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  1. I could use the Attitude indicator.
  2. I didn't notice #7 of the Blue Angels. The pilot of Blue Angel #7 is the son of colleague I've worked with in the past. Sad I didn't see him flying with the Thunderbirds..
  3. I remember when HF landed on the taxi way at John Wayne. The media was making a big deal because he was confused when getting his N# mixed up communicating with the tower. My first thought was if I owned 10 airplanes I would get my N# wrong every so often.
  4. I can see how Ford was confused. The tower spoke rushed and to fast. I could see how it would sound like "Husky 9HU continue across runway 25".
  5. Yes, the DG is operated by vacuum but the DG heading bug output to the autopilot controller is electric. In a prior post someone mentioned when they engage the AP it banks hard to one side. I would think this is an electrical issue. Either a bad electric plug connection or a problem with the TC. With my P2A I've had to clean the plug terminals at the back of the AP controller on more than one occasion to get my AP to work correctly.
  6. I would start by unplugging all the connectors and clean them real well.
  7. A Mooney pilot parked next to my plane at my home flied flies an A-10 for the Air Force. He told me when he fires the gun at night it's so bright you can't see anything and the instrument panel rattles like crazy.
  8. A few years ago I called Mooney regarding a part I needed for my m20A. When I called Mooney it happened to be Bill Wheat I was on the phone with. We started talking about my m20A's and he was telling me that he was the person that most likely test flew my airplane. I checked my logs and yes I confirmed he test flew my plane. Bill told me how Mooney put a 250 HP Lycoming in a m20A and he test flew it. He told me it was the best combination of an engine in a Mooneys he's every flown. I would think that would be the same with any short body Mooney variant. I think it would have been a great direction if Mooney did so.
  9. Years ago when I was learning to fly I was doing pattern work in a C150. It was my first time out after I solo'd. KVGT has parallel runways 12R and 12L. The tower cleared me for the option on 12R. When I went base to final I noticed traffic was on the 12R numbers getting ready to take off. Being new to flying I got real nervous and I told the tower I'm going around and I made a left turn instead of a right turn. When I made the left turn there was a helicopter right in front of me on final for 12L. I could literally see the whites of the eyes of both occupants of the helicopter. Luckily I pulled straight up and the helicopter went straight down. With the stall horn going off I could hear the voice of the controller say you are now cleared for the option on 12R. I told the controller I'm done and made a final landing. The helicopter pilot found me afterwards where I had rented the C150. That helicopter pilot went off on me for a good 5 minutes which I definitely deserved. I later told my flight instructed that flying is not for me. My instructor told me not to give up and gave me encouragement to continue which I'm glad I did. Overall I think the experience made me a better pilot with situation awareness. Pilots are human and they do make mistakes. Especially the ones just getting into aviation.
  10. I hate to say it but I think you Grandpa Hank enjoyed living next to those corn fields. Not my cup of tea.
  11. My understanding is a STC or 337 not required for a shoulder harness unless you do a major alteration. FAA wants older aircraft to have shoulder harnesses and requires only a log book sign off by an A&P. You should be able to buy a basic Y harness from Aircraft Spruce and figure a way to attach it to your roll cage above and behind you without doing a major alteration.
  12. No. But I pick up 50 sterile vegetarian weed eating carp that are placed in large boxes of water every spring. They control the weeds in our waterski lake in California. When I make my flight plan I usually tell the briefer I have 51 souls on board. I always get a chuckle from the briefer when I explain 50 the souls are a species of fish. I have to take out the back bench and the front passenger seat to make room for the fish.
  13. In some ways it's kind of nice having the mixture control up there. After shut down it reminds you to turn the mags off. I use to turn my mags off then hang my keys on the pulled mixture handle.
  14. I really like M20A's and I think they are the best value out there for speed, efficiency and price for a cross country machine. In my opinion 50K CAD is way over priced. You should be able to find a nice M20A for around 20K USD.