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  1. What are the MHC currency requirements? How many and what style approaches? Are touch and goes allowed?
  2. What do you think of this crazy J??

    The best general advice I can offer to you if I may is the same that was offered to me when I was looking for my airplane. And that is resist the temptation and don't fall in love with the first one you see. Look at several and look for reasons to reject them. After a while the list of candidates narrows as the right ones start talking to you. Now in regards to this particular airplane. IMO the premium asking price does not reflect and disagrees with its less than premium reality. The factory reman engine installed in 2012 although sounds good, means absolutely nothing in view of the very recent damage from sudden engine stoppage in 2014. You need to find out, in great detail, what the damage was and how it was repaired. At under 300 hours it is very recent and safety critical. A couple other things stand out to me which may or may not be important to you. One is the Aspens. As capable as they are they are old tech and, unfortunately, there is no upgrade path presently. As there is with the legacy G500 for example. That would be one issue I'd weigh very carefully and know what you’re getting into. The other is the lack of ADS-B in. These are details which stand out to me on an airplane with a premium asking price.
  3. What do you think of this crazy J??

    Where do you see a GTX 345? And no avionics or interior can overcome the stigma of damage hx anymore than lipstick can help a pig. I have no issue with the asking price. Just not reasonable in this case. And I disagree with your assesnent that people are ignorant. They aren’t anymore ignorant than some sellers anyway. People want to see value for their money. If you hypothetically take away the damage hx how much should he be asking? 165k?! 170?!
  4. What do you think of this crazy J??

    Because you can take your hypothetical 80K $ airplane and put in a brand new G500txi, new paint and interior and be at 130K.
  5. What do you think of this crazy J??

    Although I have no issue with the asking price it’s not appropriate for this airplane. For that kind of money I’d expect a Garmin G500 with a KAP/FC150, ADS-B in and NDH. Not a dead end Aspen with a patched up entry level auto pilot and the stigma of damage hx. Overpriced imo.
  6. Aspen Evolution 5?

    I'm unable to find anything on this. Anyone have any info?
  7. Backup AHRS

    One backup I don’t see mentioned is the MD302. Is it a viable option?
  8. Garmin didn’t lie! They bought UPS because it already had FAA approvals. It was a very smart move. Why reinvent the wheel? They never lied!
  9. Garmin never lied to me, the consumer, about another company’s product. Avidyne did.
  10. What’s with the euphemisms and tiptoeing? Is it too sensitive for you to call it for what it is and call them out for lying? The consumer doesn’t win by being asked to pay thousands while being lied to by companies with unethical and immoral business practices.
  11. Have you called Garmin? I did as recent as yesterday as matter of fact, and asked about this. I learned that the GNS series is and will be supported for years to come. Then I asked specifically about that announcement and specifically about the 480. The gentleman asked to place me on hold so he can confirm and give me accurate info. How refreshing, they actually care to give honest and accurate info even verbally on the phone. He returned a few moments later and confirmed: The only part they cannot repair/change on the 480 is the front bezel. He also mentioned that there is false information and advertising being put out on this by another company and that it’s being handled appropriately through the proper channels. Remind me again... who is talking to the windsock?
  12. That’s sounds warm and fuzzy and feel good nice. But the facts and their actions don’t support it. Let me tell you something: I have “zero” respect for a company that blatantly lies to me. “Zero.”
  13. Yes exactly correct Victor. Get your facts straight. The only part they will not be able to change on the 480 is the front bezel if someone scratched it and wants it replaced. That’s it. The entire GNS line is and will be supported for many years to come.
  14. They didn’t contact you because they don’t care. They got your money...
  15. What exactly did they say?