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  1. I wouldn’t ever buy an airplane without trying to enlist as many people as I can!
  2. Totally, I’m sorta joking about the dogs. We are childless for now but thatll change in the future. I would like something that we could grow into a little and maybe hang onto for awhile. And it seems from a cost/performance standpoint it just sorta make sense. Wife doesn’t love to fly so I figured maybe stick her in the back seat where she can lounge would be good. Thanks for the numbers. It’s tight but I think we’d just leave early/late. Thanks for running the numbers!
  3. Awesome! I’m excited to check it out. I think it would suit us pretty well. I mean 145kts is pretty quick, I could be happy with that. Plus I love how simple mooneys are. I think they are just sorta the sweet spot (truth be told I also like the cardinal- but cabin and what not)
  4. Right?! So I trained in 172’s and Cubs, but never really got to fly much else. Took a ride in a M20C and was blown away. It’s awesome, shockingly comfortable and the speed! Loved it! This G, while might be a little slower seems awesome. Just worried about high DA takeoffs. Durango is plenty long (wanna say 6000 feet of runway) how would this do out of a 7000 foot msl airport? Can I at least count on 500 fpm? It’s funny about avionics- I fly an A320 and couldn’t care less to look at glass. I just want an iPad and good radios. I learned at an airport with an off the field ndb in the
  5. Yes that’s exactly the airplane I was looking at recently. Contacted the broker went to voicemail- figured since the market is tight maybe someone had already looked at that airplane. I was being a little tongue in cheek- of course my dogs can fit. I like the short body airplanes just fine, but the extra length would come in handy.
  6. Hi! First time poster thinking of buying my first airplane. Found a G model on hanger67.com (can’t seem to post the link to it- attached is a flyer from the website) Was very interested on this model as it’s got the 0-360 (pretty simple and reasonable for Mx costs) but a little longer fuselage to haul the dogs in the back seat (they are 8lbs and 20lbs- I think would fit anywhere!) Anyways, the main mission is KSDL to KDRO (Scottsdale to Durango). I know we couldn’t pull this off in the middle of summer mid day (DA would be awful and the turbulence... blah) but if we kept the G
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