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  1. Try walking around on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier during flight operations... if it wasn’t for jet exhaust, you’d have nothing to breathe at all!
  2. Yes, this- I think the CO is “coming in” through the vents and/or door... I see this on the ground as well with the windows/vents/door cracked. Once I’m airborne, the CO is 0 on my amazon-purchased co meter (which has replaceable batteries... vice the sensor con, which I had before).
  3. You are correct- “D” is part of the guard ramp now- and barriers are in place unless the F-15’s are conducting flight ops. That happened about 3 years ago (D being absorbed into the guard ramp) as part of some new security regulations. the ground controller and the tower controllers, are actually a mix of civilians and guard personnel. So the tower is pretty much connected to the guard base whenever it’s open. The air traffic in and out of K-falls is relatively light, unless it’s during the ANG fly windows.. so there are several hours during the night where the tower closes, and the field goes uncontrolled. Some weekends, too... but not all weekends- the 114FS flys every weekday, as well as one weekend a month.
  4. I’ve redacted the initial post- again I apologize.
  5. Different aircraft have different security requirements based on the classification of their hardware. Some military jets can be parked in unclassified, or on civilian ramps without guards. Some cannot. As for the complexity of starting one of these fighters... their really isn’t much to it. Open a single panel on the F-18, and you can open the canopy and deploy the boarding ladder. One switch turns on the APU. Then it’s just a matter of cranking the motors using apu bleed air- very simple (no different than any other turbine, really). A F-15 doesn’t even have a battery... the canopy is controlled by a pneumatic accumulator- the control handle is right in the side of the fuselage- easy to access. Boarding steps are build into the side of the jet, and a small set of steps extend out the bottom, in the event one doesn’t have a boarding ladder.
  6. That’s exactly where it is. I have a connection from my aspen that runs to the IFD that automatically inputs the oat and set heading bug and a few other things.. but you can enter a bunch of the data “manually” in the calculators.
  7. This is correct. As for the security- for anyone that’s been to NAS Lemoore- you’ll know that the flight line side of the base is about 7 miles removed from the “administration” side- and is surrounded by government owned, sub-let farmers fields. These give a pretty clear view of anyone approaching. the base itself is surrounded by fences and each road is blocked by manned gates with barriers, but those are located outside the farmers fields. This particular “gate crasher” did crash through the back gate in their car. I’m fairly certain that the fences and gates have been improved since this incident. But it just goes to show you what a little determination and a lot of meth can do.
  8. You’re correct- I re-read my post.... I intended it to be well meant “ribbing”... but you’re absolutely correct- it does come off as very much a “jerk” or “troll” move. no offense was meant, and I apologize for the way I came off.
  9. We do it all the time in my line of work... when fighters are executing aerial refueling.
  10. Great questions- I’m curious about this too
  11. Some context is probably required here. There is a big red line that surrounds military jet parking at joint use and Air Force bases. It essentially marks the restricted access area. There are security forces personnel that guard that red line 24/7 to ensure only approved personnel have access to the fighter jets and equipment. Crossing that line is a big no-no, unless you have specific access. A ground clearance alone is not considered “adequate” to meet the security standards.
  12. Exactly. Brad absolutely hit the nail on the head! So here’s the problem as I see it... mooney doesn’t want, or have the resources to: A) modify the design aerodynamically. B ) and this is the big one... even if aerodynamic modifications aren’t required... have the money/resources to re-fly the test flights to certify to a greater weight/useful load/speeds/stall margin, etc. Im willing to bet they are probably lacking a test pilot. And certainly can’t afford to pay one off the street at this point, seeing as a NTPS education costs millions of dollars, and any military test pilot can walk into a 200-300K job at their leisure (which may not seem like that person is “choosing to earn”... but it’s quite the pay bump from government service as a fighter pilot (and/or test pilot for that matter...ask me how I know ). Final thought... my Missile has TKS, a J airframe, and 1015lbs useful on its current propeller. The *last thing* I’d like to do to it... a MT 3 bladed prop. I’d be the looking at over 1050 useful with an envelope that supports putting stuff wherever I feel like it and still being within CG... that’s not bad for a 1982 airplane that goes 180KTAS with TKS....