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  1. Unfortunately 2 new Mooney accidents in 2020. 4 dead.
  2. The same Sender at 77C? Should I remove the cover? With full Left Tank drop Fuel from the fuselage. thanks, milos
  3. ....Flying is the ART of batting the air down with wings of our birds where Angle of Attack is the most important principle. ART is that because not doing that right could break us our neks. ART is that, because where our FLYING WIND (relative wind) is comming from to meet the Wings of our Birds is not visible.... M
  4. Presentation Slides for the Lecture: Totally agree with you. But please, could you explain, what is incorrect there (Presentation of Holger Babinski, Dep. Engineering University of Cambridge- Journal of Phys Enducation, Vol. 38, Nov 2003) ? PPI only. lg.m.
  5. Excellente Lecture, Despite Cameraman work worth to see. Graphics to the lecture is here: Lg aus Austria. M.
  6. Newton's third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 2 tonns of air deflected with wings down = 2 tonns of aluminium up in the sky :-))))
  7. The airplane keeps itself up by beating the air down.... NEWTON. Nice Picture.
  8. CYA 1000 is not "true" aoa Sustem? By the way cost only $625.
  9. I bought my CYA 1000 aoa indicator from Aircraftspruce for $625. Will be installed bei next Annual.
  10. 2Blade Hartzell proop (Hartzell HC-C2YK Hub with 1/7666-2 blade ist (in my case was) most effective bei 2500 RPM. Is there "most effective" RPM recommendation for 3 Blade McCauley Prop? Thanks,milos
  11. Thanks, In POH there is NO W$B. In attachement is what I use. Is there any "official" W&B for M20? Milos.
  12. Hi. Does anyone have experience with 3 Blatt McCauley Propeller? In Schopp i was toiled that 3 blatt is better. Have to change from Hartzell 2Blatt. Thanks, Milos
  13. With "hard pancake landing" wing rupturing and spilling fuel would always be the issue. Not so bad as with some LSA (a lot of them....) where the tanks are in fuselage and pilot literally sits on 50-60L of Benzin. After BRS activation there is always a risk of fire + your ship will become a toy of wind.....
  14. 6 years ago Installed BRS in my all metal "European LSA" (Annex II Aeroplane). It is a taildragger with a firm gear. Theoretically BRS is installed in a way that "hard pancake landing" would avoided and energy of impact will be absorbed first by one wing followed by tail. Easier to achieve with metal construction vs. Carbon/fiberglass construction, which does not absorb energy that good. hopefully not off topic