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  1. Pearce, thank you for the update! Is there a lead time on this?
  2. Haha, thanks @carusoam. I'll buy them knew. Much appreciated though.
  3. Hi Zulu, thanks for the PIREP! I have a buddy that uses High Desert as well and I've been to their shop - really nice guys. They are slightly higher than other shops but have a good reputation, they are on the list of places to go. How do you like the G5?
  4. The maintenance/annuals over the last 20 years has been from TopGun or Lasar, which from my understanding are a couple of the best Mooney shops in the nation.. I'd assume they would be looking at these wouldn't you? I appreciate your deviation from the topic to worry someone about their plane which you have no knowledge of. Further more, it had a new engine installed in 2018 rebuilt from Western Skyways, and installed at Lincoln Skyways (another premier shop), I'd assume they looked over the cables as well.
  5. Thanks Paul, just called and they said they only work with avionics shops directly. :/
  6. Hi All, Plane in discussion; 1965 M20E. Photo of panel below for reference. I have the original wing leveler that works perfect but want to change from a turn slip to a turn coordinator - is that possible while retaining the wing leveler? Main reason is I am looking at getting two G5s and going to update the 6 pack and metal panel, thus to make it cleaner switching over to a turn coordinator. Also want to do 8 3" on the left side to move over the JPI730 What avionics shop do you recommend 3 hour flight from Los Angeles? I've gotten the wildest quotes for a single G5 installations from $3,200 - $5,081! Also, any cost effective recommendations of where to get a new panel cut for my bird? Looking forward to your thoughts.
  7. I'm actually selling my airplane and have been looking for a new one (M20E to 182, please don't hate me). One of the problems I'm having when looking at new planes - people selling their old avionics like they're new. 430 and 530 will be getting old considering the new beautiful stuff for under $10k, stec 30 and old AP are going to be subpar compared to the new stuff. So I'm having a hard time buying someones old avionics for new avionic prices. My ideal plane I'm looking for is a newer engine, impeccable maintenance history, and a clean slate to put the newest avionics in. One thing that I want to see in the plane is some type of engine monitor when they overhauled the engine.
  8. Congrats, welcome and beautiful plane! You have a very impressive aviation background and look forward to your thoughts and post. A lot of us could probably learn a lot from 29,000 hours of flying. I'm looking at a cub as a second plane - how was that in IMC? That was a pretty thorough introduction, but please provide the following to appease the masses : • Middle name • Pre-breakfast weight and post breakfast weight. • 3 references + Uber rating. • Elementary school mascot. • Favorite color besides Mooney red.
  9. Do you have photos of what it looks like after?
  10. Congrats on getting her home. As I said before, Mooney dip will work even at 100 mph, just dip the nose down quickly and put the bar down. Also, think very far ahead when descending into pattern - throttle back far out as they don't lose speed easy. Still get someone that knows the plane local and get a few hours with them, and ENJOY!