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  1. They must be using one of those Delorean's with a flux capacitor installed!
  2. I like the "instraments"...them are good.
  3. Only needs a J bar and hydraulic flaps to be perfect Very nice plane, excellent pics and documentation. Wish I was still searching. GLWS!
  4. @Oscar Avalle Did you see CHT improvement with you increased fuel flow?
  5. Fins look good. I was considering seeding it to Pacific Oil Cooler during my December annual.
  6. As one would expect, since having my EDM-900 installed I've been getting more fidelity on my engine data. In this case I've noted that my oil temp seems to be running a bit high, especially when flying down South in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. Specifically my oil temps have been at the higher end of the oil temp green arc and on warm days range from 218F - 223F. I came back from flying today and recalled that I noted during my last oil change that the oil cooler may have a block off plate installed. I popped the side panel off and noted the attached picture below. The question is is that a plate normal for all installations or does it serve as a oil cooler restrictor plate? The plates I've seen in the experimental world are installed right on the oil cooler limiting the amount of surface area that is being actively cooler...this one seems like a home brew hobby replacement... ]
  7. Beautiful! Let's see more finished pics.
  8. Alex is around... @Raptor05121you just have to ring the bell!
  9. HAHAHA---Absolutely amazing. Congrats and well done. brian
  10. BTW, look for the OSH handout from Don Kaye's website. Good reference while your building your habit pattern in your E. Also, read the website history intensively. Lot's of good discussion/debate on landing speeds, flap usage, throttle/mixture management while climbing, cruise & descent, cowl flaps, etc. Congrats on the new ride!
  11. I have the EDM 900 with digital fuel senders. Best AMUs Ive spent on the plane. Between the engine monitor and Mike Busch it's changed how I fly! You'll have no regrets...