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  1. MATTS875

    1992 M20M Bravo

    Looks like a great deal
  2. MATTS875

    Bravo TIO-540 oil consumption

    I asked the same thing and basically the answers I got was it would be perfectly fine to switch. I have friends that have been using Phillips for a long time with no issues. The previous owners of my plane used the 15w 50 and I decided to just keep using the same oil that has been used previously. There was much debate on both sides but I think it comes down to preference.
  3. It would be nice if they were able to publish airport fees on Garmin Pilot like they do for fuel prices. We landed at KLEE at 8:45Pm for an early departure the next morning. The airport staff was gone , so when we got there the next morning we were charged a $28 parking fee. The pilot that was with me was shocked at the price. I paid and left.
  4. Thanks. I will get it updated next time I'm at the shop
  5. What does the gtn update cost?
  6. MATTS875

    Mooney statesman as a first plane?

    I would look for a F model. It will give you more room for the growing family and there is not much price difference. Congratulations on your first airplane.
  7. MATTS875

    Flying to the Summit

    Impressive. I wish I had that much stamina. The power of youth
  8. MATTS875

    Flying to the Summit

    N4361H is the one I was watching. I am sure he has it pegged perfectly
  9. MATTS875

    Flying to the Summit

    Wow, that seems to be cutting it close on fuel. He has flown many long legs before, but it would make me extremely nervous.
  10. MATTS875

    Insurance woes

    I used travers and am very happy with them. I dealt with chris travers.
  11. MATTS875

    Meet Our New Bravo (almost)!

    Very nice
  12. MATTS875

    AOPA FLY-IN KJKA Gulf Shores

    I’m cleared. Looking forward to the trip.
  13. MATTS875

    AOPA FLY-IN KJKA Gulf Shores

    I am planning on making the trip down. Short distance from me.
  14. Anyone planning on attending the Fly-In on Oct 26-27 in Gulf Shores?
  15. MATTS875

    Thank you

    So sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you and your family