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  1. Hi. Wenn I set 2500 RPM on my Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF Prop (Lycoming O 360 A1D on M20C) I observe that RPM are not constant, but they change +- 50 RPM. Those +- RPM are not only on Tachometer, but really on Prop/Motor. The same I observe at different Prop. Speeds (23500-2700) You folks, how much is acceptable? Troubleshooting? Thanks, milos
  2. Where can I order new disc for my M20C ? Price? Thanks.
  3. Bin in Europe. There is nobody around that has experiences with flying preJ Mooney. Since March I have accumulated 60 Hours in my M20C. Been excited and love to fly with it. Fly both - short and long routes. The longest route was 357 mn. There are of course differences to Planes that I have been flown so far (Till now I have cca 900 Hours as PIC). Sorry for basic questions, of course, there are some basic rules, but I am just trying to find a style that would fit me. m.
  4. Hi Folks, Do you have a ‘rule’ for descent for M20C? How do you practically slow down the Plane? At what Point do you open the Landing Gear and Flaps? MAP throughout Descent? thanks, milos
  5. Hi, I would like to install AOA indicator on my bird. Does anybody of you installed that gadget? Any experiences/ recommendations? Thanks Milos
  6. Hi. With different power Producing by Cylinder with leak the motor would for sure not run smoothly any more. I am sure, that "problem" would be detected without monitor too. Of course, to determine exactly what the problem is the engine monitor great advantage. Anyhow, I think that without engine monitor I can operate my 1977 carb. Moony safely too. M.
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply. Engine was produced 1977 and overhauled in 2002 (built in with 0 Hours in 2002). I do not have any Info, If the cylinders have been exchanged (2002) or not. It is true, that POH is 42 years old, but HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED from MOONEY SINCE THEN and THEREFORE STILL VALID. Of course, there are new informations. I have read a lot about laning and mixture setting. According to me the best Articles -please see below. My Mooney has Carb. LOP is not possible a and therefore I consider Monitor to be Uselessness. I try follow Mike Busch´s leaning method. P.S. EGT and CHT are in my Mooney attached ad Nr. 3 Cylinder (that one with Crack) milos
  8. Foto of crack at my No 3 cylinder
  9. I apologize for my grammar, message was written from my phone with Editor , of course instead of Crank should be CRACK. I do not have EDM, but In my last 50 hours I am not aware of overheating/schock cooling. For me where interesting to know how what are the symptoms of Cracked Cylinder. What are EGT values on Cylinder with crack? In My case i did not see any declining of compression reading, (with cracks running between the intake and the exhaust valve seat), but EGT on Nr. 3 cylinder (with crack) where always relative low. Could that by also sing of crack (a small one)? thanks,milos
  10. Hi About 3 Hours after Annual (and 100 Hour Inspektion) I encountered Vibrations in Flight. The engine (O 360 A1D, on Condition, 17 Years Old and with 800 Hours) has been checked (in Service), there was found nothing explaining the Vibrations. Compressions at all cylinder were above 70. By second check was found Crack at 3 Cylinder. I own mine Bird since February, cca 50 Hours so far. EGT Sensor is at 3 Cylinder and that Cylinder does not peak first. Most I flew at Peak EGT. All Temperatures were always in Green. Change a present Crank on Cylinder the EGT values? thanks, milos
  11. Thanks for reply, found only POH for 1966, 1965 & 1970 M20C. Looking fom POH for 1977 Ranger milos