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  1. Thanks Erik. Is by chance, one of them yours? John
  2. Does anyone know how many liquid Rocket conversions were actually done?
  3. I know this has come up before, but just a heads up for anyone in the process or contemplating changing their engine. I recently replaced my IO360A3B6D, with a factory rebuilt IO360A3B6. The IO360A3B6D took a 48103-2 oil filter. The IO360A3B6 takes a 48110-2 filter. So if you're thinking about changing engines, it would probably be best not to stock up on 48103-2 filters.
  4. Forgive me if someone else already posted this, but here’s the link to a poster AOPA did a few years ago: https://www.aopa.org/-/media/Files/AOPA/Home/Pilot-Resources/ASI/Valve-safety/14FN0000-ASI-Valve-Safey-Poster_Final.pdf
  5. Perhaps I should have added to my original post that I have an Appareo Stratus ESG transponder that's hardwired into a Stratus 2i. The Stratus 2i is mounted just above my right knee so it doesn't see any sunlight. I get all the ADS-B info fed into the 2i through the outside antennas of the Appearo Stratus ESG; then wifi'd out to the iPad with ForeFlight. It works great.
  6. I fly with an iPad mini mounted to my yoke. I'm very happy with that. I'm not sure what a 750 would give me over a 650 or 440 except a larger screen. What I'm really looking for is the ability to sync flight plans. Thanks for the input. John
  7. After getting back from a 4 week trip flying around Florida and visiting friends, I've resolved that I'm no longer willing to manually input flight plans to my 430W. I know that I can trade in the 430W and upgrade to a IFD 440 which comes with wifi and BT for about $6000 with virtually no installation costs. Or I can purchase and have installed a Flightstream 210 to interface with my current GNS 430W for probably $1500 to $2000. Obviously, having a Flightstream 210 installed and keeping the 430W is going to be the least expensive option. But I'm interested to know if anyone has traded in
  8. I lost a lot of faith in Deltahawk through the years also. But since they’ve been funded by the Rudd family, I’ve regained my interest. The last I heard, EPS was working with Bosch to get their software certified, or at least certifiable. They really wanted to go after the Tecnam 2012 that Cape Air is now buying. I have my doubts also that we’ll see the EPS in a Mooney.
  9. What intrigued me about the PAV concept was it was entirely compromised to be manufacturable. From the commonality of airframe parts, to the out of the crate LS1 engine. The most complicated component that I saw was the ducted fan “propulsor”. And while it was not as efficient as a traditional propeller, it did have certain other advantages. Lower noise, it allowed higher RPM from the direct drive engine, and more safety from inherit prop strikes. One of my biggest disappointments in aviation development was when Bombardier decided to shelve their V6 project. Here was an experienced eng
  10. Sorry I'm a little late to this thread. It's interesting that you ask about the LS3 engine Ron. About 20 years ago there were a couple NASA engineers out of Langley, Mark Moore and Andrew Hahn working on the Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) project before it was defunded. In 2002 they published what was in my opinion, a fascinating article on a concept airframe that was sort of designed around the GM LS1 engine. I don't know what Andy Hahn is doing now, but the last I heard Mark Moore is the director of engineering at Uber Elevate. I attached the article if anyone's interested. PAVE CTOL Co
  11. I'm curious. If you're having a 2 axis autopilot installed (maybe plus auto trim servo), why not the GFC 500?
  12. I’m considering a panel upgrade in 2021. Hopefully after the avionic shops work through their backlog of ADS-B installs and the lead times are somewhat less than 6-9 months. I’m considering either two G5s, or a G5 AI and a 7” G3X. I already have a G5 in AI configuration. I’m leaning towards the G3X/G5 combo, but I’m getting some conflicting information as to whether the G3X is compatible with the S-TEC 55 autopilot (Not a 55X, but with the separate ST-901 GPSS button). I know the G5 HSI, along with the GAD 29B is compatible with the S-TEC. Does anyone out there know if the G3X,
  13. Thanks for the info guys. I think this kind of backs up Ron's critique of NORSEE.
  14. I am seriously thinking about installing an AV-20S. Now Ron, I know this is not your favorite type of source for AOA data. But when one looks at the overall cost effectiveness of this instrument, along with all of the other information that it provides; why not? Is there a risk that it will give erroneous information? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8p3ncDYFiI John
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