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  1. Just a bystander in this case, but I think before you can cast such aspersions you need to consider one's entire body of work. I do hope Mooney is back in production. I wish I could trade my C even for the unpainted Ultra
  2. I've had the EDM in vertical and horizontal installation. I'm currently horizonal as seen below, but my preference is vertical.
  3. I can't believe this hasn't sold yet...GLWS on this awesome bird.
  4. I use Halos with custom molded ear pieces that I got at OSH. These are better than any NR over the ear headset I've ever used. Good luck.
  5. I thought that as well but I have been very happy with the integrated comms in the G world. It makes everything sync seamlessly. I actually had a PS engineering BT intercom that I was going to install but, again, have no regrets. Agree with this point as well. I spent in the $30s for a new panel being cut, JPI relocation, G3X, GNX375 + two remote radios and some antennas. And some other tidbits that made sense that I have since forgot about. Here's a before and after:
  6. Yes. I knew the PO before he passed. He had dreams for that plane but his time was up too soon. Regardless of paint and anything else you should fly and enjoy!
  7. Well that should lower your CHTs if that was a concern for you.
  8. Sorry the results didn't pan out as expected. Let us know when you install the higher efficiency cooler and the results.
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