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  1. Ha! Music . Wife? Keep me from external activities? Naw I'm trying to keep an eye on Notar but he's a wiley know those egg-beater pilots - they just hover wherever they want...outa sight and all....STEALTH
  2. I wrote this procedure when I had a J. My hot start for a heat soaked Bravo is mixture full rich, prop full forward, throttle 1,000 rpm and no priming. It should start in a few blades.
  3. FlyDave

    Richard Bristow Crash

    I met Richard years ago when he was selling a F modded to a J. I was interested in the plane but ended up not buying it. He was selling that plane to finance the RV he was building. I was at Petaluma airport yesterday but left about an hour before this incident. I'm glad I wasn't there. Best wishes to his family....
  4. FlyDave

    Mooney down in Petaluma CA

    Other news reports state he is based in San Diego. Anyone in that area know him?
  5. FlyDave

    Mooney down in Petaluma CA

    Mike, I don't know him and I'm not sure if he's based at o69. Does anyone have an N-Number?
  6. FlyDave

    Mooney down in Petaluma CA

    I flew commercial into SFO last night around 11:30. I was actually sleeping until they slowed to taxi speed but I can tell you the drive home was a bit hairy. Good thing my wife was driving because I would have nodded off and taken a bunch of something out! Too bad about this guy that hit the hill north of Petaluma airport (my home drone). It's a treacherous valley at night in decent weather. IFR departures, as Jerry pointed out in the ODP, is a climb straight ahead off of 19 EDIT: 29 (I was still tired this morning - missed the RW heading at my home airport - sheesh!) to 1,500' then a climbing LEFT turn to SGD. He missed the LEFT turn part in the OBSTACLE (it's a big 'un) departure procedure.
  7. I'd prefer (and voted) 4/14. I'll have gotten home from vacation 4/6 so I might be a bit tuckered out on 4/7.
  8. FlyDave

    Christmas Flights in the Bay Area

    Nice post Joe and Great flying with you that day! I haven't done any formation flying in a while...I'm surprised we didn't trade a little paint . See 'ya on the rebound!
  9. FlyDave

    Moving my Acclaim to California!

    A little late posting here Joe but Welcome to o69. You've got a great hangar and on-airport maintenance shop. The company ain't bad either .
  10. FlyDave

    Mooney Fly-In, June 3, Watsonville, CA

    Unfortunately I won't be able to make it..prior engagement. Have fun!
  11. FlyDave

    Mooney Fly-In, Harris Ranch, CA

    Yeah - great seeing you guys. As discussed, lets try to do this more often and maybe a little more impromptu. And icing on the cake: I got to bounce my plane...numerous times! Man, you guys that didn't make missed a real good show . Mich and Wishbone were clapping when I finally pulled into the tiedown area .
  12. FlyDave

    Mooney Fly-In, Harris Ranch, CA

    NotarPilot and I are still meeting at Harris Ranch at noon tomorrow (Saturday) in case anyone wants to join us.
  13. FlyDave

    Mooney Fly-In, Harris Ranch, CA

    OK...tomorrow cancelled.
  14. FlyDave

    Mooney Fly-In, Harris Ranch, CA

    See you there, Mitch!