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  1. R.I.P. Bennett I remember sitting in on a forum at Oshkosh about 3-4 years ago. I don’t recall whether the forum was specifically about Lycoming engines, or a future unleaded avgas replacement. I do remember Michael Kraft, who was general manager of Lycoming Engines at the time saying that there will be some positive results coming from moving to an unleaded fuel. He did not mention a specific number, but he did say that increased TBOs would be one of the benefits. Mainly because without the lead, there would be a lot less corrosive crap ending up in the oil. Without all the corrosive cra
  2. I bought mine from Dan at LASAR. Dan advised me when I bought them that if you're going to install extensions, install the 3" extensions. Skip is right, it does feel like they change the angle of the brake. Although I don't know why. The extension moves the pedal straight back evenly top and bottom. I installed them myself and had my IA sign off the log. I've never had a problem of riding the brakes.
  3. Hear, Hear! Thank you Dr. Kortopates! It’s finally good to hear from someone else who feels that the removal of what we’ve come to know as “+V” on RNAV approaches was a knee jerk mistake by the FAA some 10 or so years ago. There’s nothing wrong with a stabilized approach for the average, or even above average instrument pilot. I frankly, had no idea about the issues with the G1000.
  4. Thank you Clarence. That explains why I remember that conversion being a rather simple entry in my engine log. Since the conversion to the rebuilt (remaned) A3B6 last year, I no longer have that log book.
  5. Clarence, Correct me if I’m wrong, but did I read somewhere on MS that at some point you removed an MT prop and installed a Hartzell or McCauley? Is that correct, and if so, would you kindly share the circumstances of why? Thanks
  6. Paul, Do you (or anyone else), happen to remember the circumstances behind the removal of the advisory vertical guidance on LNAV approaches, and then their subsequence return? I seem to remember that the removal coincided with the operating software update that added LP approaches. I remember being anxious to get access to the LP approaches with their lower minimums, only to find that the update took away the advisory vertical guidance. At the time, I complained about their loss to just about anyone who would listen. Only to find that most people had no idea what I was talking about.
  7. Just for the record, I have NEVER suggested going beyond the MDA on an advisory vertical glidepath without a good and legal visual view of the runway. Just like any other non-precision approach. I remember about 10 years ago, having a rather animated discussion with a friend who was a very active 135 pilot, and was also a very active CFII. This was when WAAS and advisory vertical guidance (+V) was fairly new. He was arguing that in poor visibility, he would much rather descend to MDA quickly after the last stepdown fix, so he had more time to descend to the runway when he saw it. As oppos
  8. I've heard of pilots getting extremely close to obstructions when they treated a LNAV+V like a LPV or ILS and busted the MDA. But I have never heard of anyone getting close to obstructions when flying the +V to the MDA. The advisory vertical guidance seemed to appear in the operating system of the 430W with little fanfare. Then, maybe 10 or so years ago it was taken out for a while. My understanding was that the FAA pressured Garmin take it out because pilots while using it, were getting a false sense of security and busting the MDA. I'm not sure why it came back, but I'm very glad that i
  9. Has anyone installed a SureFly SIM on a IO360-A3B6 and changed the timing from 20 degrees BTDC to 25 BTDC? Have you seen any performance differences?
  10. Thanks Jim. But I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed to hear that my square tipped Mac can only by used on a 77 model. It kind of cuts the potential pool of buyers way down if I try to sell it and replace it with an MT.
  11. I believe this is correct. LNAV/VNAV approaches were originally designed for certified Baro-VNAV equipment. Then when WAAS came along, and since these approaches were already certified, they just designed them into the WAAS GPS approach databases. I've never read this in an AC or the AIM, but my understanding from various seminars that I've attended is that both ILS and LPV (if you stay on them) will give you obstacle clearance to the threshold. Whereas LP+V and RNAV+V will give you an obstruction free path to the MDA, but no guarantees beyond that.
  12. I have a 1977 M20J, the first model year for the J. The engine was originally an IO360-A1B6D with the squared tipped McCauley prop. At some point, the engine was changed to a A3B6D. And last year I replaced the engine with a rebuilt A3B6 (non-D). I still have the square tip prop. Does anyone know the reasons and history of why Mooney started the J line with a A1B6D, square tipped McCally, and immediately in the next model year went with the A3B6D and a round tip McCauley?
  13. Thanks Erik. Is by chance, one of them yours? John
  14. Does anyone know how many liquid Rocket conversions were actually done?
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