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  1. Bryan, according to the FAA registry, N78911 is the first C model registered in their database, with serial number 1940. Really like your paint job!
  2. I'm almost at 11N, New Milford CT USA. As soon as a get my Mooney!
  3. Chris, sounds like a plan! Good luck with the plane and the partnership. I'm sure all will go well for you! Roger
  4. I'd like to see a list of members by state, or geographic location with a state. That way, if you are traveling to an area for a trip, you can contact by PM or post those who are in the area to meet up or give local advice (best restaurants, lodging etc.). It shouldn't be difficult to do with the member information currently available. Obviously, a member not wanting to be listed can either opt out, or just not give that info as part of their profile. Roger
  5. Welcome aboard! Congrats on the new plane. As far as updating, IMHO just fly the plane for now, don't do anything until you're very comfortable with her, then decide what works and what doesn't, take your time and replace what you want.
  6. With all due respect to everyone here, Chrixxer (what is your name by the way...) is an aviation attorney. Come on folks, this is his profession. If he can't write a suitable legal partnership agreement who can? Like other parts of the body, everyone has an opinion, and it is just an opinion not fact. What works for one may not work our for another. Leave the guy alone, and whatever he decides is his choice. If it works out, great, if not, partnerships of any kind can be dissolved. To the op, I think that by asking the members here about your personal partnership agreement, all you
  7. Anthony, don't want to hijack this thread. Maybe my old eyes are deceiving me, but the only posts I saw were about sewing interiors, not making a canopy cover. No big deal. Just wanted to know if any of the seamstresses here have sewn a canopy cover themselves.
  8. I know this might seem ridiculous, but has anyone attempted to make their own canvas cover? I have made several for cars and small boats, but never a plane. With the price of a good custom cover, it might make sense for those with the time. Roger
  9. Paul, great suggestion about the DIY screens, great idea! Jim, I never heard of Planecover.com, got to check them out. Once again folks, these "tip and tricks" should be in their own forum category to make them easier to find later on. Roger
  10. Mods, IMHO we need a "tips and tricks" category on the forum. There are so many valuable time saving suggestions given by members over the years that they should be in their own category. For example, best places to get Mooney mods, to best ways to mount an iPad, to best way to search the forum etc. Being in one single category, would condense it all in one place, and would make finding the info much easier. Seems like a relatively easy thing to do, and would benefit everyone here. Roger
  11. I realize that this is an older thread, but TJ's suggestion is really great! Didn't know you can search that way. Another technical recommendation that should be in its own "tips and tricks" category of the forum. Roger
  12. Good advice Steven, plus there are enough dentists on MS that if you ask nicely, they might just sent you a couple! On another note, I had my M20C based first at HWV and then FRG at the charlie hangers.
  13. This is such a great thread. Very important and useful information. IMHO it is time that the mods create another category on the forum just for modifications and how to's.
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