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  1. As it turns out I simply had the cowl flaps rigged flush with the cowl. Made it so there is a half an inch gap when the cowl flaps are closed.
  2. I replaced the original muffler in January because it cracked. I installed a new regular replacement one. Any idea why the dual mag calls for 25 degrees and regular mags call for 20?
  3. They are new, installed in February. I used Gee Bee and they fit like a glove, no rinkles few cuts (like 3) no light makes it through.
  4. what air speed are you climbing at?
  5. About 20-30 degrees. I did what I thought was the easy things. New baffles, checked timing checked fuel flow. Am I missing anything? I climb at 105-110 ias, full rich, 2700 rpm, cowl flaps open. Thats what it takes to keep them below 400 in the summer. If I climb at vy it will sail right past 400. Cruise 25-50 LOP WOT 7000' I need to keep the cowl flaps in trail to keep them below 380. My instructor has a 78 201 with no cooling issues. The only difference is he has removed the dual mag engine and my mechanic said his calls for 20 degrees on the timing where mine is 25. Could that make that much of a difference? Since the day I bought it I have compared it to my friends 67 F and his out performs mine in take off and climb and a little in cruise. That is at gross weight both having a gross weight of 2740. Is the anything that might result in low power and excessive heat?
  6. If Cessna hadn't put 14,700 in the POH I probably would have believed him
  7. The usual Cirrus vs Mooney post made me think of this. Not to often people talk about 152s. I had nice talk with my private/multi instructor. Reminded me of the day I got my private. Like everyone that gets their pilots licence i was excited and I was hanging around the flight school, I couldn't get enough. I had flown only a 152 and I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread even though i knew almost everything out there was bigger faster etc. I was talking about my solo flights and on one of them I climbed to 7000.Then in the background this guy that reminded me of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers said "I can't believe you got it that high". I asked why not the book says it has a 14,700 ceiling. he starts laughing just like the Fat Bastard and said "no way it would ever get that high"!Remember I loved the 152 so i am like Later that day I rented the 152 filed a VFR flight plan so it would show up on flight aware. Filed KASH-KCON-KASH at 14,500. I called ground copied the flight plan and he cleared me to taxi. Halfway to the runway he asked me what I was doing so I told him the story. He clears me for take off and said good luck. I am thinking why doesn't any one think it will make it. I get handed off to approach and then they ask me "what are you intentions?" I tell him and he said with a laugh "altitude your discretion. around 10,000 I got handed of to center, she could care less and was rather busy. Knowing that you can't be above 12,500 for more that 30 min when I passed 12,500 I started the timer. It took 21 min to go from 12,500 to 14,000. Took pictures outside and of coarse the altimeter. I told center I would like to descend to Nashua"proceed as requested. handed back to approach and I said, I made it to 14,000. He said, I know we were all watching and I lost $10 buck to a bet! Back to tower He clears me to land and said I see that you made it up there. he asks what was the point of that? I said because Cessna said I could and someone told me I couldn't.That following Saturday I Showed Fat Bastard the proof and he got mad that proved him wrong. It was hilarious! looking back at it now he reminds me of my 9 year old right before bedtime.In his defense it most likely would not have made it there with him in it.
  8. Reading everything I could on find MS about Powerflow exhausts naturally most people that buy Powerflow exhausts buy them for the performance gain and some are happy some are not. They claim on there website that the lower CHTs. I am interested in one solely for the help with lowering CHT. Those of you that own one even if your not happy with the performance did you see a reduction in CHT?
  9. I used Wings Financial they start at 4.5% but they limit the term to 10 years.
  10. Fortunately it is not. You need to meet the requirements as always but it is there for the taking. Typical loan requirement is 15% down and 5-6% interest for piston singles. That Is based off talking to Dorr Aviation.
  11. As much as $200,000. I think that is insane. It is not like the market is flooded with new 2 door Mooneys. I was pissed when mine was down for a week and $2500 out of my pocket. It wasn't enough for me to spend time going after them. Small claims court at best. $200,000 buys alot of legal services.
  12. If they were identical in every way I suppose, I would think in the real world there would be something different to be the deal breaker. Hours, interior, paint color, options etc. Or a big one in your favor would be availability. Yours next to a picture on a computer of one the will be built in 6 months and I want it now. Based on the way you handled the situation I would bet that an inspection by the very best Mooney person wouldn't be able to tell that anything happened. Like many things for me I am the exception. What does a damage history like that do to it's value?
  13. What does damage like that do to the resale value? Sounds like it was handled with perfection, everything and then some that was affected was replaced by the factory. I am guessing I am the exception but if I was in the market for an Acclaim I wouldn't care.
  14. I had Retrix do the same thing to me a few months ago. They also told me to screw off. Why did the engine need to be redone?
  15. Over torqued like bent the nose gear truss with a tug?