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  1. I checked the logbook, it was actually installed in 1968 and they called it a mitchell wing stabilizer, no other documentation. Glenn
  2. Here are the pictures of my aftermarket Mitchell wing leveler installed in 1965
  3. Any possibility of scanning and sending it to me? I searched the internet, not much out there. Any repair shops that might have something? Thanks Glenn
  4. No vac servos, electric drive motor and mechanism attached to aileron tubes behind instrument panel. When I go back to the hangar I will post pics
  5. It was not installed by mooney, it appears it is a self contained wing leveler, not slaved to any instuments. Box in the tail is a gyro, there is a toggle switch to turn on, a knob to adjust? And a automotive glass fuse that screws onto the panel. There is a motor and associated mechanisms connected to aileron control behind instrument panel. Aftermarket set up
  6. Hi, My 1964 M20E had a mitchell wing leveler installed in 1965. The box in the tail section is 1c359 mitchell gyro amplifier. Does anyone have an owners manual? Installation manual? Wire diagrams? Does anyone repair, support, supply parts for this system. I out power to it and the gyro fired up. Plane wont be flying for next several months, going through it. Thanks Glenn
  7. You can sign me up for a set of travel boards for my 64 m20e, when it come time to put some money down on a set, let me know. Thanks Glenn
  8. Now that mooney is closed and maybe for a while, maybe we can revisit the travel boards. I have a 1964 m20e and I am interested in acquiring a set of travel boards. I would like to buy them or if there is any data out there so that I can have the made locally. Thanks Glenn
  9. Tried to get my info into my profile. Stub spar has corrosion, had a mooney center check the factory. All parts were on hand to assemble the stub spar. Planned to order next week. Looks like I might have to go a different direction.
  10. 1964 m20e sn#311 Lewis University airport, Romeoville, illinois KLOT
  11. Help! I need parts! Need a stub spar built by mooney, planned on ordering it next week.
  12. Looks like newer mooney part has teflon in the rod end. Probably not a good idea to braze.
  13. I would love to know who your bushing vendor is. Thanks Glenn