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  1. CAV posts here and will correct me, but the approved cleaning method is a green scour pad and TKS fluid. I did that and it marked the titanium up a little bit. Couldn't tell if it was scratched or just some sort of dulling on the metal that was scrubbed away in different amounts, making it appear scratched. Sometimes to break the surface tension it's helpful to wipe the panels down with a TKS soaked rag, in my experience. Make sure no one uses MEK or anything on it. Rat bastards.... The suspicion was that the inner spongy stuff on our was damaged somehow, either by a solvent or bad l
  2. we had a similar problem on a FIKI non-mooney where portion of the panel wouldn't reliably wet out. We had to replace the panel at great expense. YMMV.
  3. is the difference between the certified and experimental in the hardware or is it some sort of setting that can be changed on the device? Like, if a guy bought one for a certified plane could he then move it to an experimental and change it over to give lower alerts
  4. I just squawk 7600 and roll in hot.
  5. my first mooney was a 231, I had no mooney time but a fair amount of retract. 0 hours required.
  6. I had good experiences with avemco but never had a claim. You have to watch the really fine details with avemco like with their sublimits they will do something like 1mil/100k per person instead of per passenger or something, and some of that stuff is hidden in a bunch of weird codes in your policy doc that aren't explained. Someone like Parker would have to explain the difference. Avemco would never write me a smooth policy
  7. I didn't look, don't have the patience. He said you'd have to ask and negotiate it and he uses a smaller company willing to assume the risk, it sounded like a hassle. So after that I found an archer for sale here. The selection in HI is such that whatever is for sale you buy, so here we go. Insurance won't accept time in a pa28-161 or p28r 201 for time in type in a pa28-181. Insanity. Now if I want to buy a 180hp 172 and I only have 160hp 172 time that doesn't count either? Or m20c to m20e? I don't love the archer but it's available and I don't have to spend 25k to ferr
  8. ours wouldn't run LOP and I'd have to look at pics of the JPI as my memory sucks a bit, but I'd plan about 200 true in the high teens and expect to pay about 19gph for it. we were never near book. Honestly it wasn't any more efficient than an sr22 turbo turning about 185 true on 17gph LOP. That'll piss some people off... I do regret selling the rocket in hindsight but I've forgotten about all the little hassles owning an old mooney. the fiddly o2 cable, the rocket exhaust, removing the rocket cowl, stupid klixon switches, the fuel pumps that we always had problems with etc but it sure is
  9. I use a product called cannuleze that moisturizes my nose. it's made for oxygen so I would assume it's petroleum free this stuff: https://www.amazon.com/Cann-Ease-ease-Nasal-Moisturizers/dp/B007AZ4MSY
  10. I've been shopping for a purchase and having trouble finding decent coverage, it's been suggested to try to get hull insurance and an umbrella policy without an aviation exclusion, but I can't find that either.
  11. there is a specific form for the eye doc to fill out. I've gone that route, AME tests me anyway
  12. first 231 I bought insurance said 0 hours in type needed. I had no mooney time. second 231 rocket I bought they said the same, have at it. now I can't get a policy for a fixed gear, 150hp plane for less than 2k with a 30k hull value. I tried to buy a twin, $7200 a year. I'll ferry the plane if he wants to pay airfare from hawaii and back
  13. Who said I was? After two turbo mooneys I moved on. I didn't say they sucked, but the people saying their c is better than a sr22t are just delusional
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