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  1. Congratulations. Awesome looking Mooney.
  2. Thanks for all the help. It’s a lot to digest but I get the picture. All the information is appreciated
  3. Thanks for the input. I’m flying this weekend and I’ll try this method.
  4. Thanks , I will try it. When I’m doing 24 sq I’m not getting much in climb performance
  5. I know this may have been answered before, but on climb my instructor is telling me to throttle back to 24 squared in climb. I have a 201. I have read that some use WOT all the way. So my question is during climb do you use WOT and adjust the prop. I know this is a basic question but I have read several ways of different power settings in climb. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Which model mfd did you get? I’m looking at this possibility also
  7. Mine were about $1900 with shipping. Working great now.
  8. Just had to have mine sent to preciseflight. Now ready to go. Had to do a rebuild on them. Mine would try to raise and shutter
  9. Very sad. Prayers for his family
  10. I would be making a trip to talk to him face to face. Something definitely does not seem right.
  11. Yes, they are great. Never heard of any issues with them. I have seen $300k planes with them on. Very nice and durable.
  12. Bruce covers are really good. I would not pass up on the plane of your dreams waiting on a hangar. I have seen waiting list on some hangars that were over a year out