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  1. That makes no sense....I would look to failing 60 amp alternator or a failing voltage regulator. unless you are constantly illuminating an incandescent landing light, strobes, and pitot heat all the time.
  2. Funny you should mention a 152 ( which only had 30 degree flaps) as opposed to a 150 (which has 40 degrees flaps). I was told that on a 150 if you didn’t retract you would “splack “.... that being said, on a m20j, you better have that prop on (or near) full forward or you will be scaringly disappointed with your climb rate... when I was trying to add to my cross country hours (prior to ifr) my cruise was 22/22. Then I would do a touch and go at an airport...when I failed to go full forward I was climbing at like 200 feet per minute...it put a scare in me
  3. Good news for me... for my June 6th renewal with Old Republic went up from 1926 to 1975....49 increase.... My hours went from just over 520 to about 680 hours with ifr (not new in last year) and 135k hull value...no claims no reportable violations. while I would like to pay less...I feel very fortunate!
  4. I will be ordering a set from this source
  5. Make the one time investment in LHS...landing height system...it’s like have a co-pilot doing call outs....when it gets down to 2 ft...you need to be in the sweet spot...when it gets to 1 ft slowly flare ...makes for better landings especially at night time
  6. I removed them all....cleaner interior
  7. Lately, I have found my right tank fuel gage has been sticking at different places, even when turned off.....when I turn on and off master the stop and start location vary..is there a way to lubricate the gage?
  8. I have become so comfortable and reliable with this system in making the highest quality landings with the timely call outs. Most landings are squeaky clean....but does increase landing distance by 10% or so. the only negative things would be that it would scare me a little if I were to fly a different plane that didn’t have this system.
  9. “Threaded inserts” or nut setters are a different product used for sheet metal attachments...need heli-coil for wheel casting (hubcaps)
  10. That happened to me one time I was cruising LOP....I switched to ROP and issue went away and LOP works fine ever since.... IO360A3B6D
  11. I would think “6 foot” was not in its vocabulary....my increments are 70, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1...never any other distance
  12. Please let me know the size of the wire in case I need to make some at some point...
  13. Well done! My AI made mine, but they didn’t look as good as yours as to installation, if to tight to easily install, use temporary wire ties to take out the tension....and of course cut wire ties out once spring tensionizers are installed
  14. Im sorry, but if I were to spend this kind of money, I would skip the recip for a spinner (jet)
  15. Installed on copilot side of plane...because it is an easier disassembly for me....no soot ever gets on the wing there
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