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  1. If the plane has any age to it....I strongly recommend that during any pre-purchase inspection that you look at the steel roll cage by removing interior panel on the pilot side of the plane to examine for severe corrosion .
  3. paneling was popular in the 60's as well....
  4. mine failed as well....I had sent my actuator to TOP GUN aviation in California... they changed the cable, and they changed out the no back spring as was expensive
  5. fyi rate stayed the same from last year 1,950...I went from 160 hours to about 330 instrument rating....135k hull value insurance is through AOPA...Aerospace...
  6. My instrument installer as with mike studly of Aspen both agreed that my newly installed E5 could be mated with a Garmin G5 in lieu of the turn coordinator.. even though that the E5 while rated as a primary instrument, it is technically not rated as a back up instrument. i feel much safer having two ai each with their independent back up battery packs. both ai give you “ball” coordination and info for a stabilized standard turn
  7. Let me give you the Larry Nimmo test data...I have a J..with a single large light in the cowling....I had the Whelen and it was brightest, but beam was so narrow that it was darn useless as a taxi light. i installed the sun setter and while not as bright, it gives the best of both worlds for my plane...there is no going back. the $300 Whelen bulb has 25 hours on it and I will sell it for $150...the same price I paid for the sunsettersun setter
  8. I have a gtn650 and am happy with it....but if I were to buy today, I would buy the Avidyne IFC-540... a friend of mine bought the 540 & a free L3 for only $20,000 fully installed in his Muskateer...that was a real deal. And please realize that the 540 is the big screen... If you fly foreflight or Garmin Pilot and you fly IFR, and want to exchange flight plans you absolutely need to have flight stream 510...another 1400 or so.
  9. just for what its worth...the M20J I bought 2 years ago in a 1981 model with 1545 hours....I changed the engine at 1663m and had the prop fully overhauled at that point. It wasn't leaking and it looked great with the original 36 year old paint....(overhaul cost $2,500...rebuilder said that is "the going rate" according to the prop log book, on two separate times, O rings were replaced due to leaks...but no overhaul or resurfacing the blades
  10. With my A&P mechanic, we installed the new servo (took us about 2 hours)...and what a difference....there must of been issues with the original one from the beginning. First of all, there was no resistance in operation...set landing gear warning switch...all smooth as silk....original one was never that smooth. with the new servo, engine would run great at a 650RPM idle. never could run it that slow before. To get my engine to idle decently, I had to lean it out on idle more than half the way out. now there is very little difference at idle when I pull it out and the fuel flow was steady at about 1.3 gph while idling....Whenever I used to do the runnup I used to get a little bit of a hiccup when shutting down the right mag...never on left mag. Today there was no hiccup at all. The climb out and cruise seemed to be identical to the operation of the 6 month old servo. I am grateful to the staff of AVSTAR who truly expedited my rebuild and they shipped it back next day air...all at no charge...and Lycomming will pay for the removal, reinstall and shipping...Its nice when a warranty actually means something. I shipped it out Monday afternoon and I flew the plane on Thursday afternoon. I will always remember "AOG"
  11. I had never adjusted the idle setting....when running at idle it would be at about 850, and when you lean out, you could get it up to 950 rpm My six month old servo went out Monday afternoon to florida to AVSTAR...they sent it back next day air and I have it back this morning....smooth as silk in the operation. It looks like they did a complete is painted a different color of gray, and all of the safety wires have been completely redone. They didn't tell me what was wrong, but they said it was definitely a warranty issue....hopefully will get it reinstalled today
  12. very good question....cable is completely smooth (when unattached) you can operate the throttle lever with one hand but it takes a lot of effort...likely about 20 inch pounds to get it to come off of dead closed... While I never felt this to actually be unsafe, its creates excessive cable tension, and likely wear...and could cause cable failure especially if the tension required kept getting harder.
  13. please keep in mind that the prop governor limits the RPM of the engine. if it fails to limit at 2,700 you may overspeed your engine...keep watch over. When I replaced my engine, I sent mine out to get it rebuilt and the company said they can't get parts for it, so they charged me $1,750 for a new one...I think they send me a McCauley brand...worked perfectly
  14. Last august/September I changed out my engine with a genuine Lycomming rebuilt engine. It came with a new fuel system including a new servo. I have flown the plane for approximately 85 tach hours and when the throttle was pulled all the way back, the servo was stuck hard and took a good deal of effort to push open... Called Airpower (agent that sold us the engine) they told me to remove the servo and send it to Avstar in Florida....I next day'd it out...will see how quickly I get it back. The woman from Avstar told me to label the paperwork AOG....aircraft on ground!....their terminology for RUSH!