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  1. lamont337

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    Every once in a while an F with a Ray Jay will pop up. Rare but might be a nice compromise.
  2. lamont337

    Grease zerk

    On my 62C they are threaded. I recently replaced them with the following: To remove the old remnants, I used a 1.5mm hex and applied very slight side pressure. Both came right out but of course you have to be very careful not to break the hex/Allen wrench off inside. Both came out with zero resistance, simply unscrewed. Suggest a LockNLube so you don't break the new ones.
  3. lamont337

    20C sitting a while

    Not every plane that has been sitting is scrap and not every engine that has been sitting needs an overhaul, my plane is proof of that. It flew less than 100 hours in the decade before purchase and the engine is running strong 400 hours later. Or at least regular oil changes, filter inspections and oil analysis seem to indicate as such. Your mileage may vary wildly of course. Were my maintenance costs initially higher? Perhaps, but how do we really quantify this? And if my engine started making metal tomorrow would I still blame it on sitting? Am I out of that danger zone? What if I only get to 1900 hours? Have I had more luck than the majority of folks who buy older planes? Who knows.
  4. lamont337

    Grease zero location for main gear

    Search Amazon for: “Alemite Special Thread Straight Fitting 6-40 UNF-2A - 3018” Or just: “6-40 UNF-2A - 3018” I bought 4 recently and bought a LocknLube so I won’t break the new ones
  5. Read item 3 on page 2 of the STC document for aircraft not specifically mentioned.
  6. Even a working compass is full of errors ANDS and UNOS? Something like that... There were no compass turns during my check ride in September. If there were, I would have had to remove my foggles to see the compass way up on the center post which seems to defeat the purpose. I would have resorted to using either GPS track or timing during standard or 1/2 standard rate turns. Consider why we do compass turns in the first place: in case we lose heading info due to a vacuum failure. In the age of CRM, even as a single pilot, use everything at your disposal to get yourself on the ground. This includes anything else still functional in your panel as well as ATC. Have you tried a practice PAR or SAR approach? Cool stuff.
  7. lamont337

    need help with Foreflight

    Yup, sorry Don. At the very top click “United States” then scroll down to tap/deselect the individual states. In the picture above you’ll notice green check icons and blue download icons. Only the green ones have been downloaded already and can therefore be deleted. The blue ones have not been downloaded yet and will disappear when you deselect the state as mentioned above.
  8. lamont337

    need help with Foreflight

    Knew it. It’s a common Apple thing. You can delete texts and emails this way as well.
  9. lamont337

    need help with Foreflight

    Swipe the individual line/state to the left to reveal the delete button.
  10. lamont337

    Sun n Fun 2018

    “Because I was inverted.”
  11. Not sure of your exact location but I had a positive experience with an assisted annual at Lapeer Aviation recently. Located at D95. As for Tiffin, my instructor uses them exclusively for his C182 and they have a very nice FBO. I plan to use them to balance my prop in the near future.
  12. lamont337

    New Member - Need Trusted Advice

    Johnson bar: Years of sweat/oil from hands can do that to the finish i suppose. If the finish is that much of an eye sore the parts can probably be removed during annual and re-chromed. DIY kits exist, or perhaps a local motorcycle shop can help you out. Discuss with your future mechanic. What really caught my eye is the slight wear mark in the down lock block. A worn block can possibly lead to the gear bar coming loose unexpectedly. The inside of the block can be inspected with the plane on jacks and looking up into the block. Replacement block if necessary is $390 from Lasar. Nice picture of a worn one on their page: Fuel tank panel: Obviously removed and reinstalled at some point as mentioned above. Logs will hopefully tell you how long ago. If it wasn't logged it would be a pretty big red flag for me. Tank repairs are expensive. Pucks: Given the flexible nature of the shock disk we shouldn't expect the paint to stay put. As @Hyett6420 says above, the condition of the rubber is more important. If anything the paint hides that condition from inspection. The proper way to measure the compression is outlined in the maintenance manual, screen shot below. How did the rest of the wheel well look?
  13. lamont337

    Pathfinder P3B Autopilot

    @kerry is this what you had/have?
  14. lamont337

    1962 M20C For Sale - Out of Annual

    Wasn’t someone on here looking for a 48 gallon wing not too long ago? I don’t remember how that ended up.