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  1. In my case the gears inside the motor were the problem. Any AP/IA should be able to disassemble and repair. The geared motor is available. Search MS, I listed the motor number and a source for the 24 volt. Duane
  2. My gauge is also suspect, it reads on white/green low side even with a new vacuum pump. On cold mornings the high/low light will come on after it warms up the light goes out.
  3. Both of my electric gauges do that, I thought it was normal for a Mooney. The mechanical gauges on the wing work well. seeya Daune
  4. For any body interested the PF SB motor is a Pittman #GM8712-21, call 866-287-3786 I think his name was Denis. Specs 19.5:1 ratio/19.1 volts, you will have to reuse the mounting bracket from the old motor, getting the old gear off is tough the set screw may have to be drilled and taped. That's the hard part, the rest is easy. seeya Duane
  5. I understand but they also want $1700/2500 to replace a $64 part. sooo
  6. The rest of the story, there are two cams with micro switches that control the power and witch way they go. One of the cams came loose and moved, this let the geared motor keep running and destroyed the gear inside the motor. Lubing the external gears would not have helped avoid this. My AP/IA found the motor $64, retimed the cams and we are back to normal and they work fine. After getting inside the speed brake and seeing how they work I'm going to start covering them when I wash the plane to help protect them and a little corrosion-X to lube them up.
  7. Filter replaced 4/19, 85hr since. No numbers just white and green, vacuum instruments seem to work ok.
  8. Update on F/B speed brake, it was the gears inside the motor, not gears on the outside that you can grease. My AP/IA found the motor on line $64. PF makes it hard to replace by deforming the set screw that holds the gear on the motor shaft, my god like AP got it off. Waiting for the motor to show up, will update when installed. Duane
  9. Is the vacuum regulator hard to get at? I have low reading, top of the white, bottom of the green, the reading is the same even after the pump failed and replaced. Also what should the gauge read with the stand buy pump?
  10. What is this blue light, it has never come on and the previous owner does not what it is for. 93 201
  11. Will try what BigD posted, a quick call PF got gesttiment and WOW $1800/2500. Will MS updated.
  12. They are precise flight, motor runs, will remove and send off.