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  1. I would like to mention here a simple technique that I found on net. It is very interesting, it use concept of "longitudinal flare cut-off point". After tried myself, I must say, that it is simple, and applicable practically in any case. Need to say, that before practicing with my Mooney I did few dozen landing on a sim, just to get used on required "visual references & perspective" (I mean I did not to train "muscle memory" for stick and rudder skills) My video using this concept is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwCIZkq_xqQ Please consider It is the seco
  2. Hi, Please, what is technically need (to buy) for moving the Battery to behind the rear seat? How much does it (approximately) cost? My is 1977 M20C model, replaced the original old 2 bladed Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF/F7666A-2 with 3 Bladed Hartzell (HC-C3YR-1RF/F7282), now dynamically balanced. I am happy with it, comparison would not be fair, because engine was overhauled too. Surprise for me was a new Noise Certificate (Thread +Foto) with 85,5 dBA, while in the old one there was 75 dBA (needed here in Europe). As explained to me from Hartzell, this is due to change of t
  3. Thank you for your reply. The document in question discusses the setting of "DITHER AMPL", but there is no mention in the document of what affects the potentiometers "Zero, Neg Thesh, Pos thesh" and how to set them. lg,M.
  4. My thread to Carb. Idle Mix setting. Carburetor Idle Mixture setting (practically) - Vintage Mooneys (pre-J models) - Mooneyspace.com - A community for Mooney aircraft owners and enthusiasts lg, m
  5. Hi, how do you translate "rolls" and "lags" in point #3 & #4 ? Not sure what they mean by that. thanks, m
  6. Hi, Please advise how to set up "Zero" "Neg Thresh" "Pos Tresh" on amplifier servo of my old Pathfinder P2A Autopilot, which after his exchange lives again. Happy new year 2021, thanks in advance, lg, m
  7. Please, need your help: After Amplifier Servo exchange my vintage Pathfinder P2A autopilot is "back" again, but I do not know how to set "Zero" , "Neg Threshold", Pos Threshold" values in Servo Amplifier. None single setting is working correctly. Unable to find any manual concerning Amplifier servo setup. Thanks in advance, lg,m.
  8. Every I do not see any potential pitfall. We share here our experiences and I am thankful for any. Of course, before any action should every owner of the plane to know what is authorised to do. lg, m
  9. Here's a video that covers the "Stall Topic" and is worth to see (cca 25 min). Lg,m
  10. My mooney is "non CAMO" plane, is on the "Selbstdeklarierte IHP" and I am authorised to do some maintenance. Some explanation of simplified EASA maintenance (Part M) Rules here: https://flyinginireland.com/2020/03/easa-part-ml-rules-come-into-effect/ lg, m.
  11. I am now by new Sky Tec 149-NL (second one, the first one has to be exchanged too.... more in my "New Sky Tec Starter Problem" thread). The old one was Prestolite Starter. Pleas, does someone have Data for W&B (Starter) calculations?
  12. Concorde RG 35-A 29.5 lb / 13.4 kg (Now) Concorde RG 35 AXC 32lb/ 14,5 kg.... Would like to buy AXC, but after Prop. replacement with aktuell W&B I am not sure....
  13. My bird needs a new Batterie. The old one is Concorde (Part Nr. RG 35 A),a gel Batterie with 29Ah nominal capacity. I don't know her (calendar) age. According to POH there should be a Batterie with 35 Ah capacity. Thank you in advance for advice, Lg, M.
  14. After a short break (works for me): -I do not touch Throttle (remains where it was, when I turned out the engine, cca 1000 RPM) -Mixture ICO -Short Activate electric Pump (just to make fuel Pressure), -Crank Engine and simultaneously move Mixture forward, till engine fire -lean the mixture Lg, M
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