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  1. If the plane doesn’t have WAAS your SOL. Garmin no longer sells the WAAS upgrade. Looks like a nice O2. A/C. 310 STC. Low time. Looking at outdated ‘for sale’ ads for this plane WAAS wasn’t listed. That could have changed.
  2. Thanks Don... used G600’s and G500’s are the same price. The G600 has synthetic vision standard so it’s a no brainer. The G500 it’s an option you need an unlock card to gain access. Most used units don’t have the access cards included. Some used dealers will only sell G600’s for this reason. I don't know if those features are worth the $20,000 price tag to upgrade.I know both AP’s are attitude based but do they offer the same performance?
  3. Im upgrading my panel to the legacy model G600 and contemplating an autopilot swap. Wondering if the GFC500 is an upgrade to the KFC225? I know it allow some capabilities with the G600 that the KFC225 won’t allow. My G600 has a GSU75 ADAHRS unit and wondering if that is an acceptable input to the GFC500. I love the KFC225 but would like to be able to utilize all the features of the G600.
  4. Moritz gauges are being replaced with JPI EDM900. Thanks for the advice!
  5. I know what the meter on the back wall is measuring. It’s a Hobbs meter. Hobbs meters run when engine is running. I am inquiring if tach time is recorded somewhere. I have Moritz gauges. I’ve heard some Ovations record tach time. Don’t know if the O2’s with the Moritz do or not. Not spotted in the POH. I could be missing something.
  6. I have a Hobbs meter on my back cabin wall. Where can I find the tach time? I’m equipped with Moritz gauges.
  7. Gear no-back spring... if it hasn’t been replaced it is a costly item to replace. Batteries that won’t pass a stress test. Oxygen bottle replacement if timed out. Auto pilot servo maintenance... ICA’s are often overlooked. This is applicable to all airframes not only the O.
  8. Speculation.... plane failed last annual. Real money has to be spent to fix issue. Only reason I can think of to not have an annual in the log book.
  9. When I bought my Ovation back in Sept. one of the appeals was that I could get a FIKI Ovation with A/C for $260K. A comparable Bonanza would have been $150,000 more. I didn't understand why Bonanza’s were priced so high. I guess it’s all perspective. The planes only worth what someone is willing to pay. I would be priced out of the Ovation market now if the price for this plane is accurate and would have to have gotten a lesser/older model. Good to hear my depreciating asset is an appreciating asset.
  10. If interested in a PPI I would contact Brian Kendrick. He travels and specializes in Ovations. He used to work for the Mooney factory in several capacities. He will find whatever is wrong with it. http://www.mooneysupport.com/
  11. I bought my airplane in September... 2002 2385 hrs, TKS, A/C with a new Continental motor w 285 hrs, a redone interior, 3 blade Top Prop, factory O2, WAAS and was well maintained for $260,000. I spent 6mo looking for Ovations before I settled on this one. From my experience shopping the market the asking price is too high.
  12. Price is not realistic. A $25,000 - $35,000 adjustment downward is in order.
  13. Nothing in the POH. If you can fit in the seat and CG is in limits you are good to go.
  14. Yes... FIKI = 2 alternators. Definitely need TKS flying in the North Country.
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