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  1. That is a lot of money! I had leather left over from when I did the interior and covered the yokes myself. I can give you some pointers and help you. Send me pm if you want to do it yourself. I contemplated using Aerocomfort but when I saw this I decided to do them myself!
  2. @CG Roger a rough running engine is a specific symptom. Invariably the cause is that the cylinders aren't producing the same amount of power. So you have to look at things that affect one cylinder differently than another. For example things like fuel nozzles and mixture distribution. Not things like magneto that would affect all cylinders. I would look at things like gami spread. Without an engine monitor its difficult but I would start looking at things that affect cylinders specifically.
  3. After the new device driving the autopilot is replaced pitch and roll centering will sometimes need a slight readjustment. Also the installation requires verification of proper functionality of the autopilot prior to doing the upgrade.
  4. My favorite watch. Omega Genève Automatic Chronometer, waterproof. This was my father’s which he purchased in Geneva in 1971.
  5. And this is NO JOKE!!! That’s his granddaughter!!
  6. Wow!! This is serious! When the feds, a pair of physically fit individuals in cargo pants and polos, knocked on his door early in the morning he knew they weren't there for breakfast and coffee!
  7. Exactly! I still have trouble understanding why he called you, a Garmin dealer, after he had it installed by a non Garmin dealer. Only reason I can think is that the other shop was not a G dealer and therefore could not initiate a warranty claim. This gentleman has no credible complaint as far as I have read. He also strikes me as very arrogant. He goes to Chief when he has trouble and expects to dictate what they should do and do it now! And instead of saying thank you when they try to help him he turns around and bad mouths them! It’s comical!
  8. Is there a good reason you went to Baker who was not a Garmin dealer? And then you return to the Garmin dealer demanding they solve your issues the non G dealer can’t?
  9. How did it break? I can't imagine how this item breaks! What happened to it?
  10. That Greta chic is one little spoiled brat!! She never learned the concept of respect!
  11. The back cushions slide up and out, and the frame should fold down flat. The back adjustment/release is behind the rear pax knees.
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