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  1. Congratulations Great looking Mooney
  2. Thanks Mike for all the updates. We continue praying for his recovery and thoughts and prayers for his family
  3. Great videos. Thanks for sharing
  4. I might be able to make it. Work permitting
  5. I called AOPA today and old republic quoted $3093. So far that’s the best quote. Not too much higher than last year but definitely an increase
  6. Thanks Parker. I will give you a call tomorrow
  7. Thank you. I will definitely be calling.
  8. Travers insurance contacted me today and said my rates were going way up. They told me the insurance company that they were using last year were underpricing policies and no longer writing. Here is where I am. 1998 201 insured for $160k total hours is around 250-260 I have about 60 hours in a Mooney. Last year I paid $2300 and she is telling me it’s going to $3800 no accidents and the plane is in an enclosed hangar. I am up for any suggestions you all might have. No IFR ticket but didn’t have it last year either. Thanks for any advice
  9. Congratulations. Awesome looking Mooney.
  10. Thanks for all the help. It’s a lot to digest but I get the picture. All the information is appreciated
  11. Thanks for the input. I’m flying this weekend and I’ll try this method.
  12. Thanks , I will try it. When I’m doing 24 sq I’m not getting much in climb performance