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  1. Jimmy has been contacted! Thanks for the tip!
  2. We made it OSH - PBG without a fuel stop with 30 gallons onboard at destination running ROP. Wanted to stay out of Canadian airspace since I’m not insured there. Would have liked to have gone higher but yeah... oxygen bottle! Thanks all!
  3. Just picked up my ‘new to me’ 2002 Ovation 2! N191KT PPI went well enough. Everything important was in excellent condition. A list of small to medium issues that need attending too like an expired oxygen bottle that needs replacement, gear no-back spring needs replacement, needs new ELT, some wiring connector issue with the lights in the left wingtip. Flew her home... OSH-PBG. 4:10 min. She flies true! Thank you again to all who helped me. All the information I gathered to make my decision was contributed by Mooneyspace members by phone, private messaging, and searching the archives.
  4. The TKS on the 2002 Ovation I’m purchasing was installed by the Mooney Factory... 2 years after build. But still installed by Mooney. It’s in the airframe logbook. The person who installed the panels at the factory is also doing the PPI.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations guys. Gives me a good start. Thanks!
  6. Hey all! I’m looking for recommendations for a CFI to teach me the ways of the Ovation. I’m in the northern NY, Burlington VT area. I’d be willing to fly someone in here for 4-5 days of flight instruction. Thought I’d tap into the all knowing wisdom of MS members again. You haven’t let me down yet!
  7. SBAS is the ICAO equivalent of North America’s WAAS? Another two acronyms!!!
  8. Has the ICAO and the FAA gone crazy with all the RNAV abbreviations! PBN, RAIM, WAAS, RNP, LNAV/VNAV, LPV, LP, LNAV +V, LNAV, Baro-VNAV, GNSS, IRS, INS. Have I missed any? What a nightmare! Carry on!
  9. Just thought I’d update this thread. I have watched a lot of online content free and paid. The absolute best content hands down is by Boldmethod! Amazing amount of knowledge these guys have, it’s organized and explained in great detail. They are coming out slowly with paid content and I would definetly be a purchaser if Needed. Here’s a good YouTube live broadcast about LPV and LNAV/VNAV approaches.
  10. X2 on the Strikefinder. Valuable piece of equipment.
  11. Might as well add1% IPA. It’s not too expensive or too much weight to carry around a gallon in the baggage compartment and I’ll be covered. Better to er on the side of caution. If I’m in FL in December and head back to NY I might be in that situation. POH says no other additives are approved so Prist is out.
  12. Getting some supplies for winter flying up north. Won’t be long before we get freezing temps and snow. We get temps up in Northern NY as low as -30’s. Mooney Ovation POH states up to 3% iso-propyl alcohol can be used in the fuel as antifreeze. Is adding IPA the norm for winter ops?
  13. I left an e-mail and voicemail for Eric @ Oasis but he hasn’t gotten back to me. Could be very busy. Looking at alternatives in the WI, eastern MN, MI, northern IL. area in case I have to due to contractual obligations. Thanks in. advance!
  14. Haha! YES Badger & Blade! I started off with a simple recipe and a few months later it took over my basement! I was sending people free samples to get feedback and got rave reviews from some very respected members! My formula is amazingly slick. Xantham gum and is one of my secret ingredients. I don’t want to pay a perfumer to get the scent right. Scent is difficult and expensive to nail down. I do not currently sell it. Maybe one day! I’d be happy to add anyone to the list of free samples the next batch I make! I will be forthcoming with details and pics as soon as I get my hands on
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