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  1. So sorry to hear this. Condolences to the family
  2. Sent mine off for rebuild. I think it cost me around $1700 or so. One side would flutter while trying to extend up
  3. That would be great if you have it. It’s a great plane and definitely enjoying it
  4. I like the colors. I think you got a great deal and your happy. That’s all that matters. Enjoy
  5. A handheld radio for backup. Great to have
  6. Ok. I’ve found about the best solution to my music situation. I’ve downloaded a lot of songs from amazon prime on my iPad and connected it with a 3.5 mm to the Bose A20. It mutes during all incoming ATC calls. Thanks to everyone
  7. That’s my understanding. I Might need to take up singing lessons. Lol
  8. Not sure. My FlightStream connects Bluetooth with my iPad , so I guess I’m not understanding how I could connect 2 the FlightStream 510 Bluetooth and the GMA35c Bluetooth at the same time. Maybe I’m missing something
  9. Still new to this but will I still be able to sync up with my FlightStream 510 to the gtn750 and the GMA35c? I will eventually catch on. Lol
  10. Thanks for all the advice. I might download a lot of songs to my iPad from amazon prime and use the 3.5 connector to the Bose a20 for now. Just need to figure out the priority setting to hear the radio calls over the music. Thanks everyone
  11. That would be a great option maybe down the road for me. But for now I’m looking for a little more economical way to get music. The GDL69 A is definitely nice.. maybe one day
  12. That might be the best option. I have the Bose A20 Bluetooth headsets. Thank you for the input
  13. I am just wanting the xm music. I would prefer to have it integrated with the gtn 750 but might not be the most economical way. If I go with the movable what would you recommend
  14. What is the best way to get Xm music in the plane? My current setup is the gtn 750 with the gma35c. I would like to have it integrated through the 750. Thanks for any advice
  15. Congratulations Great looking Mooney