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  1. I have. I didn't see the point in totally stripping/resealing a tank that wasn't leaking. 5 years later it's still holding up.
  2. Hi Walter, sorry to hear of your troubles. Perhaps the bad taste will fade and you won't have to sell so hastily. That said, pictures and an equipment list will certainly help will attract potential buyers. But potential buyers by want more details on what went on with that maintenance trip. Good luck.
  3. These guys rebuilt mine for closer to $750. Make sure you send the all of the pipes, they will need to put everything together on the jig for proper fit.
  4. I bought some foam plugs at CVS that were rated slightly higher in terms of dB (32?) and wear them under by Bose A20s. A lot less ringing now after a long day of instructing.
  5. @RLCarter How do you actually remove the handle? Is it just the nut in the little hole or is there more to it? Mine doesn't move as freely as I think it should so I want remove/clean/lube. On jacks of course.
  6. Other items aside, I wouldn't pass on a plane just because of a leaky tank. It's a common repair with well established costs. If you can successfully negotiate this into the price you end up with freshly sealed tanks going forward and it's one less thing to worry about. Of course there will be some downtime and inconvenience involved. If the owner knew about the leak and didn't mention it that is a whole different red flag. Good luck with the hunt.
  7. Funny you mention that. On 2 recent local flights I too was amazed at the volume of traffic in ForeFlight with Stratux. Then I noticed that only one or two of them would be displayed on the traffic page of my 430W. Never had any of them in sight and am wondering if there is some spoofing going on. I’ll try to remember to take some screenshots if it happens again.
  8. This describes mine as well. It also had to be further modified when I had my oil filter adapter installed.
  9. Had a friend who both polished and brushed his RV7. Looks pretty cool when the sun catches it just right. He has since painted it though.
  10. I don’t see why not. They make very good regional travelers. Get a realistic weight including crew, gear and luggage and be sure anything you look at will be able to carry the load.
  11. No doubt there are other students that are in the same boat. Perhaps the conditions are right for a partnership or to form a flying club and purchase a suitable trainer. If you only own a share it might be easier to move on from.
  12. Did he mention the schedule? Most reseal shops have a little bit of a backlog, from weeks to several months. Being an MSC they could give the plane a once over/post purchase inspection while it's in for reseal as well. Let us know how it goes, always happy to see someone get an old bird flying again. Sounds like the tanks are only one of the big ticket items of immediate concern...
  13. From your description it would seem that the seller knew about the leak. So if I was the buyer I'd have to wonder what else is he/she isn't telling me. If you decide to proceed, you are likely very near KTTD Troutdale, OR. Advanced Aircraft is a well respected MSC around here and they do full strip/reseals. I had them do one side of my C back around 2015 or so, initial quote was $3750. In my case I needed some nutplates replaced on the tank panels that pushed the price up a few hundred if I remember correctly. Completely satisfied with their work. If you can negotiate the cost of repair into the purchase price maybe you'll come out ahead. Either way it needs to be fixed and there is downtime/travel costs involved. Good luck-
  14. I flew into Calvados Meadows a few times when I was living in North Las Vegas, good folks. Participated in several Young Eagles events there. Good times, good luck with the hunt.