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  1. I did mine with everything still in the panel. Having fingers like ET helps, but it really wasn't all that hard. The hardest part was putting the micro switch back on the throttle cable.
  2. Now is the time to replace them. Yes it is possible, I did mine last year. You have to do some of it by braile with your head in the passanger foot well but it can be done in an afternoon.
  3. That sucks. Mine broke at the other end last year. Wait till you get the price?
  4. I'm planning on being there as well.
  5. C-GHIJ

    Geographic member locations

    Great idea, can you please send me the link.
  6. C-GHIJ

    Incredibly Rewarding, yet Humbling Experience

    Very nice story...Ive had many dealings with the mennonites. All have been genuine and honest. I sometimes wonder who has the better lifestyle with as crazy and hectic ours can be.
  7. C-GHIJ

    Do I have the oldest M20C ever?

    You got me beat.. mine is a 1961 serial number 2040
  8. C-GHIJ

    Nose art?

    I like it. just don't get one of Marauder's girls for the art....the cowl won't be big enough. LOL
  9. C-GHIJ

    Mooney Mechanics and Best PPI Shops

    Try Canada. Your dollar goes a lot farther up here. My local MSC (Tri City Aero) does a great job at maintianing quite a few Mooneys. I highly recommend them to anyone.
  10. Would have loved to have mine lazer etched but will have to live with the labels for now.
  11. I have a job in aviation. That's why I have to do this myself. On what we make, can't afford to pay anybody.LOL
  12. I was going to use a label maker or Letraset (showing my age). The panel is pretty basic but cost me less than a hundred bucks so far (and a lot of time). Old panel was a terrible mess and all chopped up. Didn't get to work on her this weekend due to family commitments (gotta keep the wife happy. LOL) Hope to get back at it this week.
  13. It is the original ARC unit installed in 1962. Still works. Pretty basic but fine for a VFR aircraft.
  14. y latest project on the old girl is to install a new panel. The old left side was the shot gun style and was original form 1962. The right side had been butchered a few times over the years and looked REAL ugly. I removed ALL of the old panel back to the tube frame work. Layed out the new one in auto cad and cut it out of .063 aluminum. Bent the side return into the left side panel. Here are a few shots of the project so far.
  15. C-GHIJ

    Buying near major overhaul

    Go for the higher timed engine. I did that when I bought mine 5 years ago and still going strong.