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  1. How much do you trust your Garmin 530?

    Your description is unclear? You say you lose “glide slope” but then you say you’re considering ILS approaches only? Do you mean you lose vertical path guidance during GPS approaches? As mentioned, check that the coax to the GPS antenna was replaced .. additionally, some of the old G35 GPS antenaes experienced failures when they cracked and water shorted out the signal reception. This was hypothetically from over-tightening the bolts during installation. Garmin does nice “damage control” - that is minimizing the issue ... and keeping the talk about the problem to a bare minimum. We have a GNS-430W that has performed flawlessly. Love the LPV Approaches! RAIM problaby the wrong term ... RAFF is what we’re looking for nowadays
  2. Flight Around the Greenville, SC Area

    Bob, We’re a 20 minute flight - KTOC. We’ve never eaten at the restaurant at downtown ... maybe we can meet up sometime? Don’t think I’ll ever forgive the FBO there for charging me a $10 ramp fee to deliver a rescue dog ... was doing my first Pilots n Paws flight.
  3. Congrats. Looks like quite a plane! Not sure of your background or experience? Get Mooney specific instruction. MAPA hosts a Pilot Proficiency Program several times and places each year. Be safe and conservative ... and enjoy!
  4. Well ... never mind ... turns out I dont need it ... ...
  5. 1964 M20E

    I’m not looking, But ... I noticed right away ... it has upgraded 201 control wheels. Nice ... and gets rid of an AD. (Our C has the new ones too!) .... and has LASAR cowl mod ... Polished spinner. Looks like newer windows ....
  6. spinner bulkhead for 201 for sale.

    I may need a J spinner and backplate... Anyone still have one for sale?
  7. Anytime you’re ready for our 1965C ... just “holler!” ;-) (our battery is in the front. Not sure moving oil cooler is an option?)
  8. Got ramp checked

    Remember: ... They’re here to help! ... We’re glad they’re here! Was he wearing an “interesting” tie? Lol
  9. Upgrade to J windshield

    I think you can still do that by editing the original post?
  10. Upgrade to J windshield

    If I were to have a 201 windshield mod installed: 1) Is LASAR the only one left to produce the STC mod? 2). Where do you recommend getting one installed (I’m in Georgia)????? 3) What should the ballpark installation cost be? (... our IA has been resistant to take on that project, ... understandably so ... it gets pretty serious when you start cutting metal off the plane.) Is Cole a good option?
  11. What is wrong?

    It has been a looong time. But back then it had to be 141.
  12. Mooney Down near Camp Blanding, FL

    Sad news. I read this yesterday but had no words. I still don’t.
  13. Yoopers Rocketman's Lancair

    Btw ... maybe I missed it ... it that a PT- 6
  14. Yoopers Rocketman's Lancair

    Thanks for sharing Tom. To say I’m just “blown away” is an understatement ... I was just looking on the LASAR site yesterday wondering if a 201 Windshield Mod was worth the trouble for another 3 knots, and wondering if Sabretech’s going to get around to 65 Cs ... for his cowl mod ... and thinking I’m so far upside down in an old C, maybe I should just stop and fly it as it is? Makes my little world seem small, very small.