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  1. This happens to me from time to time, I think I have a scar on my right hand from the skin being ripped open from the seat belt buckle...If you want to have to shoulder harness, this is the only way. I've since learned to be more careful when raising and lowering the gear. The easiest thing is to make sure the lap belt is a snug as possible, and, at least for me, lost a few pounds. The do make those sheepskin covers that might help?
  2. That 530W at $7,750 is a steal.
  3. Even in these days of falling HSI prices, that is still one heck of a deal!
  4. Wait, I was supposed to read the whole posting?!
  5. I just looked for it and there are no K's currently listed on eBay.
  6. Never knew you grew up there Paul, my oldest brother lives on the Swannanoa River and my parents recently moved there as well. Every time I visit, I wish I had the bike with me! We should plan a Mooney meet up there sometime!
  7. Plus the 12v system is listed on the type certificate ( I believe) so that right there makes it nearly impossible. There is really no reason to need 28v in a small airplane, the advantages of a 28v system don't really show up until you get into a larger aircraft. Plus, all modern avionics are made to work from 11-33 volts. If you want to take advantage of a 70 amp alternator, then just make sure the existing wires going to your main bus are appropriately rated in size for that load (there is a good chance you will not have to do anything). 70 amps is really overkill in a short body too, I don't think you would ever need that much, especially considering new electronics draw a lot less. I would say the best way to reduce amp draw cheaply and easily is to install an LED landing light, that should shed about 7-8 amps.
  8. The news on this thread really bums me out. Going from $10/night to $35/night is ridiculous! As I previously mentioned, I frequent AVL and that kind of price increase might make it not doable for me to fly to visit family there. Paying $200 for a 5 day visit in fees is crazy. I may look into the AOPA article that mentions reporting FBOs that are gouging us on fees. I understand this is an expensive hobby, but I operate my airplane on a budget whenever possible. I am interested to see what happens when I get there tomorrow afternoon as I haven not flown in since Christmas time. Thanks for the tip on the self-serve too, I have always bought 100LL from Atlantic/Signature down there at their overpriced price, you would think that alone would satisfy them, guess not.
  9. Wish I could make it Mike, I will be in NC this weekend.
  10. $35/night?! Unbelievable. I really hope I can sweet talk them to wave some of the fees this weekend. I am flying down on Friday in a friends T-206 ( he is paying all the bills) but I will be back in my Mooney often. That kind of pricing almost makes it unaffordable for me to park my airplane there for 5 days at a time as I often do. As Bartman said, Asheville is the mecca of craft brewing on the east coast, definitely spend some time walking around downtown if you can! My oldest brother lives there so we come down 4-5 times a year to visit and enjoy the finer hops in life. I have driven down from Philly several times and its 10-11 hours vs. 3 in the airplane.
  11. Yes, this counts as owner maintenance. Make sure you check to see if there is a weight difference between what is currently installed and the concorde, if it is over 1lb you will need an A&P sign off for the weight and balance change.
  12. You mean like this? The company I used to work for in Vegas had a few of these birds used for heavy lift type operations.
  13. For the most part, I would say yes, they are safer. If you look at one closely, they allows the wheel/tire to pivot on a plate which ends up not turning the nose gear as much. Most of the turning is accomplished via the small wheel at the back of the tug which is connected to the steering wheel. I love these types of tugs! Less stress on the aircraft, and much faster to pick up and put down the aircraft as well.
  14. Especially for gusty/crosswind landings, I've found landing with the flaps up helps tremendously in controlling the aircraft and making a smooth landing.
  15. The problem is no matter how nice the FBO is and/or how expensive their gas and fees are, they can still F*ck up your nose gear by oversteering with a tug. I always check after they move my airplane when I am getting ready to leave, and when I call to tell them I'll be leaving and they ask if they can pull the plane up for me, I'll say no thanks, I can walk!