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  1. This is the failure mode I was describing above. It’s well documented on other forums, too (beechtalk, poa, etc)
  2. Any handheld devices in the cockpit lose reception too? If so- suspect your WAAS antenna. The 430W antenna has a failure mode that can disrupt/jam the gps signal for about a 15’ sphere. I found this out the hard way, which resulted in me shooting an ils approach using my obs/vor-> kns80 ils. Keep those old vor skills handy, just in case all your gps’s get knocked out by a bad antenna!
  3. M016576

    Future of Mooney

    Don’t have to go to China to find Chinese pilots training... every pilot mill in the country is cranking them out. I know the pattern at DVT is often full of students with thick Chinese accents.
  4. M016576

    Garmin and Flightstream 510

    Standard Garmin.... 1200 bucks for a 20 dollar chip. Then a sweet $200 upcharge so it’s “certified”
  5. M016576

    Got into ice today

    I’m pretty sure that this guy was full deflection on both needles when he “broke out” on that Oakland approach.... it was a little hard to see exactly what he had dialed up... but it was at the very least a “non stable, 2+ degrees off” approach in IMC. I’m fairly certain he had lost total situational awareness of where he was on the approach until he broke out, below glideslope, and nose down. He should have gone around well prior to that point. This second approach is a classic “there it is!” Below mins and inside the VDP. His mains didn’t touch down until he was half way down the (remaining) runway.... and that runway looked wet to me. He taxied off at the end... and he was still trucking pretty good. He probably got on the binders pretty hard to make that happen. He’s lucky he didn’t bullseye a tire (maybe he did). He *needs* more practice. And instruction. Preferably on a VMC day with a well seasoned Instructor. he also needs to stop video taping himself. He certainly does NOT need that distraction.
  6. M016576

    Got into ice today

    Yes- I love this- especially as I get close to my destination- as traditionally, I find that I get “penalty vectors” in busy airspace... probably because the mooney is so fast, I keep catching up to jets on final
  7. M016576

    Got into ice today

    In my experience, rarely is IFR more convenient, when VFR can safely accomplish the flight. Normally filing IFR into busy areas on days where commercial flights are stacked up (kind of like what you described) will result in major delays, which you can avoid entirely by being VFR. Where IFR is “nice” in VMC.... and what keeps me filing IFR in terminal environments that are busy (also like you describe), is when I’m not 100% familiar with the VMC/VFR special traffic rules or airspace shelves. It’s nice to have a controller vector me through- so I don’t unintentionally violate the airspace. Of course, if you’re VMC, no matter what type of Flight Rules you’re under- safe separation of aircraft is always the PIC’s responsibility.... so busy airspace still requires ones head to be on a swivel, no matter what.
  8. M016576

    Future of Mooney

    The GA fleet kind of reminds me of the auto situation on Cuba.... some REALLY cherry, fully restored ‘57 chevy’s and fords over there... and some others.. well... that run. But not a whole lot in the newer model years.... i suppose that’s changing now, though (Cuba, not GA...)
  9. M016576

    Got into ice today

    Ok... i’ll Swing the bat here... as a pro-pilot (well... someone that gets paid to fly as my primary job, anyway)... It sounds to me like the plan was adequate- and let me know if I’m missing something... the pilot planned an IFR flight in VMC. The terminal area had a layer between 5-9K, but with VMC prevailing for ~4500’ below said layer. Freezing layer was forecast just below the tops of the clouds. Gusty winds, but nothing outside the relm or workable if they were down the runway (0 crosswind component). No sigmets/airmets for icing. No pireps for icing. I would have made this trip- with the “escape plan” being a descent to warmer air should I pickup ice (unforecast!) on the approach. Which is exactly what the OP did. Things that would cause me to cancel this flight: known ice in the terminal area (pireps showing ice and altitudes associated with them). A freezing layer to the ground (ie- no “out” either below, or geographically). In this case, the pilot was legal, and had mitigated risk by having a plan to get out of any icing should it occur. Seriously- this particular case is pretty cut and dry in my mind and probably the limit of how I personally employ my own light civil in the winter (and mine has tks-anti ice)... but I don’t think it was anything crazy, unsafe or illegal. The key here being that the pilot is VMC for the majority of the flight, The cloud exposure time is exceptionally small, the freezing layer is all the way up at the top of the cloud deck, and a safe, warm escape exists in the 3-4K’ of VMC conditions below the lowest decks (and probably throughout the lower cloud mass as well below the FL) JMHO
  10. M016576

    Got into ice today

    Ask Garmin my aspen PFD has proven to be far more reliable over the past 5 years than the KI-256 it replaced.
  11. M016576

    Got into ice today

    This is true- every tactical jet I’ve flow (5 total) says this for icing: “engine anti ice- on. Speed up.”
  12. *Mojave (KMHV)... spelled with a J, but has a H sound... and the identifier uses an H. Crazy... I know...
  13. Get the 540- the free transponder makes it worth it. I have a 440- it’s great- I got it for 8500 used... but if I’d found a 540 for 10500 used I would have bought that instead. The install should be cheap if you have a 430W already installed, too- probably only 2-3 hours- mount a new tray, switch the connectors on the backplate and fill out the paperwork. your best source for good deals on avionics (other than maybe eBay), is Avionics source. Chase Is on this board- I’d do a search for avionics source, then PM him and see what he can do for you.
  14. M016576

    M20K stalling tendencies

    Yes. this is the problem of describing something like “stall characteristics” or “spin recovery” on a forum like this: we have people of all different backgrounds and experience levels using the same words to describe situations in non-controlled environments... that may or may not be the topic of interest. Yes- one pilots “deep stall” could just be the initial entry for another. Other variables that we don’t know- outside of just the perceptions of the pilot: instrumented aircraft entry conditions, pressure, altitude, weather, rigging, instrument error tolerance, angle of attack rate of change through the critical AoA, power setting, p-factor.. Cg loading of each aircraft... and of course the intangibles- pilots actual actions as opposed to what they “think” they did. Trust me on this- what one “thinks” or “remembers” they did in an airplane can be far off from what actually happens (the joys of flying test instrumented aircraft!) in short- nothing that we have posted yet on this thread is in any way conclusive. that said.... my first J exhibited a 45-50 degree roll off to the right when held in a deep stall. My current J (missile modification) has a further forward CG... it exhibits this characteristic- but it’s far less severe... it might be that I’m anticipating the rolloff, though now- and applying more rudder when I feel it coming: I haven’t instrumented the mooney- so I cant be sure!
  15. M016576

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    Unless you have an EA100 autopilot adapter installed along with your Aspen- your previous autopilot was actually being “flown” by your KI-256. Basically- the “HSI/DG/course” inputs will come from the Aspen, and the roll/pitch inputs will come from the G5. Shouldn’t be a problem so long as the unit is certified for it.