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  1. For those that have entered an air race before- is it normal for the host of the race to ask to haVW the event entered on your aircrafts personal certificate of insurance for the duration of the event?
  2. ^this is what stopped me from looking further into piston twins (on my budget).
  3. and that’s what we call a “bullseye” in the industry!
  4. Not on the 35.... they are 1 ply. Any cord showing is a replacement
  5. aspen is doing a lot of things- but “going under” isn’t one of them.
  6. The aspen rep above just said that a failed device can be upgraded for 5K total to max, or repaired for 2.5k i don’t see where the 7.5K total is coming from. The rep specifically stated that you don’t need the device to be functioning to upgrade it (so it’s not 2.5+5.... just 5 or 2.5). of course, that is assuming that the poster is actually an aspen rep, Which I believe he/she is.
  7. Run away trim, or not reset trim can definitely be causal in an accident like this.
  8. Even targeting hulls values at 1.5+ million or more, this is still a terrible “deal.” Market dynamics will most likely prove this soon enough.
  9. Seth! New prop?!?! Are you doing this?!?! ever since Erik swapped his prop out for that 4-blade MT, I started thinking about what a 3 blade MT would do for the Missile... imagine... 20-30lbs less weight that far forward on the nose.... while the extra U/L would be amazing.. the CG/balance on the aircraft would be even more compelling to me... imagine not being at near full Nose Up trim on landing. so..... are you doing this or what?! Details, man!!!
  10. Was being the operative word. Sad to see... and now the Fiki bravo’s are just that much more rare...
  11. And THAT’s saying something!
  12. Or planes that could use a bigger brake stack (or longer runway).
  13. The Concorde batteries in my missile are just showing their age (which means they need to be replaced ASAP.. as they are agm.)... they are 5 years old. That’s about as good as the AGM batteries in both my Jetta and my M3. The flooded gills I used previously? 2 years max. I’m happy with my concordes. They are one of the few items in the plane that seem to be on par with auto technology... and not too ridiculously overpriced.