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  1. She's just about perfect with that johnson bar and all--GLWS!
  2. They were $40 off as I recall, non-prescription though. Second the QT Halo recommendation as well with custom ear molds. I got the ear molds based on Paul's recommendation and they are better than any Bose, Lightspeed or DCs I've even owned.
  3. Method 7 Altitude Wraps Sky 18% tint. Got them at OSH last year. Awesome...
  4. In my C the SOS is on the interior side of the firewall. can;t access it without opening up the avionics bay.
  5. Would appreaciate a pic as well. Mine is super cold with *no* heat in the back...
  6. No doubt you got hosed by the controller trying to squeeze you in, perhaps, trying to do you a favor. It would be interesting to listen to the tapes and see if they applied "first come, first served." Of course controllers should consider aircraft characteristics so that the flow is operationally advantageous to all NAS users. Having said that there could be more going than you were made aware of. But my bet is that the controller set up a bad landing sequence trying to expedite everyone and they only way to prevent the jet from going around or just eating you up was to send you around. Bad judgement are made very day, some are just more obvious than others.
  7. Great PIREP--thanks for sharing. Keep us up to date on the plug situation. All issues considered would you recommend switching to Surefly or staying with the legacy mags?
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I'm really trying to get away from all of the legacy gear and clean up the panel and not have to fix things twice. I see more GPS approaches at the places that I fly than VORs and more GPS/VOR than ILS ten fold. This leads me to question the need to invest in a secondary and tertiary navigation means.
  9. Yes, I'm curious if the above outage will have an effect on ATL, CLT, CHS, etc. That's a big swath of airspace with decent traffic in it.
  10. @rbridgesGood point on the radio as I've heard the 155s are better sounding than most modern radios. I also realize they are old radios and Comm 1 is losing the top segment of the 1st digit occasionally--transmits and receives well. Comm 2 is money, display is clear and knobs are smooth. I was going to use a GTR225 to replace Comm. My goals was to get in and get our and not have to go back any time soon.
  11. Happy holidays - I'm getting close to narrowing down my avionics shop as I try to bring my M20C up to date. I currently have 2 KX155s feeding a dual VOR setup with one that has a glideslope. I'm second guessing my choice to replace both KXs with modern radios and pull both VORs and replace with a GNX375. The only reason I'm wavering is due to the IFR weather alternate requirements for WAAS equipped aircraft. WIth that in mind I'm reconsidering installing a navigator that will take advantage of the VOR and ILS antenna such as an Avidyne 440 or 540. To help frame this a bit better I'm not necessarily looking to shoot approaches to minimums and really think that non-precision alternate minimums should be sufficient but I wanted another perspective to ensure I'm not being short sighted.
  12. Here's pics of the system including: -breather sleeve that reaches past the whistle hole - the dipstick tube stopper - and the overall set-up Again, it was a reasonably quick project. Cheers, brian