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  1. Young Eagles

    Since your in Vegas get with EAA Chapter 1300, based at HND. I flew YE flights with them in my C several times. Lots of 2 seat RVs in the group so having 4 seats was a big plus. Lots of non-owners in the group too for someone looking for a partner...
  2. I found that 16 inches and gear down kept me in the glide slope very well during training. No flaps as it just required more power with rising CHTs. Knowing how long/far it takes to go from level cruise to 10 mph under gear speed is also good. On missed approach I go full throttle, positive rate and dip for the gear. With no autopilot I want the checklist items as few as possible. No flaps or second throttle position to worry about.
  3. Lessons learned

    The spiral notebook on my knee board fills this role. Date, tach, airport info, comm freqs, etc. As it is intended to be a permanent record, I also use it to record my VOR receiver checks and maintenance items such as oil added. Very handy to be able to go back and review.
  4. Adding brake fluid

    Reservoir is under the pilot side avionics panel in front of the wind screen. This reservoir is shared between the brakes and flaps, with the brake line being lower. If your hydraulic fluid is low you will lose flaps first so unless you are also having a flap problem I wouldn't think adding fluid will solve a brake issue.
  5. At 2650 hours maybe it's worth the peace of mind. Plus it's probably nice to choose the timing as opposed to suddenly being forced to OH by finding a bunch of metal in the filter.
  6. Changing airport elevations

    Depends on where the measurement is taken on the field as well. Port Angeles elevation is listed as 291 but the Touch Down Zone Elevation listed for the ILS 8 is 284.
  7. As posted in another similar thread: Fore flight 9.4.3 released 10/25/17 is supposed to fix this issue. Will try to test in the next day or so.
  8. Stratux ADS-B Dropping in an out

    Fore flight 9.4.3 released 10/25/17 is supposed to fix this issue. Will try to test in the next day or so.
  9. Stratux ADS-B Dropping in an out

    I mentioned this in another thread, here's a link to the Stratux discussion:
  10. I've been getting "ADS-B Disconnected" warnings ever since a recent Foreflight update, not sure which version exactly as there have been a few recently. WiFi symbol on the iPad remains but GPS and ADS-B info disappear. I'm assuming many others who use Stratux and FF are experiencing this as well. Topic is discussed here: Consensus seems to be its a FF issue as Cyoung (Stratux whiz/creator?) was able to reproduce with a Scout ADS-B unit as well.
  11. YIP is an option as well, closer than ARB and better services than ONZ.
  12. I'm based at ONZ and while we don't have an official FBO the city of Grosse Ile does have someone at the desk in the building from 8-5. Could probably reserve the crew car if you called ahead.
  13. Manual gear: Early on it can be a struggle to slow down below gear speed. This makes you pull the throttle all the way out and before you know it the gear alarm is blasting your ear drums. Reaching into the gear block to hold the switch stops the alarm as you patiently bleed off airspeed.
  14. Stratux Mount

    Mine is on the floor of the baggage area. Bought a long USB cable for power and ran it under the side panels. Remote mounted the antennas to the rear window. It's all very out of the way and comes on with the master switch. There is some additional cost for the remote antennas but I prefer the cleaner/hidden install. Will take pics when I get a chance.