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  1. What is this blue light, it has never come on and the previous owner does not what it is for. 93 201
  2. Will try what BigD posted, a quick call PF got gesttiment and WOW $1800/2500. Will MS updated.
  3. They are precise flight, motor runs, will remove and send off.
  4. Landing at at #2 home base the left brake would not deploy, right works normal. Where do I tell my AP to start? Duane
  5. How do you get the screen out, it looks like there is no room to pull it out with out pulling the engine.
  6. I talked to my Garmin shop in Conroe, Tx. He said the fan is only there to keep the touch screen cool, not the radio itself. It's mounted on the rack, major take apart. He said don't worry about it, fix it when your in the panel for something else. Sooo I'll wait.
  7. Flying Sunday cooling fan failed warning came on, Garmin shop or MSC?
  8. I think it's called CRS. I have it, it seems to be getting worse.
  9. Thanks guys, will try next oil change. Duane
  10. Any pictures/ diagrams. Mine looks like castle nuts with cotter pins.
  11. How? Do you unhook/bolt the cowl flap rods at the cowl flaps?
  12. This does not deter me from taking the Caravan training for next year. Maybe we all could use more training.
  13. I can't wait, I will be there. Duane and Gene Sullivan my AP-Ai
  14. Thanks guys, I will not tighten as much and I'll get the o-ring. Cheapest Mooney part yet. Duane