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  1. David Herman

    Uh oh

    My heart breaks every time I see something like this. I hope the injuries were not serious and the plane will be repaired. @Tommy Please no morons should use this tragedy to discuss their (lack of) religious beliefs or political beliefs. THIS IS A MOONEY FORUM.
  2. A few years ago I caught the cord of my wife’s Halos getting out if the airplane and totally ripped the wires out of the box ... mailed to Phil with a check for repair ... He fixed them, returned them promptly with my check ... with a note that was too much money ... send him $20.
  3. Just curious ... we just bought a system to use ... do you use the mustache style with the halos ... or pendant style?
  4. David Herman

    lawsuit in Philly

    LOL... you suppose?
  5. David Herman

    ECI for the prop hub

    It’s like the $9.00 a gallon 100LL around Miami. Just their way of saying ... we don’t want your business.
  6. David Herman

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    @Piloto Jose’ Should we choose to install your long range tanks ... What is method for determining full original tanks (52 gallons, 1965C) and full all tanks (52+36 =88)? We have an EDM-930 ... I’m guessing it will have to be returned to JPI and reprogrammed for a modest fee ... to show the new quantities as “tabs” vs “full” or as four tanks vs two? Pardon my ignorance ... but there would not be that many flights I would want all 88 gallons. Will leaving those tanks empty shorten the tank life? Are they bladders or sealing a new section of wing with a flap to flow through?
  7. David Herman

    Angel flight accident

    I wouldn’t mistake @Tommy as a contributor ...
  8. David Herman

    Angel flight accident

    Or another example of someone who reports morons and then ignores them.
  9. David Herman

    Angel flight accident

    This is yet another great example of why the IGNORE USER feature on MooneySpace should be used!
  10. David Herman

    Angel flight accident

    @Piloto ... sometimes I think you’re a genius; sometimes I think you’re sadly twisted. Regardless of anything I think ... let me ask you sir, Is it poor form to force your opinion that singles are safer than twins ... over the smoldering dead bodies of two guys doing an angel flight who were friends of a member of this forum who is grieving? you stay clazzy
  11. David Herman

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    At least it wasn’t a picture of a morbidly obese woman!
  12. David Herman

    Tank Reseal ... best options

    Just sent it ... I’m slow
  13. David Herman

    Tank Reseal ... best options

    PM sent
  14. David Herman

    Tank Reseal ... best options

    The bad news is we have already put our money down on a place in the Bahamas the last week in July ....
  15. David Herman

    Tank Reseal ... best options

    Bob, I called them yesterday (Friday to ask about it) but it was almost 17:00 and I didn’t leave a message. I plan to call them Monday when I have a minute in between flights. I’ll let you know ... that would be a huge favor! I just learned about stains versus the true source of the leak after reading the article by Don Maxwell recommended by @Andy95W .... The stains have been small and never expanded or leaked ... that is, until the long stretch of freezing temps last winter ... they seemed to be mostly ok after that ... until yesterday after flying when I was cleaning bugs off the leading edges ... surprise, surprise! The plane has been mostly in shops and hadn’t flown much ... so I have been trying to go fly it a bit since the mods were installed, painted to match and the prop resealed. Tammy and I went back to the hanger last night after dinner and it looks like there is one lower panel on each side that had fresh “blue streaks” going towards the rear of the wing. :-(