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  1. Garmin G5 GPS Clarification

    Reading just above your reference, the G5 gets attitude references from “built in inertial sensors ...”
  2. Garmin G5 GPS Clarification

    .... the G5 has its own internal GPS, Hopefully you will add a GPS antenna dedicated to your G5 at installation. Four hours power on its. own internal battery. It’s a great investment. Great Product!!! Just thinking out loud ... Attitude comes from a gyro ... I can’t imagine a gyro would be affected by loss of a GPS signal.
  3. 80kt headwinds and early Mooneys

    Thanks for sharing ... we haven’t experienced carb ice yet. When installing our EDM-930, we chose to leave our carb temp gauge installed rather than integrate it into the JPI ... for the expressed purpose of keeping it independently included in our scan, so we didn’t miss seeing it when displayed with other information. Thats it, just to the right of the JPI.
  4. Used / New Glareshild

    Also .. you might edit your topic to post in the “Parts Forum” with “WTB” (Wanted to Buy) preceding the title?
  5. Used / New Glareshild

    @Alan Fox @acpartswhse are members of this forum whose business is to sell used parts. Perhaps Loewen Parts ... has one? LASAR might be able to connect you? https://lasar.com/parts/ Another option might be this: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/mooney201.php?clickkey=1449898
  6. Flying from the right

    +1 ... I used a little silicone spray or WD-40 lubricant ... can’t recall which ... and just I little cleaning ... I think I put a couple pipe cleaners and q-tips in the plane and cleaned it briefly ... in flight while the gear was up ... the button is easier now i was scared to mess with it too much on the ground.
  7. Back to the original post. What I HATE ... and I do mean HATE ... about incidents like this, and like the C130 Firefighter ... is that the failure is so catastrophic the pilots never had a chance. No chance at all. Hate it hate it hate it. There’s bad days, and then there’s worse than bad days ... (edited for typos)
  8. New Carpet

    Nice job ...
  9. M20C turbo

    Gosh, you can put a turbo on a carbureted C ... ? please fill me in! Is it hard to find one?
  10. Today's flight for 2018

    When TWO ASPENS ... just aren’t enough!!!
  11. Free Overhead Torpedo Lights

    Did this about four years ago. It’s “night and day.” Pun intended. IF you have a standard incandescent bulb in the circuit, you may not need the dimmer? We didn’t need it, but, just in case, I saved this link someone posted here on MS ... can’t vouch for it ... but here it is: http://www.maxpulsemaxdim.com/maxdimMicro.htm
  12. Found my balls - they were in the hanger

    I really though they would work too. Not sure why ... I never did figure it out. ??? I made some owner-produced mounts “al la LASAR Sun Visors” which the rod and brackets were aluminun, but the RAM U clamp/ nuts and bolts were steel. I’ve wondered ... (because it was attached right above to compass on the center post ... ) if that wasn’t the issue? It seems to be dialed in pretty tight now ... so I’m pretty happy with it as is, without the compensators.
  13. New Carpet

    Cheers Mate!
  14. New Carpet

    Honestly, I thought of that the very first thing, but couldn’t find that in our grocery store when I looked, but that was my first thought. Wish I had tried that first!