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  1. Thanks for the pics and info. Was trying to convince myself it was worth it. Just got my ppl. This plane I bought hasn't flown in 5yrs. Friend says just make it airworthy and fly it save some money if I have cam corrosion. I I however feel if I am there, I'm going to make it right and make it easy for me. By the way, lasar was kind enough to send me a copy of the stc to determine if it would be a helpful purchase in my aft stub spar endeavour. This stc says the tube does NOT go through the belly panel. Not sure how they want it routed.
  2. Thanks for sending the picture. I was just at the hangar under the airplane and just drilled out the rivets of the 2 center belly panels realizing it's going to be a pain to reinstall. I have a copy of the stc and looks like some stringers and formers get removed. It is going to allow for amazing access. Really looks like it will be a time saver in reassembly after my aft stub spar replacement and in the future for lubrication and inspect. Looks like I'm going to pull the trigger. What antenna is mounted to your panel?
  3. How thick is the panel? How thick at the fwd leading edge and aft edge?
  4. I got my plane for next to nothing, had 2 incidents one in 1965 and then again in the 70s. So much monkey motion in the belly of these planes. Will make it much easier for me to maintain it. Going to have the belly pulled and riveted panels removed. I think it will be a time saver for reassembly and then again a time saver in the future.
  5. I couldn't remember where I saw it for sale, thanks. At $2500 the one at lasar is new and cheaper.
  6. Who makes/markets the carbon fiber belly for the m20e?
  7. Anyone do the smoother belly mod recently on an M20e? I'm in the process of changing the aft stub spar due to corrosion. I have to drill out the 2 riveted panels in the belly and unscrew the other panels. They are dirty, grimy, need paint. A dozen different fastener sizes. Riveting the 2 panels back in will be time consuming. Is this mod a sensible use of time and money? I will be doing all the work myself (ap/ia minimal GA experience) I was looking at the lasar mod. No change in wt and balance. I believe 4 panels are removed, some stringers, lots of screws and cl
  8. Got a few layers peeled away today. The aft stub spar painted white is the gear well side, doesn't look to bad. The other side of the same part shows the real damage. Black marker shows all the popped rivet heads. I dont know when splash guards were installed on the landing gear on mooneys, this one did not have them. Maybe the splash guears could have helped? Glenn
  9. Hoping to have the old one out in a couple of weeks. Typical corrosion in the extrusions a dozen rivet heads popped off from exfoliation corrosion in aft part of gear well
  10. Just want to tell the forum I'm beginning to replace my aft stub spar on a 64 m20e. I was able to find a new one on the forum. I removed the main landing gear and started drilling rivets out. I will drill until it gets too cold in the hangar. Then I will go through the gear in my heated garage. Plane is at klot if anyone wanted to take a look or help. Wish me luck. Glenn
  11. I'm thinking about getting my Inspection Authorization by attending the Baker School of Aeronautics near Nashville. Any opinions or experience from this place? I have worked for American Airlines for 24 years and never needed it, but I own my own plane now that I am trying to resurrect. Thanks Glenn 64 M20E
  12. I am very close to getting my ppl, wife went on an observation flight and loved it. Ended up buying a mooney for next to nothing and we have been working on it together. It should be flying next yr. I should have my ppl next month. I took the wife to oshkosh for an EAA sheet metal class this past winter. I'm lucky to have her. my ex wife was boring and liked to sit on the couch and knit sweaters in the middle of the summer. Hated to travel. Unfortunately my situation is the exception. I knew a guy with a citabria and then started building an rv7. Nobody in his family
  13. I have a 64 m20e at the airport I'm working on, let me know when you come to the airport Glenn
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