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  1. I have the 650E’s installed and synched. I see no fluctuations anywhere.
  2. PTK

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Lack of proper maintenance is not the mag’s fault. How do you know the cam follower wasn’t installed backwards? Causing the nylon part to be very close to the points? The correct way is to have the spring steel part of the cam follower be on the inside next to the movable points. They can be installed backwards very easily. And it has happened. Again not the fault of the mag.
  3. PTK

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    How are conventional mags driven separately? How many crankshaft gears are driving the idler gears in the accessory housing? And please cite one case of d mag drive gear failure.
  4. PTK

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Jeff, I will attempt to simplify your decision. Based on your mission as described I'd concentrate my efforts on a J.
  5. PTK

    1967 M20E parting out

    I see they’re yellow tagged and laced. What are they laced with? May explain why you’re tripping! Am I going to be tripping and hallucinating too?
  6. Would that explain the gauge indicating normal with only boost pump on? i.e. engine not running?
  7. Here's a fuel pressure gauge question. Before engine start when I switch on the boost pump the OEM fuel pressure gauge indicates needle movement and normal pressure. At engine start it pegs high. All along I've thought it was the gauge and lived with it since I back it up with the EDM. My question is is it possible that it's not the gauge but the engine driven fuel pump set too high? Does it even have an adjustment? My fuel flows are normal. I see 18-19 gph on takeoff at sea level.
  8. Last few flights I noticed a higher than normal CHT1. I've set the EDM to alarm at 390 and it has alarmed. I'd open the cowl flaps to the trailing setting and the CHT dropped. I'd close them again and it crept up again. The oil T was normal all along. After landing the other day I checked my cowl flaps in closed and noticed that they are closed fully vs the 1/4 inch or so trail setting in cruise which I thought they were in. Until I started to notice this CHT increase. I adjusted them to trail slightly open again and voila, all good! Moral of the story: check and correct the simple things first. Of course the real question now is how did they lose their trail slightly open setting they've been on all along?!
  9. PTK

    1967 M20E parting out

    Does it include the loafers? Have a better picture?
  10. PTK

    Will I need any Transition Training?

    Not sure what kind of answer you're looking for and from whom. That's a question only you can answer.
  11. PTK

    Runaway trim!

    I would replace the switch because it wears. Not very expensive.
  12. I'm intimately familiar with the plastics. I've taken them out, refinished them and reimstalled them. Carpet also. From his description I thought he meant the plastic is a two piece. The plastic is a one piece and the carpet is below that to the floor. The lower edge of the plastic is attached to the carpet with screws. In think thst's what he means.
  13. I'm not sure I understand what you describe. In my airplane the part that goes around the window is one piece with the part under the window to the floor. Are yours two pieces? In any case what you describe is a very easy fix. Incidentally I prefer the screws over any adhesive clips or hooks and loops. Very easy to remove and reinstall.
  14. PTK

    m20a totalled today

    Very glad you and your pax are ok.
  15. PTK

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    I don't think it helps reduce corrosion. Water in the oil will cause corrosion. I think they greatly reduce friction and thus damage done by rust.