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  1. It depends on how new your Ovation is. If it has the more tear-drop shaped buckle with which you must open the buckle cover almost 90 degrees to unlatch, I have either an extension belt or hardware you can use. If it is the older square buckle, you will need to find the parts and have the webbing sewn up. John Breda
  2. I did not use the Loprest Cowling. It has problems with a turbonormalizer as the intake opening are too small. Also, I liked the structure of the 201 cowling which is what I used. John Breda
  3. If I have wheel well liners, do I really need the Rat Socks? John Breda
  4. Obtain thread sizes and distance and size of the mounting holes from Spruce or other. Drill out and replace. A pneumatic rivet squeezer will likely be helpful if it fits, or a hand squeezer. John Breda
  5. I have a small roll of Sunbrella fabric (the stuff cabin covers are made of). Think that might work? John Breda
  6. The corrugated control surfaces have no internal structure. The formed corrugation are the structure. If you damage 1 skin, you likely have damaged both. There is no internal structure to save or rebuild. John Breda
  7. If your part has ribs and a smooth skin, send your part to Beegles Aircraft, Greeley, CO. They will get a new skin and rebuild it. If it is of the Corrugated variety as is everything after about 1969, then you are SOL as there are really only two parts, the two corrugated skins riveted together. John Breda
  8. This is not just a screw in place and be done project. Although the ceiling curvature and width of the cabin is the same, the length of the panels and the window openings need to be fitted to the airframe. Since the panels are fiberglass, they can be modified, sanded, and sculpted as needed. If you want to modify the contours to fit against the lower side panels, you can use Bondo, sculpt and sand the material when it is soft, and use hand scrapers made for removing and shaping bondo while it dries (which takes about 15-30 minutes), then sand and finish. Once you have the shape you want, h
  9. I think the interior of the Ovation in Europe has been sold. Certainly can e-mail the seller to confirm. I would try to get the cost of the center ceiling part from the factory. John Breda
  10. When I installed the Rosen Visors I thought I would cut them down to a smaller size. Then I realized that all I need to do is store them longitudinally against the roof. That way, you get maximum shade coverage, and they store quite nicely with no modifications needed. John Breda
  11. I know the general wisdom is that forward of the aft end of the steel cage, the steel cage and wing are structural, and everything else is there to keep the wind out. However, the windshield is exposed to significant pressure and is supported by the cowl deck. I am not saying it can not be done, but I am saying that someone may look at it a more than a minor alteration and ask that a DER be involved working through the numbers. I do not see where opening it up further would make it seal better. Placing a better flange and better seal is a different story. John Breda
  12. Hello. I am a senior AME located in the Boston, MA area and also a Mooney owner. I am a board certified internist for over twenty years and have been an AME since 2005. I do work to assist pilots through the SI process, and recognized the angst the process and instill when the pilot is a first class airline pilot whose livelihood is on the line. It sounds like you have done a good job getting your ducks in line. The good news is that the FAA really does not want to pull your medical. You and society have made a large investment to get you to where you are. You need to provide the FAA e
  13. I am doing some cleaning up of my F and the rat socks were torn and unusable. I have been looking for what would be appropriate to replace them with. One problem seems to be that the material gets pulled past the hole in the sheet metal when the gear is retracted, tearing-up the rat sock. LASAR makes them out of lighter material - gaberdine cloth Aero Comfort makes them out of leather, and says Mooney makes them from leather, but I have never heard of Mooney doing so. It also would seem that leather would get wet and subsequently get hard. I have a set that are thicke
  14. I also have a Powertow EZ I bought from a guy who was parting out an F. I started it once or twice, bought a new belt for the pulleys underneath the deck, but never used it. Perhaps you can give me a sense of how you us and its details in operation. I may take the time to det mine working. Generally I think the Sidewinder is easier to use, but then there is ice and snow in NE when the Powertow may be better. John Breda
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