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  1. Part of my larger end game is cleaning up unused antennas while improving radio performance. I've been looking at combining antennas, eliminating unnecessary ones while trying to be aerodynamic efficient. I didn't see any quantifiable data in the Comant antenna catalog other than "low drag" design. I also found this drag formula which was too much for me at this time in the morning : D=1/2CDρV2A (this was poorly cut and pasted--don't go engineering anything with it!) As a bridge between absolute quantifiable science and subjective assessments. I found a soaring website that has the following data on transponder antennas. Rod style transponder antenna has 0.41 lb @ 250 mph. They then have a note that purports, "Note: The blade style antennas below are more expensive, but they have about 1/5 the drag of this rod and ball antenna." Blade style transponder or DME antenna has 0.09 lbs @ 250 mph. So what the practical impact at the speeds a C model (with the guppy mouth, flap gaps, etc) operates? Probably negligible...but like -a- I'm not a CFI, aero engineer or anything else relevant to this discussion...
  2. My Loran is far back by the dorsal fin. Would that be considered a unobstructed view of the sky suitable for GPS installation?
  3. Actually they are not that dirty. The paint is plum worn off...
  4. -a- Nothing of consequence in the logs. They are woefully lacking avionics info. Radio info yes, nothing on antennas...
  5. Good words. I haven't got that far and may not. As noted in my first post, I'm contemplating getting out of the KX155 business while I can. But wanted to better understand the current configuration I have on top of the plane for antennas since no two were alike. Thanks for the thoughts,
  6. Curious why my two VHF antennas are different. Is one model better than the other? BTW, as you can imagine they all use RG-58 cable. The reason I ask about the difference is that I get somewhat difference performance from my two radios. I know I need to inspect or replace cabling , antenna connections and the antenna ground planes...
  7. The Comant 109 is a VHF antenna. Would it serve both VHF comms or would I expect there to be an antenna for each VHF radio?
  8. MS friends - looking for your wisdom in identifying some antennas on the top of my plane. I know this first picture is for my LORAN-C antenna. I removed the interior components earlier this year and will remove the antenna if I don't need the hull penetration. I have 2 KX-155s installed (one with GS). I have intended to pop open the avionics cowling this weekend but the exceptionally cold weather got the best of me. With that in mind, I'm curious what these two other antennas are. The blade like antenna is labeled as a Narco. There's no brand name on the other which is mid fuselage. I appreciate your thoughts on this as I am considering installing a GNX375 and removing VOR, localizer, marker beacon antennas (on the bottom), etc...
  9. There's a 201 at my homedrome that looks just like that 201...
  10. Bumping a beautiful J-bar bird! GLWS.