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  1. Candy man

    Foreflight flight category

    Since we’re on foreflight. How do I tell where the cloud tops are? Assuming everything else is working.
  2. Candy man

    Engine overhaul questions

    Thanks for all the responses they’ve been really helpful. My takeaways are, if I get a Overhaul at a reputable shop I’m saving a ton of money, getting my old case and crank back, which according to many the old metal is better than the new metal. I’m not getting a new engine log book at zero time, I’m not getting roller tappets (is this a big deal?) and I’m not hurting my resale value. I received some quotes in the last few days and turnaround is 2-3 weeks unless they find something unexpected. I see no reason to not get the overhaul. Lawrence
  3. Candy man

    Engine overhaul questions

    Ok, I know there are multiple threads on this subject, but I want to ask the question a different way. I understand TBO is a recommendation and not a hard stop. I also understand many will keep changing pistons until comprsssions are poor or the engine is making metal. All that being said here are the questions. to replace the engine there are 3 options; factory new, factory exchange, and Overhaul. Factory new and factory exchange get you a zero time logbook, however ( if I understand it correctly) there may be parts in the factory exchange that are many thousands of hours old. Question 1, Other than the logbook at zero, and a faster turnaround what are the advantages to the factory exchange over a rebuild? Question 2, If I want to sell my airplane in the future and the Overhaul was done by a reputable bigger name shop does the potential buyer care that the engine logbook wasn’t at zero when overhauled? I see “smoh” in the descriptions of used planes, and often times with the shop name but nobody seems to specify wether it was exchange, Overhaul, or new. question 3, if my engine is more than 35 years old (and it is) my core isn’t worth as much, how should this fit into the equation? I may hve more questions based upon the responses. As always I’m grateful for the knowledge and help this site offers. Thanks again in advance to the group. Lawrence
  4. Candy man

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    I’m not the op but it was a great thread to hijak. The engine needs overhauled we have a plug that fouls during low power settings. I know valves have been replaced over the years but the fouling is still there. So the question begs. Where and how to overhaul, exchange the engine?
  5. Candy man

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    Not sure Yes we are passed TBO and the engine was last overhauled in the 80’s. One of my partners spoke to AirPower inquiring about doing an overhaul. And if I understand correctly ( and I may not) they won’t Overhaul an engine that is more than 36 years old which means they will only do a rebuilt. We get a zero time engine but the quote was 28,843. Again I don’t understand all of it. I have 2 great partners an A&P and a CFI. But neither is on mooney space where the best information is exchanged. SO what’s the best option for a zero time or overhauled engine? We have the 0360-A1D. Lawrence
  6. Candy man

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    Any suggestions of where I can go with my deposit for overhaul and get the rebuilt for the same price? Have a 1970 C and it’s time. Any advice or suggestions. Lawrence
  7. Candy man

    Will the engine run on water? Almost found out!

    Great reminder years and hours ago I sumped and it was all water. I didn’t notice I had only ever seen examples of some water. The other tank had none and the blue fuel made me go back to the first tank and sump more. I got lucky that day had there been water in both I might not have noticed. Now I always sump and I ALWAYS hold the cup against a white part of the plane. Funny it’s things like this, that they don’t emphasize enough during private training. Lawrence
  8. Candy man

    If I were in the market for a new Mooney...

    I was there last year and hope to arrive Friday this year, but last year the Mooney booth looked like a funeral and the Cirrus booth looked like a frat party. And the employees personalities matched the feel of each booth. It really is a shame because they’re such great planes.
  9. Was planning on going to Oshkosh on Sunday. But I need to get home for work Wednesday. Anyone heading southeast tueasday after the show? I’m out of Columbus Ohio. Any airport close with the cheapest gas would work. Willing to help with expenses. I just can’t swing the whole week this year, works too busy. Lawrence
  10. Candy man

    At a cross road

    Question: if the 900 needs a repair and you've removed the old fuel gauges aren't you grounded? Isn't the 830 and the old gauges a reasonable option? Just asking trying to figure out what is best for myself.
  11. Candy man

    IFR training

    I’m also working on my IFR and I agree it’s really hard. I’m about halfway through and the approach plates are starting to look like English instead of Chinese. My question is, I never thought I was dumb until I started taking practice tests for the written. Now I think I may be really dumb. I used the King Schools, and Gold method. Advice?
  12. Candy man

    Ok who did this?

    Kathryns report lists all injuries as minor. I have to imagine an injury that would leave you without the use of your legs has to be listed as something other than minor.
  13. Candy man

    Mooney and TBM History

    More on the 301 here
  14. Candy man

    low priced flying m20c

    Alan, can I come along for the ride? Sounds like fun!! Lawrence
  15. Candy man

    Gear Doughnuts