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  1. I wish Avidyne and Aspen were capable of offering a full avionics suite of their own. Until they do they will remain marginalized or worse. Garmin has demonstrated they have the critical mass to do so and have marginalized the rest.
  2. Those who act surprised are actually uneasy every time Garmin comes out with new products. They get a bad case of hives. Like those poor folks at Aspen. They try so hard but just can’t catch up! And then we have BK. They are hopeless! Not only do they not care about us but they take us for fools. But I don’t feel sorry for them. They don’t need GA. I truly feel sorry for Aspen because GA is key to their survival. But the writing is on the wall... unfortunately. I hope I’m wrong.
  3. Please take a moment and re-read the posts. I was asking the Aspen rep questions based on his post about the failures. As far as trying them as I said I’m not in any particular hurry. My panel works perfectly well.
  4. Did they announce something? Is there an announcement coming? I haven't read anything to that effect.
  5. Protecting my investment imo requires a departure from a 15 year old hardware design. Does Aspen have any plans on updating the hardware to larger displays and maybe touchscreen?
  6. So they are different failures. This really scares me! And the wasted time back and forth to the shop to fix things. As I said I’m in no hurry but this doesn’t help boost my confidence. I hope things change. Thank you!
  7. Welcome Mr. Smith! As a GA aircraft owner/operator I take great pride in maintaining my airplane in top shape. I also like to do upgrades after careful consideration and extensive research. Although not in any particular hurry, I will at some point upgrade my left panel. Would you please tell me why I should consider your products in view of your systemic issues? What would you say to this potential customer? Beyond the usual form “assurances” that you are working to determine the root causes, etc etc.
  8. This wouldn’t concern me! It’s easy to get confused. Especially when dealing with numerous systems and manufacturers as avionics shops do.
  9. That’s what I thought. Nothing about providing attitude reference to King ap’s. So yes G3X touch will provide heading and course but would still need to retain KI256 and vacuum.
  10. Please ask them how it's doing that exactly. Is the G3X providing attitude reference to the KFC? Or only provides heading and course error to the autopilot? If it provides attitude ref it’d be news to me! I don’t think it does and I think they're confusing it with GPSS.
  11. I don’t see how. The way to provide attitude ref to my KFC150 is traditional KI256 or an emulation via ADHRS. The G3X touch doesn’t even allow GAD43E. So I don’t see how unless they know something we don’t yet know.
  12. Give us a complete dual G5 to drive our perfectly functioning autopilot today enabling us to go to gfc tomorrow. Wouldn’t this be driving the “ecosystem”? Seems to me it’s does!
  13. I stop short of calling the E5 a “major competitor” or “equivalent to two G5’s” The redundancy offered by a dual G5’s is a huge advantage! In my opinion the E5 is a distant competitor behind the G5 but not equivalent!
  14. Good question! I think Garmin needs to finish the job by completing the G5 interface with legacy autopilots. Finish what they started with the HSI G5 and provide attitude reference. They need a dual G5 setup to feed legacy autopilots. This would be a stepping stone for many panels to eventually go with GFC500.
  15. Another barrier may be the non-TSO status and experimental pedigree of the G5. I’m not sure but am curious to know if a non-TSO box can be interfaced with a flight control system such as an autopilot. Can a G5 be allowed to provide attitude reference to a KFC from a certification or regulatory perspective? Anyone know if there is any precedent? Garmin didn't do it with the G3X touch. Also non-TSO with an experimental pedigree.