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  1. John Mininger

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    Good question. I think it's only been 3-5 years. But I hear from a few anonymous voices at Lycoming that if they would have had DLC coated flat lifters 20 years ago, they wouldn't have bothered to develop roller lifters. I have a IO-360 A3B6D in my J, and from everything I've heard so far I wouldn't be afraid to overhaul it and use the DLC lifters. My problem is: the only cost effective way to get away from the D mag, is to trade it in on a IO-360 A3B6 factory re-man. Then you get the roller lifters which is fine, but you also get an engine with Slicks that are timed 20 degrees BTC instead of 25. I know, I know, I can change out the Slick's for individual Bendix's and get the 25 degrees. But it does all seem to get rather complicated. Does anyone know how hard it is to start if you time the Slicks to 25? Theoretically the impulse coupling is now firing at 5 degrees BTC.
  2. John Mininger

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    Has anyone actually heard of cam/lifter spalling problems since Lycoming started supplying Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coated flat lifters? I have not.
  3. John Mininger

    Rudder pedal extensions revisited

    I installed 3" extensions on my J about 1 year ago and never looked back. I get the distinct impression that Mooneys were designed around a 190lb, 6'4" Texan. Not a 175lb, 5'7" guy like me.
  4. John Mininger

    Baggage Door Arm / Hinge

    It's actually for my friend's M20K. But I think you're right. It's on the other side of baggage door and it does look similar to the one on my J.
  5. John Mininger

    Baggage Door Arm / Hinge

    Chocks, Do you have any more of these?
  6. John Mininger

    Bagage Door Holder

    Does anyone know if there's an STC for some kind of alternative baggage door hold open arm? A friend of mine has a M20K and the holder arm is broken. I looked on the Lasar site and the one they list is $785.30, and is sold out. Thanks
  7. John Mininger


    Thanks David. Your end result looks great to me. Here's what I've got:
  8. John Mininger


    I followed the advice on this post and called Hector at Aero Comfort. He sounded like a nice guy. He asked me to send him pictures of my glareshield and said that it's very rare that he sees one that's damaged beyond repair. I sent him the pics, and in about 2 hours I got a rather lengthy apologetic email back saying that I indeed, had one of those rare glareshields that was damaged beyond repair. So, does anyone have any direct experience with Ashby replacement glareshields? And how much "fitting" they actually require? Thanks
  9. I installed the 3" extensions in our 201 within the last year. I'm 5'7", and I'm much more comfortable now without the yoke in my chest. I found the installation to be rather easy. The hardest part was getting access to the original Clevis pins to remove the pedals. I remember having to use some mirrors. Once you install the extensions on the pedals, there's a lot more room behind them to reinstall the Clevis pins as you're putting them back in the plane.
  10. John Mininger

    Lift AOA Monitor System

    Anyone out there have any experience with the Lift AOA Monitor System? It looks very simple and it's certainly cheap enough. Thanks John
  11. Thanks Brian and Pankey for all the work. And thanks Bob for once again the use of your hangar. John
  12. John Mininger

    How do you mount your ipad

    Jonathon, I use an iPad Mini now, but I used an Air 2 for over a year with the same setup. So with the same mount set-up, on a longer trip I have the Mini on the left yoke and the full size Air 2 or the right yoke. John
  13. John Mininger

    How do you mount your ipad

    After many tries, and a lot of extra RAM parts, I've settled on the following:
  14. Thanks Brian. I’ll plan on making the long taxi up from hangar 14.
  15. John Mininger

    Richard Collins - Flies West

    I remember hearing about, not reading but hearing about, a piece that he wrote on the Global Swift that was not very complementary. Does anyone remember anything about that, or know where one might find that article? RIP Mr. Collins.