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  1. I did see that and should have mentioned it, but upon visual inspection the eccentric is riveted in place. No six screws around shaft. Suppose we could drill it out, rotate, drill a new hole and rivet again but it's gonna be really hard to get it in the right place on the first try. I'll try to get some pictures with the cover off when I'm at the airport tomorrow.
  2. Gents, I've searched and gone through a few old threads about trim being stuck or difficult to move but I have the opposite problem. After trimming for level flight I can occasionally watch the trim wheel rotate slowly to a nose down position. The picture below was revised in '66 but I have a '62. My trim assembly does NOT have the 4 nuts to loosen or the two vertical bolts that could be used to tighten the chain. The box is riveted together as one assembly with no obvious adjustment possible. The trim jack screw assembly in the tail was rebuilt by Lasar a few years ago and I'm not sure what else to check. Any advice is appreciated. Here's one like mine on Ebay: And this one is more like the picture:
  3. Mine have a clevis pin secured by a cotter pin. Discussed in this thread:
  4. Interesting. I assumed bottom mount would nearly eliminate this. I was literally pondering moving mine to the bottom during my upcoming annual because of this: IMG_0752.MOV
  5. Thanks, but per a previous thread I think he sent his off to AGL. I'm going to try to keep it local but have not completely ruled out more distant options.
  6. Oh that'd be great! Not in a hurry so I can definitely wait until things normalize a bit. I'll PM you down the line. Really appreciate the offer.
  7. Familiar with the previous threads and the alternatives, although I don't think I have the attach points for the turnbuckle idea.
  8. Before I go through the trouble of making my own out of square tube I figured I'd ask: Does anyone near southeast Michigan have shock disk compression tool/tools for rent or borrow? I'm willing to pick up and promise to return promptly.
  9. Used them quite a bit before I relocated to the Midwest. Len and Bob are good guys but it's been about 5 years. First one will always be a little more $ as they are unfamiliar with the plane.
  10. To prevent being PM'd with a bunch of questions, please be specific with the model. All of my M20C time might not translate well to ferry an Acclaim and I don't want to assume we are talking about the E in your avatar info.
  11. I have. I didn't see the point in totally stripping/resealing a tank that wasn't leaking. 5 years later it's still holding up.
  12. Hi Walter, sorry to hear of your troubles. Perhaps the bad taste will fade and you won't have to sell so hastily. That said, pictures and an equipment list will certainly help will attract potential buyers. But potential buyers by want more details on what went on with that maintenance trip. Good luck.
  13. These guys rebuilt mine for closer to $750. Make sure you send the all of the pipes, they will need to put everything together on the jig for proper fit.