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  1. You can usually tell by looking at them if they are shot. They tend to sag in the direction of gravity usually on the firewall side, particularly on the bottom ones where there is more weight. Also don't rule out the bolts being loose, I have seen that more than once...
  2. Chris, I have a buddy who owns a shop just east of State College and has the Dynavibe kit, he does several balance jobs a week. I had him do my plane and it made a noticeable difference. If you're interested we could take it up there and have him take a look. He doesn't charge much and he could take a good look at the mounts while he's at it.
  3. Those were standard equipment at the time our birds were built, nothing wrong with them as long as they work , but they are certainly not as desirable as pull type breakers. It is very doable to replace them all with new style Klixon breakers. Probably $15-25 per breaker plus maybe 4-6 hours of labor.
  4. Did you mean Hangar space?
  5. Most of the switches you mention above are circuit breaker type switches, Aircraft spruce should have more or less an exact replacement as Chris mentioned above.
  6. Attached is my PAPR flight results. While it doesn't say anything specific about the installed equipment, I did have to tell the website what I had installed after the flight when I was filling all the info in. I also had to put that I had a portable In solution (stratus 2). So I have to think that they know somewhat what they are looking for. That being said, if you could build a 1090ES box that was portable and transmitted your tail number, I would bet that you could get it to 'pass'. GAIRS_20170109_A8F1C8_32997731.pdf
  7. +1, make sure he makes sure the cable housing is secure before adjusting the cable to hit the max RPM stop. Glad you found the solution!
  8. True, but you do not have to install that same equipment if you want. For example when I signed up for the rebate I selected GDL-88 as the equipment I was going to install, long story short, I ended up installing a GTX330ES. Validation flight was a success and I am still getting a check. I think there is a misnomer out there that you have to go buy a brand new solution and have an avionics shop put it in, not true. I purchased my equipment used from a friend and installed it myself (IA).
  9. Wow, that was fast! Going to be really nice flying into KILG and not having to worry about busting through that little red circle.
  10. You might try calling up some Mooney Service Centers and seeing if they have any used sets around. I got mine from Airmods in NJ.
  11. Google Griggs aircraft refinishing, they own the STC now.
  12. David, Any idea how many hours it will take you to do the conversion once you have our cowl pieces in hand? I am an IA and do all my own work usually so I'm just curious if you have figured out how many hours you will bill for this process. I think your idea of sending the baffle pieces and carb. box to have the owners mechanic install is a great idea. Ultimately I guess the mechanic doing the final install of the cowl pieces after you send them back will complete both box 6 & 7 on the 337? Looking forward to getting one of these in my hand some day! @Marauder If he sends you one first I'll be happy to come down and help you unistall/install the cowling
  13. Yes, you only need one form of anti-collision lights.
  14. Looks awesome! It seems as though you picked an excellent detail oriented shop Andrew. Unusual to see things like the door jams painted! Can't wait to see it when it is all done!