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  1. The link I just posted is for the solder terminal version. The screw terminal version is V3-1. I bought that switch on e-bay for $5.70. Same part No. as the damaged one I removed. Here is a couple of links for that part number: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MICRO-SWITCH-P-N-V3-1-NS-COND-13259-5/293660124362?hash=item445f81e4ca:g:0nwAAOSwu5BfGefx https://www.ebay.com/itm/Piper-487-925-Switch-V3-1/324407862726?hash=item4b883725c6:g:0b4AAOSwJgxeYQ4m John Breda
  2. Try this e-bay link. I have seen them priced under $10.00 for several. https://www.ebay.com/itm/AIRCRAFT-MICROSWITCH-BY-Honeywell-V3-19-New/264065502211?hash=item3d7b87cc03:g:X4oAAOSwe~lcAUe9 John Breda
  3. When I place my plane on jacks, it is always on 4 points. Two Meyers jacks with locking pins on each, a hydraulic engine hoist with a locking collar and a cement tail weight on wheels made for the aircraft. In that configuration it is quite stable. John Breda
  4. I have the P2 system, and the gentlemen who states once, "Gear is down for landing" can fade into the background. It is harder to ignore the female voice nagging, "Check Gear...Check Gear...Check Gear...Check Gear........" John Breda
  5. As with most things regarding aviation, and particularly if you expect to own the plane for many years, but the proper tools to avoid injury to yourself and damage to the plane. John Breda
  6. This may be of interest: I have a firewall from my 1968 F model. When I did my rebuild, I installed a virgin new F model firewall I found. The footwells are in good shape. I have many times thought that I would remove the footwells on my plane and attach them so they could be removable with threaded fasteners. This would provide access and work space that I do not have currently (for things like changing the fuel pump or inspecting the dreaded oil screen). But, my airplane is now together and I do not plan on removing the engine for a very long time. I would be willing to sell
  7. What does that data link look like of the Ipad and how do you access it? Or, is it incorporated into ForeFlight. I have both an ipad mini-3 and an Ipad Pro 7. The Ipad pro has OS 14.1 and a faster processor. But it is much larger (which may be a downside). Should I be using the Ipad Pro because of more capability? John Breda
  8. I have a G600 and GTX345. I do not have the Flightstream. How does the bluetooth backup work? John Breda
  9. It seems like MT has improved over the years. When I did my rebuilt I considered the MT. I spoke with a Power plant DER who had been working on seaplanes that had MT props and were experiencing a delamination problem. I was also told that the STC for my turbonormalizer was issued with the Hartzell, and if I changed the prop I would likely have to prove to the FAA that it worked well with the turbonormalized engine. That would likely require high altitude vibration testing. I decided to stay with what was already certified and not make the project more difficult. That seemed to be the ri
  10. Also, O took some ABS plastic and made about a 2" circle, and ground the back to fit the contour of the interior panel and so the aluminum end has a flat space to sit on. John Breda
  11. I used a leather belt for strength, wrapped in in the same leather as the seats (Hand sewn along one side) and machined a new set (lathe and milling machine to make a real slot that fits the belt) and now have parts that look like they were made for the application with a real handle that will not break. John Breda
  12. The retracted gear should not be sitting that low. Please see pictures of my 1968 F on jacks with gear retracted. I also have the STC for the brake caliper reversal. Note, you can not see the tire. John Breda
  13. For those who want electroluminescent panels made (I did the overhead and circuit breaker panels), the company I used was Air Capitol Dial, Wichita, KS. Great company to work with My circuit breaker panel is light colored. They made it so the lettering appears black in daylight, and backlit white at night. John Breda
  14. The Mooney part you pictured is expensive and poorly made. When I bought my Ovation interior from a salvage yard, that panel came with it, but it never worked as the electroluminescent was cracked. Why was it cracked? The backplate on the factory part is plastic and it will heat up and warp. Gravity allows the warm plastic to stretch. I made a new part using the original switches and mounting box, but made the mounting plate fir the Electroluminescent display out of aluminum. It is insulated, and will never warp. Looks sharp at night. I'll send pics. The switches are marked, but t
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