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  1. Well, Kudos to Byron @jetdriven. It appears you were right way back when with your initial theory.
  2. Congrats Andrew! I haven't met you in person yet but it has been a pleasure speaking with you on the phone, and I hope to connect a face with the voice someday soon. Enjoy your special day!
  3. Wow, now I've seen (heard) everything. Nice work by ATC to get him stopped.
  4. I think there are plenty of happy 650 users who would disagree with that...Worst ever? Did you forget about the KSN770?
  5. Absolutely not, and obviously a mechanic's mistake's can have faster/more devastating consequences- but statistics prove pilot's mistakes kill way more people than a mechanic's.
  6. Ruthie is awesome! I have ordered lots of bladders parts from Griggs and she is so helpful! Also, FYI the installed weight of the 54 gallon kit is 29.7 pounds..
  7. Norm @Little Dipper, not sure if you're aware but SureFlight at KMQS (that does your avionics) also does fantastic interior work!
  8. How much for the old man's Cadillac?
  9. No way could the cowling have made that deep of a crater, this definitely happened with the prop in motion...I fear the worst for that prop blade
  10. They trap moisture...or they did in this case. The bladders sit in between those frames.
  11. Gus-Here is an example of how bladders can trap moisture and thus cause corrosion...and this is coming from a Mooney guy who put bladders in his airplane (me). This was a twin otter I used to maintain, we had to re-skin the entire belly of the airplane. There are 8 bladders in different sections-not an M20 but the concept is identical. I have heard of other DHC-6 with similiar issues as well. Like I said, I am a Mooney Bladder Fan, but what Jose is saying has some truth to it...