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  1. Well that should lower your CHTs if that was a concern for you.
  2. Sorry the results didn't pan out as expected. Let us know when you install the higher efficiency cooler and the results.
  3. I'm ADSB complaint now but living in between 3 Charlies and a small Bravo is used the Adapt tool no less than 20 - 30 times while I was waiting for my time in the shop queue. As I recall all of the approvals were automated based on the near instantaneous approval. I wouldn't say I was a rampant user but I'd file 4 in a weekend and a couple long east coast rides but never in the DC FRZ. Use the tool and don;t be afraid the worst they can say is no. BTW, I was originally going tailbeacon and went GNX-375--couldn't be happier.
  4. Those a great numbers--wish I could be so cool. My C oil temp is nearly always ~220 except for the coolest New England days. Servicing the cooler and hoses this week...
  5. Same question here on a C model. Never had cooler serviced though--EDM alarms at 220....very annoying.
  6. The pilot sounds incoherent almost as if he's high on something. They should have LE meet him at HND when he landed and test him. BTW, when he was instructed to remain clear of the Bravo he stated he was "already in it." I'm not familiar with the airspace so he may have been under the shelf as @Floridaman indicated and might get lucky if he didn't actually bust the bravo. Regardless, his actions were unacceptable, disruptive and certainly not indicative of someone I want operating in the NAS.
  7. You left out the most important feature--a johnson bar! Good looking plane...GLWS! What do you cruise at RPM/MP/KAIS?
  8. Totally unrealistic shipping price unless the sidewinders unit weighs a metric ton...