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  1. I also would like to get a set of carbon fiber fairings....
  2. in production numbers of over 200 a year, my guess is that an ovation could be sold for less than $500, could put 4 full wing assemblies in a container ship from china.... Wiring harnesses premade with all connections...interior kits...all premade....fuselage assembled in mexico, shipped by rail over the border....prepared for one aviation package...plug and play. In many ways I don't understand why there isn't a larger manufacturing initiative for China in GA...
  3. let me give you another scenario....pack up factory and send some to China, some to Mexico to assemble assemblies....Kerryville would be kept to assemble the assemblies...this would make a labor intensive airplane affordable for the American market.
  4. It’s a shame....I have on many occasions called tom when I have a specific Mooney issue...for advice...sorry he didn’t come through for you....he spends a lot of his time doing insurance evaluations for all planes
  5. you need to have your "dust shields" for the landing gear actuator rods. if they are gone or missing, I have a posting of how you can expertly make new ones
  6. which one of the sealant this the one
  7. perhaps tom Williams from Freeway airport....Freeway is in Bowie, MD....Tom knows more than anyone I know...he did the pre-buy on my plane (for another prospective purchaser that decided not to buy) His report was very concise and was so helpful in purchase of my plane.
  8. Point of fact....when I first bought my plane avionics were old and engine tired....insured hull at was 2,600....installed new avionics, installed Lycomming rebuilt engine and raised my hull value to $135k....almost double...cost was under $400 a year extra. Last June rate for same hull value was $1950. It will be interesting to see where rates go when I apply next year with my new minted IR
  9. While getting my instrument took almost a full year, I am looking to get a “certificate” bonus in June when I renew my policy....currently I am paying $2k a year for a 135k hull value...after seeing the exposure of Mooneys in accidents in 2019 I will be very lucky to stay at $2k
  10. as for the rear tie down of the plane....think of the multiple of likely takes less than 200 pounds of pressure on the tail to lift the nose
  11. What I do is to pull down the tail ...I have a clamp solidly attached to hanger floor and I pull tail down with a comealong
  12. I’ve ordered the green UV protected windshield....why....because I flew with a friend in a beech muskateer that felt at least 10 degrees warmer with the clear was so hot even on an 80 degree day
  13. for what it is worth.....this company that makes door rubber gaskets is telling me with their rubber gaskets we don't need the welting anymore....
  14. I think while you are in the "learning stages" the go around is a great way to go....but as you become proficient with the M20J, with a light bounce ...if you keep the nose up and its not stalling and you have runway, you once again have the opportunity to land the plane, you can even add a little power for stability....since you are already at or above rotation speed, you need very little runway left to take back off again. If you are rattled at any point, then you should just go full power and go around anyway. The Mooney is the most difficult plane to land that I have takes speed control, good height judgement (fat runway view), and most of all finesse. Plus if you don't fly regularly the lack of practice may add to the challenge. You still have to have good judgement and experience in re-landing the plane.