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  1. Lots of good information here. Unfortunately, like some others here, I do not have the time to do this myself as my schedule is quite busy. I suppose I would either have to retire or have my hangar attached to my house so whichever comes first. It seems there is quite a lot of variation between places listed as a MSC so that you really have to rely on either personal experience or the good reputation of some of the places discussed here. I suppose at the end of the day I will be heading back to AGL. On a side note, for all the of the other shops listed as official Mooney Servic
  2. My O lives at KSMS. I don't think there are many Mooneys here. I had high hopes for Precision Air at KMNI and I could try it but it would be a gamble. I'm sort of close to AGL at KMRN which is very reputable but it's much farther
  3. Was looking for a few opinions on where you chose to get your annuals done. A reputable Mooney service center is available but is a little far for me. There is one closer but I have not had any experience there and it does not appear anyone else here has either. The FBO at my home base has done some repairs for me which went well. I suppose my question is do many of you get your annual done close by or do you travel out of your way to a MSC?
  4. Any worries of worse aerodynamics and lower cruise speeds with outside mounted cameras?
  5. Yes I had an annual done there before but it's a little hard to get to for me.
  6. I am thinking of getting a camera or two to start recording some flights. Just wanted to see what experience people had, what camera you used and where you mounted them in the plane.
  7. Love the igniter/TKS panel idea lol. Like a flying phoenix!
  8. I happen to see that there is a Mooney Service Center at KMNI in Manning, SC. This is pretty close to me and was wondering if anyone had any experience there or had an annual done there. The FBO is Precision Air.
  9. I don't know about you guys but what I get from all this is as long as my CHT is below 360 I'm leaning to peak EGT and getting as many knots as I can for my fuel.
  10. I think WHAT happens has been already eloquently discussed earlier in the thread and the question posed (I'm assuming) is why 250 was chosen as the magic number. The only answer I have seen thus far is what was just posted and that is because it is the lower limit on the green arc on our CHT gauge
  11. @PT20Janother great article @carusoam Yes, I think I didn't articulate myself well. At first like most newer pilots I was sticking to the POH but now based on what I've been reading for a while now I've gone to running much closer to peak EGTs and keeping the CHTs closer to the 360-400 operating range. I'm just glad I'm not alone (and not crazy)
  12. Speaking specifically on the IO550g, Continental recommends CHT between 360-400 in cruise. The reasons for keeping the CHT in that range were discussed earlier in the thread however it seems that by consensus that keeping it colder than that range is not a problem unless it is quite a bit lower.
  13. Reviving this post from the dead but good information here. Based on all this information I have been recently adjusting my leaning technique and fine tuning it by CHTs. I always fly LOP but I have started to not fly at -50 LOP and have been flying closer to peak EGT. My hottest CHT, which is almost always #5. Usually ends up around 350 or 360 which seems to be in range. I’m assuming that the basis of the -50 peak recommendation was to produce adequate cylinder head temps in the absence of my fancy JPI engine monitor, but if I can directly monitor my cylinder head temps shouldn’t this supe
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