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  1. They aren't familiar with the product but they are telling you its going to be certified soon? Yeah.... that's not questionable at all!
  2. Early J's (I think only 1977)- had the same shaft attachment at the back end as all the older Mooneys. Starting in 78/79 they switch to the style as shown in your last pic- so if you just want to changes the yokes and shafts- you need to find a 77' J for a donor, otherwise you will need the yokes, shafts, and elevator yoke with the universals to do the swap if you're using a later model bird as a donor...
  3. Thanks again Richard! Bump for new lowered price.
  4. I've got a set... see my thread on them.
  5. Bump, before I throw them on eBay for $2,000.
  6. Bump- I have revised the listing to include all parts that should be needed to swap these into a vintage bird (see first post). AND before someone calls me out on it- Yes- I did raise the price of the whole kit, as I had to pay for the new part from the donor airplane.
  7. I saw one of these on eBay yesterday...
  8. Hi Richard, Thanks for the information. I am pretty confident now that the elevator yoke PN 610065-501 and the universals/bolts that attached to it need to be swapped in order to use the new yokes/shafts. Now, someone buy my yokes and the part listed above on eBay before I do and have to raise the price of these yokes!
  9. Hey everyone. I've been doing a little bit of research into making these fit vintage birds 1977 and earlier. It looks like the key difference in how the yoke shafts attach to the controls is this little universal. I've attached a picture of it, PN is 710066-501.I think these can be bolted to the existing control shaft and allow it to be attached to the new yoke shafts. I also took some pics of my airplane ( 68' C ) with the new shafts below it so you can see the difference. Here is a link to the part that would be needed to complete the installation https://www.ebay.com/itm/710065-501-Mooney-M20J-Elevator-Control-Yoke-Assy/233645690256?hash=item36665e4d90:g:P6oAAOSwZOBfCJJI@Vance Harral
  10. Removed from a 1979 J Model. Pilots Trim switch is included. Good overall condition, the co-pilots Mooney emblem cover does have small crack in the plastic. These are not a direct swap without the elevator control yoke and universals from a donor airplane, so I have revised this listing to include one of those yokes as well (removed from the same donor airplane as the yokes/shafts). Great opportunity for someone to upgrade their yokes/shafts in a vintage bird and also eliminate an AD. My apologies some of the pics are sideways- they are right side up in my computer so not sure why they are being skewed. Price does not include shipping.
  11. Hi Craig, Just sent in the annual donation, thanks! @mooniac58
  12. You can't even click on the link, and have never been able to in the almost year I've been visiting the website...
  13. I agree Paul, but who buys a business if not to make a profit? Ferrari is also not the greatest comparison- you can be damn sure they make a profit! Think about all the racing teams, sponsorships, advertisements, etc....Maybe if they marketed more like Ferrari they could be on to something...
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