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  1. While I shop for lower fuel prices to reduce my overall cost... including reserves it effectively costs $16,000 to fly my first 100 hours including $5.00 fuel. at $4.00 a gallon the same formula will yield $14,400.... yes, typically I fly slow about 125k lean if peak...
  2. Notice on my checklist highlighted and in red....I am thankful that I also never took off with an open baggage door. anytime my plane is touched by anyone...I do my complete checklist
  3. Additional check list for when it gets hectic
  4. You all are conjecturing about the flawed landing gear actuation is.....I ask...1. How many times has there been an accident where you cannot get the gear to lower safely? 2. Has anyone ever had a no- back spring failure? My contention is that there is at least a 20/1 ratio of pilots that fail to deploy compared to a mechanical/ electrical issue preventing extension. yes, you bend a won’t extend...yes you break the spring it won’t extend...yes if the gear won’t extend...other than these items, you should be able to do the cable pull emergency extension. the Mooney gear extension design is very good, and can actually handle pretty severe landings without damage. Every design has its weaknesses....but it’s me the Mooney one has withstood the test of time.
  5. Just got my renewal quote....same hulk value $137k....same coverage....No claim or violation history...went from 350 hrs to about 560 hours...went from 250 hrs retrack to 480 hrs. new ifr rating oct 2019 in spite of more hours...over the 500 hr threshold, IFR rating my insurance went up by $50 to $2,000. In a way I am disappointed, but compared to the “hit” I’ve taken on the stock market...I shouldn’t let this bother me at all....just write the check!
  6. I have a J with io360...without a doubt about 200# pull (or a little more) on rear tie down when I put plane on jacks for AI has full confidence based on experience
  7. All very good points...this has made me become more disciplined...the night I was doing my currency landings...I made a half hearted attempt for a gps/autopilot approach under vfr and I was just to complacent...
  8. I am an electrician by trade (among other skills). When I got prints made, I had the electrical diagram laminated. Then I take a straight edge and I use color coded marksalot at the turn point of wires of interest. If you need to, you can use your bare finger to erase the otherwise permanent ink. this method makes tracking the individual wires easier and more accurate. just sharing
  9. At 215 lbs with big shoulders you will always be tight in the mooney unless your mate is petite. i am 160 lbs 6’ 0” and I am comfortable, but it’s a little less comfortable for me when someone over 200 lbs sits in the passenger seat.
  10. from my IFR training, the power settings I made dictated 85 knot approach....but I was at flag should have gone up. I allowed the 35knot headwind displayed on the Aspen kind of make me not trust what I was seeing....which is really stupid. at ground level there wasn't 5 knot of wind. again, a red flag should have gone up...and I needed to remember GUMPS excuse!
  11. I do believe everything you have said....if you fully collapse the tire even for 1/10 of a second the geometry will allow for the door to impact without the wing touching.
  12. I swore it could never happen to me....I was wrong....I was on my last day of night currency, so I went to the airport to do my night currency...did two stop and gos...all went well....then I decided to do a night practice under vfr a gps/autopilot approach...and I had some minor configuration issues...and a 35knott headwind and as a sole occupant I made speed should have clued me in ...I was trimmed for approach and yet my air speed was 15k over my approach speed...but it didn’t click...I came into final approach to the runway, and one of my great habits is that I always pull the throttle all the way back for a few seconds....I then added throttle again, but the sound of the gear alarm was unmistakable...I put my gear down and made a great landing. i feel great, yet I am devastated...I need to re-examine my procedures and discipline to checklists GUMPS! thank goodness for mooneyspace as I learn from everyone else’s experiences
  13. Look what I found.... broken wire at ring terminal...easy repair
  14. I will check...thank the way, how much was it?