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  1. TWinter

    1973 M20E Just listed

    I don't know who he is. The broker put the deal together. I have not met him or spoken to him. All I do know is we have a deposit and signed contract. He plans to pick it up Thursday. -Tom
  2. TWinter

    1973 M20E Just listed

    I still have 6 days to have seller's remorse. My feet are already kind of chilly (cold feet coming). If he finds something he does not like...well, I'd honestly be okay with it. I think I've tried every possible reason to keep it. The struggle is real -Tom
  3. Dig the sheepskins out of the closet !!! Oh wait what are you wanting for them 

    Jeff 417-437-8487 

  4. TWinter

    Sheepskin opinions

    I have a black set that are brand new if someone needs a set. I came across a EBay auction and they showed two sets available. I offered to buy both sets as it was cheap enough. They did not know what model other than low back seats so I took a chance since they looked Mooney size. I already had a set and thought they looked just like what I had...Bought a tan and black set. I sold my original from Aerosheep. I had probably 4 years in them. Replaced the old Aerosheep ones with the new tan ones I got on EBay and they fit perfectly. I still have the black left over. If black will work for someone I'd let them go pretty cheap. I think they actually are Aerosheep or the other main company. If I get a PM I'll get them out of my closet and get more details. These are brand new and I think they have the headrest for pilot side. On a side note if the sale goes through on 41M this coming Thursday I'll have a Mooney Sidewinder Tug for sale also. -Tom
  5. TWinter

    1973 M20E Just listed

    As of yesterday there is a contract and deposit on 7741M. The new prospective owner will check it over next Thursday and probably fly her home. It's been a pleasure to be the steward of 41M for the last 7 years. Lots of great trips, memories and fun times. MS has been a wealth of knowledge and I've made lots of new Mooniac friends. She has taught me a lot over the last 7 years and I can honestly say made me a better pilot. Assuming the deal completes without a hitch I can only hope she treats the new owner with many more years of safe flying and memories. It's been a fun ride. I'll be flying the Twin Comanche for a while, but can't promise there won't be another backward tail in the hanger at some point later down the road. Once you've had a Mooney I'd say it's an addiction of sort. -Tom
  6. TWinter

    1973 M20E Just listed

    The avionics I think would justify the price delta between the E and the J. I actually have far, far more money invested in the plane. The avionics alone are worth more than the plane itself. When Adam and I talked about it and he and I came up with a listing price I was well aware upfront that I was not going to get any real return on all the glass in it. I'm into it well over the $175k mark and probably could back it up with receipts, but we have to be real and I know it is a 1973-74 E model Mooney. You will wait a very long time waiting for a buyer at $175...probably never happen. While it hurts to take a hit like that I'd rather market it at a 'market value" and see someone get a great plane and know it will sell in a realistic time frame. -Tom
  7. TWinter

    What do Brokers Charge?

    Usually 5-7% of the sale. They will post it in all the usual sites as well as their home page. They will help weed through the tire kickers and real prospects before you as the owner have to be notified or get involved. I was going to list myself and give it a try, but honestly I was really only wanting serious buyers. I think stats show a broker will usually move a plane within 90 days of being listed..usually much sooner. I just listed mine yesterday with a broker and he has already dealt with several calls with one serious looker. We are waiting to get logs scanned etc..I'm a busy person and for me it is worth the commission to not have to deal with people who are not serious. Just like listing your home for sale and hiring a real estate agent or for sale by owner. -Tom
  8. TWinter

    1973 M20E Just listed

    Hello fellow MSers. The time has finally come and I've had to make the tough decision to put 7741M on the market. AirMart is listing and brokering the plane for me. Please check-out their page for details. 41M has taken me on many great trips, lots of firsts and good memories. I truly feel this is the plane that got me hooked on flying again. I'm not hanging up the wings, just changing the sight picture for a while. 7741M is a great bird and has no issues. I wouldn't think twice about starting it up in the morning, tossing a flight-plan in the GTN750 and heading out on a long cross-country. It will make someone a great traveling machine. Still have love for the Mooney and I wouldn't be surprised if at some point I don't have another parked in my hanger. -Tom
  9. Put that on your toolbox as a reminder...Old stuff might look and appear right, but it's still old. It took a shotgun approach of replacement parts and a few thousand dollars until I figured the problem out. Great thing about MS. Maybe the next guy will learn from our money and time spent. Mine sounded right (buzzed and the plane would start if it was in a good mood), by the end it was nearly always difficult. Still had some spark, just not enough to do the job. It was always kind of quirky to start, but I thought it was just mastering the hot start technique. Like I said, after the new SOS it's a non-event and I never dread shutting down for fuel stops or whatever...always a pucker whether it would catch or not..just got worse over time. I wonder how many guys are flying and worried about hot starts when actually most of the problem is a weak or poor performing original SOS?. Glad it worked out and your flying again. -Tom
  10. Mine started getting harder and harder to start. Finally got to the point of screw it, I didn't even want to mess with it or fly. My AP started a shotgun approach to try to fix the problem. It would crank and crank until flood and dripping fuel. Then it was just a typical badly flooded engine. I would go back the next day and try again. I was getting very discouraged. I might get lucky and it would catch and fire up, but was always a gamble and usually a 35-40% chance it might start. This went on for a week. First he suggested a bad left mag..we replaced it. He said it was probably due for replacement anyway as it had been on for many years.. ( I didn't buy that, but he's the expert). So I bought and replaced left mag. Still not better. Replaced the plugs, still not better. Kept working my way down the line...many hours of research of the possible root of the problem and many hours of my own time checking wiring etc. P-Leads, looking for ignitions shorts etc. Bottom line after checking everything possible with exception of SOS box,( it couldn't be that). It was showing all the systems of a properly working box. I've got the buzz, the spark etc..It must be good (Yeah right). I finally caved and took the chance on the SOS and ordered a new one. Swapped them out, pulled out of the hanger and started on the 3rd swing. WOW..could this have been it. Shut it down and repeated 3-4 more times easily, again and again within just a few swings. Even hot starts improved. I keep the old SOS little son of a bit@H box sitting on my workbench to remind me that even if something might look and sounds okay..It's still 50 years old and can fool you. Nearly a year later and starts are a non-event, a few swings and the lion roars. I really think it starts better now than it ever. -Tom
  11. TWinter

    Photo Op..

    According to my bank account I'm afraid it will probably only be temporary, having the two is getting expensive. I joke with friends and tell them it's equal to college tuition. By the time I found someone in my life that would tolerate me she had already raised her son and I have none. We are both in our mid 50s, so I'm pretty sure life will continue as just the two of us. I have no children and her son and daughter-in-law have done well and make more than I will ever earn, so maybe in the long run they will support us .. So as long as I can support my business and my aviation addiction life is good... I just nickname the planes "College" and the other "Tuition"..Probably what I would have spent raising and putting kids through college. -Tom
  12. TWinter

    Photo Op..

    Had some time over the long weekend. Did some flying and finally had a chance to get the plane cleaned and detailed from my New England trip. As I was finishing up I pulled both planes out to sweep out the hanger. Took these side by side pics. Had several pictures, these were my favorite.
  13. TWinter

    1966 M20E Super 21 Ground Up Remodel

    Just a glance and quick off the top of my head I can see $80k+. I've got most of the same or near equal. I've tried to get pricing on my new project and it took no time for the price quotes to be north of $60k and I have not even included many items such as GDL88, remote audio and so on... I suggest buying something someone has already opened their checkbook to. I didn't realize how much I had tied up in my E until I started to get quotes to get the Comanche near my Mooney level...Has really made me reconsider selling the Mooney and trying to work two planes into my monthly budget. Avionics is an EXPENSIVE upgrade, especially glass. -Tom
  14. Vinyl wrap for now, maybe paint in the new few years. I only had a few pics on this computer of the old, but as you can imagine how the rest of the interior was. The seats, carpet and trim was well worn. The last picture is the finished painted and placarded panel. All in all pleased with the outcome on a slim budget. Going all of it in a non air conditioned hanger in July in Tennessee was not so much fun, but it does feel like a different plane. The paint needs a good buff to bring the old shine back, but that's for later in the season with cooler temps. -Tom
  15. I don't know Lee... She still maintains a climb (be it very slow I'll admit) even on one engine. It might have actually increased my chance to land safely with just one. We did several full engine outs and completely dirty it still maintained controllability. Being a smaller twin I also was a doubter about the flying ability and one engine theory in the Comanche, but I will say it will stay above blue line with careful management. It's not a Baron, Dutchess or something with more HP, but think they don't get the credit due as far as single engine out ops. I would have preferred to find one with CR props, mine does not. So extra attention is due to compensate for non-CR props. Just my .02... I'm only about 50 hrs in it now, so still learning, but really feel it would get me safely to the closest airport on just one engine. Hope we never have to find out. -Tom