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  1. Mine just has one one one butterfly flap to the heater, then a separate control for outside air.
  2. Attached is the photo of what I need. Mainly the silver part as I manufactured my own piece. This was the first attempt then my second one was better and mounted the correct way (as this is not). There is a box on the outside that comes with it, but I don't need that. Thank you! D
  3. Hi Folks! I looking for the just the flap for the heater box attached on the firewall for a 1965 M20E. Thanks! D
  4. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and help. I went with the jack and 1" tube method. It worked out great. Found out the tube was rubbing inside so decided to clean the inside of the hub.
  5. @carusoam Scenario is, flat tire out at my tie down and this is the way my mechanic wants to change the tire.
  6. Can you safely jack an airplane up by it's prop to get the front wheel off? Thanks, Dustin
  7. So would that heat up the flapper at your knees?
  8. Hi All, Does your heater/ air vent flapper under the panel get hot? My heater valve is closing completely but it still warms up the flappers under the panel that lets air get into the cabin. Thanks, D
  9. Short of the long; yes, A&P can install if he has a pin remover and knows how to write. As others have said, you need the GMU 11, but the wiring harness for the GMU 11 is sold separate so get that as well. Best place we could find to place the GMU 11 was rear of the hat rack, but we didn't have any computer stuff back there, so read the manual about how far away the GMU 11 needs to be away from heavy metal, gyros, and computers. Not an A&P but assisted with the install, so feel free to DM if with any questions. Dustin
  10. Hi All, My shop and I installed a G5 with a GMU 11 a couple of weeks ago and everything has worked great till today. I started getting an X over the ground speed and then it would disappear. Sometimes it could come back and read erroneous speeds (ground speeds). Any idea what this is and how to fix it? Thanks! D
  11. The only way to use a single G5 as a replacement for vacuum is by adding a GMU 11 which gives you DG.