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  1. I flew into Calvados Meadows a few times when I was living in North Las Vegas, good folks. Participated in several Young Eagles events there. Good times, good luck with the hunt.
  2. Agree, ball on the Castleberry still used for coordination and the formula I learned for rate of turn is: airspeed / 10 times 1.5. In other words, 100/10 = 10, X 1.5 = 15, which is very close to Jetdrivens 17. Second example is within half a degree.
  3. I lean towards yes if the “Limitations” section of your required documents (POH or AFM) list a max CHT. Without the gauge you would have no way of knowing whether or not you are complying with said limitations. I’m not familiar with the 830, but the STC or flight manual supplement should state whether or not that function/guage can be replaced by the 830.
  4. Mine are threaded but that could just be a difference in model year. I know a few other owners on a separate/older thread had press in style as well. Piece that came out resembled a hollow set screw. Replaced with these: Alemite 3018 Special Thread Fitting, Straight, #6 UNF-2A @pilot_jb I’m just across town at Grosse Ile (ONZ) might have to meet up for a lunch run sometime.
  5. The fitting for your forward trunion is definitely gone. I had to use a small Allen wrench to remove the remainder of mine. It unscrewed easily, just needed to get something in there.
  6. Saw this on EBay while I was looking for something non-related. Not sure if it’s a candidate or not but figured I’d mention:
  7. I described these to Dan about two years ago and he knew exactly what I was talking about. $5 a piece if I remember correctly, removed from a salvage plane.
  8. My old tubes were similar and would rip on the back side where it is being stretched. I switched to Aero Classics with 90 degree stems to stop the tearing, but I can’t say they hold air very well. Have to add a few psi every 2-3 weeks it seems. Would be interested to know what others are using as well. For reference, here’s what I have now:
  9. Possibly the best first post ever. Welcome and fly safe.
  10. Is the G1000 WAAS? If not I thought I heard those parts for upgrade are hard to come by but could be wrong. $$$
  11. These guys did mine last annual. If I remember correctly we also had to send the 4 stacks so they cloud line everything up on the jig properly. Not sure about the tail pipe though.
  12. They rebuilt mine for about $170 a few years ago. Worth every penny, they’ve done it a few times.
  13. Replaced my green one with this, used part number printed on the old one: