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  1. VW releases in Europe prior to US release. Doesn’t eliminate defects, but helps no doubt.
  2. I think you should train in a Cherokee and rent an Arrow for Instrument rating. THEN look at a Mooney purchase. I personally would of been overwhelmed by transition into a Mooney right after pilots license. Continue to train and learn in someone else’s plane and THEN purchase your own plane. East of the Rockies I would not do turbo either. Your mission sounds like an Ovation would be a great fit...BUT NOT NOW. Be safe. Be wise. Be alive to enjoy your family.
  3. O.K. -a- shamed me into editing my original pic. I fixed it and now have your “power” of the flipper. Yea me
  4. Relax Hank. Your trigger can be lowered....
  5. Mooneyspace trivia...Before threads were deleted they were merely locked. There was indeed a Little Johnny thread. It was deleted faster than you can hit “delete”...
  6. NOPE. See Craig’s comments in closing of the tasteless joke thread. Personally I agree with decision to lock that thread. For obvious reasons.
  7. Jim, clearly you are a utility guy. That’s fine. This thread is not for you. You understand that, right? I am not into clocks and firearms simply to find one that “works”. They are investments and functioning works of art. Do you ever watch antique roadshow? A Rolex...The older and more original the better are worth many many thousands more than the original purchase price. I have never sold a firearm for a loss. I enjoy them. I find them functional pieces of art. I enjoy others interest an what they like as like vintage Spanish SxS shotguns or WWII German pistols collecting is fun.
  8. No. My Missile is 1111 useful load. NOT common at ALL for a Missile.
  9. Love that grandfather clock! I had a Hamilton very similar to yours, but didn’t find myself wearing it, so sold it off. Here is my Gustav Becker Grandfather clock. Keeps very good time too. It is a three weight (needs a wind that I do every Sunday Mid-day ). Has a nice deep chime with Westminster. Amazing that 100 years later it soldiers on...
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