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  1. Check your induction and ignition systems, (mags switch and wires, mixture and throttle controls, carburetor, spark plugs, mags, spark plugs and wires) Then check fuel system, pump operation and fuel selector, make sure no water in the tanks. Do you have engine monitor? It sounds to me more like mixture issue, just my thoughts I'm not mechanic. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. I have 68 M20C which doesn't have gear handle, I got the Johnson bar in the bottom middle, I didn't know about the flush mount until we got the final panel cut, it doesn't look bad like this at all, the cost to do the left panel was $400, I didn't do the right panel as I'm looking to autopilot next year, dual G5s installation took15 hrs, gns430w installation took 20 hrs.
  3. Here's the latest update, the airplane is almost ready, adsb installed and all wires are done, waiting to do the pitot static inspection and adsb performance chack, we had a problem in the G430w and it's being sorted out soon, next week should be ready.
  4. I had the G5's installed last week waiting on GFC500 to be my next step, I don't like to go to truetrak if GFC500 is available for sure.
  5. The picture was at Camarillo Airport on a standard pressure and temperature spring day, today at Brackett field MP was at 27.5" on ground when engine was off and I could see 28.7" in the Altimeter window
  6. I usually see 28" on ground near sea-level and standard conditions
  7. Hello Mooniacs Since I bought my airplane I noticed that my Manifold Pressure gauge reads 28" when departing with full throttle from sea-level airport , I reviewed some pictures from different dates and different altitudes and here's what I noticed the MP readout with WOT and 2500RPM : Sea-level , 2700RPM : 28" (attached Picture) 4,000 ft, 2500RPM : 24" 6,000 ft, 2500RPM : 22" 8,000 ft, 2500RPM : 20" 10,000 ft, 2500RPM :19" 11,000 ft, 2500RPM : 18" 12,000 ft, 2500RPM : 17" 15,000 ft, 2500RPM :15" What do you think? , are these normal numbers or should I investigate any issues? Thanks in advance for your support. Moustafa Janat
  8. https://lasar.com/tie-downs/tie-down-jack-point-combo-ss-tie-down-wing?rq=Tie down If LASAR Don't have them in stock and you need them urgently then you can use screw with washers from home depot, you may find the appropriate size from other posts
  9. Wow, this is really useful, that's exactly what I was looking for, much appreciated.
  10. Thank you very much, I'll make sure it'll be on my panel somewhere in front of me , I have done many approaches in my mooney but i was looking to see those tips , and I'm really considering going to MAPA course to master it.
  11. Thank you, I'm checking if i can make it to UT on that weekend , much appreciated!!
  12. Thanks for the information, I'll try to make it Ogden UT next October