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  1. I saw it in the flesh today, it is even nicer than it looks in the pictures. Someone is going to wind up with a really nice F that will probably take down an average J any day.
  2. I agree- there is no way that wing should go back in service!
  3. How to Spend $50K

    Wait wait, I'm confused Peter, are you talking about your beloved KI-256 again? BTW I think its time you got rid of that antiquated iPhone 7 and upgrade to an iPhone X-we all know apple slows down the old models with every software update- you do update your software on your antiquated devices, don't you?!
  4. Welcome! I am just south of you at KOQN if you would like to check out my C model.
  5. Ipad holder

    I just have the RAM mount on the swivel mounted to a 3 1/8 Instrument panel blank.
  6. Calling @Alan Fox
  7. Instrument Overhaul

    Hank, send them here. Terry is affordable, has a quick turn around and he does a great job! http://www.aviatorshotline.com/content/terry-alderdice
  8. Pre Buy/Annual Williamsport PA

    The guys at KIPT are pretty good. I went to college with most of them. Justin that runs the shop is a smart dude. Is it by chance the missile that is based at the field?
  9. CiES Fuel Senders Resource Thread

    One plug should be J6 and one should be J6 AUX, its one of those two.
  10. A Tale of Two Aspens

    Looking forward to buying you a pint one of these days Andrew!
  11. S-TEC Looking for 15 Mooney owners

    Wow STEC, $20,000 for a new digital autopilot before installation?! Even by S-tec standards that sets a new low, or high actually. I think I'll go with the new Trutrak setup for $5,000 instead.
  12. CiES Fuel Senders Resource Thread

    The best way to see if it is wired correctly is to plug it all in, if it works and the numbers make sense, then you are good. If not then swap P6 and plug it into the aux port.
  13. Nothing

    I think he told me its 60hrs SMOH.
  14. Fixed it for you Peter!
  15. A Tale of Two Aspens

    I'll be the first to admit I don't too much faith in this site. While there are some great posts and useful info- most of the content on here is useless IMO. BUT- this post is more about the quality of some of the folks around here more than it is the topics. A recent trip back home in the Mooney left my NSD-1000 HSI compass card dead. After pulling it out, I recognized the gyro wasn't spinning when power was applied. A quick call to Bob Bramble made me realize that no way was I going to spend $2 AMU on ancient technology. I had some components for the Aspen system in my toolbox from my time as an Avionics tech- so I thought I would pursue finding the rest of the 'archaic' PFD 1000, and so my story begins.Perusing eBay and other sites, it was apparent a PRO aspen system wasn't going to be had for cheap. I thought about doing dual G5s, I looked everywhere and considered all the possibilities- but I always came back to the Aspen. A search on craigslist turned up a system in London of all places! I was skeptical at first because I've dealt with the scams on CL before, so I approached with caution. After emailing back and forth with the seller multiple times- he seemed like a real person. Of course the seller was asking for a bank transfer and he stated he could not accept Paypal. Here is where I need to bring Andrew @Hyett6420 into the story. A message to him telling him of my woes got an instant response offering to help in any way he could. He called the seller for me and spoke with him at length about the Aspen and where the seller was at- he then called me and was discussed this; and based on his feelings we felt that we were most likely flushing out a rat. Long story short, after contacting the seller and informing him that I would be paying Andrew and then he would arrange for pickup and shipping of the unit, I never heard back- confirming my suspicions that this unit was either stolen/or wasn't even in the seller's possession. I have since found a new Aspen here in the states that I have purchased and am currently working on installing as we speak. The point of my long winded and boring post is a big thanks to Andrew. Without his help, there was no way I could have determined the validity of this sale without him. He offered a complete stranger he had never met (me) his complete and unwavering help. We have been in contact multiple times and we're hoping to take this shady character down. I have a renewed faith in the MS community and am really looking forward to buying Andrew dinner and drinks next times he's in the states- thanks again Andrew! Now, lets all go back to talking about LOP, flaps on takeoff, and corroded camshafts!