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  1. Garmin G5 problem

    Update: one year now with G5. No issues whatsoever. Our M20C does have upgraded panels (no tilt on left side ... but does have the shock mounts on the left panel.
  2. Mystery light in pilot footwell

    Anyone know which bulb this is? Looks like it might be bigger the 387?
  3. low priced flying m20c

    Having driven the ALCAN Highway and visited Anchorage ... I do have an idea of the terrain.
  4. low priced flying m20c

    Years ago, I flew (H-60s) for a short time in the National Guard while living near Fort Collins and based in Denver flying for a United Express carrier. Flew to: Aspen, Eagle, Montrose, Hayden, Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, Durango, Gunnison, Cody, Casper, Jackson Hole, Rapid City ... etc. ... for work. There were complex special procedures for many of those airports. We knew them by heart - no time to look at a chart if you bust an engine or have to go-around. In the Guard flew to: Eagle, Rock Springs, Jackson Hole, Guernsey, Cheyenne, Laramie, Colorado Springs (Fort Carson) Leadville, etc. .... and many off-airport landing areas. Most crew members who were native to the mountains carried an improvised survival kit in their helmet bag and secured by a “D-ring” within arms length. They had a healthy respect for the mountains. The Colorado Army Guard had a “Mountain Flying Course” flying out of Eagle ... My whole Guard unit went there and qualified. What a learning experience! Landed a UH-1 on the top of a 12,000’ mountain .... and on rock chimneys and other places no sane person would land. But I had an experienced instructor taking me into these sites as part of the course. Performance planning is so crucial to survival. IMHO Mountain Flying, while not an FAA rating or category ... is a skill to be learned and maintained just like instrument skills or night vision system skills. (for military or civilian medevac pilots) No way a “flat lander” like me should attempt a flight like that without some serious preparation and training! One wrong turn, miss a pass, get boxed in with no room to turn, let alone consider winds, weather ... lack of oxygen ... it’s going to be a very bad day. If you fly a turbine or turbo charged aircraft ... you don’t really fly IN THE MOUNTAINS. You fly above the mountains except for initial climbs and final descents. In a NA recip ... you fly IN THE MOUNTAINS ... it’s a whole different ballgame.
  5. Need a bit of help with value.

    You beat me to it.
  6. Need a bit of help with value.

    I tried (not very hard) to sell the first one ... no interest on MooneySpace. So that leads me to believe there’s not a great demand for these ... However, there is an AD regarding some of these spinners developing cracks. (My post in my help with LASAR 201 Windshield Mod explains why) ... so that leads me to believe there is a market out there from those whose original spinner developed cracks. Also, because of this, expect some scrutiny from prospective buyers ...
  7. Need a bit of help with value.

    Not an expert. $300 -$500 ballpark range. I have two of them sitting in our hanger. One painted to match the plane. That one was on the plane when we bought it, and one polished aluminum that was removed for a Cowl Mod by the previous owner. We bought it on eBay for $320. We just removed that one for a Cowl Mod ...
  8. Need Help with 201 LASAR Windshield Mod ...

    Hank, The STC Holder and SWTA founder, Russell Stallings, passed away ... about two plus years ago now. He had discontinued producing and marketing his mods several years prior to that. SWTA, which was in San Marcus, TX, has new owners who have moved it to Smithville, TX and appear to be assuming an active role in the business. However, to date, they have not resumed production and sale of the STCs. I’m sure, since it is an STC and the FAA is involved, it is a lot more effort than any of us imagine? I surmise they have looked at the STC market benefit ... versus their resources and have made some sort of decision by now? No ... yes ... or maybe later? I think no one really knows? There were three mods I’m aware of: a cowl mod, a 201 Windshield mod and a flap/aileron flap-gap seal with elevator/rudder hinge covers. By all accounts ... the STCs were well done with detailed installation instructions. There may have been more ... but those are the ones I’m aware of .... I believe the windshield mod was very popular due to inclusion of the access panels ... small ... but certainly better than none at all.
  9. Need Help with 201 LASAR Windshield Mod ...

    It looks like the LASAR one comes with California Chrome Aluminum Purple Metal Polish!!!!
  10. Need Help with 201 LASAR Windshield Mod ...

    I talked with Russell Stalings a few times in 2013, right after we purchased our Mooney. He was no longer producing mods but sold me his last SWTA flap-aileron gap seals/ rudder elevator hinge cover kit. He was saving it for a Mooney he owned, but had sold the airplane and so was willing to sell that last kit to me. I begged (yes I do mean begged) him to sell me the SWTA Windshield Mod (because of the access panels versus the LASAR Mod) but I was unsuccessful. I’m very happy with the mods we have ... and thinking when we get the paint on them it’ll look fantastic.
  11. Need Help with 201 LASAR Windshield Mod ...

    Jim, I didn’t think you were (a C hater/ J snob) lol... We can’t help if we do or don’t like the look of something. Either we like it or we don’t. Some guys like blondes ... some brunettes ... :-) ... (some like them both and oh boy ... that’s where you can get into big troubles!) FWIW ... (I’ve said it before ... but) I think I am finished with upgrades for a while ... I’m worn out (and out of money!)
  12. Bulb removal

    There’s a guy that makes an LED conversion for those two red shoulder lights too. I lost his contact info when I switched iPads ... his flyer was in the “Goodreader app.” No longer accessible. Some older Pipers have the same shoulder lights ... it’s on an older thread here on MooneySpace ... from probably five years ago ... “Piper parts” LED shoulder lights or something like that? There was some discussion about the installation because if you didn’t have a regular bulb or two still on the circuit, the dimmer would no longer work ... and some posted options for LED compatible dimmer switches ....
  13. Bulb removal

    Yes ... I bought them from Spruce. The map light on the yoke uses the same bulb, they make a dimmer “yellow tinted” LED one too!
  14. Need Help with 201 LASAR Windshield Mod ...

    Jim, You have a J ... and already have the lion’s share of speed mods stock from the factory. If you think from the perspective of a vintage owner (M20A-F) ... things take a different meaning. Specifically: there are a few opportunities to eliminate parasitic drag and improve engine cooling, so take them or leave them ... that is our choice. Here’s my thoughts: 1) We already had the LASAR Cowl Mod on ... I’m sure it helped, but we still had high temps in the climb .... The LASAR Cowl does improve the looks and is a pretty straightforward installation. And I am sure there is some benefit in speed and cooling. (LASAR claims a 5 mph speed increase) 2) I estimate the ARI Cowl mod will be an improvement in both cooling and speed? How much ... not sure ... won’t even hazard a guess? 3) I think installing the ARI Lense cover over that big hole holding the landing light must help some too!!! That big indentation right in the front of the Cowl must create some drag - even with the disturbed airflow from the prop! 4) I personally like the aesthetics of the ARI Mod. I think it makes our C look more “J-ish” in front. Once painted ... it should look like it belongs there. 5) Another big factor is the new spinner and backplate. The old C-Fs attach the backplate/ spinner to the flywheel which absorbs a lot of conflicting vibration on start-up / shut-down. Thus the AD/Bulletins from Hartzell regarding cracking spinners. The ARI Cowl Mod attaches a more aerodynamic spinner to the hub, rather than to the flywheel. No more worries about the spinner cracking from vibration on shutdown. 6) Apart from the LASAR Cowl Mod, which we already had ... the ARI Cowl Mod is the only other option currently available for our 1965 M20C. a. LoPesti has a Cowl Mod for the fuel injected E ... but not for our carbureted M20C. (To the best of my knowledge ... and it is pricey) b. David’s (Sabremech) Cowl looks extremely promising ... but ... he is doing later model C-Fs first (66 and older) and it may be some time before he gets back around to our 1965C. So in conclusion: while we are already doing a 201 Windshield, BEFORE it goes back for paint, if we wanted to do a Cowl Mod ... the ARI Mod was our best current option for a1965 M20C (Note: Both LASAR and Aero Resources have provided support, been available and very helpful to answer questions both during purchase and during installation.)