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  1. Hi All, The AMM for our Ovation GX2 has the following to say about the gear warning system: 2. A warning horn (Garmin G1000 equipped aircraft utilize a “VOICE ALERT” in addition to the Warning Horn. Refer to the Garmin G1000 Cockpit Reference Guide for description) in cabin is actuated when gear But.. our electrical drawing only shows one sonalert module "SONALERT STALL WARNING" in the headliner. Can anyone confirm for me that the only aural warning is via the G1000 system? I'm thinking that the AMM text stating "in addition to the warning horn" is incorrect. Tha
  2. Thanks Paul. We are looking at the jackscrew, and will have the servo checked when the AP computer goes in for repair. Thanks to everyone that has replied to this thread, the advice has been invaluable. Tim VH-OVH
  3. Thanks Robert, will keep that in mind if we narrow the fault down to the servo. Best Regards Tim
  4. The trim wheel has minimal resistance on the ground and at low IAS.. e.g. during initial climbout. Under aerodynamic loading at higher IAS the wheel is significantly harder to move, and feels like it's binding slightly. My thinking is that this could explain the failure mode of the stab trim servo drive electronics. After repairing the STEC, it worked fine on the ground and during initial climbout. It was after level off and acceleration that it failed when commanding autotrim. So maybe the increased resistance in the trim system caused the stab trim motor to draw excess current. What I d
  5. Hi fellow Mooniacs... We have had repeated failures of the electric stab trim in our G1000 / STEC 55x ovation 2. It stops working in both manual electric trim modes, and when the STEC commands autotrim. The first failure traced the fault to the stab trim servo drive power section within the STEC55x, and was repaired. Prior to reinstalling it our avionics AP checked out all the wiring/servo electronics and confirmed nothing was shorted, and functionally it was all working fine on the ground, and in flight for a short while in both modes (manual and AP commanded) It's now failed a
  6. Thanks Larry, The LM338K voltage regs have been changed on the dimmer power supply box in the aft compartment and the problem persists. Our A&P now says it's the pot, but was hoping to get the P/N prior to disassembling anything.
  7. Hello fellow Mooniacs, Does anyone know the PN/manufacturer of the potentiometers used in the G1000 Ovation dimmer assembly? (for the glareshield/panel lights) The IPC only lists the entire assembly: P/N 820299-503 (Dimmer, light control) Thanks Tim
  8. Thanks Paul, we get the advisory only vertical path (LNAV+V) already (when flying with a WAAS navigator like a GTN650 or 430W/530W) Coding of LPV requires a FAS data block so the nav DB side is somewhat different from the LNAV/VNAV implementation.
  9. Hi all.. A question for those that have upgraded their legacy G1000's to GIA63w's.. Background.. in Australia we have no WAAS/SBAS. Yet. We will have it within 5 years though. To meet an ICAO mandate for vertically guided approaches everywhere, Australia implemented LNAV/VNAV minima to pretty much every aerodrome in the country. In the absence of WAAS this minima has only been available to Baro VNAV capable aircraft (i.e. boeings/airbus/atr/proline kingairs) When SBAS is switched on here, in theory we should now be able to fly these LNAV/VNAV procedures with the vertical pa
  10. Thanks everyone.. I have the stick but it has an obsolete version of the manual. Am chasing up with the factory.
  11. Nothing in that section unfortunately. It's for a 2005 Ovation 2 GX. The rev A manuals I have from 2005 were superseded by Rev B in 2014. Thanks Tim
  12. Hi All, Does anyone know where I might source maintenance manuals now that the factory is closed? Need to update my MAN161 to rev B. Thanks Tim
  13. I can't believe that no one has mentioned yet the Mooney SB M20-282-A undercarriage no back spring cost. North of $1k last time I checked.
  14. We think we have solved this issue.. On disassembling the plug at the transducer the black (ground) wire basically just fell out. It uses soldered, not crimped terminals inside the plug and all the terminals looked in bad shape (dry joints, opaque solder). The rubber wire guide inside the plug had also deteriorated, we suspect it hasn't held up well to heat - it gets pretty hot and the insulated P clamp prevents sinking of any heat to the engine mount. After replacing the plug it appears to be rock-solid stable again. Our MP gauge is a bit jittery as well so that's now on the to-do l
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