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  1. L. Trotter

    Landing gear small emergency!

    No intention is misdirecting this thread. However, I can't help but make an appreciative comment on this experience. All too often we believe that when we do something, like move a switch, the intended action occurs. In fact, I suspect many of us are lulled into complacency because what we expect to happen usually does. This is a perfect example and reminder of what we should all be doing...all the time. After initiating an action, like extending the landing gear, verify its completion. The same could be said about Flaps, frequency changes (nav and com), autopilot and oxygen to name just a few. There is nothing small about this incident. It was only a pilots vigilance to detail that converted this event into a successful landing. Thank you for the reminder.
  2. L. Trotter

    G1000 WAAS Upgrade Cost?

    The GIA 63 and 63W are not backward compatible with each other. I was told by Paul Maxwell that after changing the antenna's and upgrading the G1000 software, the old units would have no value to me as I would not be able to ever use them again. Also, the exchange (63 to 63W) is an all or nothing proposition. The issue is with the G1000 software. The updated programing allows each element in the "system" to understand each other. I am told the WAAS info is in a different language the old G1000 set up can't understand. You are correct in regards to Support for the GIA 63W. I spoke with Garmin directly. There is FULL support for the 63W currently and going foreword for the unforeseeable future. As far as continued support for the GIA 63 I am not certain. Garmin was rather sketchy about this issue. If I still had the 63's in my plane I would grab 1 or 2 used units removed from a plane that underwent the 63W upgrade. I know there are several units available and would be cheaper than sending one in for possible repair. There is the possibility that the GIA 64 may work with the G1000 set up. However, this option would have to come though Mooney and I'm told that is highly unlikely.
  3. L. Trotter

    G1000 WAAS Upgrade Cost?

    Just had The WAAS upgrade completed last month. Don Maxwell placed the GIA 63W + replaced antenna's and updated software for the G1000. Of the GIA units, one was new the other refurbished. No other units could be located. My local Avionics shop placed the GTX 345R. Total cost for both about 32K. Not sure if any more units are available. Paul Maxwell is the "go to" guy. Updating the G1000 to WAAS came with several unexpected G1000 interface upgrades. Such as: Continuous engine data down loading, ease of flight charts up loading (only need to use MFD), greatly enhanced weather info, alternate way to enter squawk code and different altimeter number size (both thousand and hundred numbers are large with only tens and ones places small). There is no question the LPV approach's are nice. One unrecognized benefit of the WAAS was having so many more IFR alternative airports with precision approaches- 600'-2 vs 800'-2 is significant in wide spread IFR conditions.
  4. Trying to locate the holy grail of funnels to prevent oil spills is laudable. Something to think about in regards to NOT removing the entire cowling.... Most seem to change oil/filter about every 25hrs (or so). I believe a full visual engine/exhaust inspection at this time interval is prudent and wise.
  5. L. Trotter

    LED landing Lights

    Here is a letter about insurance. It appears the type of light is not an issue.
  6. L. Trotter

    LED landing Lights

    Please don't shoot the messenger. I personally agree that this is not a "major" change. The issue is being raised by local FSDO and A&P. Apparently, a PMA does not give me the right to place in my plane. I'm told LED lights have issues with radio frequency interference and can "shut your radios down when you turn the lights on doing an approach in IMC". I have heard of some issues in the past with older LED lights but never anything current or with landing lights. Certainly not shutting down radios. I have been told: 1. Don't place at all 2. Place in my plane then hire a Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) to eval the "new equipment" for safety. 3. Apply for a 337 I was not threatened by possible grounding of my plane but warned that my insurance company may withhold coverage should an incident occur. I, like everyone who has placed LED lights, see this update as being very positive and desirable. Just trying to navigate the bureaucracy. Perhaps I should just place the lights and ask for forgiveness if questioned.
  7. L. Trotter

    LED landing Lights

    I have been looking at the Aero-Lite PAR 36 SunSetter Ultra. These lights are shielded for RFI and have temperature and power regulation. I know there is quite the controversy over the use of LED lights in general as a "like" replacement for the STD GE incandescent bulb, as most do not have a formal certification to be used in our planes. My local FSDO will not make any determination and states they will forward the paper work (337) to Oklahoma. I am aware of several guys who are placing these lights as an owner maintenance item. Questions: 1. Has anyone actually completed a field approval (337) for LED landing lights in a Mooney and been approved? 2. What are the thoughts of an insurance company denying a claim on the grounds that "unapproved" parts were placed into service?
  8. L. Trotter

    Another useful idea from Bob Kromer at Summit

    I would really like to have Bob Kromer back next year to provide further enlightenment.
  9. As I read this thread I'm thinking.....What a great problem to have. A conference on safety to "Better the bread" so well attended the system takes notice. What a wonderful and worth while event. I would like to see the need for a published NOTAM to accommodate future activity! Thanks everyone for a great seminar!
  10. L. Trotter

    Prebuy inspection Denver area

    I have been there several times for maintenance, annuals and pre-buy. They are a good bunch of folks. You should not have any troubles. They have a good reputation. They are a long standing MSC. Scott is the service manager-VERY knowledgeable about Mooney's. After the work has ben completed he has alway sat down with me and explains in detail what was done....and why. I've always had a good experience.
  11. L. Trotter

    Philadelphia Area Airports

    Just visited philly myself this past weekend. KLOM-nice FBO, no landing fee, easy in-out under class B, they do appreciate a fuel purchase, but not mandatory. N47-No landing fee, Ghost town after 5pm, be aware the fuel is well priced but NOT self serve. NO fuel available after hours.
  12. L. Trotter

    Cross Country SC to Oregon

    I do the Salt Lake City, Utah (U42) to Chesapeake, Virginia (KCPK) every month. Personally, I always fly direct and stop at the cheapest fuel locations. Typically, these are smaller towns that always seem to have something interesting to see or experience. Most of the FBO's have courtesy cars. Unless there was a specific place you wanted to visit or you wanted to take your time getting to Oregon, visiting a variety of places, I'm not sure the north or south route would be of any significant visual difference. Perhaps I've traveled this course so frequently that the central states all start looking the same from the air to me. When you hit the Rockies things become much more scenic and you will enjoy the views. This time of year I would have to agree with 201MKTurbo. The northern route will be more comfortable as you're more likely to be low with more favorable winds. You will defiantly hit weather in route traveling that far. Respect the thunderstorms and keep your distance as they often carry hail in the midwest. A 1-2 hr wait in a quant little town never hurt anyone. Think of the trip as several short hops.You will be just fine. The air space is a breeze compared to the east coast. Your plane will enjoy the cool, dry air. Who knows, you just may find your self visiting a lot more often.
  13. L. Trotter

    Today's flight for 2018

    Left Rapid City, SD (KRAP) yesterday for Wausau, WI (KAUW). The trip itself was uneventful. However, In Rapid I saw 1 of 2 airworthy (so I'm told) 1929 Ford Tri-motors sitting on the ramp behind me. What a beauty! I could not help but wait and watch her lift off in to the air. If that doesn't lift your spirits, check yourself for a pulse. You can't help but love these old birds. Control wires outside. Corrugated metal wings-I guess for added strength . Engine gauges are outside. Only the front engine has inside gauges. The Yoke is a steering wheel. "It's a Ford"
  14. L. Trotter

    P-Lead Length

    On the topic of P-Leads I've always treated a prop like a loaded gun....I always consider them loaded until proven otherwise. Another good habit to get into, especially for those of us with hangers (we don't need to pull the key out to lock the plane door). When you shut the engine down, pull the key completely out of the ignition. Make it part of your shut down check list.
  15. L. Trotter

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    The short answer is "it doesn't" My 2007 POH only provide landing distances for a specified configuration (full flaps/gear down) and speed. The emergency section provides no data to answer this question either. I doubt older POH's would include this info. The older POH's can be rather scant on information. This is how I would answer the question.... Calculate distance with flaps from the POH accounting for temp, altitude, head wind and runway gradient (because it's all you have). Since you will increase your approach speed with no flaps (based on stall speed), add 100 ft for every knot increased. This 100' number is published in my 2007 POH. Although the answer is not perfect, it's going to be close based on all the info provided by the POH. You CFI's out there....Did I get it right?