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  1. Let me offer up my list, sorted loosely into categories that may overlap . Training- The Finer Points: a Bay Area flight instructor. Dick Rochfort: primarily training in Malibu and Meridian lines. Aviation 101: evolution of a student pilot turned flight instructor, turned aviation advocate and enthusiast Joy of Flying - Baron Pilot : Baron flying around Florida. Fly8MA: I especially enjoy their Alaska series. Martin Pauly: Bonanza pilot with periodic educational clips. Matt Guthmiller: Bonanza pilot flying everywhere around the world. Life in the FL: Meridian pilot using his plane to travel as part of a rock cover band. Malibu Flyer: A man and his family enjoy trips around the southern US. Man and a Mooney: Vintage Mooney pilot in Colorado. Only a few clips but some good high-altitude stuff. Niko’s Wings: Cirrus Pilot Steveo1Kinevo: Popular TBM pilot. The Ren Baron: A new Cirrus pilot learning to fly. Jets - Premier 1 Driver: Very popular Beechcraft Premier pilot using his plan in support of his business, family, and aviation advocacy Captain Moonbeam: Life of a corporate pilot. CitationMax: A young man moving from Cirrus SR, to Cirrus Jet, to Cessna M2, to Cessna CJ3 Corporate Pilot Life: Life of a Gulfstream pilot Guido Warnecke: Very well disciplined corporate jet pilot. Can learn a lot from observation here. JesseFlies: Former Phenom corporate pilot Off Airport, Experimental, Construction - Trent Palmer: Back country flying produced extremely well by a video professional. Mike Patey: Airplane builder extraordinaire. Cubonaut875: Morning hops from farm to farm in a Cub.
  2. May want to consider revising the instructions to hold the "flip-flop" button down until 121.5 appears in the top Com window. No needless knob cranking that way.