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  1. The Mooney tail is a blank canvas! The possibilities are endless... 100% paint, 0% vinyl!
  2. Happy to see Tangier Island is still above water! Best soft shell crabs!
  3. Not easy! I need to use the ashtray otherwise my cigarettes would be harmful to my pax!
  4. You are probably right. And it’s the same argument with leather. My philosophy is since I’m paying either way I might as well source the material directly from an aviation vendor. They have full knowledge of what is expected by the FAA and will sell me product approved to go in an airplane. And provide me with full documentation so if there's ever any question the trail is all in the logbook. I think with some homework and smart buying you’ll find that it's very cost effective. I did my little Mooney’s complete interior carpet and leather fully documented this way and saved money too!
  5. I can only speak for myself and my J in which case the answer is yes. Carpet in the J is very simple and does not interfere with any controls. Be sure to get properly sourced certified carpet (not from local auto shop or home depot) with certifications and burn test when you order the carpet and put in with the log book entry.
  6. It’s not only 12 feet that you need! I don’t remember the area my J required. It’s a lot more than 12 sq. feet! Carpet comes in standard rolls. It’s called “goods.” Either 12, 13.5 or 15 foot goods.You have to measure and get enough length in the roll and be sure you cut it right so you don’t waste it. You need to orient the long floor and side wall pieces correctly so you don’t buy more than you need and waste it. I found that getting 12 ft goods was the most economical. That’s what 12 ft means. It minimized carpet I needed to buy while also minimizing waste, i.e. had least left over. If you buy a remnant roll be sure its long enough!
  7. I bought a 12’ goods remnant at a great discount.
  8. It was all of 100$ carpet when I did mine! Ordered a roll of certified carpet and used old pieces as templates. What I liked about that is the control I had in cutting the pieces. The old pieces were too small for my liking. Meaning too much space around the perimeter. I cut the new ones a little larger. Not much maybe a half inch or so but makes a huge improvement in how it looks and stays down. You have to account for serging or binding because it adds about 1/4 or 3/8”.
  9. Where do you get your pizza Anthony?!! (...just kidding...!!!)
  10. And that’s grossly overpriced for self serve Anthony! And I’m not too keen on fueling from that corroded tank! I filled up at GED three days ago for 4.21 $/gal.
  11. As a matter of policy I never buy used avionics. It would have to be factory overhauled with a year warranty at a minimum. And at that point might as well buy brand new. Also finding a shop to install the used stuff is not easy and it will cost more than new.
  12. One rule never to be broken when buying used avionics is to know what the associated parts are that you need for your installation before buying. Finding out you need to buy more parts quickly erodes any value you may think you received. Install costs are the same if not more for used as they are for new.