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  1. N6758N

    Chicago FBO?

    06C is Schaumberg Regional, 3,800 ft strip just west of ORD, much friendlier fuel and ramp fees than MDW. Just got my multi flying out there a few weeks back.
  2. N6758N

    Big, medium, small

    BeechJets aren't very very expensive Erik, Gulfstreams are! I guess it's all a matter of perspective
  3. Hi Brian, I will do my best to attend this year!
  4. Even on the bottom? I know the 75s do not have flush rivets on the middle-rear portion of the wing but I wonder if the 76 models started again since the J was coming down the line right after that...
  5. N6758N

    GNS-430W with Narco HSI-100

    Are you referring to a Edo-aire/Century NSD-1000? If so you can definitely hook that up. I just removed one from my airplane that was set up with the 430W.
  6. N6758N

    Mooney Bladder Install

    Hey Dev, There is no O-ring on these, you may want to just buy the CCA-2500 from Aircraft spruce- they are identical to the other PN. As far as torquing them, there is no spec called out for in the O&N installation instructions. They are pipe threads so you just want to snug them up sufficiently so no fuel is leaking and then safety wire them to the aluminum plate. Bladder drain.pdf
  7. N6758N

    Garmin 430 Com Needs Service

    I would normally agree here Clarence, but it appears Avidyne has found a work around for this? I would certainly hope they wouldn't publish this as a legal document on their website if the FAA had not blessed it first...
  8. N6758N

    Garmin 430 Com Needs Service

    I just looked it up, this one is a little different than I as an IA would normally expect- It looks like Avidyne is getting around this by calling the swap from a 430W to a 440 as preventive maintenance and no 337 is required- so yes the pilot could do it. The pilot who performed the Nav/Com/GPS navigator exchange must log that activity in the airplaneā€™s maintenance records (Airframe logbook). The entry must include information indicating the removal of the GNS unit, insertion and configuration of the Avidyne IFD unit, replacement of ICA and AFMS, negligible weight and balance change, dated, signed with pilot certificate number. Either use the sticker provided with the IFD or write the entry in manually. A sample is included below: The following preventive maintenance has been performed to this aircraft in accordance with 14CFR 43.3, Part 43 Appendix A and Avidyne IFD4XX & IFD5XX Series NAV/COM/GPS Navigator Exchange Guide, p/n 600-00316-000. Removed previously installed Garmin GNS4XX(W) (and/or GNS5XX(W)) and installed Avidyne IFD4XX (and/or IFD5XX) into existing Garmin radio tray(s) and performed functional checks per Sec. 3 and 4 of Avidyne IFD4XX & IFD5XX Series NAV/COM/GPS Navigator Exchange Guide, p/n 600-00316-000. HOWEVER if you were swapping from a 430 non waas, that would still require a 337 and appropriate documentation. Even swapping a 430 out for a 430W requires a 337...
  9. N6758N

    Garmin 430 Com Needs Service

    Mike- you have to have a dealer send it in for you, Garmin will not talk to you. Call @Alan Fox and have him send it in through one of his resources...
  10. N6758N

    Help needed for a mate

    Care to elaborate?
  11. As a recent Aspen convert and someone in desperate need of a real autopilot, this is great news! Really looking forward to the Tru-Trak system; they are the only company who has so far delivered on time and on budget for a new autopilot.
  12. Congrats! I am just down the road at KOQN and there a bunch of us around MS in the Philly suburbs.
  13. N6758N

    Help needed for a mate

    Andrew, PM or text me his name and I will run it through our TSA database at work to see if his name matches someone on the 'no fly' list.
  14. N6758N

    1962 M20C For Sale - Out of Annual

    @Alan Fox needs to buy this and let me fly it back to NJ.
  15. N6758N

    Pathfinder P3B Autopilot

    https://trutrakflightsystems.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw7tfVBRB0EiwAiSYGM1w7y9mTSnlBvoabP9pY9Ezy_itXFrFozTteD2by48ypb5ayRnKIKxoC9foQAvD_BwE Fixed it for you...