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  1. M20F-1968

    How do you mount your ipad

    The best mount I have found is: Gp Pro back case for Ipad Mini Go pro mount with a ball to mount into the RAM Mount connector and C-Clamp on the yoke shaft. Ipad can be easily taken off its mount when entering and exiting plane, and the Ipad is securely mounted on Co-pilot's yoke. Powered into cigarette lighter. John Breda
  2. M20F-1968

    Oxygen ... need a little help

    The purchase and use of O2 systems is not a place to be cheap. You can use parts from a welding supply shop and you can use welder's oxygen (it is the same and this has been confirmed by shops like Aerox, etc.) But, you should have everything close by and not loose in the cabin. You do not want an O2 line to pull off, get compressed or otherwise compromised without your knowing it or being able to correct the problem. The pulse devices (think Mountain High O2D2) works great and will greatly stretch the usage time on a portable system. John Breda
  3. M20F-1968

    Reprinting "Those Remarkable Mooneys" book

    Mooney airplanes have a rich history of modifications (Rocket Engineering (Rocket, Missle, Turbo Bullet), Mod Squad, etc...). It would be nice to have a section of the aftermarket mods, who did them and end results. Also, there is a host of people who have highly modified Mooney Airplanes. Many owners of these planes are technically minded and the fleet reflects that diversity. John Breda
  4. M20F-1968

    Resurrecting a J

    Some one of these days I'll have to post pictures of my bird when I bought it. It sat in a dry hangar in Dallas from 1982 - 2003 when I bought it. It was mostly apart at that point. Had no damage or corrosion history with 1975 hours TT on airframe and 1358 on engine. Then I started my rebuild. It was first ferried in 2009 with the rebuilt mostly completed by 2015. It was stripped to the bare airframe and everything now is either new or rebuilt. John Breda
  5. M20F-1968

    O2 supplies for built-in systems?

    The Mountain High O2D2 unit is great. Really conserves Oxygen. It is also relaxing as you can both hear and feel each puff of O2 as you inspire. Gives positive feedback that the system is working. On a 6 hour trip, my O2 gauge drop from about 1800 to the 1550-1600 range with me alone. I also have the Precise flight system but have not used it. The O2D2 is so reliable. Anyone have experience with the Precise Flight System v. the O2D2? John Breda
  6. I have a set of very nice nose gear doors from a 1968 F model. I had planned to keep them but I may be convinced to sell. You can contact me at (617) 877-0025 or e-mail me at john.breda@gmail.com Thanks, John Breda
  7. M20F-1968

    Mooney crap for sale....

    What condition is the trim wheel assembly in? John Breda
  8. M20F-1968

    fuel sending units.

    If you are looking for the original style senders from a 68 F model, I have a set. John Breda
  9. M20F-1968

    parts parts

    I would be interested in a very nice pair of ailerons for a 68 f model. John Breda
  10. M20F-1968

    Cleaning out hanger

    Heather, What control surfaces do uou have and from what which Mooney model/year? You can reply to me at john.breda@gmail.com or call me at (617) 877-0025. Pictures would be appreciated. Thanks, John Breda
  11. M20F-1968

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    I use the Sidewinder in the Boston area where it can be wet and snowy. I can say that it is definitely the best of the electric towbars. It works better than the Robotow. It can be folded to take on the road. It has plenty of torque so I would not hesitate to buy one with the expectation that it will work. I still have a gas Powertow but have never used it given that the Sidewinder is so easy to use and reliable. I would not use it to move the airplane from one end of the airport to another. I might do that with the power tow but the need has never come up. John Breda
  12. M20F-1968

    outside fuel guages

    Is $40 for the indicator dials really a current price? John Breda
  13. M20F-1968


    Finished Panel G600 GTN 750 GTN 650 S-TEC 60-2 with Altitude preselector Garmin 327ES (ADSB-out) GDL-69 Ryan TCAD WX-500 storm scope Mooney O2 system (From Ovation) Shadin Fuel flow Shadin MS-2000 Altitude alerter Proscan Alerter P2 Gear Warning System Back-up instruments as shown Artex ME406 ELT PS Engineering PXE-7300
  14. I considered this question when I purchased my prop. The FAA considers how various STC modifications interact with one another. The turbo normalizer maintains a "normal" engine which acts like a normally aspirated engine, only takes it to altitude with the same 29.5" of manifold pressure. The difference is the altitude and thinner air in which it is operating. I was concerned that the FAA would want to do vibrational testing at altitude. I considered that any gains obtained by the newer prop would be outweighed by the uncharted course it would take to get there. Then there is the possibilities of unexpected problems given that I would probably have been the first to do this. I doubt you will find anything but the standard prop on RayJay Turbonormalized Mooneys. John Breda