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  1. We'll all be flying around in our Uber flying cars by then...
  2. Cost of ownership "budget"

    At least the flight isn't too long Erik. When are we going to see pictures of that new paint job?!
  3. Alan's Hangar

    The burgers were excellent @Alan Fox! My only complaint was the lack of ketchup....good thing Bob C came to the rescue.
  4. Mooney 231 intercoolers

    If anyone needs to see some of Arnold's quality work, just check out the Mooney wing he is rebuilding on the Mooney Pilots facebook page, amazing stuff!
  5. AD Search

    I like it Alex! Any chance you'd help a brother out and send me that list?
  6. He will be doing the approval with his FSDO in Wisconsin, fortunately for you Chris. No way would the Philadelphia FSDO approve this. They are still stuck in the stone age.
  7. AD Search

    I do several annuals a year and I just use FAA.gov, it is a little tedious but I can't justify the money on a AD tracking service. Once you go through the list once, it will be a breeze after that. Just mark what is reoccurring, and check periodically for new/updated ADs.
  8. Let's do it! It requires a lot of focus on the ASI because you have to maintain a specific airspeed for a set amount of time, so having someone to keep an eye out for traffic is a good idea! Although you guys have all that fancy traffic alerting boxes
  9. Yep, I haven't done a cal flight in a while, I used to do them for customers when the avionics shop I worked for was in business, so I'm a little fuzzy on the details.
  10. Anthony, The AoA calibration flight for the Aspen software upgrade is done in a variety of aircraft configurations, flaps up, down, gear up/down etc at different speeds... So the system learns the different attitudes and airspeeds associated with each. I don't see the need for a flap position sensor.
  11. Sounds like fun, I'll have to stop by. I need to pick up my living room paint and grab that silicone removal stuff from you too.
  12. Renting Gear Tools

    Sell the airplane?
  13. Renting Gear Tools

    Are you referring to the rigging tools or those to replace the donuts? You don't need a tool to change the donuts for the mains, and the nose can be done by building your own pretty easily or using a ratchet strap.
  14. Roy Halladay/Icon A5 Crash

    Damn, a sad day here in Philly. This is coming out just after Icon announced a 50% price increase on their aircraft. Not good for them.
  15. Air scoop on filter

    Good luck telling the FAA that, they could care less who put it there. You have something unapproved sticking off the nose of your aircraft. It is you as the owner/operator who has final responsibility for this stuff. I suggest listening to Mike and removing it or getting a field approval (highly unlikely).