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  1. Read the book Black Tulip. Author says the same things about Hartmann as Bravoman. Kindred souls are they... ”You’ve seen one Nazi you’ve seen ALL Germans”...Say they. I reject the assessment.
  2. It’s O.K. My 90 year old mother still has animosity toward Germans and Japanese... It’s called prejudice... It’s called stereotyping... It’s going on today too. Just look at another thread. I have been to Germany and Austria. Beautiful country with beautiful people.
  3. Not going to get into a pissing match with you. I reject calling a political party to identify ALL Germans that fought for their country during the period. This thread is about Chuck Yeager an airman that I respected to a high degree for his contributions throughout his life. When you say “most were believers”...Believers in what? Their Country? Their Family? Their City? People are people. Was Chuck “kicking ass” when he was shot down and with help evaded capture? I think not.
  4. He WASN’T “killin’ nazi’s” over Germany. Very few Luftwaffe pilots were in the “Nazi Party”. He was shooting down German airplanes with German pilots, the enemy at that time...that would be like American pilots being identified as Republicans and Democrats. They ALL flew for their country. I met Yeager once at Oshkosh. I was doing a Luftwaffe Aircrew re-enactment along with a bunch of guys and gals doing British/U.S./Japanese impressions. He scowled at me. I get it, but that he couldn’t separate an impression (50 years AFTER the war) vs. an enemy is puzzling for someone that achieved Ge
  5. We received the same “type of letter” x number of months before renewal. Reached out to agent as language was grim (Discussing policy increases/changes in coverage/non renewal). It was a form letter that was required if ANY of these were a possibility. In our case it was an increase in premium that triggered the “form” letter. We ended up with same coverage/deductible with an increase in premium between 10 and 15% which appears to be “the norm”...
  6. All out there in my Missile thread. Search on google Missile Coming Out Party. Didn’t ever quit Mooneyspace voluntarily....Ask Byron or -a-...Last ejection was for jokingly calling a person that said “call me a whiner” a whiner. Real reason was because I called someone out for degrading Mooney and praising his “chute” plane...Ancient history all...My favorite is the water in fuel caps caper...Sigh. I will always give my opinion. Some don’t like that around here...
  7. Erik, I have been active on Mooneyspace since about a year after it’s inception. I have thousands of posts... I have owned and operated a Mooney (first a M20E and now our Missile) for over 15 years. The VAST majority of my posts have been in support of Mooney (to a fault perhaps) There was one VERY short post, NOT by me that discussed the “youth of today”. I 100% agree that there are MANY young people that are contributors to society and in the case of my son, will likely pursue general aviation. The cost barrier to “enter” has always been prohibitive, but like e
  8. OK Erik. I don’t dispute at ALL that there is beauty and talent in the young everywhere. Having someone call you a racist is not political in and of itself. It is just their belief. I asked you for an opinion having knowledge of my comments through years of association. Your silence speaks volumes and saddens me. Is what it is I guess. I expected better. Lesson learned. Silly me.
  9. Erik: You see yet your eyes have filters to what you WISH to see (which is good) versus what is REALLY there to be seen. This thread is an example of what IS and what YOU wish it to be... This is not utopia sir. This is Realsville. I wish it were otherwise, but sadly Unless you have rose colored glasses and selective vision... It’s right out in front of you...and you see...but you pretend. This is perhaps self-serving? Perhaps it is agreement? I will ask you sir. Do you believe me to be a racist because I support the President? I have been called
  10. Had the poster just quit after the first clarification it would of been fine. I seriously did not understand his context until he clarified. What is ironic is that he summarized my initial...long since deleted...comments in Little Timmy on why youth are “not into airplanes”. The diatribe on Trump=racist and wanting to spread Covid 19 was over the top and says more about him and what “he believes” of millions of fellow humans that work, love, live and pursue happiness just makes me sad... AND a tad bid angry. Another example of judging and projecting and de-humanizing by insert
  11. Trigger alert....lol Seriously. Just wow. Your take away is not in left field. It’s out of the stadium.
  12. “Their priorities are different so nothing is their fault”. Please explain. I can’t wait to hear the details...
  13. Boomer engaging in three...two...one: Two children. Both now adults. Working professionals. First got through undergrad in 3.5. Earned Masters and works in a career that pays back part of student loan debt as incentive to come on board. <$5k remaining in SLD. Second took 5 years to graduate. Re-paid his and he and spouse (homeowners) just repaid her loan debt. Yes, I DO “BLAME” an individual for taking out loan debt and complaining that they can’t repay it. Talk to the hand on that. Repay your debt. If necessary restructure debt. If Government wants to cut interest on stud
  14. I don’t want to steal the thread....BUT...lol
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