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  1. one time when I first got my plane, I went to practice touch-and-gos….winds were about 25 knots right down the runway....once I took off, I got to altitude and I turned crosswind....before I completed by 90 turn to crosswind, I was most of the way downwind of a 5,000 ft runway....I figured that at 1,000' agl, wind was likely 60 knots. I quickly landed and once was enough.
  2. very do what you got to do to make it work! Great job thinking "out of the box"
  3. I printed out my wiring diagram at a staples as a 2'x3' print, then I had it laminated....when I trace out wires, I mark the plastic with marksalot with colored dots at each bend and use a straight edge to make sure im not off course...with a little elbow grease you can erase the dots with a paper towel rubbing hard. I am a control system electrician by trade
  4. according to my A&P, you can only send something like this to an FAA approved repair station....such as LASAR... you can't just send it to a shop. I do think LASAR carries the motor and I believe it is actually under $ installation. When I looked at my actuator, the motor to me looks like an off the shelf windshield wiper motor!
  5. You could email mike busch...he answered my questions
  6. Just for what it’s worth...when I ordered a factory rebuilt engine from Lycomming, they delayed shipment to me because the needed a shipment of oil pans/ intake to arrive. That shocked me, as I would have thought they were near bulletproof and would never fail...
  7. FYI...I renewed in October by sending them my check (which was cashed) and no new emails since...I have sent them reply
  8. FYI....every time I park at an FBO I explain to them the perils of moving my plane. they are never happy as they are “professionals” and know better...
  9. One other some ways it’s an advantage for the factory to be closed...if original parts are available, my AI has insisted that they be used...when original parts are not available, my AI has allowed me to make or modify my own parts (as it makes sense). Factory parts cost about 4 to 5 times what they are worth.
  10. Really great pictures...thank you
  11. Watch out for a departure stall! You need to be really on your game
  12. Please realize that the m20’s are really great three people airplanes...ForeFlight has a phenomenal weight and balance option that lets you do a “what if” doesn’t take a lot of planning to be able to do three people without much thinking. Now for four people for an hour flight, you have to plan to have like only 25 gallons total in the plane...and if you happen to have 50 to takes more than you think to deplane 25 gallons to get weight where you need it.
  13. When I learned how to fly my mooney virtually all landing were “power off” and if timing wasn’t just perfect, landing could be more abrupt. With a different instructor while ifr training, he suggested I do ”power on” landings. With just a little use of power all landings grease. The key is to cut power once you touch down or there is too much energy keeping the plane able to fly if bumped. It does add a little to your distance as you have a very slight landing float.
  14. All I can say is that if I had it to do over again, I would have sent out my original attitude indicator and had it rebuilt and continue to use it for autopilot stability...even if you add a g5 or an aspen just a costs way to much to interface with legacy analog autopilots. Within a year or two you will have lots of choices of new full function autopilots that more easily can be controlled by digital glass...just my 2 cents larry
  15. What about tires and brakes, insurance, and engine fund?