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  1. Looking for Ray Jay discharge pipe

    I have some RayJay pipes. Please e-mail me at john.breda@gmail.com and let me know what plane you have and what you need. You can also call me at (617) 877-0025. John Breda
  2. I have the part in excellent condition. Safe Flight #283. Just sent you a PM. You can call me at (617) 877-0025 or e-mail me at john.breda@gmail.com. I am flying to Kerrville tomorrow. If you will be there, I could bering it with me. John Breda
  3. Aveo engineering wing tips

    So far the wing tips that have been available state they are not applicable to the F models with twisted wings. Is that based on any real world experience or was it just conjecture? What does Aveo say about that issue? John Breda
  4. I likely have those parts as all that stuff came out of my 1968 F. My e-mail is john.breda@gmail.com or my cell is (617) 877-0025. I likely will be at the hangar Thurs or Fri of this week. John Breda
  5. Removing wax residue

    Just remembered, it is Flitz speed wax. Aircraft Spruce has it. John Breda
  6. Removing wax residue

    I bought a clear "speed wax" a year ago at Oshkosh. Spray on, buff, no residue. I can look for the name. John Breda
  7. Hurricane Irma

    You should give Beegle's Aircraft a call. They have been doing structural repairs since the 1950's and are truly one of the best shops out there. You will be impressed. On top of that, they run an honest business and know to watch out for the owner's interests. Excellent workmanship. John Breda
  8. WTB skybound 3 in 1

    I just posted that I have one. New in Box. You can call me at (617) 877-0025 or email me at john.breda@gmail.com. John Breda
  9. I have a new Jeppessen Skybound 3 in 1 card reader/writer. Has accompanying CD and manual, connection cable. It is new, unused, in the box. When I was in the middle of my aircraft rebuild I thought I would be installing a Garmin 530 and 430. The project took so long I ended up with a Garmin GTN650 and 750. Thus this card reader is no longer needed. However, there are many people out there using the 530 and 430 and may need this. Thus I am selling it new in the box. $80 plus shipping. That is 20% less than it was 10 years ago and apparently they are now very hard to find if you want one. My cell is (617) 877-0025 and my e-mail john.breda@gmail.com Thanks, John Breda
  10. Interior Refurbishment Resource Thread

    For what it is worth, I have a pair of Ovation ceiling panels (left and right) left over from my rebuild. My entire interior is an Ovation style interior with parts coming from a 1998 Ovation. I bought the Left and Rgt ceiling panels before I got my hands on the Ovation parts, so I have an extra set. They will solve the problem of the interior not matching the 201 windshield if someone did that conversion. You can do anything with fiberglass so they are a good medium to retrofit a new ceiling into a Vintage Mooney. I have some pictures posted. They may be the start of a new interior for someone with the initiative. John Breda
  11. WTB Jeppessen skybound 3 in 1

    I have the Skybound reader I can sell. Please contact me at john.breda@gmail.com or at my cell (617) 877-0025. Thanks, John Breda
  12. Mooney Training and Opinions

    I sent you a PM. John Breda
  13. Homecoming?

    Anyone know why it was schedule on the same weekend and the Mooney Summit if FL? John Breda
  14. Step Retract Bellows M20C

    Drumstick: Just sent you a PM. John Breda
  15. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    The RayJay system I have for sale is the original RayJay system with the manual wastegate. It was built specifically for the F and E model using the stock cowling. It is really quite easy to install and is essentially a bolt on system. If one wanted to upgrade the cowling, you could use the LASAR cowl closure, or use Sabermachanic's newly developed cowling (or if you can find it, SWTA's STC'd cowling, which is similar to Sabermechanic's cowling since is still uses the original cowling frame and airbox). The system I have is STC'd for the Lycoming IO-360 and I have both STC's, one for installing the system on the engine, and the other for installing the turbo normalized engine into a Mooney E or F model. It makes for a much different airplane. The benefits far exceed those with a powerflow exhaust in that in gives more speed, and given the ability to fly high, much more speed and efficiency up high, along with the ability to overfly weather and pick your best altitude for taliwinds. John Breda