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  1. lamont337

    Seemingly Stiff Elevator Control

    Does it feel the same on the ground as it does in flight?
  2. It'll be packed on a holiday weekend like this of course, ramp space may be hard to come by. Worth it if you can get in though. Also the Mackinac Bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic from 0600-1200 Monday morning, FYI.
  3. lamont337

    Engine Mounts: I guess it was time

    None installed before or after. Lowers could use at the small shims but we are happy with the improvement so far. Will consider adding them at annual.
  4. lamont337

    Fuels smell in cabin

    For the same reason you would overhaul your engine and hope to god you don’t have to do it again anytime soon. Or your alternator. Or vacuum pump... Everything wears out. What year is your plane? If you still have original sealant in there I’d say it had a good run. The youngest M20F is over 40 years old. Done properly it may last decades. Sealant inside the cabin is a very good indicator that it was not done properly. Some specialty shops that do this warrant their work for up to 7 years, a pretty good start.
  5. lamont337

    Where to Find Replacement Exhaust?

    I used AWI to rebuild what was left of my muffler earlier this year, interior baffles were just about gone. Sent in the pipes along with it so they could put everything on their jig and make sure all of the angles were correct. I don’t think they really did any work on the pipes themselves but I’d have to check the work order. Suggest sending everything out to get a real estimate before pulling the trigger on power flow. Are the pipes salvageable or nearly?
  6. lamont337

    IFR Setup

    Don’t forget the annunciators/CDI
  7. lamont337

    IFR Setup

    My first thought was also approaches in the area. After that, I’m wondering what you want to do first: actually get your rating or upgrade the plane. If the rating is more important in the short term you could start training with what you have and go from there. You could also rent for a few lessons to get experience on approach types you are not currently equipped for.
  8. lamont337

    Engine Mounts: I guess it was time

    Yes, barely. Once the mounts were out of position it allowed me to pull the bolt out at a slight angle.
  9. lamont337

    Engine Mounts: I guess it was time

    Assisted my IA, 4 hours so far. Took all the intakes and exhaust off, lower cowl and battery box also. Lots of stuff in the way.
  10. Noticed recently that my spinner was wearing a slight groove in the top of my Lasar cowl closure. I was already planning on replacing my engine mounts at annual but this discovery’s moved up the time line. Bottom mounts were half their original size. Clearance between the ground and the tip of the prop improved by .75 inches. Kinda mad I waited so long. Can’t wait to see how everything lines up once reassembled but we’re waiting on some gaskets and seals. No shims, hoping we won’t need them. For others that have been through this, did you need shims?
  11. What model transponder is installed? An ADS-B transponder likely has a waas position source. Required for ADS-B out but will be of no use for navigation. To verify the equipment is working properly you can pull a report here: A WAAS GPS navigator is usually desirable but your mission should define whether or not you actually need one.
  12. lamont337

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    Every once in a while an F with a Ray Jay will pop up. Rare but might be a nice compromise.
  13. lamont337

    Grease zerk

    On my 62C they are threaded. I recently replaced them with the following: To remove the old remnants, I used a 1.5mm hex and applied very slight side pressure. Both came right out but of course you have to be very careful not to break the hex/Allen wrench off inside. Both came out with zero resistance, simply unscrewed. Suggest a LockNLube so you don't break the new ones.