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  1. Removed from a 1977 J Model. Pilots Trim switch is included. Good overall condition, the co-pilots Mooney emblem cover does have small crack in the plastic. Great opportunity for someone to upgrade their yokes/shafts in a vintage bird and also eliminate an AD. My apologies some of the pics are sideways- they are right side up in my computer so not sure why they are being skewed. Price does not include shipping.
  2. Hi Craig, Just sent in the annual donation, thanks! @mooniac58
  3. You can't even click on the link, and have never been able to in the almost year I've been visiting the website...
  4. I agree Paul, but who buys a business if not to make a profit? Ferrari is also not the greatest comparison- you can be damn sure they make a profit! Think about all the racing teams, sponsorships, advertisements, etc....Maybe if they marketed more like Ferrari they could be on to something...
  5. I hope its true and that they just make parts! No more airplane sales until they figure out how to actually make a new airplane that sells...I would imagine there is enough parts business to have a small crew full time making parts. A new buyer would inherit all the new tooling and tech they purchased at the factory in recent years for pennies on the dollar...
  6. I know! From listing to money in bank in less than 30 minutes...I guess I sold them too cheap...
  7. @skydvrboy If you still need yokes I have a decent set removed from a Bravo with the shafts I can sell you. https://www.beechtalk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=178566
  8. Here's my day job. Fun Fact, it was formerly owned by a Saudi Prince named BinLaden (not the terrorist)
  9. @Alan Fox check your email....
  10. Wait...Can you play an April Fools joke before April 1?
  11. The actual sump/drain is screwed into a metal plate that is attached to the bottom of the wing. This plate has a welded metal nipple that goes into the bladder itself. I don't remember the drain part number off hand, but changing it is not much different than doing one on a wet wing airplane...
  12. I used a company called Six North in Chicago land, based out of Shaumberg. I just tried to look them up to get a URL but apparently the business is closed now. It was very affordable and the instruction was good.