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  1. Sent you a message about the interior of your plane. Looks nice. Looking at doing the same thing with mine.  Thanks


    1. PTK


      Hello Mikey!

      Thank you for your message and compliments. I did the entire interior myself with the exception of the actual reupholstering of the seats with leather. I purchased the leather and brought it with seats to a local auto/boat reupholsterer.

      How can I be of help?

      Peter K

    2. Mad Mikey

      Mad Mikey

      Your response helped a lot. I basically did the same thing. Thanks !!!

  2. Still looks brand new like this poor guy... right? But no worries! Hector does give a very very long one year warranty on his work!
  3. PTK

    Engine overhaul questions

    That's good to know. Thank you Byron. According to their rep Lycoming doesn't seem too concerned about the Slick. Not sure if it's rep's personal "opinion" or Lycoming's official position but he says that he has seen Slicks and bendix mags break down about equally. Not sure how accurate that statement is as I have heard of way more Slicks go down than bendix. Going on a tangent here but I think it's appalling that we're asked to pay upwards of 35$K and more to the factory no less and we are not given the option of an engine accessory. What's next? They'll tell us we can only use one manufacturer's oil filter and not the other? Or one manufacturer's hoses or ignition harness? They won't even sell us the bendix mags even if we are willing to pay extra. They're pushing Slicks. That's a sad example of how we are helpless hostages. Incidentally, this is not about the Lycoming engine. I love my engine. It's been great to me and I feel I trust it. This is about their business practices.
  4. PTK

    Engine overhaul questions

    All well and good with factory engine and roller tappets but here's the 60K$ question: Does Lycoming give a choice in mags? Or are we stuck with the Slicks? If the answer is no, is there such an animal as a D engine with roller tappets?
  5. I think 2018 may be BK year!
  6. PTK

    Try to patch or strip/reseal

    So you know where the leak is. This greatly cuts down all the work in chasing an elusive leak. That is fantastic! I’m curious if a general statement can be safely made that most leaks occur around the top from not filling the tanks and sealant drying. I, for one, most of the time fill to the tabs. Once in a while I’ll put in 32 gallons but rarely. No leaks yet knock on wood!
  7. PTK

    Try to patch or strip/reseal

    Mistresses eat money... it’s what they do! The difference is normal mistresses get paid to leave. But in the case of Mooney mistresses they stick around asking for more!
  8. Looking to buy interior side panels with radius windows. These are the three side panels and the one door panel, 4 total. They are the OEM panels Mooney used in the M20J MSE and the M20K with rounded windows. Either the earlier ABS or later fiberglass will do. Thank you Pete K
  9. PTK

    GFC 500 and IFD 440/540

    So you want proven system integration and redundancy. I see. Well, that does narrow your options. (Hint: you better stick with Garmin!)
  10. PTK

    GFC 500 and IFD 440/540

    You have other autopilot options besides Garmin products. Is there a particular reason why you need to buy the GFC500?
  11. I’d like to ask the professional pilots who fly for the airlines about training paths. A friend asked me because his son has expressed an interest in becoming an airline pilot. I have taken him up a few times and he is very excited about flying and interested to explore it as a career. He is currently in his second year in college and has zero time. I suggested to him the next step should be to take a couple of intro flights with an instructor to get his feet wet on flying an airplane. As far as schools what are the best options out there that train career pilots? Any suggestions I can relay to this gentleman highly appreciated!
  12. PTK

    Not sure how to proceed

    This discussion you're having now you probably should've had before you bought the units. You're asking for someone to install the unit you bought used and assume the responsibility on your behalf. That's not an easy thing. Expect to pay more to have it installed than if you bought it from a dealer. The dealer has a margin built in on the units they sell and install. A used install has no margin for them and they will not assume the responsibility and all that it entails. As the buyer you have to assume the responsibility of making sure what you bought is what you think you bought and this means installed in the airplane. Without proper documentation you cannot legally put the unit in a certified airplane. That doesn’t stop some people from doing it everyday. But finding someone to do it for you is not easy. I stopped in to a shop away from home to change the oil a couple of years ago and I had a filter with me. They refused to use my filter because they could not trace the paper trail as to where it came from. It may have been extreme overkill but on the other hand it is an FAA repair station and I understand they need to remain in business. You have 8130's and that's a good thing. Maybe an option would be to go to a dealer and see how much they want to assume the responsibility and install it for you. You may find that you would be better off to have gone to the dealer initially by passing these headaches. Another option may be to go back to the seller and/or issuer of the 8130 and see if they'll install it and how much it would be.
  13. PTK

    Autopilot Redundancy

    I'm not talking about dual servos. Only dual computers that would be switchable by the pilot. They would not be on at the same time. Only one at a time and when one is on the other is turned off.
  14. PTK

    Autopilot Redundancy

    Yes but that doesn’t answer my question. Two pilots in the cockpit of a jet are double the redundancy but they have two and sometimes three autopilots.
  15. I was told by Mrs. Brye, my very wonderful 6th grade teacher a long time ago that there is no such thing as a stupid question! So here we go: Is it possible to have dual autopilots in our planes? Much like some turboprops and jets do? For example with my KFC 150, is it possible to have dual KC 192 computers? Not operating simultaneously but with pilot selection if one fails? We have dual Nav/Comms, dual ADI's and we're all about redundancy. So why not dual ap's?