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  1. Flaps increase lift and add drag. Takeoff flaps increase lift to get the airplane off the runway quicker while adding minimal drag. For more than take off flaps the drag increase overwhelms any lift benefit. As speed increases so does lift and the need for flaps diminishes. Therefore I'm not in a great hurry to clean up takeoff flaps. A white arc with a Vfe of 115 KIAS is very generous. I retract them when speed is well on its way and has safely increased in the climb. Typically around 1000 feet or so.
  2. Has anyone come across a quick and accurate method of determinng cloud tops? Something quicker than calculating it from IR satellite imagery?
  3. The GTX33 ES is SOLD. The KT76A is still available.
  4. Virginia Accident

    Two questions: Did the OP even attempt a high perf. takeoff? I did not read that he did but I may have missed it. How do you get a GPS log? Is there an app you use?
  5. I have a KT76A in good condition ready to install. 650$ shipped. Rack and connector included, or slide into your existing.
  6. Not “a few dozen” and not same item.
  7. I don’t know what Alan Fox or anyone else has or doesn’t have. That has no bearing on my GTX33 that I’m selling. But since you are his spokesman and you know, please tell me how many exactly does he have for sale at 300$ because I may consider buying them.
  8. For sale: GTX33ES remote Mode S Transponder. Excellent condition and ready to install. Removed for upgrade. Includes paperwork and everything needed to install. This is the Remote mounted Mode S transponder to be used with a GTN or a CNX. Details upon request. A steal at 1900$. Garmin GTX33. Remote Mount Mode S Digital Transponder Version Options Available - See Part Number Chart below for more Details IFR certified unit features traffic datalink capability and meets European mandates for Mode S Level 2 surveillance Solid-State Design Delivers up to 250 watts of nominal power output Includes remote ident and auto standby, TIS interface, and altitude monitor with voice alerts With available Extend Squitter (ES), versions of the GTX 33 are a pathway to ADS-B compliance for FAA's proposed Next Gen airspace system Certified to TSO-C166a standards for 1090 MHz extended squitter transmission ES works seamlessly with existing ATC protocols All the features of the standard GTX 33 transponder are retained in the ES version Antenna diversity option is available with GTX 33D versions Traffic data enabled by remote GTX 33 system can be displayed graphically on Garmin's integrated GPS/Comm/Nav systems that provide built-in transponder code selection.
  9. Virginia Accident

    I respectfully disagree with the characterization by some of Don’s post. I do not at all see his post as “self aggrandizement.” On the contrary, I see a lot of information in his post. Information that is both pertinent to this accident and very educational on the characteristics of the airplane and the laminar flow wing we fly. As much as we love our laminar flow wings, they don’t fly as well when slow and in high angle of attack. High drag comes on very quickly at higher angles of attack. Example: early rotation on take off. Induced drag rises quickly and with the slow AS the take off becomes next to impossible. Is it conceivable that this is what happened here and it could’ve been avoided if the PIC had some type training and understood the airplane?
  10. Batteryminder M20E

    There was a rash a little while ago of radios walking. More so at a nearby airport than mine. They have installed cameras in the hangars which does make a big difference.
  11. Batteryminder M20E

    Don, I would do that but I'm in a community hangar and things, i.e. radios, have been known to walk from inside planes let alone outside hanging on the wall...unfortunately! Not too long ago a friend of mine lost a 430 from inside his plane. Poor thing went for a walk to get some fresh air and never to be seen again... Another small advantage of having it in the plane is that it can be used when away.
  12. Batteryminder M20E

    I hardwired mine to the battery. Wiring goes from battery through baggage compartment wall (under hatrack and at floor level) to a plug. Battery minder lives in baggage compartment. Power to battery minder is controlled through a two relay GSM remote which also lives in baggage compartment and gets power through storm window. One relay controls battery minder and the other controls the engine preheater. I monitor and control through my iphone. I’ll take pics next time I’m at the airport.
  13. Virginia Accident

    What I’m really interested in is the decision making process. How did he with all his training allow this to happen? What was the thought process and how did his training just go out the window? Is it as simple as a new to him airplane and not taking it seriously? How can some decisions be so perfunctory? When they are supposed to be deliberate and based on our training? Reminds me what we learn and teach in instrument training: always trust your instruments. My old instruments professor drilled it into my head: “If you don't trust your instruments, you will lose control and die.” Similarly we need to trust in and make our decisions based on our training and do not deviate. I’m intetested in this because if it can happen so easily to someone with his credentials it can certainly happen to me.
  14. Virginia Accident

    He admitted he made mistakes. He and his family are the luckiest people on the planet. Let’s all learn from his courage to share. The lesson I take away from this is that 1400 feet may not be enough runway. Especially at or near gross with winds favoring, or at least hinting, a tail wind and DA considerations.
  15. Virginia Accident

    Congtratulations Cooper on the best possible outcome. It's refreshing to hear you and your family are well. So many times mistakes like this end up differently. Thank you for sharing.