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  1. They are a long way. I am in Alabama and they are in Missouri
  2. good point. I will get that done. Not sure if Jewell does any painting on the engine mount frame but I will check. I know they are replacing the engine mounts with new
  3. Absolutely. I had the oil cooler sent off and completely overhauled about 5 hours before flying it to Jewell
  4. It would have only saved me around $7000 I believe. With the almost 1400 hours and being it was done 17 years ago, I felt better to go ahead and have it done so I can enjoy the plane.I think my confidence level will be better in the plane once Jewell overhauls it.
  5. Thanks. I have the A3B6 engine so definitely considering the Surefly ignition. I am repacking also the engine mounts. I will always do the oil analysis an pd have used Blackstone in the past with good results.
  6. Yes. The prop will be done and the oil cooler was sent off 5 flight hours ago and completely overhauled. I’m replacing all the hoses as well.
  7. Thanks. That’s kinda what I read on Don Maxwells site. I know very little about the mechanics side of the engine but have learned a lot off Mooneyspace and reading. Thanks for bringing that up. I’m waiting to hear back from David this week. I’m debating spending the extra money and buying a new case. When I mentioned this to David he said hold off on that thought til we hear back from CSI. He said they do outstanding work Any other advice is always appreciated
  8. I am debating on replacing the starter with a sky tec. I have not thought about the electronic mag. Which electronic mags are the best choice? I have had the plane in 3 different shops for the last 6 months trying to diagnose the issue. At this point the cost is what it is. I’ve talked to David and let him know that if he sees anything that needs attention to let me know and I will replace it. I feel that the plane is in good hands and I’m just ready to get the plane back and use it for its intended purpose of making memories with the wife. I appreciate all the advice and knowledge. Thanks.
  9. Thank you. The one I have was sent to CSI, if that doesn’t work I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks again
  10. Would this be a good time to put on a sky tec starter? I’m not having any issues with the one I have, but I’ve heard great things about sky tec and hot starts being easier
  11. Thanks. They are great to work with. I was going to use them when I was getting closer to the TBO but just didn’t know it was now
  12. They are. They are great about keeping me updated on the process. So far I’m well pleased with the communications
  13. Well, I sent my Mooney to Jewell for my annual and now having the engine overhauled. I was running higher oil temps and had it sent to 3 different shops which could not find out the issue. All compressions were 78/80 and 79/80. Found small amounts of aluminum in the oil filter. We pulled off all 4 cylinders and found the issue with the 4 cylinder. The case had shifted and fretted. The piston was touching the connecting rod. So rather than going into it any deeper I have opted to overhaul the engine. It has 1367 hours on it and was overhauled in 2003. David and Sam are great to work with. If the case can’t be overhauled, I told them to order a new one. Might be 2 months out without flying. Ugh. Ready to get in the sky I absolutely know nothing about the mechanics of a Lycoming engine , but learning more every day. This was one reason I flew my plane from Alabama to Kennett Mo because I have read great reviews about Jewell and felt comfortable about their reputation.