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  1. I’m looking forward to it. Will be a big jump from the 201
  2. Ok. Thanks for all the input. Seems that the 310 makes a big difference in take off and climb. Best to find one that’s already had the STC done
  3. I think this post was a year ago and has been sold
  4. Couldn’t agree more. Everyone can have personal differences but try and take the higher road
  5. I know this might have been covered before but if one were to get the STC 310 upgrade will a McCauley 3 blade work or does it have to be a hartzell prop?
  6. One good thing that came out of this is pure confidence in the plane now. This is a hard thing to put a price tag on. You have your Mooney just like you want it. Enjoy your bird and happy flying
  7. Jewell did my overhaul as well. Very pleased with them. A turbo Mooney is great if it’s operated correctly like you have. I think a huge benefactor is actually understanding the EDM 900 or other engine monitors. That’s one area where I lack all knowledge and the ADA class would definitely be a must for me. I have never really understood all the lean of peak or rich of peak techniques. As for me in my 201 I would generally cruise 5-7k and have the flow from 11.5-12.5 gph. No technique at all and definitely not the way to do it. When I was getting my private pilot in the archer or warrior I woul
  8. Yes. Looks like I will not be flying in the FL for a while. 80k for an engine overhaul seems absurd but it is aviation after all.
  9. I agree. Looking back I probably should have kept my 98 201 but was hoping more would be on the market in the long body version
  10. Wow. Great to know. I appreciate that. I guess I need to pray for patience and wait for the right one. It will come. Thanks again
  11. ok. Thanks. At that price point on the engine I would rather just spend the upfront money on a newer plane. Yes, I had also considered a nice 252 but here again not much selection to choose from
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