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  1. Mine was ordered on December 11th...and am still awaiting....
  2. I am anxiously awaiting my unit...plan to install it shortly after receiving it...
  3. Another consideration is going for the IO390...I would only do this if my prop was at end of life as you need to go to a 3 blade assembly. many say you can only use the extra power for only 5 minutes...which is great for take off...especially with a 3 blade. How many run their engine at full power for cruise...no one does...and virtually any power setting you will pick up HP and speed
  4. Just the 750 & adsb cost someone 30k installed...you really should add autopilot to your list of requirements..
  5. Most of my flights are under 50 nautical miles away...and some are in restrictive airspace. when I fly greater distances then I do between 6k and 9k depending on winds
  6. I am curious what settings others use for cruise...lately I’ve been using 2,450/24 square either 75rop getting close to 145k avg ground speed@ 11gph....or 25 lop getting 130k @7.4gph these are at 2,000’ 45f
  7. Skip, if I let the pressure build beyond the “pegged” point,when I push in the mixture the pressure stays pegged...it does nothing...it is important to know that when I used a wrench to bleed off pressure at the gage transducer, the fact that it instantly relieved the pressure tells me that it was liquid bound (you cannot compress a liquid) my point is that somehow liquid gasoline is being trapped in the servo, and with added heat created by relatively cold gasoline picking up heat causes a hydrostatic pressure increase and that nothing is releasing this pressure. Looking at the
  8. After arriving at my hanger...I shut down my electronics...I then run the engine up to 1700 rpm as lean as I can for about 30 seconds...then I go down to about 800 rpm idle for about 10 seconds then I pull mixture out and engine dies...then I let it sit and watch the pressure build from 25 psi to 30 psi...then I open the mixture only enough to bleed down the pressure and I leave it cracked so that pressure can’t build
  9. Yet another update....after I installed the AVStar rebuilt servo I watched my fuel pressure after shutdown for 5 to 10 minutes and it did go above 30 psi but it didn’t peg...then one day, it did peg...and I gave it an extra couple of minutes, then I pushed in the mixture with no relief...very quickly I removed my upper cowling and used my preplanned procedure...first thing I did (even though I doubted it would be the cause) I undid my inlet fuel hose to the divider...no pressure of fuel...quickly hooked it back up, verified my instruments again...mixture wouldn’t bleed down. Then undid the fu
  10. I think the Mooney one from LASAR cost me like $60!
  11. You’re a little late....I replaced all of mine...one at a time! (Alternator connections)
  12. A friend of mine retired recently from ups...he flew weekly European trips...he told me they were forbidden to use iPads...
  13. There are tons of certified backups that are super reliable...each with its own battery...and then you also have some non certified equipment such as stratus AI with an iPad....frankly I think that relying on vacuum gages alone offer a much higher risk to safety. I keep inoperable stickers available to cover any of my glass that fails so I don’t dwell on a failed instrument..I got rid of my vacuum using the aspen Promax and the E5 (as replacement for turn coordinator)
  14. 5/8” ratcheting box end wrench from what I recall...just like skip said, it’s easy to remove, the trick is to install the safety wire. once you remove the screen make sure you stick a magnet in the hole to pickup and ferrous chunks...luckily I have never caught such a “fish”
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