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  1. Depends on the instructors possible exposure. If he’s within driving distance from his domicile with little local positive population that’s good. If he’s flying up from Miami and taught 8 different students for 40 hrs in the last week that will be an issue! As with any airplane the Ovation has its handling quirks I’d rather learn from someone with experience than finding them out the hard way. A Mooney crashed and stalled at the Lake Placid Airport a few years ago while going around. I guess the nose up trim required for landing can be an issue when adding full power and going around.
  2. The current 8mo owner is an A&P so doubtful he bought the plane with issues. He stated the last plane he owned was a light twin and the Mooney just doesn’t fit him and his needs. He had hoped it would. There was an annual done 9mo ago and it wasn’t by him. So no red flag there. The trip in a 172 would require a checkout for the rental. A 3 day trip in a 172 wouldn’t give me any less exposure to covid19.
  3. I’m going to find an instructor with some ovation time hopefully here in upstate NY/VT to teach me the Mooney tricks. I haven’t flown a light aircraft in 4 years and before that 16yrs. Last 20 yrs I’ve had 1.2 hrs in single engine aircraft. So yeah... need some Mooney familiarity!
  4. I’m looking at a very clean Ovation 1 first owner had it 21 years. Second owner 8mo. Always hangared. 1200TT. Logbook looks good. Compression numbers are good. Th plane is scheduled for a PPI with Don Maxwell. The plane is in one of the 3 hotspot states where COVID is running rampant. I don’t believe it’s safe to get on a commercial flight, stay in hotels, eat in restaurants drive a rental car etc. This isn’t a discussion about my perceptions of COVID risk and if they are legitimate or not. My thoughts on that are my thoughts. Thinking about buying the plane sight unseen after the PPI as long as there aren’t any deal breakers found. Thinking of having a ferry pilot fly it to me. Adjusting to the COVID 19 world!
  5. Great insight Lance! I appreciate all the knowledge you and everyone else who have replied to my newb questions have shared. Mooneyspace has amazing members with an incredible knowledge base! Thanks Guys!
  6. The Ovation Im interested in purchasing came from the factory with a KFC150 AP. The owner later added an Aspen Pro EDF 1000 PFD. It doesn’t appear as if the plane ever had the optional King KAS 297B altitude/vs preselect. If I add the KAS 297B can it be controlled through the Aspen? The Aspen literature says it works with the KFC200. The KFC200 predates the KFC150? Please advise! Much appreciated!
  7. Maui Jim sunglasses makes some of their models in reader. Great glasses!
  8. What is the most reliable method to determine fair market value of an aircraft? So many factors involved. The aircraft condition which can be difficult to determine even with a PPI. The lack of compare able aircraft since no 2 aircraft after 20 years are really compareable even if one rolled off the line right after the other one. The number of hrs will be different. Was it hangared or not. Damage history? Engine condition? Avionics upgrades? Original avionics. Making my head spin. Enlighten me please!
  9. If you look at the AD it gives a list of airframe serial numbers. If I’m correct these are the only airframes that were affected? Because the serial number of the airplane I’m planning on purchasing isn’t on the list yet it has a logbook entry.
  10. Found this on Avweb in an article on the Ovation... ”Air-conditioned Ovations were required to be equipped with a placard specifying the system’s use during cruise operations alone, or owners were to disable the system entirely, under AD 99-11-07. That action responded to what the FAA called “dangerous levels of carbon monoxide during taxi, climb and descent operations.” Which led me to the AD... https://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgAD.nsf/AOCADSearch/A6B3F7EC2F325C6486256A640057D7EA?OpenDocument
  11. Can someone reference “TC2A3”?
  12. I found a log book entry that the AC must be placarded for use in cruise only.
  13. I was contemplating removing the A/C in an Ovation I am considering buying. My thoughts are since the A/C can only be used in cruise flight it’s pretty much pointless. The plane will be kept in a hangar which will keep the plane cool. I’ll regain some useful load and eliminate maintenance costs. I know weight and balance will have to be redone. Has anyone removed the A/C? Is it costly? How much useful load did you regain? Thanks!