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  1. Well, I applied "CarPro - C.Quartz CQ.UK 3.0" on my windscreen. Sure, water runs off the windscreen like it's a duck. But I hoped it would help removing insect-splats. But that's not the case. What made my windscreen look nicer is machine polishing it with a finish compound.
  2. Joris


  3. Yes, from Belgium. btw: I found the 'stiff wire' somewhere on the floor. The defrost blower switch works again.
  4. Thanks for the details. I'll have a good look around the switch. The 'stiff wire' must be down there.
  5. Hi all, The defrost blower in my Mooney 205 SE is activated by a switch, connected to a control rod. The link between the rod and the switch is broken. Can anyone tell me how the link between the rod and the switch looks like, mine is missing (see pic). I will probably have to order a complete new switch?