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  1. Made me think of this. Good luck with the chicken.
  2. No words. I read all the updates and looked forward to his progress. Was hoping for a better outcome. May he be pain free and at peace. Lawrence
  3. First I think someone has been listening to us secondly can someone please fix my pictures? I promise we were not inverted when that was taken, and I even put it upside down in my album and it’s still upside down. lastly enough about single pilot/ no pilot. I want to hear about the young guys or the kids of the old guys their paths to aviation and their successes or hurdles. Lawrence
  4. Well... perhaps I should have titled the thread “parenting advice”. The update. The now 19 year old who should be a sophomore in college lasted 1 semester and said he had enough. He is working in a high end restaurant, but in my opinion it’s not a career path. He has not continued to fly. I have offered to continue to pay for flight training but haven’t pushed it at all. My personal opinion is that this is something he must want to do. To be “all in” and want to continue to learn, practice, and improve is in my opinion the best way to increase ones safety and proficiency. He does talk about it but he needs to push me a little. I hope he goes back to school this winter even if he’s on the 7 year plan. Everyone I speak to continues to tell me that it’s still a great time to be in aviation. The regionals are paying well with huge bonuses. And there are a ton of retirements on the horizon. We will see how my son does in the next few months. Luckily I am blessed with 4 boys and a girl. (All with the same woman after we were married go figure). The now 19 year old is the number 2 child, number one is studying IT at the university of Cincinnati. Number 3 is a high school senior that starts flight training with his first flight in the left seat this upcoming Thursday. Number 4 a high school junior likes girls more than anything else. And number 5 a high school freshman and the only girl wants to learn to fly but not as a career, at least not yet. I will keep you all posted. I have seen other members of mooneyspace showing off children’s flying accomplishments, first solos and fresh tickets. I’d love to hear about their future plans and success. thanks for asking. Lawrence
  5. Anyone going to Oshkosh on Saturday July 20? Short story long. We removed our engine for overhaul in March. We were supposed to be back in the air mid May. Then June 1st. Then July 1st now in time for Oshkosh. We we’re going to go to Oshkosh midweek because I am going to be in Boston for a hockey tournament (with my daughter) on the 19th then fly to Charlevoix Mi on the 20th ( my sons birthday ) and my mother was going to get my daughter home. There’s a chance our plane will be ready this weekend but I’m not optimistic. I’ve made southwest reservations to get to Boston on the 18th. anyway 175 lb instrument rated C pilot looking to get from Boston west suburbs to Charlevoix on July 20. Willing to cover fuel. Great conversationalist decent bladder control, and I apply deodorant everyday. Let me know if anyone’s available. And boy I miss the Mooney. Lawrence
  6. BNorthwest Michigan is awesome!!! One of the best kept secrets. And that’s from a guy who lives in Ohio. Sleeping bear dunes, Traverse City fishtown Charlevoix petoskey Harbor springs. gorgeous water and beaches. Fun little towns with restaurants and as my wife says “shit shopping” if you go to Harbor springs buy sandwiches from a little place called Guerneys, then go to Tom’s Mom’s cookies grab a table and some chocolate chip cookies. In the upper peninsula you can see the locks, as well as white fish point has a great ship wreck museum that houses the bell of the Edmund Fitzgerald. ( no airport close ) also pictured rocks are awesome up that way. you can make a few days out of it, and it’s not often most people are up that way.
  7. Wow!!! impressive. I can’t tell you how many times I have trouble closing the door on the ground before engine start.. Lawrence
  8. I can’t believe you were in Columbus and didn’t reach out. What’s the point of the map. I would have picked you up at kosu. I might have even bought dinner. Next time don’t hesitate because when I get to Austin or Burning man you better believe I’m calling.
  9. Fixed gear B but... I’ve really been considering a JPI and being a member of the cb club $200 is $200. Lawrence
  10. We are getting ready to pull the engine for an overhaul and want to add a jpi 900. Without redoing too much where should we put it?
  11. Paul, olease add me as well. Thanks Lawrence
  12. Thanks for all of the great responses. To answer some of the questions, I was trained to use power settings but I did my instrument training in a c-172 then bought into the mooney. During instrument training your so busy going from approach to approach and focusing on plates and keeping the plane level ( no autopilot in the 172) that I believe you miss things or are just too busy concentrating on other things. If I were to train for my ir of give advice to someone who is doing their ir training it would be 2 things that I had wished I had done differently. 1, there should be 20 minutes of flying and navigating between approaches. Time to review the plates top down fly straight and level or better yet descend to an IAF and fly the approach. 2, I would also tell anyone to make sure they had at least 5 hours of actual, and hand fly the approach in actual. Foggles are great but it isn’t the same. I earned the rating last June and I’m still getting comfortable with the actual. I’ve set personal minimums way above published ones and tend to use the autopilot as I believe it flies better than I do. As it warms up in the Midwest I will spend some hours with an instructor this spring flying and approaching in actual to help build currency and confidence. The site is phenomenal I love the information ideas shared as well as the ribbing that goes on. Hope to meet a bunch of you guys this year, planning on attending sun n fun as well as osh. really just glad to be part of the community/club. Lawrence
  13. I was watching the pilot workshops videos and I was looking for advice on best power settings for the 3 areas they discussed. Especially the 500 fpm descent with gear extended. I have a 1970C everything is standard. Lawrence
  14. Get a ride in a Mooney!!! Lots of great people will be happy to give a ride. Pay attention to getting in and out, it’s the one thing that’s not been mentioned. The 182 has 2 great big doors, we have one door and it’s on the passenger side, after climbing onto the wing you get to move over to the left seat. Lawrence
  15. I’m at KDLZ and lucky enough to have a partner that’s a mechanic. I also a member of a flying club based at KOSU, I don’t know much but I’ve been less than impressed with the osu maintenance, it’s expensive and leaves a lot to be desired. And that’s on a 172. We really should do a an Ohio Mooney lunch/breakfast or meetup. Lawrence