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  1. wings_level

    Oshkosh Prop Strike

    What size plywood squares would you recommend?
  2. wings_level

    Oshkosh Prop Strike

    I am thinking about carring my C model to Oshkosh this year. I know a lot a Mooney’s make there way to Oshkosh every year without any problems. However I am kinda concerned about the limited clearance of the prop while taxiing around on the grass to get to the camp spot. I have ‘66 C model so thinking on camping in Vintage. And a prop strike getting to the camping spot would ruin my little camping excursion. Any thoughts on this?
  3. wings_level

    High CHT

    So I have a JPI EDM 700 engine monitor on my C model and I am seeing extremely high CHT on I know the #2 cylinder during climb out. Around 450 degrees. I climb at 26 squared and 120 mph. I end up lowering the nose to bring the values down. This started last summer, then stoped over the winter and now it seems to be making another visit. Any ideas? Wondering if it’s a probe problem or maybe baffling?
  4. wings_level

    Magneto failure at 9000ft

    I agree. And also, from my understanding, the Bendix uses something other than an impulse coupler (not sure what it's called) on the starting mag. From what I have been told that generally performs better in starting than the impulse coupler in the Slick mags.
  5. I posted this on facebook, thought I would share it here as well. In flight the engine starts running a little rough. Landed and took off the cowling, the screws came out of the left magneto casing and it was in half. Picture shows exactly how it looked when I removed the cowling. This was on a C model with Bendix mags. The 500 hour inspection occured 400 hours ago. I think its time to go ahead and inspect the other mag too. After further investigation, the gear that attaches to the mag that goes in to the back of the engine and gears up to the idler gear in the engine has a small chip missing due to the mag bouncing around in flight after it split in half (the idler gear appears to be good shape though). Gonna pull the oil screen and hope we find it. Don't want it making its way through the engine.