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  1. The actual sump/drain is screwed into a metal plate that is attached to the bottom of the wing. This plate has a welded metal nipple that goes into the bladder itself. I don't remember the drain part number off hand, but changing it is not much different than doing one on a wet wing airplane...
  2. I used a company called Six North in Chicago land, based out of Shaumberg. I just tried to look them up to get a URL but apparently the business is closed now. It was very affordable and the instruction was good.
  3. I ordered a SB kit about 2 weeks ago from LASAR and it was drop shipped to me from Mooney within a week.
  4. Hi Thomas, sorry for the late reply- I do still have them. Let me know if you need them! Terry
  5. Hi Dean! Sorry for the slow response, I met your Dad, Dick, when I bought the airplane from him and the family in Concord, CA. I will send you a PM...but here is a pic of the day we brought it home...I have been enjoying it much these last 6 years. Here is a picture the day my friend and I picked it up (thats me in the middle).
  6. Well, Kudos to Byron @jetdriven. It appears you were right way back when with your initial theory.
  7. Congrats Andrew! I haven't met you in person yet but it has been a pleasure speaking with you on the phone, and I hope to connect a face with the voice someday soon. Enjoy your special day!
  8. Wow, now I've seen (heard) everything. Nice work by ATC to get him stopped.
  9. I think there are plenty of happy 650 users who would disagree with that...Worst ever? Did you forget about the KSN770?
  10. Absolutely not, and obviously a mechanic's mistake's can have faster/more devastating consequences- but statistics prove pilot's mistakes kill way more people than a mechanic's.
  11. Ruthie is awesome! I have ordered lots of bladders parts from Griggs and she is so helpful! Also, FYI the installed weight of the 54 gallon kit is 29.7 pounds..