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  1. Flying in fire breathing dragon mode will contribute to it. Everything full forward. 10/10. Pulling the power back only in the flare. The engine sitting for a long period of time without use will do it as well. There’s a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.
  2. Yes... Im based at PBG. I live in Wilmington. I think we PM’d recently? Before I bought my plane maybe. It’s all a blur to me.. the last few months. So consumed with everything that goes alonG with an aircraft purchase. Forgive me if Im wrong.
  3. Thank for the info! I arrived at my plane this afternoon for a flight from PBG-TEB-PBG. There was a good amount of icing forecast so I preflighted the system and found that the panel wetted out another 3-4” after running the system on previous days. Progress was being made. Moderate rime icing was forecast for a good amount of the flight. When we got to cruise we were in moderate rime icing. I got the system on and ran it at max. The entire wing was ice free. When I got on the ground at TEB I preflighted the system again before departing and the entire length of all panels was now putting out
  4. The last 12” on the outboard section of the right wing in front of the aileron is not flowing any fluid. I just started flying the plane regularly and other than running the system in flight every 2 weeks I never did a proper preflight as prescribed in the POH. Now that I did preflight the system I noticed 12” of the panel is dry. Every other section is flowing well. After finding the deficient section I did run the system on high and had a steady green light for about 5 minutes. Still dry. I did read the supplement and understand the fluid temp/viscosity plays a part. Is it time to have a mec
  5. Nowhere in my POH does it show the quantity of fluid in the tank during weighing. It does give the empty weights before and after install of the TKS and stby altenator. 88lbs for both. That weight would appear to be an empty TKS tank. I have seen posts here of others W&B for TKS and the fluid quantities vary.
  6. I was looking through my POH and the TKS supplement. I can’t find the arm for the TKS tank to calculate an accurate W&B. I was just going to use the rear seat arm as the tank is located under the seat but was looking for an official number. Just kidding. I found it! 70.7 in. Does the weight of the TKS fluid reduce the rear seat useful load of 340#?
  7. Thanks for the responses... just the info I was looking for. The G500 from Allen is the one I’m looking at purchasing. Just trying to figure out how this enablement card system works. It states in the sale thread that it is equipped with SVT so from what Im gathering the SVT enablement card must be present. If not then I would have to buy a new SVT card off of eBay since it isn’t offered by Garmin anymore it seems. It also cost $4,800 new!
  8. I’m looking to purchase a used G500 with SVT and a GAD46 autopilot interface box. Do I need to purchase enablement cards for the SVT and the GAD46 or was that already taken care of when installed previously?
  9. I’m interested in the G500. PM sent!
  10. So many Bendix King autopilots installed in Mooneys and no responses? Do I take that as no one is doing inspections?
  11. How often are you complying with the BK Service bulletin 292 which is an ICA for auto pilot servo inspection once a year or 1000 hrs. It’s quite an expensive SB to comply with ever year and seems like overkill.
  12. There’s an entire industry down in Mexico and South America of hackers whose sole job is to hack... cell phones, software, computers etc. My wife wife is Peruvian and she has first person knowledge of how the 3rd world economy works. They can’t afford to pay US prices so hackers find ways around the protections. I’ve been continually amazed what gets done down there.
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