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  1. I have a 64 m20e at the airport I'm working on, let me know when you come to the airport Glenn
  2. I dont know where I saw this topic written about, it may have been here. There was a guy that through trial and error spent a lot of time but not a lot of money trying to duplicate the acf50 spray system. If I recall he decided the acf50 spray system they sell works, makes a great fog, no trial and error. Uses very little product. I'm very handy and cheap, I ended up buying the system thinking I could do my plane and other planes and recoup some of my expense. Havent used it yet, I think I will use it in the next couple of months. Glenn 64 m20e KLOT
  3. I dont have my IA(yet) but I have been maintaining commercial airliners for the last 25 yrs and started dabbling in GA. I have been helping a little flying club with a little work. I noticed that by the time they do their annual they have over 300hrs on the plane with no other maintenance during the year. Even if you are not on a 100hr inspection requirement, not a bad idea to do the recommended hourly maintenance stated in the maintenance manual between annuals.
  4. I do a lot of antique and collector car work on the side, I was shy about charging for work, then it became all consuming. I started charging, nobody went away, they we actually very happy to pay. Over the yrs I have steadily raised my prices. Only lost the cheapskates and those that wasted my time or didnt value my time.
  5. Currently a Concord battery installed. The whole area was painted black. Bulkhead, belly, half of the bottom of the hat rack, shelves. Was this done at the factory? So nasty and dark back there, was thinking about painting white or silver.
  6. Very interested in seeing where the average falls. I am an a&p at american airlines. I just bought a non flying mooney that I am resurrecting. Lots of people stopping by my hangar fishing around for some help with their planes. Have no idea what to charge. Glenn
  7. Finally make some headway on my 1964 m20e. I was cleaning the interior of the aft fuselage. I noticed the bay immediately behind the access panel was all painted black. All the other bays going aft were not painted. I am guessing because the battery is located in that area it was painted to prevent corrosion from acid spill or gases. Black sure makes it difficult to see anything. I'm cleaning out that bay, was thinking about not painting just acf50 or prime and paint with a lighter color. What does your Mooney look like behind the large access panel? Thanks Glenn
  8. They are working on an stc for m20e?
  9. I checked the logbook, it was actually installed in 1968 and they called it a mitchell wing stabilizer, no other documentation. Glenn
  10. Here are the pictures of my aftermarket Mitchell wing leveler installed in 1965
  11. Any possibility of scanning and sending it to me? I searched the internet, not much out there. Any repair shops that might have something? Thanks Glenn
  12. No vac servos, electric drive motor and mechanism attached to aileron tubes behind instrument panel. When I go back to the hangar I will post pics
  13. Mitchell system, definitely not a Britain
  14. It was not installed by mooney, it appears it is a self contained wing leveler, not slaved to any instuments. Box in the tail is a gyro, there is a toggle switch to turn on, a knob to adjust? And a automotive glass fuse that screws onto the panel. There is a motor and associated mechanisms connected to aileron control behind instrument panel. Aftermarket set up