis and I left it there until I finished my rating. It was about 55 miles one way (great way to build XCountry time). Just flew the Mooney to and from everyday until I was done. When I finished I flew the twin home and had a buddy take me back then next weekend to get the Mooney. I'm now flying back and forth to the same instructor and school for my IFR. One day I might take the Mooney and the next time I fly the twin. If the wallet is feeling extra thin I always opt for the Mooney to train in.. The plus side is I'm setting a record for hours I flown in a year. Already at 89 hrs this year and still have the rest of IFR training to go and a trip back to New England and also one to the Florida Keys scheduled. That's a lot of flying for me.. -Tom
  6. TWinter

    1976 M20F For Sale in Orange County, CA

    Great ad.. It should sell quickly.
  7. TWinter

    Starting my IFR today

    A few days of IFR training done (3 days). Been mixing it up some. Flew a couple of lessons in the Mooney and a couple in the Twin Comanche. Kind of just brushing the rust off VOR work. Working with the steam gauges is the Comanche and then to glass in the Mooney the next day feels strange and takes a few minutes to get my thoughts lined up, but it's coming along. Probably won't be the quickest or most efficient learning process, but at least I'll be able to fly either under IFR situations. Doing radial tracking in and out, climbing and descending turns while changing altitudes to a specific altitude and timed turns. All back to the basics under the hood. The last time I worked VORs this hard was 20+ yrs ago for PP. It is coming back to me though. Flying with modern GPS as a VFR guy with "direct" has spoiled us over the years. Could have used that IFR to get home yesterday. Took the long way around to get home avoiding summer thunderstorms. The bright side was at least I was flying and not stuck on the ground. I'd rather take the long way home than sit and wait looking out the window. I didn't hit any weather until getting some light rain as I entered the pattern at home. -Tom
  8. TWinter

    Mooneys vs the others

    We fly fast, so we better be looking good while doing it. You just don't own a Mooney, you own the Mooney lifestyle...zoooooooooooooom
  9. TWinter

    Starting my IFR today

    All this hot flying in the south makes me glad I got my PPL in New England during the fall season....I was also much younger and lets just say slightly more "streamline" when I was in my late 20s early 30s compared to 54 yrs old now. -Tom
  10. TWinter

    Starting my IFR today

    I'm up for either, the fun or challenge, hopefully the "fun" has a slight edge over the I understand the IFR is the toughest though, but I think I'm ready to give it a try. -Tom
  11. Well, as if getting the multi rating in the June heat in Tennessee wasn't enough hot torture I've decided to keep on rolling and jump into my IFR ticket since I've gotten some of the rust off my brain. The training will be at Dewitt Spain M01 in Memphis, same place and instructor I had for the multi. First lesson starts today at 1 pm. I've been working on the ground at home the last couple of years off and on using Sporty's IFR course and whatever I could pick up on my own through whatever resources I came across. I'll be going two days a week instead of the four I did with the multi. Will be using the Mooney for most of the training, but some days with Twin Comanche so I feel comfortable with either aircraft. Hoping to be completed by end of summer. Then onto Commercial during the winter. Hoping for cooler weather this go round....Wish me luck!! -Tom
  12. TWinter

    Avidyne or Garmin 530

    Sounds great..Just waiting to hear back from Chase. If I don't hear back I'll call Monday. Thanks MS. -Tom
  13. TWinter

    Avidyne or Garmin 530

    I agree 100%. I talked to my shop yesterday about the 540 and they were not very excited about the IFD540. Said they have not had much luck with them and have had the few they have done come back with issues. Their primary is Garmin and I think the profit margin for them is better on Garmin. I do agree the IFD540 is a big bang for the buck and I plan to reach out to Chase and see what is being offered now. I may have to have a different shop do the swap and make the entry, but I am leaning strongly toward the 540. The Comanche has no engine monitor other than the factory EGT gauge. I have the JPI930 in my Mooney and really like it, but right now the money is not there for it. Don't plan to go that route with the twin, but would like something. They quoted $9200 for a JPI 760 w/ FF. Kind of high I thought. I think I'll probably go with the 540 and wait on the engine monitor until some specials come out or I can shop some other shops. -Tom
  14. TWinter

    Avidyne or Garmin 530

    The plus to the Avidyne route for me is the that he will take trade of the 530 in toward the GTN 750 or Avidyne ( I have not run the Avidyne option by him yet). I think he quoted me $15,000 for a full install 750 and two G5s in the center (taking the 530 toward trade). Also on my need list is a good engine monitor. I thought my shop was high on the JPI 730 w/ fuel flow $10000, +/-.. I love my JPI and have had a 830 and now the 9 series as primary. My only problem is since I've had the JPI my planes have been eating probes like candy. At $125 a probe that gets pricey. I can honestly say over the last 4 or 5 yrs since using JPI I've been through 6 probes. I have two out now, an EGT and CHT. JPI replaced two of the six since they failed during warranty. I love my JPI and think it a wonderful product. Just not sure why I'm eating up probes like candy. Not sure what monitor I will go with either.. -Tom Just need to get the priorities right. Cash flow is low since I just sent the check in to Uncle Sam for sales tax and insurance etc...
  15. TWinter


    Thought I'd close this out..Finally got the multi-stamp on my license as of today. Oral was about an hour and half...Pretty much covered what you would expect. Emergency out ops, standard weight balance, take-off and landing calculations, basic airmanship and cockpit management. Covered a few items that were Comanche specific with respect to non-counter rotating props and fuel management. Flying was as practiced..Steep turns, short field, engine out landings, stalls in different configurations and VMC demo. Got the stamp today. Long hot few weeks, but feeling well accomplished. Great training experience. -Tom