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  1. Pull the lower gear doors. Be careful with where you’re taxiing. Practice your short field/soft field work before going out there. A mooney incurs a little more risk than a tail dragger- mainly due to the prop clearance imo... but it’s not “un-doable” so long as precautions are taken. I grew up not far from Smiley Creek. They used to have the best milkshakes....
  2. Mine has been stable for the 7 years I’ve owned the IFD440... on my flight yesterday, I had 2 iPads and an iPhone connected to the 440 at the same time without issue.... this may sound silly- but have you tried a different I-device?
  3. AFAIK (which, admittedly, isn’t much...) The only difference is a second pump and where the pressure sensing (and hence hoses) are located. The panels, spray bar, prop slinger and proportioning units are all the same between the two. Maybe I’m missing something?
  4. Yeah... it’s a sellers market right now, for sure...
  5. The mass numbers are strictly because it’s a factory option with the Mooney... and aftermarket with a Bo. ie- easier to justify the utility of adding 65K to a 650K new hull than adding 65K to a 150K (or less) hull... regardless of make. of course.., if you *need it*.. you need it. Most in light piston singles don’t. Hence the extra expense. (fwiw, I’ve got tks on my J- missile. And it works great when needed).
  6. 20K? That’s not the worst annual I’ve heard of around here....
  7. Like I mentioned before: It’s a sellers market right now. Tons of demand for Mooneys, particularly in the higher end range from a subjective scroll through controller and aso from time to time. For the past 10 years or so there have typically been between 100-130 mooneys listed. For the past 6 months it’s been half that at most. How many “help me find an ovation” threads have their been.. 3 that I’ve seen.. and I haven’t been on this site all that much during the last year. Normally we’d see 1 every 2-3 years. I wasn’t joking when I said earlier that ovations that were going for 175
  8. Demand signal is so high right now for de-iced aircraft right now.... if one was to have it installed, it’s probably the closest time to “break even” that one could pick..... still probably lose 20K “driving off the lot.” then again, any avionics upgrade seems to be about the same (percentage wise anyway)
  9. Seth- you’ve got me on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait to hear how it flies!!!
  10. What sold for 175 about 9 months ago is listed for 250+ right now... don’t take my word for it... just check controller.... your plane easily fits in the 250+ category
  11. You have a beautiful plane and from the looks of it you know what you want and have the willpower to wait until you find it at the right price. Even in the last 5 months though inventory has dried up even further... and prices have gone up too. I’m not saying I think the ovation posted here is “worth it”.... I’m just saying that I think it will sell at the listed price- mainly due to lack of options on the market. Last time I saw the market this tight was when I was shopping for my first J in 2007.... a run out ‘80 J was going for 80-95K. Two years later those same hulls were selling for 6
  12. 2015... different time than 2021, although it feels like yesterday, doesn't it?
  13. Based on recent comps- I think that plane will sell at the price it’s currently at. TKS ovations seem to be in exceptionally high demand right now, regardless of panel, paint or “pedigree.” Subjectively- average price seems to have gone from high 100’s to mid 200’s in just a year. Apparently the word is out! with that in mind, though- that aircraft could use 30-40K in the panel (PFD/HSI/MFD, Engine Monitor, waas gps, adsb xponder), as well as the prop/engine (those might fly fine for a while... although it’s a risk).
  14. On the topic of travel- one of my side jobs for the USAF is presidential support for AF-1. As a result, I’ve been traveling via commercial air all through the pandemic. In May, I was standing out on northern most runway at sky harbor... and you could hear a pin drop across the airfield. Phoenix Skyharbor! The tower controller I met with said he was “doing 40” during one of our meetings... I asked, what, and hour? He said a day. 40 flights a day, that was it. fast forward to election season (September) and every airport I travelled through, and all the flights I was on were PACKED: j
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