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  1. M10 is on the move

    I agree Erik, if it had 4 seats it could be a real competitor to the Cirrus, at least it would if they knew how to market...
  2. New M20J Muffler - $500 Shipped in U.S.

    You should see his house, it is immaculate- including the dining room where he takes all those pictures. Except for his avionics storage room, that places has avionics and airplane parts scattered everywhere.
  3. M10 is on the move

    Has anyone seen some of the social media posts regarding the M10? Looks like they have a flying prototype that is being moved from Chino to Kerrville. I had written off the M10 concept but it appears they are still moving ahead with it.
  4. Ameri-King ELT AD - Who is Affected?

    Go on FAA.gov and read the AD, it should have part numbers and/or serial numbers affected.
  5. No they are not. Hence why a lot of IAs sign off annuals for each engine, prop, and airframe seperately for part 91 planes... 100hr inspections and annuals are identical in scope and detail. The only difference is an IA can sign off both, but an A&P can only sign off a 100hr. Again, this is why a lot of us just sign off annuals for each engine, prop, and airframe...
  6. And there is the issue Byron. Yes, the airframe annual would still be legal, however the person who signed off the airframe annual didn't inspect those engines/props- it would be the responsibility of the installing A&P/IA to determine their condition and make an appropriate logbook entry. But if the props/engines that were installed had their own logbooks with a current 'annual' it would make this process much easier. I think this is the reason each component (airframe, engine, prop) each have their own logbook, and why a lot of IAs end up signing off an annual for each one.
  7. Again, what happens when the engine or propeller is removed from the airframe and installed on a different airframe...It happens all the time. While legally it may be permissible to sign 'this aircraft' in the airframe logbook and have it cover all three components, it just doesn't make sense to do it that way. Would you want to install a serviceable propeller on your aircraft without any logbooks? I think not...
  8. Bladders, CiES, and calibration

    Attached is the flight manual supplement for the 54.8 gallon system. FMS Mooney M20F,J Rev 1 4-20-15.pdf Total fuel is 57.3 gallons, 54.8 gallons useable. 1.25 gallons unuseable per side. I would imagine its the same for the 64 gallon system too...
  9. Bladders, CiES, and calibration

    @Marauder and I just went through the same issue. You want to drain your tanks completely, then add unusable fuel to each side. After this you cant start the calibration. Take your 0 reading with the unusable fuel in the tanks. I think its 1.25 gallons per side unusable for the bladders. The CiES senders are a huge pain to get in and get wired correctly, but they seem to be pretty easy to calibrate once everything is wired correctly. They are definitely very smooth.
  10. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    Why 69 or newer, do you want electric gear? The earlier models have the clean wing with more flush rivets plus and access panels, plus the near bullet proof Johnson bar gear.
  11. Mooney Bladder Install

    Progress is excruciatingly slow. I have been a busy guy with house projects and friends/family visiting. I managed to get all the fuels bags in and the tubes connected, with the foam underneath, I put my brother to work when he was visiting last weekend. The new vents and anti-ice masts are installed. Fuel senders went in yesterday along with the sump drains. Getting closer. That's all for today folks, you can go back to arguing about touch and goes now...
  12. Yes, you could. I'm not sure how others get away with only one annual sticker covering all three items but that's not the way I interpret the regulations. My annuals always get a seperate sticker for each airframe, engine, and propeller. So it is 3 'annual' stickers for a regular Mooney annual. Look at it this way, if you installed an engine on your plane from another airplane, you would need that engine you were installing to have a current annual inspection. All the IAs I know do it this way.
  13. First E dies next week......

    Almost guaranteed it has the older hub with the required 100hr eddy current inspections. I don't think its flown in almost 20 years.
  14. First E dies next week......

    Salty, do you need gas caps? What style do you have? I may have a set for you once I'm done my bladder conversion.
  15. First E dies next week......

    This airplane has been sitting for yearsssssss. You would almost need to do an overhaul on its engine as well before swapping it.