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  1. I'm at oshkosh, was planning to find where all the mooneys are parked after the airshow today before I go home. Thanks Glenn 1964 M20E project
  2. I will be attaching some streamers to my homemade devices. Waiting for a hangar also
  3. Thanks for the tip, that will be my next project
  4. I will have to try the plastic owl Thanks Glenn
  5. My project for today was making a guest lock and a device to keep birds from landing on my vertical stabilizer and crapping all over the place. Any other ideas to keep the birds away from my bird? Unfortunately I'm just under a canopy. Glenn 64 m20e Villa park, IL
  6. Insurance and anxiety, that's me right now. I bought a fixer upper 64 m20e dont expect it to fly for another year. I am 48 and working on my ppl, about to solo in a c172, expect to have my license by the end if the year. I'm afraid to call the insurance companies. Thought about insuring it while working on it. Any idea which company I should call. What could I expect to pay as a new pilot? Thanks Glenn Villa park, IL
  7. The engine has under 700 hrs. Prop was overhauled not too long ago and thanks were resealed. I know I have to look at everything again because it's been sitting, but for now I think the airframe has been quite neglected and I have a little bit of catching up to do with that. Glenn
  8. The airframe needs a bit of work, but Shane gave me the confidence that I could manage it myself. Focus for now is cleaning it up(nests and poop in the tail), accessing the airframe, going over the rods and rod ends. Lubricate everything, acf50 I don't know when I'm going to have time to do my flight training. Very excited about working on this bird. Glenn
  9. Hi. I'm new to the forum. Been lurking while I sort of fell into a 64 m20e basket case. I have spent the last few weeks inspecting the aircraft before purchase. I am A&P , very little experience in GA, been at American airlines for most of my career. This aircraft was fairly well maintained up until several years ago when prev owner got tired of costly thorough annuals.after nearly a decade of short cut annuals, The owner got what he paid for. Now he had a basket case on his hands and I got it for a bargain.....I think. It is currently 4 yrs out of annual. Plan on going through the whole aircraft and bring it up to a safe condition. I visited the Mooney center in New Jersey. The guys there were great, gave me tips and a lot of confidence to move fwd with this plane. I dont have a pilots license, I'm 10 hrs into my training in a 172. I'm in the Chicago area, aircraft is currently at KLOT Louis univ airport. It's parked under the canopy is out there, feel free to stop by and chat I will be out there a lot trying to resurrect this aircraft. Glenn Villa park, IL