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  1. I would be interested in newer style yokes for my C with PTT on both. Good luck!
  2. That's dirty Clarence! Thanks to all for the panel pics--lots of good ideas. At this point, I will likely just press with the JPI EDM install for safety, awareness and engine longevity purposes.
  3. Congrats to all! Nice ride.
  4. I like your panel and your yokes @Bob_Belville--thanks for sharing.
  5. The budget isn't unlimited and to be fair I don't really know what it is. It could be $10k - $12k each year for upgrades.... It would be harder (and I'd be less impatient to wait...) to generate $30k at once but avionics shops are slow and pricey now... @gsxrpilot I thought you already had the Aspen/IFD combo in your plane. What's the purple lips looking control next to your prop control knob? I like your yokes--I "need" drilled PTT....there's something else on my list @carusoam I don't know where this begins or ends. I chose a Mooney because of this community, the cost operational efficiency and how it flew. It could be a forever plane or an almost forever plane. Time to look at HSIs!
  6. I'm caught in the cone of confusion regarding the best path to upgrade my plane and would like some counsel from my MS friends. I've read all these threads on avionics upgrades and I'd like some thoughts on my situation. My primary interest was in a EDM-900 while it was on sale this month. I was/am looking to do it right--CIES fuel sensors, carb temp probe, etc. Since my panel is all original my intent was to take care of the right side panel and remove the Garwin gauges, LORAN, ADF, RPM gauge, manifold and fuel pressure gauge as well. All told this is about a $9k project for this phase. The reason I wanted the EDM 900 is that I have ~200 hrs on a remanufactured engine and I'd like to get as much life out of it as I can. I don't feel I get enough fidelity from the factory gauges to even let me lean it properly or even monitor CHTs. The rub... We all saw the G3X touch was recently released. Additionally I've began my instrument training and feel I will "need" a navigator or a GPS solution of some sorts. Although there are many VOR and ILS airports nearby, my homedrome only has GPS based approaches (and a VOR/DME but I don't have DME). So the question is would I be better off in the long run doing a singular but larger upgrade that addresses ADS-B, PFD/MFD with integrated EIS and a GPS nav system? I have read the engine monitor discussion thread where @gsxrpilot comments strongly about the value of a dedicated engine monitor versus an integrated system buried behind menus. Final comment, I am hoping to remain free from Garmin. I know it works but I'd like to have an inter-operable system that gives me some flexibility for whatever the future may hold. I'd do Dynon if it was certified (and relased), Avidyne or whatever else. Like many I'm hoping that the recent Garmin release will encourage more competition in this market versus run them out of business. I look forward to your feedback!
  7. The LORAN unit does work (at least it turns on). It tells me the database is woefully out of date... I'll make you a deal on it!
  8. I"m all classic steam gauges with only a DG...
  9. And do you need a stand alone/new CDI to use with the 375? Provided you have no other existing glass of course.
  10. John - I'm based at DAW and would love to fly in your unique ride. PM or e-mail me for details. brian
  11. I may go to San Diego for no other reason than to just fly it!
  12. @ChacortaWelcome. I'm a new member of the Mooney Class of 2019 thanks to the Mooneyspace community. I've only flown a C and enjoy it immensely thanks to the manual flaps and J-bar gear. I have far less hours than you and can say it was an easy transition. Take the first ride and join in--you won't regret it!