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  1. John Mininger

    How much did Mooneys cost new by year/model?

    It still doesn't sound right when one can buy a really loaded LSA (with a parachute) for $200,000. I wonder how long it will be before OEMs start offering the Dynon HDX system.
  2. John Mininger

    How much did Mooneys cost new by year/model?

    And it's really, really labor intensive to build.
  3. John Mininger

    How much did Mooneys cost new by year/model?

    That is amazing!
  4. John Mininger

    How much did Mooneys cost new by year/model?

    I heard some interesting numbers at Oshkosh this past year. Probably some of you others heard them also. At the Mooney Owner's forum a spokesman for the Mooney factory mentioned the number of manhours needed to build an airplane by the various manufacturers. Cirrus 1200 manhours, Cessna 172 1800 manhours. Mooney Acclaim 6000 manhours. 6000! And they hoped with some experience to get that down to 3000. I believe our aircraft were designed in an era when labor was just not as high a proportion of the total cost of production as it is today. I can't imagine we're ever going to see new $250K, or even $400,000 Js. Mike Busch is fond of comparing the price through the years of a Cadillac to a Cessna 182. The inflation adjusted price of a 182 has increased far more then the Cadillac. What I find even more interesting is comparing the price of a fully loaded high end ASTM certified LSA like a Bristell or a Flight Design, to Part 23 (or CAR 3) aircraft. I could buy a fully loaded Bristell, full glass panel, deluxe auto-pilot for around $200,000. Or a fully loaded Flight Design CTLSi GT for $179,000. And they both come with modern 2000 hour, electronic fuel injected engines that according to Mike Busch and Aviation Consumer, really do make TBO.
  5. John Mininger

    406 woes

    My Artex 345 406 went off a few weeks ago. Same experience as the rest of you guys. The AF called and asked if I was in distress. I told them no, and that the airplane was in the hangar and had been for the past two weeks. I was only a couple of miles from the airport so I went over and checked. Sure enough, the ELT was going off. The AF said that they couldn't get a position, probably because the plane was in a metal hangar. But they did receive the N-number from the broadcast. I called Artex and they said that they were pretty sure the problem was in the unit itself. They said that they would send me a new unit. I'm assuming it will arrive either today or tomorrow. I'll report back if that fixes the problem.
  6. John Mininger

    XE Vision Landing Lamps Installed

    Little Dipper Who installed them? Phil and/or Joe?
  7. John Mininger

    Power flow exhaust?

    PowerFlow claims what, a 10-15% improvement? I was told one time that you won’t really “feel” anything less than a 10% difference. I could feel the difference when I put the PowerFlow system on my 201. My take-off performance was noticeably better. One piece of advice. PowerFlow says you should have the system taken apart and anti-seize applied to the joints at every annual. DO IT! Last annual one of my joints was completely seized. The IA had to use a torch to get it apart. If I would have kept flying it like that I’m sure something would have cracked somewhere.
  8. John Mininger

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    Good question. I think it's only been 3-5 years. But I hear from a few anonymous voices at Lycoming that if they would have had DLC coated flat lifters 20 years ago, they wouldn't have bothered to develop roller lifters. I have a IO-360 A3B6D in my J, and from everything I've heard so far I wouldn't be afraid to overhaul it and use the DLC lifters. My problem is: the only cost effective way to get away from the D mag, is to trade it in on a IO-360 A3B6 factory re-man. Then you get the roller lifters which is fine, but you also get an engine with Slicks that are timed 20 degrees BTC instead of 25. I know, I know, I can change out the Slick's for individual Bendix's and get the 25 degrees. But it does all seem to get rather complicated. Does anyone know how hard it is to start if you time the Slicks to 25? Theoretically the impulse coupling is now firing at 5 degrees BTC.
  9. John Mininger

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    Has anyone actually heard of cam/lifter spalling problems since Lycoming started supplying Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coated flat lifters? I have not.
  10. John Mininger

    Rudder pedal extensions revisited

    I installed 3" extensions on my J about 1 year ago and never looked back. I get the distinct impression that Mooneys were designed around a 190lb, 6'4" Texan. Not a 175lb, 5'7" guy like me.
  11. John Mininger

    Baggage Door Arm / Hinge

    It's actually for my friend's M20K. But I think you're right. It's on the other side of baggage door and it does look similar to the one on my J.
  12. John Mininger

    Baggage Door Arm / Hinge

    Chocks, Do you have any more of these?
  13. John Mininger

    Bagage Door Holder

    Does anyone know if there's an STC for some kind of alternative baggage door hold open arm? A friend of mine has a M20K and the holder arm is broken. I looked on the Lasar site and the one they list is $785.30, and is sold out. Thanks
  14. John Mininger


    Thanks David. Your end result looks great to me. Here's what I've got:
  15. John Mininger


    I followed the advice on this post and called Hector at Aero Comfort. He sounded like a nice guy. He asked me to send him pictures of my glareshield and said that it's very rare that he sees one that's damaged beyond repair. I sent him the pics, and in about 2 hours I got a rather lengthy apologetic email back saying that I indeed, had one of those rare glareshields that was damaged beyond repair. So, does anyone have any direct experience with Ashby replacement glareshields? And how much "fitting" they actually require? Thanks