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  1. That isn't inline with what he said on the atc recording, or actually his wife. She was the one talking mostly. It's also probably not the main reason, it's more likely the fact that takes was screaming at him and synvis show a large mountain coming at him he couldn't outclimb in said condition.
  2. The only good decision he made was to pull the handle, however he ended up there.
  3. No, Not a good place to be in the clouds with no situational awareness. I'm genuinely curious how one loses the ASI and then subsequently loses the ability to navigate completely but time will tell. Probably not until spring, but it will. Also like to know why they departed a mountain airport with no real options to land in an emergency when the airport is well below minimums...
  4. A guy last week or so departed Aspen in imc. Lost his airspeed indicator and somehow got turned around and off the departure and wandered into a mountain. Of all the (seemingly, we don't know the details yet) bad decisions he made that day, pulling the chute absolutely saved their lives. They were seconds from death, literally. Bad things happen. Sometimes as a result of poor decisions, sometimes not.
  5. The new 2020 cirrus has an app that lets you check the oil and o2 and who knows what else from anywhere. Do I need it? No. Do the people spending a million bucks on a new piston single want it? Probably because it's what they expect from luxury cars so why not expect it from their planes. Anyway it's still not my opinion that counts but the ones voting with their wallets.
  6. That makes no sense. Do mechanics in your state refuse to release the plane until the mx bill is cumputed and paid? What you're describing would mean they have very little recourse otherwise. My state is not at all like that. Our mechanic often times doesn't even invoice us for 2 or 3 months because they're too busy.
  7. The occupants of the 126 caps saves disagree.
  8. she says chicago area in another thread about the same subject.
  9. ours had a one piece belly STC and would lose by a good margin.
  10. except for the one that is 47..... it's rarely warm in the high teens/low 20s
  11. not that I'm aware, the guy that had the plane before us was an A&P turned engineer and said something about spending some time tweaking but IDK what, if anything, he actually did.
  12. I trust Scott at arapahoe aero to set it up correctly, and he did. There isn't a MSC in the country I would take over them.
  13. Ours was a 1983 231.... As I said above. Also obvious in the pics where you can clearly see it's a 12v electrical system.