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  1. Who said I was? After two turbo mooneys I moved on. I didn't say they sucked, but the people saying their c is better than a sr22t are just delusional
  2. Everything about the cirrus is better, to be frank.
  3. 44k for the kit, what's a rotax cost? 20k? plus avionics... sounds expensive. Buy a used kitfox.
  4. have you seen any inexpensive motor gliders? My impression is they're quite costly. Maybe I only see the fancy ones.
  5. I'd like to have an rv12 for Hawaii but I don't think it cAn handle the winds nor would I want to ditch in a tip up canopy
  6. All I can tell you is I can't afford an 800k airplane. In the relm of what I can afford, it's hard to beat a Mooney. If I was spending 800k to 1mm there is zero chance I'd consider a new Mooney. Sorry.
  7. While I'm on the experimental kick, a thorp t18 or bushby mustang ii would just about fill your vans craving for the budget you're looking for
  8. My thought is while it's a bit more to purchase than the 152, mx should be significantly less and it works out. You could find a decent rv4 for about the same, 40kish. I don't fit in them. Oh, and you can fold and trailer the kitfox or put it in a garage
  9. looks splattered, maybe an injector and it's blowing back and pooling there and not related to the line? I had a dumb mechanic put double orings on some gamis once and they leaked pretty good, I could smell it.
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Any time someone gets the praise on a forum that he gets here, I've had nothing but bad experiences with them
  11. I'm a glutton for punishment but I'd love a liquid rocket
  12. I'd bite the bullet and go g5. I've never seen a century setup 231 without the hsi and remote compass
  13. I think the last time ours had a leak it was the fill joint at the pressure regulator. New oring and good as new
  14. It would not be hard to 3d print a functioning cutaway engine if someone designed it. A guy has a scale ls1 that moves and works, it's pretty neat. I have a turbo fan engine I'm working on printing the parts for. I'm working on this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1327093 Here's the ls block the guy printed. I can't find the video of it turning over
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