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  1. AeroHoff would end up being close to $500 as well. He comes up from oceanside or something and bills by the hour. with a minimum. If you could get 3 or 4 mooneys together he can do them all for the same price. I have had him at SNA 3 times and nobody ever takes me up on my offer to get a group together. Takes him 30 minutes to do mine and I get a $400 bill due to drive time and mins.
  2. my zef vr went bad in about 3 months. Went back and forth pointing fingers at plane power alternator. Finally just got a plane power vr and havent had any issues since. And still havent gotten a refund from zeftronics though they have the bad VR. I would never do business with zeftronics again.
  3. i dont know about the B&C but the skytec is awesome. spins so much faster than the stock one.
  4. only thing odd to me was lost power at 3000agl and only had 45seconds before hitting the water. did he point the nose straight down or do bo's really glide like shit? Reminds me that I should go out and check the sink rate at best glide. He said wind from west which is pretty standard out here. so if he was pointing back towards shore when the engine quit and with 10:1 glide he should have gotten about 5 miles. How far offshore at 3000 AGL was he? I get panicy just going offshore of Camp Pendelton enough to avoid the restricted area.
  5. tiedown - 150 /month annual - 900 /year oil changes - $250/year insurance - $1300ish /yea random broken shit - $1000-$8000 (although this year has been pretty good, no big ticket broken stuff or rebuilds or replacements)
  6. Top shelf, second bin halfway down in the screw section at Los Depotos aviation store.
  7. Yea sucks. He was my CFI/CFII as well. we got close over the years and it all went south quickly for him. Funeral next week. Go to the doctor people!! (says the guy who never goes to the doctor) Ive had the plane for about 3 years. maybe 4. In the last year she has hinted that at some point on a perfect day when the stars align and hell has frozen over shell do a 15 minute hop over to the airport near her family. That hasnt happened yet. The other issue is she has tried to get some other people to go as well so she would have a real reason to fly but none of her friends are in to
  8. Been doing some soul searching and think it's time to let the mooney go. Its a traveling bird and since my wife wont fly its pretty hard to justify to myself. I almost never have 3 people including me and even rarer to have 4. The whole certification thing is really breaking my balls too. I got an offer to go in with a buddy of mine on some experimental and I think it fits my style, budget and mission better. I like working on my own stuff and I dont need to pay some grumpy old man to babysit me and sign a book. My engine is at TBO and although its 76-78 on comps and gets flown regu
  9. I know. I dont care. This S^$%t is a ripoff. It's killing GA. I'm barely hanging on and wondering every day if it's worth it. Might put the old girl up for sale while people are selling E's for 70k and get something experimental.
  10. its cool. we're getting there. But it its still $3000 overpriced.
  11. and thats why unless you have a jeep youdont disable the neutral safety switch. In my jeep I more than once pulled myself out of a waterhole with the starter so I didnt get my feet wet when getting out to attach the winch.
  12. https://lasar.com/placards-decals/decal-warning-towing-limits-with-arrow-150056-a2003r I love lasar but $20 for a sticker? I think Ill call my sticker guy. wait turns out I dont have a sticker guy. anybody got one?
  13. I spin the handle until I feel it click. I think thats the light switch clicking or maybe the thumblock but I like to think Im feeling some notch attaching to the gear keeping it down. The click is the only thing that holds the gear down
  14. Is there any documentation on rechargeables? I know if I put a couple AAs in a flash light and throw it in a drawer in a year or 2 Ill probably still get some light. If I turn off my phone and throw it in a closet for a year or 2 im pretty sure it will be dead. For a light I use a lot Im ok with rechargeable but for the family light in case of emergency I stick with regular batteries. Im not sure this is still valid though.
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