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  1. Fixed gear B but... I’ve really been considering a JPI and being a member of the cb club $200 is $200. Lawrence
  2. We are getting ready to pull the engine for an overhaul and want to add a jpi 900. Without redoing too much where should we put it?
  3. Paul, olease add me as well. Thanks Lawrence
  4. Thanks for all of the great responses. To answer some of the questions, I was trained to use power settings but I did my instrument training in a c-172 then bought into the mooney. During instrument training your so busy going from approach to approach and focusing on plates and keeping the plane level ( no autopilot in the 172) that I believe you miss things or are just too busy concentrating on other things. If I were to train for my ir of give advice to someone who is doing their ir training it would be 2 things that I had wished I had done differently. 1, there should be 20 minutes of flying and navigating between approaches. Time to review the plates top down fly straight and level or better yet descend to an IAF and fly the approach. 2, I would also tell anyone to make sure they had at least 5 hours of actual, and hand fly the approach in actual. Foggles are great but it isn’t the same. I earned the rating last June and I’m still getting comfortable with the actual. I’ve set personal minimums way above published ones and tend to use the autopilot as I believe it flies better than I do. As it warms up in the Midwest I will spend some hours with an instructor this spring flying and approaching in actual to help build currency and confidence. The site is phenomenal I love the information ideas shared as well as the ribbing that goes on. Hope to meet a bunch of you guys this year, planning on attending sun n fun as well as osh. really just glad to be part of the community/club. Lawrence
  5. I was watching the pilot workshops videos and I was looking for advice on best power settings for the 3 areas they discussed. Especially the 500 fpm descent with gear extended. I have a 1970C everything is standard. Lawrence
  6. Get a ride in a Mooney!!! Lots of great people will be happy to give a ride. Pay attention to getting in and out, it’s the one thing that’s not been mentioned. The 182 has 2 great big doors, we have one door and it’s on the passenger side, after climbing onto the wing you get to move over to the left seat. Lawrence
  7. I’m at KDLZ and lucky enough to have a partner that’s a mechanic. I also a member of a flying club based at KOSU, I don’t know much but I’ve been less than impressed with the osu maintenance, it’s expensive and leaves a lot to be desired. And that’s on a 172. We really should do a an Ohio Mooney lunch/breakfast or meetup. Lawrence
  8. Half of our panel lights don’t light up.we’re afraid to work on that circuit board out of fear of losing more lights. Lawrence
  9. I need a replacement for the panel dimmer light that’s attached to the board. It’s a 1970 m20c and I have no clue where to get one. Any advice and direction would be greatly appreciated. Lawrence
  10. Thanks for all the advice. It’s a trip I’d like to make not one I have to. If the weather is good and the forecast for the 20th is also good I’ll give it a go. No messing around in the clouds in December in Ohio PA or NY. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Lawrence
  11. I know there have been a few threads in here about best GA options in the NYC area, but I thought I’d throw this out to the geoup anyway. Planning on going in on Dec 19, I need to be at the X, and coming from KDLZ in central Ohio. Looking for the best options.
  12. Dan, you’ve convinced me!!! Which sensor on unit do I Purchase? Lawrence
  13. Since we’re on foreflight. How do I tell where the cloud tops are? Assuming everything else is working.
  14. Thanks for all the responses they’ve been really helpful. My takeaways are, if I get a Overhaul at a reputable shop I’m saving a ton of money, getting my old case and crank back, which according to many the old metal is better than the new metal. I’m not getting a new engine log book at zero time, I’m not getting roller tappets (is this a big deal?) and I’m not hurting my resale value. I received some quotes in the last few days and turnaround is 2-3 weeks unless they find something unexpected. I see no reason to not get the overhaul. Lawrence
  15. Ok, I know there are multiple threads on this subject, but I want to ask the question a different way. I understand TBO is a recommendation and not a hard stop. I also understand many will keep changing pistons until comprsssions are poor or the engine is making metal. All that being said here are the questions. to replace the engine there are 3 options; factory new, factory exchange, and Overhaul. Factory new and factory exchange get you a zero time logbook, however ( if I understand it correctly) there may be parts in the factory exchange that are many thousands of hours old. Question 1, Other than the logbook at zero, and a faster turnaround what are the advantages to the factory exchange over a rebuild? Question 2, If I want to sell my airplane in the future and the Overhaul was done by a reputable bigger name shop does the potential buyer care that the engine logbook wasn’t at zero when overhauled? I see “smoh” in the descriptions of used planes, and often times with the shop name but nobody seems to specify wether it was exchange, Overhaul, or new. question 3, if my engine is more than 35 years old (and it is) my core isn’t worth as much, how should this fit into the equation? I may hve more questions based upon the responses. As always I’m grateful for the knowledge and help this site offers. Thanks again in advance to the group. Lawrence