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  1. The engine overhaul

    Hence my coining the term scam-guard... i.e. perfectly good Federal Reserve notes down the used oil bucket!
  2. Video PIREP On Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 LX Landing Light.

    Very nicely done. Thank you Whiskey Charlie! I’m seriously thinking about the HX version of these lights. Curious why you didn’t’ go for the pulsating ones...
  3. Inadvertent Spin- wheels up or down?

    Yes, I’ve read that NTSB report. That’s a hell of a horrific 45 second ride...
  4. Inadvertent Spin- wheels up or down?

    Byron, this in contrast to a so called grave yard spiral where IAS is high. Do you feel gear would make a difference in that scenario?
  5. Targerdriver, if you do decide to get another one the only thing I would add is to keep in mind that there's a "HUGE" difference between series I and II stormscopes. They all give you distance to electrical discharges. But since plotted distance to electrical discharges is a function of their intensity, and Series I assume all electrical discharges are the same intensity (which is simply not the case), this causes a cluttered presentation. It's what's called radial spread. Because in reality a thunderstorm has strikes of varying intensities the way it is plotted on series I scopes is misleading. The lower intensity discharges are plotted as being farther away than they really are and the higher intensity ones are shown as being closer than they really are. Series II have solved this. The differences among series II boxes are not as great as those between I and II. My personal preference is a stormscope that has its own dedicated display. For these reasons I have retained my WX900 in my panel.
  6. How much do you trust your Garmin 530?

    I don't think it's the equipment. I think it's as simple as the LPV, for some reason, downgraded to LNAV and it happened exactly as it should. When on the approach if VTF is selected or the FAF becomes the active fix and the green LPV turns yellow it downgrades to LNAV. In your case it happened right before the FAF. The yellow LPV color means that the criteria for a downgrade exist and if they don't improve it will downgrade. I remember reading somewhere that this is more common on the west coast.
  7. How much do you trust your Garmin 530?

    Not certain how the GNS does it but I know my GTN750 monitors RAIM automatically during approaches and will warn me if RAIM is not available. So I may use a non-GPS approach. It also has a RAIM prediction function to help plan for a pending flight to confirm GPS operation during an approach. It predicts if GPS coverage is available at current location or at a specified waypoint at arrival date and time. It does not predict weather or not an LPV or LNAV/V approach will be available. That's done via NOTAM by the FAA. It only predicts GPS coverage.
  8. If only Bruce would get rid of those old freightliner looking wood armrests!
  9. Not sure exactly what it is you’re looking for but 3M makes a great many different Al tapes with adhesive...
  10. Door Slide is Sticking....Help?

    Triflow is what I use.
  11. Family pressures?

    Tell me you don’t want a dozen virgins or whatever the number may be?!
  12. Family pressures?

    Yes that’s my contribution to this thread and no it's not sarcastic. What’s yours? Complain that your in laws don’t consent for you, a pilot of 70 hours, to fly their daughter over mountains? Their concerns are justified. I don’t blame them and you shouldn’t either. They are not telling you to give up flying. Instead of complaining show maturity by accepting it and work towards building your time and experience.
  13. Family pressures?

    Try to follow the logic: We acquire knowledge through experience. We need knowledge before we can acquire wisdom. Therefore we must possess experience in order to have wisdom. Cannot have wisdom without experience. Now let's apply the logic to flying: Experience is acquired through hours in type in the left seat. Therefore hours do give you wisdom. Elementary my dear Watson, elementary!
  14. Family pressures?

    Don’t take it personally. You need to mature and accept the fact that your experience is very limited. And don’t become defensive because there’s nothing wrong with that!
  15. Family pressures?

    ^^^^ This is wisdom.