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  1. I agree with you on everything especially that some people do very poor inspections and repairs on there aircraft. I brought it up because even if Mooney go out it will be a long time before there will be no way to properly maintain a Mooney.
  2. I am in the process of buying an 1985 J and this changes nothing for me. People still buy and fly Piper Comanches that have not had factory support for a long time. The newest ones are almost 50 years old yet are kept flying.
  3. Can you use 1200 series bendix mags? I have heard they are the best for high altitude aircraft. I have them on my baron and have had only one issue, one needed a condenser. My A&P has them on his 414 he says the 1200 series bendix mag was designed from the ground up to be a high altitude mag hence its size, Where a pressurizing a slick was a after thought.
  4. I bought a set of auto paralleling Zef VRs for a generator powered old Baron. Probably not fair comparing mechanical VR with an external paralleling relay box to a electronic set but they are exceptional in comparison. I replaced them because the mechanical set was difficult to sync and set the voltages right at the same time. In addition it would change with temperature. I have no experience with customer service because I found the instructions to be good and they worked perfectly.
  5. Yes, they agreed to fix all of the issues found during the pre buy and I should be a new Mooney owner the first week of November. I like reading people's stories on here and will be sure to tell mine when the buying process is done.
  6. How is the propeller? Are there any new things you have noticed in the past year?
  7. Like many people I used to like older airplanes because of there better useful load. However, flying a 1967 F model to a 1984 J back to back the difference is very noticeable. Neither are headset off airplane but they definitely get better the newer they are. Both are stock engine wise the F model has had the interior redone but nothing special, the J is very stock it still has the original yellow insulation that will be removed soon. Here are the numbers with this 84 J Taxi 72db Run up 78 db Take off 90db Climb 79db Cruise 77db 67 F Taxi 74db Run up 80db Take off 101db Climb 89db Cruise 88db Given this is a super high end meter I wouldn't put much faith in the numbers from an absolute value but rather the difference between aircraft.
  8. Agreed, my regular trip is 120 miles. I dont care about the speed because of the time it saves, I was concerned there was a problem with the airplane causing the speed loss. After all of the responses here (thank you all) I am not worried about it. TKS and 190 pounds heavier empty weight plus the J had full tanks, the F to the tabs. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you all for the feed back. Sounds like I am trying to figure out a problem that does not exist. I am happy with the prebuy I am not looking for perfection They are motivated sellers and the plane priced accordingly. after flying it I gave them a refundable deposit pending a prebuy inspection. I agreed on there price they agreed to fix everything because I didn't try to beat them down on the normal things that happen to a 30+ year old airplane. I am really excited about the way it is going. Should be mine by the end of the month after they fix the squawk list. Thank you all.
  10. Would you worry about it? I did the prebuy yesterday and it checked out great, found 6 things and they agreed to fix all of them.
  11. Stock vs stock shouldn't the J be faster?
  12. This F model has no speed mods
  13. That's good to hear. I dont care about loosing a few knots but I am concerned that there is a bigger issue causing it. Looking for suggestions as to what would slow it down. I know tks is a few knots.
  14. I am buying a J model and the one I am currently looking at doesn't seem to go as fast as it should. I say that because I have about 250 in a F that goes as fast as the J. I have done a 4 way gps in the J. I plan to do one in the F today. I dropped the J of last night then took th F back home. 43.08110 -76.52940 It looks like they are about the same speed. Neither have any speed mods. The J has TKS The F has a 600 hrs engine the J 170 hrs both done by Penn Yan. The F has a square tip Hartzell, the J a elliptical tip Macauley. I dont know if they are the stock propellers. Reading on here I has found most say an F model is good for 150 knots and a J 160. Any thoughts?