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  1. Did anyone consider the weight of the continental diesel. 548 lbs may be a bit heavy to hang on the front of a Mooney.
  2. I have a recently rebuilt engine in a J and it vibrates when in the yellow arc where you are not supposed to run continuously. I just don't run there and there is no problem. At just above the yellow arc, with landing gear down and full flaps, I get 90 knots with a 4 to 5 hundred fpm rate of decent on my approaches. Works good for me.
  3. On my 78 J model, on my initial takeoff of the day, I need to reach 100+ mph IAS for the switch to activate. On subsequent take-off, it activates at about 80 mph. I use the red button to retract on my first flight of the day and listen to the beeping until reaching about 100 mph. After that it is consistent at about 80 mph. Not sure why it sticks. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Does anyone just have manual trim without the magic trim button?
  5. I had an STEC55X installed and they removed my electric trim system entirely even though I did not buy the STEC auto trim option. Now all I have is manual trim. Does anyone fly without electric trim and just use the manual trim? That's what I am now doing pending what I am going to do about pitch trim.
  6. I don't think the Aircraft Spruce switch will work. The Mooney switch also has a circuit that engages the clutch in the pitch trim servo. Activating the switch includes running the servo motor in a particular direction and engages the clutch to the drive sprocket. I am sure they are VERY pricey.
  7. I was told by a Mooney Service Center that the manual electric trim and the original Century IIB single axis autopilot ran independently from one another. I had a Century IIB single access autopilot in the plane before the STEC install. If I recall correctly, the CIIB didn't have an autopilot disconnect, just an on-off switch. The electric trim also had its own on-off switch.
  8. What's the difference between a Basic Member and a Junior Member?
  9. I recently had an STEC 55X installed in my 1978 M20J. The Western Aviation (Spokane) technician mistakenly removed my manual electric trim system even though I did not get the automatic trim option on the STEC. I have all the parts, but am debating whether to reinstall the electric trim. I am considering just using the manual trim wheel and keeping the aircraft simpler from a maintenance stand point. Do most Mooney's have manual electric trim on the yoke?
  10. Is there a clinic schedule out for 2020 yet? If so , where can it be found?
  11. I am having a STEC 55X installed with two G5s and a GAD29 in my Mooney right now. I pick it up later this week.
  12. Thanks. That looks a lot better than bending the trailing edge of the rudder. I will definitely try it after I verify the ball being level with the airframe.
  13. I like the idea about leveling with tire pressure to check the gauge. I will try it.
  14. Garmin will still not provide the paper work for a special "one of" STC for a J Model with an M Model tail cone. I will go with an STEC AP. The issue with being airworthy happened because the shop did not complete their paper work for the installation of the M tail cone on the J aircraft. That paper work is what they are now seeking from the engineers at Mooney. If they can't get it, then we have an even bigger problem. They had this aircraft in their rental fleet for 8 years and it was being signed off by that same shop without the correct paperwork. They are lucky they didn't have an accident. If this had been discovered under those circumstances, I suspect they would have had a significant legal problem. My Mooney has been in the shop since August 12. I hope I can remember how to fly it again.