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  1. Interesting read... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bIC3H3Z7UVuESJpjotc4F108w7LdnkaKs7J-dz-EJVc/mobilebasic
  2. A little googling found this: Interesting thread. https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/avs/offices/afs/afs400/afs470/pbn/media/Climb_Descend_Via_FAQ.pdf 20. Q. My aircraft’s MMO/VMO (e.g. VMO = 250 KIAS) is below a speed restriction published on the STAR (e.g. (WP Name) At 280 KT), or because of a MEL/CDL limitation, I am unable to comply with a speed restriction published on a STAR. Am I prohibited from flying the STAR? A. NO. However, ATC may query you concerning the speed approaching the restriction. Advise the controller of the need to maintain the lowe
  3. While planes have gotten 8 times more expensive, take a look at the price of a commercial airline ticket over the same time period. It's so much cheaper to fly commercial now, it's driving demand away from what used to be transportation minded flights. Now, TSA is doing a great job of making commercial air travel feel a lot more more expensive. Maybe we'll get some traffic back.
  4. I love ATC, however, if we can program cars to drive and avoid pedestrians, other cars,etc. ATC seems to be a much simpler task to automate 99% of the function.
  5. I think the issue isn't hobby or not, it's whether you can play in government controlled areas. So, to the car example, you could drive on your own property with almost any vehicle / medical condition, but to use government property (roads) you need to abide by government control. In our case, the FAA owns control of all airspace in the US (at least above 400-500ft depending on source) While some drone shoot downs are testing what's property owners rights vs. FAA navigable airspace, for the kinds of aviation that we pursue, we're flying in FAA property and have to play by FAA rules.
  6. Surprising that they can easily find the lost 172 in a TFR, yet the guy in SC didn't see it until less than a sec before impact.
  7. Ok, I have CDI issues as well. Is there a better option than another mechanical CDI that's IFR legal?
  8. Actually, this is the most exciting use of electirc motors for GA that I've seen. Take this over a chute any day. http://axteraerospace.com/ he AXTER System is the first hybrid system designed for general aviation that sum up 40 hp (30Kw) extra power to the combustion engine for short takeoffs, high rates climbing or to compensate the engine loss power in hight temperature conditions.Furthermore, the AXTER System keeps you flying for 7 minutes in case of engine failure, and this extratime can be managed as required by the pilot, for instance take land in a safe place or returning to
  9. Maybe this is the problem with aviation, here we have an excited young person looking to join the ranks and buy a plane and we're raining on the parade. While I agree that after I got my PPL/IFR that I understood far less that I needed to be safe, the only way to learn is to train, talk, and fly. That's why hours count when we renew insurance, and while I did my practical post IFR learning in a 231, looking back I think the Rocket would have been easier than wrestling that engine. Maybe a better piece of advise is to direct Samurai to a training program that can mint a safe pilot in a r
  10. You have 1.3M you buy a pressurized lancair evolution or a turbine acclaim? I personally buy a pressurized piston twin and pocket 1M for maintenance and gas.
  11. You fly IFR approaches we already have a form of user fees. To get the coded instrument approach data for RNAV approaches, our buddies in the faa charge. Jeppson is passing that fee along to us in the renewals. Just wait until DOT realizes they can do this with speed limits and takes down the signs, and charges us for a speed limit database for the roads. https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/productcatalog/digitalproducts/cifp/
  12. I owned 1163D for 3 years, and flew it all over the US. It's a great plane, the GPS is a 480, it's absolutely terrific and is a supported nav source for some ADS-B solutions. The plane did run very smooth LOP (gami's) and has the engine monitor. If you want a traveling, very IFR capable plane, 63D will server you well.
  13. If you go solid state, why not go all the way with http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/sai340-11-12817.php. If for nothing else, the backup battery.
  14. I've seen similar results, and LOP theory says FF ~ HP, so same FF should be same HP. But, it's hard to jive that much improvement in TAS with just RPM.
  15. Just curious, would a FIKI piston-twin have changed the go-no go decision for those voting no?
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