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  1. It sure is. Hopefully one day when I acquire more knowledge I can contribute to other conversations.
  2. Absolutely. Worked like a dream. Much appreciated
  3. You are correct. I mistyped. Ok I just got back from the airport. All is good, the crew was turned off. Thanks for the help
  4. I’m heading out to the airport shortly to see which setting it’s on. Thanks
  5. You are correct. I mistyped. I have the GMA35C
  6. I have a the gtn 345 r so it’s integrated into the gtn 750. I will check and see if it is in the all position and report back. Fingers crossed. Thanks
  7. Afternoon everybody. Need some advice. My Bose headsets work perfect for the front pilot and Co pilot side but when I plug them in for the rear seat passengers they do not work for some reason. Not sure which way to start the troubleshooting process
  8. I see your point. The last one I bought was only 3 months old with all the paperwork so I felt it was a fair deal.
  9. Not too far off. I bought 2 sets off Ebay for around $825-$850 each. Both were like brand new and used only a few times
  10. MATTS875

    Well, I finally did it ...

    Congratulations on your new Mooney. Members on this site offer tons of valuable information and are happy to do it. One day I will have more knowledge to be able to contribute as well.. Are you flying your Mooney back home?
  11. MATTS875

    Garmin Database subscription?

    Thank you, that was the one I was considering
  12. MATTS875

    Best Headset?

    I have the Bose A20 and really like them. They are very comfortable on long flights
  13. MATTS875

    Garmin Database subscription?

    My setup is GTN 750 with Flightstream 510 , and I just got a Garmin 796
  14. I will need to update my GTN 750 and wondering which would be the best choice. Looks like the US fixed wing database bundle might be what I’m needing.
  15. MATTS875

    Mooney 201 instrument panel

    Wow. Very nice.