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  1. @ChacortaWelcome. I'm a new member of the Mooney Class of 2019 thanks to the Mooneyspace community. I've only flown a C and enjoy it immensely thanks to the manual flaps and J-bar gear. I have far less hours than you and can say it was an easy transition. Take the first ride and join in--you won't regret it!
  2. Holy necro post----was surprised to see this beautiful aircraft pop up for sale. Looks like this plane in in Madison MS now. Good luck with the search. Check out AAA. They have a 231 for sale with great paint but needs a panel and interior.
  3. @onefatguy@icloud.comWelcome back! you're in good company. I was in your situation a couple of months ago and am now a happy owner. of course, this was after a lot of reading and MS advice.
  4. I think the correct forum may be the trash. Almost seems like he was a troll or a scammer of some sort. Joined & 1st post on Saturday, last login was Sunday. Suspicious.
  5. Brett called me last night since I was on his wait list. I'm working on another plane so my timing was off on this one. So, Brett's plane is still available...give him a call!
  6. Thanks to all of your for your feedback. I'm working on a deal to secure a C that's been hangared with a very low time engine and very clean inside. Basic plan that's flyable, reliable and ready for avionics upgrades when I'm ready. Will update you later.
  7. Regardless--the sexy red E model is just out of my cash range. Further updates--called about 5 planes today and all are pending sell. Specifically, the pineapple express (F model) has a 4 person waiting list, the gray one in Lubbock is sold as well. Haven't called on sexy red E...we'll see. Drove by the airport to look at the turkey C model that started this thread--he does have a cover on it More to follow.
  8. Understand Neil--this was the shop I was going to use for the turkey and I didn't expect such a long wait for a PPI.
  9. This plane has been on the market some time too, but looks amazing and at the upper threshold for an E model: 66 MOONEY M20E CRUIS 160 K • $74,000 • PRICE REDUCED • Or 1/2 Partnership TT-5343. SMOH-143. All laser speed mods, cruises at 160 k 10 GPH. Penn Yann overall w/ new case, Newly designed glass panel w/ new avionics, Edm 730 engine monitor with all options, Aspen EFD 1000 pro PFD w/ synthetic vision and ADSB in/out, GDL 52 hardwired, target trend adsb, inflight weather, Garmin 796, Garmin 330-ES, 530-W, Garmin GMA 340 audio panel, gnc255-A database hardwired to 530W auto identifies frequencies and has database lookup, Flight stream 210 Bluetooth, paint has some oxidation, new baffling and sheet metal, Has 100 hr mooney, All hoses redone • • Posted January 8, 2019
  10. I called our local MSC today and they're booked out through April--for even prebuys... This will be a long road.
  11. E-mail sent to @jgarrison requesting the value guide. Neil--thanks for the feedback on the compressions. @xcrmckenna -- thanks for your Mooney story--you are a patient man. And, there's a lot of J's on the market now...
  12. - A- I think any plane that you can have, own and the freedom to go whenever and wherever you want is a temptress. I just want my temptress to be a Mooney :0 I appreciate the story and analogy. My routine mission is the greater new England region with occasional jaunts elsewhere. Likely with my wife and I and my son for the next 1 1/2 years. (Who doesn't want to go to OSH with the caravan?) Hence to need to fly and not "not on the phone with your mechanic all the time." as a couple of you have said... I'm scouring everything today...I'll still look at this one Friday, as there is always something to learn and it's only 8 miles from my house.
  13. Yes, they are twins and they're beautiful. At least, without looking at the logs they show as good and clean all the way. A parent should be so proud. Any thoughts on the Pineapple Express? Cleaner, updated and a classic interior.
  14. Thank you gsxr. Dave and the pilot Neil. BTW, I have been looking nationally, and finally elected to call about this one as the "good" planes were selling fast and I couldn't respond as fast. BTW, Dave's approach is probably my preferred approach: get my foot in the door and perform avionics and cosmetic improvements as time goes on. Incidentally, one more reason for an immediately flyable aircraft is that my 17-year old soon will soon have his PP as well. So our goal would be to get to 200 hrs the first year and then to about 100 hrs/year after that. How's that for dreaming? Finally. I've been eyeing @Mooneymuscle56m aircraft for sale as well. Haven't call him yet either....