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  1. Joe Zuffoletto

    Is a CO Detector Superfluous in M20TN?

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I've spent hundreds of hours in the flight levels with my Acclaim with the heat on and have never had a detector or any problems. Of course, I'm wearing an oxygen mask, which I'm guessing would afford some protection.
  2. Joe Zuffoletto

    Selfie button again

    That's pretty funny right there! This guy has you beat, though:
  3. Joe Zuffoletto

    Mooney instructor in Seattle?

    I'm posting for a friend who is upgrading from a Diamond DA-20 to a Mooney Acclaim. He has extensive G1000 and GFC700 experience from his Diamond, but needs to get his complex, high-performance and general checkout in the Acclaim. Can anyone recommend a qualified Mooney instructor in or near Seattle that can help him out?
  4. Joe Zuffoletto

    Looking for some Denver area advice

    Weather in early June is usually quite nice in the mornings. Afternoons can bring turbulence and thunderstorms. Our mantra around here is "up and down before noon."
  5. Joe Zuffoletto

    Norcal Bay Area Pre-buy Inspection Recommendations

    I'd recommend Lasar or Topgun, in that order. Both are Mooney Service Centers.
  6. Hello, Everyone. I'm selling my TouchTrainer BATD. I bought it new about 4 years ago and have found it to be an excellent tool for maintaining G1000 and IFR proficiency. This trainer is FAA-approved for instrument currency and includes the FAA certificate. Asking $3,900, plus shipping (this model new starts at $8,100).
  7. Joe Zuffoletto

    Central CA Fly-in - KPRB , Paso Robles April 14th

    Damn, wish I could go! Have fun, everyone!
  8. Joe Zuffoletto

    TKS ice prevention

    I try to prime the system before I enter the clouds, if at all possible. If not, I start the system on high until the wings are coated, then I back it down to normal depending on the rate of accumulation. It takes about 8-10 minutes for all the panels to start weeping on my Acclaim.
  9. Joe Zuffoletto

    TKS ice prevention

    Mine has always removed all ice from the TKS panels.
  10. Joe Zuffoletto

    A&P recommendation in bay area

    You seem to have a rather haughty attitude towards those who are trying to help you. Good luck.
  11. Joe Zuffoletto

    A&P recommendation in bay area

    They'll be performing the annual on my Acclaim next month, and that will be my first serious experience with them. They've been doing the annuals on @FlyDave's Bravo for years, and he's happy with them. Ron Mangon is a standup guy.
  12. Joe Zuffoletto

    A&P recommendation in bay area

    You might try Mangon Aircraft up in Petaluma. I don't know their rates, but they're not an MSC. (707) 765-1848.
  13. Joe Zuffoletto

    Central CA Fly-in - KPRB , Paso Robles April 14th

    Wish I could make this one, but my Mooney will be in the shop for its annual and I'm stuck in Denver in April anyway. Have fun! I hope I can make the next one!
  14. Joe Zuffoletto

    RV-8 PIREP

    I know of the Thorp, but I’ve never flown one.