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  1. I'll buy them. Tell me where to send the check!
  2. sreid

    Wanted: Wing Skin

    Sorry I can't help with the part, but I'm curious if there is some problem getting the skin from the factory. I thought there was no problem with the parts supply now.
  3. sreid

    Prop OH needed?

    Cody Stallings has been willing to do IRAN work on my prop in the past. I have been extremely pleased with the results and customer service. 870-208-5198
  4. sreid

    mooney nose gear door heim bearings

    What is the difference between F34-14M and F34-14N?
  5. Engaging the autopilot
  6. sreid

    Lower Cies Float Pricing

    I have a 1967 M20F, so I have the two senders per side and 64 gallon tanks. Will these work on my plane? I am interested if he will guarantee the accuracy he specified when used with my FL202 resistance fuel gauge display. What is the warranty? Steve
  7. sreid

    Mains only T&G

    You are consistently 1 inch left of centerline. Otherwise it looked good to me.
  8. That may be true, but there are exceptions. Cody Stallings runs Stallings Aircraft Propeller in Arkansas. He has IRAN'd my propeller and done a fantastic job, with quick turn-around, and charged reasonable prices.
  9. sreid

    In flight situation

    Yes, there was no specific requirement for this, so these older airplanes that did not originally have an alternate static system can fly under IFR. Is that not that case in Canada?
  10. sreid

    In flight situation

    Cancel IFR!
  11. I wouldn't put it on scales if I were you either, at least not for the purpose of a flight manual weight and balance update, but if you did I wouldn't be surprised if the weight does not align well with the past 45 years of calculations! I think the age of the weighing, and who did the weighing, are critical data points for consideration when people compare weights of similar models.
  12. Hi Ross, I'm curious, when is the last time you had your plane up on scales for a weighing? Steve
  13. sreid

    Who Said Mooney Cabins Were Small?

    Is this one of those attempts to set the record for youngest person flying around the world?
  14. sreid

    Where's YOUR plane, peasants?

    Do any of you know if the idiots at Comedy Central use GA aircraft for corporate travel? This ridiculous banner is one more reason not to watch that network.
  15. sreid

    EI CGR-30P new engine monitor

    Hi George, I'm not involved with E.I. other than I have a CGR-30p and like it, but my first thought is "Shop isn't sure what's going on..." does not equal "customer service at EI is horrific", unless there is something else going on where E.I. is not performing. But, sorry to hear about your problems, I can imagine that must be pretty frustrating. Steve