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  1. Thanks Bill. Very helpful. Hoping someone that flies a J with the Monroy tanks can also lend some input to “Their” experience as your tank totals are different than my J. Of course agree there will be some minor variance depending on the install/airframe. Anybody have the 32 Main plus 17 AUX set up that cares to comment? I will FILL the mains now that we have the tanks resealed and observe the level next day AND when the gauges start to move in future. Just trying to be knowledgeable as I can...Hoping others have cracked “the code” like you have.
  2. 940 UL...Umkay...So after Fuel and TKS fluid that sounds super to “fill up” and utilize that futuristic longbody stretch... Sweet.
  3. It’s a “new” movie about going BACK to the Futur 2008 style. Grab the Popcorn Marty. Move over to the chair. Biff wants the couch...
  4. So a Rocket Engineering thread morphed into a potential sale of an Ovation.... O.K. Got it. Perhaps the title can be re-named?
  5. Our M20J/Missile 300 has 32 Gallons each side and a 17 Aux Bay tank option installed. Anybody (paging Jose) know at WHAT AMOUNT of fuel in main does crossover into AUX tank begin? I have heard 10,15,25,tabs. What is the EXACT amount? Anybody KNOW? Please no guessing as I already have a LOT of that. The wing gauges show what is in main with further panel reading on quantity. Thanks for knowledgeable replies and experience. This is NOT a cue for Cies senders (thank you for NOT going there)
  6. I had a sordid ordeal with loss of battery. Flying into Lansing Mi and lost comms. (My Generator had failed). I could NOT reach Lansing on handheld, but another plane relayed my issue and had uneventful landing. I pulled battery and trickle charged it. On return I communicated and then turned everything off after departure. Turned everything on at arrival. I replaced analog volt/amp gauges with digital that had discharge light after the incident. Going to look into the AA ICon battery pack. Go Mooneyspace!
  7. I can and it’s investing $175k vs that.
  8. Paid $85k for our Missile. Has a run out bottom end, but top has only 400. Exhaust was entirely refurbed <300. Beautiful $14k paint and interior leather and ALL plastics and yokes by the master in Texas. <$10k for a dual G5 upgrade and another $7k for a 530w upgrade and 330 ADSB compliant transponder and we are just above $100k...Tank reseal and we have a beautiful Missile for <$110k....Deals are out there and when you spread the “upgrades” by three owners you have a relatively pain free “magic carpet”. Life is good. Missile=Awesome...
  9. Thanks Tom. Just another reason why we need to hand sanitize and do an “in person” hand shake lol....
  10. Stagger Wings I get. This? There is beauty there, but it is a “different” kind of beauty. I would think Gee Bee would totally get this. Antique for lathering me was the beautiful “Howard Hughs” polished monoplane that met a sad end on way home from Oshkosh. I must of taken 50 photos and walked around her twenty times. Shiny/Sleek/Radial/What’s not to love? Your girl is like Marauder’s...I am 100% certain she has a quirky, but TOTALLY engaging personality that will thrill and excite with every flight. I get it Bayern. She’s a beaut’. I am thankful there are caretakers that “keep ‘em flyin’ “. Be safe in your transition. (Everybody told me that on my Missile)
  11. I will take my IO550 burning 12gph at 10500 All day Art.
  12. Bullhockey. I am shopping for women’s swimwear. Riiiiiigt. Face palm
  13. Not sure I agree with this. If you want Ovation and or Acclaim power and have a J or K that is at TBO, but well equipped you like the Mid-Body/Avionics Paint/history of your airframe then perhaps $100k is “worth it”? The competition in the Missile arena is Newish Ovations and Eagle. Can you get into these for $200k used with 300HP? Make that $100k if you have a run out J or K you want to convert... As Mo said previously in this thread...With New unobtanium and Used prices HIGHER than $100k or $200k (to obtain sonar airframe if not owned) there may be a market?
  14. Art, I don’t think there was any paint damage from chemical as the tanks are sealed when strip is completed. When you remove the individual panels you can get some small paint spot removal as the plane is painted with the access panels in place. On underside (white) very difficult to notice and easy touch-up. Top red, darker, more noticeable? Regardless this is “minor” paint touch-up. Paul provides a bottle of white and red so we will be able to do minor chip fixes on cowl and other areas which is nice.
  15. There are Rocket Engineering Conversions for sale (Both Rocket and Missile), why not just buy an existing conversion vs. paying huge $ to “convert yours”? The engine would be the biggest “ticket” item in the conversion I would think, right?