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  1. Now I get it, I thought there was a screening process
  2. everyone beware. It seems whenever a parts wanted ad is placed there are scammers that have gotten into the group and they say something like - contact some email address and they have what you need. Who is the administrator that screens these membership applications? This is the latest member who is trying to scam us... thompsonrafael28
  3. Thanks by the way, there is another scammer that got in beware lawrencemark1335
  4. If anyone has a Mooney project in the Midwest preferably, for sale, I would be interested. Looking to restore a M20C, M20A, M20E, or M20J that needs work, out of annual, with problems. (This is my J model that I finished restoring last year) I’m now bored because it’s so nice so I need a new project To tackle for my son’s airplane. Might trade my M20J for a project plus cash. Thanks Gary
  5. Yea, I took them out of the C I owned for 35 years also, I just want them to fill in the holes in the interior of my 201.. my son was giving me a hard time about the way it looks so peer/relative pressure works on me. I found my hat works as good as anything. I still have my C ones but the hardware is different
  6. Yeah I’ve had my J now for seven years and it came with the visors delete option. LOL glad to find some
  7. Let me know how you would like me to pay thanks Gary 608-334-0051
  8. Complete tail assembly with control surfaces $950 complete engine cowl 1958 - 1964 or 5 $350 one piece rudder $450 smooth skin rudder $350
  9. Good condition Early Mooney nose gear firewall fairing SS and both sides of the under belly behind the firewall fairings/covers. $450 for all 3 or will separate ss fairing $250 $125 each in the belly fairings