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  1. Candy man

    At a cross road

    Question: if the 900 needs a repair and you've removed the old fuel gauges aren't you grounded? Isn't the 830 and the old gauges a reasonable option? Just asking trying to figure out what is best for myself.
  2. Candy man

    IFR training

    I’m also working on my IFR and I agree it’s really hard. I’m about halfway through and the approach plates are starting to look like English instead of Chinese. My question is, I never thought I was dumb until I started taking practice tests for the written. Now I think I may be really dumb. I used the King Schools, and Gold method. Advice?
  3. Candy man

    Ok who did this?

    Kathryns report lists all injuries as minor. I have to imagine an injury that would leave you without the use of your legs has to be listed as something other than minor.
  4. Candy man

    Mooney and TBM History

    More on the 301 here
  5. Candy man

    low priced flying m20c

    Alan, can I come along for the ride? Sounds like fun!! Lawrence
  6. Candy man

    Gear Doughnuts
  7. Candy man

    Best Headset?

    I couldn't resist!! i can't stand earbuds so I'm not sure the halos are for me. I can wear my old D.C.,'s for 3 hours or so no problem. For me it's really between the Lightspeed and the Bose. The lightspeed are $250 cheaper but the Bose seem to be the non halo crowd favorite. Anyone else want to comment on the Lightspeed, I heard they were really generous with the silent auction items and that means a lot to me. Just not as much as comfort. Lawrence
  8. Candy man

    Best Headset?

    It's definitely time for a new headset and my wife asked me which one. I've used the Bose as my flight instructor has an extra and I think it's reallly nice. I tried the Zulu on at Oshkosh and thought they were nice but have never flown with them. Before I spend $1000 or more I thought I'd ask here. I searched the topic and it seems the last time this was discussed as a topic (not including Halo's) was 2011. I'm currently using a 30 year old D.C. With an anr upgrade, it's ok but it's time! Lawrence
  9. Candy man

    Career Advice

    looking for some advice for my high school senior. ( I know opinions and advice are hard to come by on this site). i have 17 year old senior in high school who has no idea what he wants to do. He's very capable but has not done particularly well in school. Nothing careee wise has really jumped out and grabbed him. He's flown with me often and really enjoys it, so I had an instructor give him an intro flight, and he loved it. I spoke to a buddy of mine that flies for UPS and was really amazed at what these guys are earning. So my questions are as follows. 1, aviation has always been a cyclical business but everyone swears it's different this time. Is there really a pilot shortage and does it appear it will stay that way? 2, Training should he look civilian, air national guard or consider full time military. ( I expect a lot if different opinions on this question). 3, if he chooses a civilian training route, is the 4 year degree still a must for the airlines? Thanks in advance and please feel free to answer any questions including ones that I may not have thought to ask. Lawrence
  10. Candy man

    Lessons learned

    I've been using FF to open and even close VFR flight plans. I do it right after runup, and I love the fact that I'm even reminded to close the flight plan. I always used to worry about opening the flight plan in the air while dealing with Bravo or Charlie departure, or leaving Flight following. In my opinion it's never been easier.
  11. Candy man

    Lessons learned

    Quick question. I am am also a VFR pilot working on my instrument, when I fly vfr trips I always try and get flight following. I think they're fantastic and have a,ways been helpful. What's the reason you seemed hesitant to use them, or did misunderstand?
  12. Candy man

    Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Most importantly give me the specs on the F you'll be selling.
  13. Candy man

    Abandoned Mooneys

    Have you spoken to the owners os is this a they say "he won't sell"? Lawrence
  14. Candy man

    Polishing Windshield

    Bad headlights? I just used "Turtle wax headlight lens restorer" on my headlight. It was $9.99 at autozone. I have no idea if it's legal and if you try it I would only use the lens clarifying compound, but I was shocked at what it did for my headlights. Again I have no idea if it's legal or allowed but I was pleasantly surprised.
  15. Candy man

    Moving the data plate

    If it was me, I would call AOPA and ask their legal department for advice and direction. I would asif your allowed to make a duplicate data plate. Could you imagine being checked somewhere else and have problems because the data plate wasn't created by the manufacturer? All that being said I would do whatever you need to comply and make the fsdo happy and make them go away.